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Hello, I am a Dominant BBW female, I have been dominant as long as I can remember. I am lookin
Bisexual Female Dominant, 63,  Vermont
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Hello, I am a Dominant BBW female, I have been dominant as long as I can remember. I am looking for submissive males andor females for sessions. Sessions can be an hour to four hours depending on the scene going on.
If you are looking for a chat partner that is not me.
I know what I want out of a submissive and I know how to extract it.
If you are a newbie that is fine, I will train you to what I want. If you are experienced do not try and tell me what a previous domme did to you, I do not care. I just need to know if you have prolong residue that I will have to retrain.
I am NOT looking for a full toilet slave, I am not looking for submissives that enjoy being treated as a baby, not my thing. So please do not bother me.
I am not looking for a Dominant male, who thinks he can be submissive to me.
It is so much easier to tell you in my profile what I dont want, it is exhausting weeding through individuals who are wannabes, fakes, or just want to dump on me.
If you are out of the country of the UNITED STATES, I am not interested. If you are younger than 34, I am not interested.
And I do collar individuals but it is a process it does not happen the first time you serve me, nor do you earn it in a few visits. It is a few months or longer depending on what I find in you.

I do have submissives come to my home to meet me first, I call it a casual meet you keep your clothes on, you sit in my kitchen and we talk so I can see if you are someone I would accept. This is my life, not a game to me.
I look very vanilla, but looks are deceiving where I am concerned.
So if you are still reading and have not gotten bored. And would like to meet with me, send me an email.

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