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Submissive female searching for the Dom, who is available to build an emotional and equally as
Hetero Female Submissive, 48,  AACounty, Maryland
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Submissive female searching for the Dom, who is available to build an emotional and equally as strong physical connection or in plain English, a single man with the time and willingness to build a strong bond with his subslave. I prefer not to title what type of Dom I am looking for, but need elements of a sadist, and the love and guidance of a Daddy Dom. The Dom I am looking for should also be interested and able to be in a monogomaus, long term, 1950s style household, eventually being 247. The one I seek will have the same understanding that being a subslave is a full time job. Im not asking for a free ride, but taking care of the home, errands, servicing my Master, keeping fit for my Master, training to be the best subslave my Master can create and other task is a fulltime job in itself. I do not come with bills or empty handed either.

While I rarely drink, I dont mind a light social drinker. I am also 420 friendly and would prefer someone who also is.

My attraction is to older over 55, tall over 6 foot and Caucasian unassuming professional men. If you do not fit in these categories, more than likely we will not have a connection and nobody wants to waste time.

As far as being able to relocate, although I am able to do so, I have no desire to be in the city and would only be willing to relocate to a warmer climate than I currently reside in.

I am tested regularly and can provide my results, I expect the same in return.

Now for the disclaimers...
If for any reason your age is incorrect on your profile, please say so upfront. If you are so busy, so important that you cannot pick up the phone and conversate or video chat, you are not what I am looking for. Hate if this actually happened to you, but if your last sub passed away from Cancer, an amazingly high percentage here it seems, Im also not interested. If long distance is a factor, I expect some plans to meet within a reasonable amount of time. Reasonable depends on how the relationship is progressing. No, I will not send anything more than PG photos. If I send you a recent photo, I expect the same back.

If you cannot Master your own life, you are unable to Master anyones, least of which being myself.

My expectations are none, so surprise me!!

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