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There seems to be a problem with the site concerning contractions, symbols, like slashes and d
Bisexual Female Dominant, 55,  Boaz, Alabama
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There seems to be a problem with the site concerning contractions, symbols, like slashes and dashes, as well as some punctuation. Kind of looks as if I have no idea how to put a sentence together.. I do.

To save your time and mine I dont play on cam, at all. I also dont do ABDL, sissification, or take on married committed people. No judgment implied, just not what Im looking for. I am an older Domme and while I enjoy a younger boy, under 30 is not of interest to me.

As much as there are marvelous subslaves all over the world, I need a US citizen, I can not deal with immigration, especially at this point. I am not set up for someone that needs to be in shackles all the time, or locked away to protect the world from you, nor to provide a vacation experience for someone, and I certainly will not burn you alive, or kill you in any manner... good grief.

Bottom line, I am seeking a male andor female subslave, to fill a permanent, full-time position. They must be able and willing to relocate. Lifestyle is not 247 BDSM theater. This is a real-life position. Its imperative that we have good communication to ascertain a fit and connection that warrants going forward. If so, I will want to set up a visit pretty soon. That really is the only way to be sure, and I tire of a long drawn out conversations with no plans for actually meeting.

I would also be interested in a part-time maid, male or female would fine.

Everyone has things that drew them to this lifestyle andor fans the flames of their submission. I enjoy a variety of training modalities and would certainly include methods in your training that draw out the best subslave attitude in you. So I will want to know what your buttons are. However, as with any relationship, there must be more shared interests than not. Once I know your buttons, I will choose when, where and how often they are pushed. If your focus is on what you want me to do to you, andor want to school me on the proper way to treat a slave, we would not be a good fit.

Every Mistress is different, their methods of training differ and their needs are specific to them. I am interested in your specific experience, but not in remaking myself to a copy of your last Mistress. All respect to Her, but really..... sigh.

I have several pics up. Please give me the respect to also share a pic. We all know it does matter.

Mistress Rhiannon

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Journal Entries:
2/23/2018 9:30:03 PM
Opia: The ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which feels invasive and vulnerable at the same time. 

8/14/2017 4:56:35 AM
Wow, well. I am amazed at some people that classify themselves as a sub or slave that exchange messages a few times and then are as nasty as possible if they are not given the attention they want.  I try to be respectful of everyone, even if they are not a match for me, but this morning,  I ran into a doozy. Be careful when you give someone a piece of your mind, you may not have that much to share.  It certainly reinforces my thoughts that this was not a situation I was interested in. Brats are not attractive to me.

6/28/2017 6:08:23 AM
I am always a little amazed when someone who imagines themselves as a "slave" is demanding... You can't have it both ways, if you are a slave you willing give up your right to be demanding.  A submissive has more room for negotiation but even then being demanding is not a submissive trait.

3/2/2017 10:23:58 AM
Do background checks.... it can be heartbreaking but necessary...

7/7/2016 12:30:48 PM
I do not understand anyone, but especially a person who claims to be a slave, who gets hateful  because I can not reply to messages  2 or 3 times a day.. Good grief. If you are that needy, I don't have time for you anyway and if you are that demanding, you are not much of a slave.. No matter how highly you think of yourself and all the wonderful value you think have to offer.  Drama is drama and not something I'm interested in at all...

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