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Hi all, Im Nikki and Im an 19 year old female looking to try to eat into s poly relationsh
Bisexual Female Slave, 19,  Kennesaw , Georgia
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Hi all,
Im Nikki and Im an 19 year old female looking to try to eat into s poly relationship. Lookin for a couple in search of their third. I would prefer it to be a long term relationship and if youre not going to take that seriously then I suggest you not waste all of our times. I am also known to be new to the BDSM scene and am looking to explore with a couple with similar interests. A little about me that Im should probably be aware of is that first off I am a really shy and timid person. I also have a great deal of anxiety which of course Im trying to work on but unfortunately is still the case. I am also known to care a little too much and get attached to people a little too easily. With that also being said, as a cause of my anxiety I tend to not think very highly of myself and fear neglect and abandonment from whomever I am with at the time. As far as the kink side goes I am also said to be a little TOO submissive (if that is even a thing). But I do honestly have to agree with that about myself because I do love to please others, it pleases me to see that I am being put to good use and I am more caught up with the others needs, wants, and desires more so than my own. Some say that it is bad of me o think Im such a way, others tell me it just makes me a better submissive. Anyway I think its been long enough, thank you all for reading and I look forward to your responses.

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