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Sometimes sadist, comfortable exploring the dark. I slip into the role surprisingly easy but s
Hetero Male Dominant, 50,  Columbia, Virginia
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Sometimes sadist, comfortable exploring the dark. I slip into the role surprisingly easy but spend most of my time on the sphere of normalcy. Normal job, normal life. For the most part Im happy. But sometimes I like to have a victim at my disposal. Someone to work over, push to their limits. It doesnt get any more complicated than that. Its a release. Cathartic and self-perpetuating, it feeds off itself. Primal and cruel, like nature. I need it. I need you.

I have almost no limits, save for bodily injury, death or scat. Not necessarily in that order. In other words we are only limited by you and what you are capable of. Your limits are my limits. Surprise me.

Things I like

Inflicting pain, emotional and physical
Making you cry
Fear and terror in your eyes
The element of surprise
Tit and nipple torture
Genital torture
Anal probing, inspection
stretching, extreme penetration
3 hole use
Mascara and cum streaming down your face
Caging, confinement and restraints
A tolerance for pain and suffering
Reverance and worship
Kidnap roleplay
Brainwashing, breaking you down.

Limits respected, but you should be adventurous and open to many things, some extreme. I want to do wicked things to you and you agree to let me. Hopefully we find some common ground, some mutual need, and we meet to actually do these things. As I said, simple. No BS. Prefer someone who is available for occasional long term and extended sessions.

Professional, unassuming WM, no one will know, or believe you. This is no 50 Shades situation. This is on another level. You know who you are.

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