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I am polite to all who are likewise submissive to those I perceive have THAT inner strength an
Hetero Female Submissive, 54,  Ohio
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I am polite to all who are likewise submissive to those I perceive have THAT inner strength and warrant such, and slave to ONE who earns that level of trust, respect and commitment from me.
Yes, I have been owned full timefor nearly 20 years. The only reason I find myself single is for the fact that cancer does not discriminate who it takes. I lived, what many would consider the ideal liferelationship. While I would very much like to find the last love of this lifetime, I wont settle. Being with the wrong person is far worse than being single.

I am aware of what I have to offer. I am totally dedicated to ONE who earns that placement in my world. I have my own finances, property, etc and carry no debt or high drama with me. I have children but they are independent. I am very domestic.a good cook, baker etcat home in both a major metro as well as a rural, self-sustainable farm. I would not hesitate to relocate for the right one, but only in a situation or country where English is the primary language as good communication is absolutely vital and if we dont speak the same language, that is a real issue.

I tend to be comfortable with most INFJ Personality Type and can appear extroverted but am actually more of an introvert. Very much a monogamist and would want a world that merges both vanilla and kink for the whole. Kink wise, I have few inhibitions but I am not a masochist. My hard limits are pretty kids .. animals.. scat.. nothing illegal. I am not one for casual encounters and hookups. I wont cyber or do phone sex with you or send you adult pictures

Reasonably attractive- currently waistline tends to directly correspond with my emotional security level. I imagine the Dominant personality I would merge best with will likely be a DD or a Sensual Dom. What I gain from the safety...unconditional love. In order to feel those things, I give everything to the relationship on many different levels. I want to hear I love you and youre mine as much as anyone else, but the words ring hollow unless the man in my life handles me like he believes them.

Im an avid music theater...anything in or on the water...spiritual but not religious...very loving and affectionate. I abhor lying...gossips...high drama...self pity in myself or others.

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Journal Entries:
3/20/2018 7:06:33 AM

Let me…

When life’s cares make it hard to hold up the world, let me….

Be the softness you can melt into until it all fades away


When your body is tired and weary at the end of the day, let me…

Be the one who eases the strain in your muscles


When your heart is wounded and aching. Let me…

Be the one to dress your wounds and comfort your spirit


When you’re sick with fever and chills, let me…

Be the one to nurse you back to health


When your body grows old and feeble and your brown hair has all turned to gray, let me…

Be the one curled up by your side…

Holding your hand….

Loving you for evermore

3/20/2018 7:00:04 AM

My heart cries out silently into the night

How am I to take another breath?

Two, who complete me and make my world whole,

Two, with the power of my life or my death.


The First, carried off on angel wings,

Never to touch this earth again

I made you my world, the sun in my sky

My life lived for you.

And you left me. 

You left me alone to scavenge for scraps

You left me alone, unable to breathe

You left me a broken and shattered world, where once perfection had been


The Last, so far removed by space, by time

Day after day and night after night, alone

Raging hunger eats and gnaws at my soul

I need you.  I love you. I want you

Where are you?

Each day that passes, another day wasted,

Each day without you, my light growing dimmer

So much pain, kept apart from the one thing that makes my heart beat again



Only ghosts and wisps of smoke

as companion, as friend, as lover

Need and desire,

an ancient memory unquenched

Arms that stay empty clawing the dark in vain


Time is the enemy and friend of no man

Fighting for hours, minutes, seconds more

Despising it for its slowness

Hating it for its speed

Hurried to take

Slowly to give

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