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I have been part of sex positive communities for over 10 years. I wish to let go of control an
Hetero Male Submissive, 44,  Stockbridge, Georgia
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I have been part of sex positive communities for over 10 years. I wish to let go of control and trust in the guidance of a Dominant female. I would also like to meet other open-minded non-judgmental locals (any gender or kink interest).

Im looking for a female Dominant who has established protocols and enjoys sexual objectification of males (intercourse is not necessary or the intent). My preference is to build upon our experiences together. I believe in good upfront communication, in my experience this is the best way for a submissive or slave to let go in a session and for the Dominant to understand where to hold the container and when to give a push. After established play has been set, an understanding of each participant is built and less direct discussion is needed.

Lets face it, there are a wide variety of bdsm participants who may consider themselves a Dominant and likely have found encouragement along their development path... that doesnt mean I should automatically trust them to understand what is consent for me. As a sub or slave, being able to let go of the need to lead is what ultimately allows me to drop deeper into my experience. In my experience, establishing trust and understanding through direct communication opens the doors for a deeper experience.

I do ask that you be honest about your level of experience and interests. Its ok, if you havent had alot of training or experience, as long as the desire is there... Play can be adjusted accordingly. Its all part of our discussion when we meet!

P.S. I am only interested in meeting locals face to face. I am not interested in online play, findoms or over-confidence. I am available in the Atlanta area and occasionally the Treasure Coast of Florida.

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Journal Entries:
3/14/2018 5:56:16 AM


In my haze of pheromones and sub space, I feel you lift my head and place a chin strap on on me. Lowering yourself onto the dildo as you command me to slide my tongue into your waiting ass. Rocking back and forth, forcing my tongue deeper into your ass, as you ride the chin cock... your breathing becomes heavier and your movements more vigorous. Commanding me to fuck your ass harder and deeper with my tongue.. I eagerly wish to please your every desire. Your tight grip around my cock and the pulsations of your ass around my tongue sends your waves of pleasure through me. "You may not cum for me slave! You will not cum unless I command it and if you do you will suck every drop from my fingers!" I obey and channel that energy throughout my body... building up full body orgasms without ejaculation and passing that energy into your hungry ass! I hear your moans of desire increasing in a crescendo until I feel a sudden burst of your juices flooding into my mouth. Ging for breath as I swallow your Amrita, tasting the sweetness while being filled with the energy of your orgasm. You lie down, allowing your own breath to return.
"Clean me slave", you command. I make sure to lick every drop of you... gently licking the juices from your clit, pulling the wetness of your labia into my mouth, my tongue absorbing each drop running down your thigh.

You stand in front of me and tug the collar forward, placing my face back into your ass. Your round flesh guides me back to your sitting room. To myself, I wish the walk back would take twice as long.

You end the session as it began. Holding me in position of your protocols, you whisper to me "You have done well today slave, return to me again and I may let you taste me further." You take the collar from my neck, wrap yourself around me... letting me come back into my body until my full senses return. From within I feel loved and appreciated, knowing that I was able to share such wonderful pleasure and open myself so fully. "Thank you, Goddess. I am honored to serve you"

3/8/2018 4:49:56 AM

When we get to session, I imagine you will instruct me to remove my clothes once I enter your space. We will then have any needed discussions (safe sex, boundaries, desires, intentions, fears). You instruct me on the protocols you wish me to follow and place your collar around my neck. I imagine that you will position me for Inspection as I eagerly wait for any command. With my mind no longer burdened by analyzing or making decisions, I will begin my inward journey as I follow each of your commands. Perhaps, you call me over and command me to begin softly kissing up your leg... testing how well I understand the whisper of a kiss, teasing me with your scent while enjoying the sensations your own body provides you with. You do not allow me to taste your full sweetness yet, and you have me continue with gentle kisses along your back, buttocks, neck, shoulder and down the sides of your breast..until I return back to your feet, kneeling before you.

Pleased with my lack of personal agenda and the sensitive touch of my lips... you blindfold me and lead me to another room. I feel restraints against my wrists... and then nothing. I listen for your footsteps and then you magically appear as warm breath behind me. You whisper to me, "it's time to warm things up", and I feel your hand slap against my ass. You command me to spread my legs... farther, then I feel restraints lock my ankles in place, fully nude and exposed to you. The first sensation is soft, bringing goosebumps to my skin, it's hard for me to determine... is it fur? is it hair? i feel a lightly sweeping motion against my back, and feel the presence and cool touch of your hand. You step away from me... silence, and then I feel the thud of a flogger landing on my back. My muscles come to life and my body awareness awakens... until the tension is replaced with ease... strength and tension replaced with a feeling reminiscent of the relaxed bounce during a morning jog. You swing several more times... with each stroke, I realize my only option is to let go.. like a heavy massage, i let the thud penetrate deeper. I lose track of time only to feel the mixture of flogger mixed with your occasional touch. Encouraging my hunger for your touch, each time I become more eager for the connection of my skin to yours.

With my legs spread open, you whisper into my ear "I want you to remember what it's like to be owned by me". I feel your body pressed against my back, but there is more. With your movement, I feel something firmer pressing against my ass. Then your hands pull my ass farther apart as I feel your lubricated finger massaging my outer asshole with lubrication. What must be your slippery finger, penetrates me as I feel the lubrication filling my ass... or perhaps it was a lube shooter? It feels so wet, I cannot tell. Your hands grab the sides of my hips as you pull me back towards you. "Stick out your ass, slave!"... "Open that asshole for me!" ... "Wider".. ."That's it.. show me the slut you are, show me how bad you want that ass fucked!" Not knowing if it's my desire to please you or if it is my desire to have my ass fucked, I don't care anymore... I just want to follow your guidance! I open my ass to feel, what must be a strap on, begin to penetrate me. Slowly, and then you wait. "I want you to take that and feel it... don't move a muscle, just feel me inside of you". Slowly and gradually, I feel the penetration deepen mixed with vibrations transmitted from what must be the pulsation of your body, as if your heart is now pounding against my prostate! My body relaxes and opens to the pleasure I feel. Until finally, I feel the wonderful feeling of your skin against mine. You must be fully inside me as a graciously receive the gift of feeling your thighs, your hips, your breasts against me. It becomes the one thing I want to feel more than anything, with each stroke my only crave becomes for me to feel you again! A mixed wave of joy and sadness overcomes me "thank you, Goddess... thank you so much for allowing me to experience you with me!"

A slow rhythm starts to build as I feel the slippery glide of small thrusting inside my body... waves of energy flow up my spine as the strap on brushes against my prostate with each small stroke. I am so filled with pleasure, I cannot help but to start rocking in time with you. "Thank you, Goddess, Thank you! I am all yours to do with as you please!" Your strokes get longer and slowly build up in speed. As my pleasure grows, my intensity of pushing back against you gets stronger. Your hand reaches around, forcefully grabbing my cock in your hand. "This is my cock, and my ass, I will do with them as I please!" Your strokes now become more forceful... the greatest pleasure comes from the brief moment of connection as your skin slaps against my own. How I look forward to each flash of those moments! I feel your hand gliding over my cock each time you penetrate me... Confusingly, I no longer know what the source of my pleasure is. I am overwhelmed with pleasure, lost in the intensity of feeling, as the darkness of my blindfold spins around me... deep into a state of submission I want nothing more than to know, to feel that you are pleased! I do not know how much time has passed, or exactly how I got here... but my senses start to return as I feel you just pulling out of me... the sensation of my ass closing sends a shudder up my body. Filled with pleasure, but also the emptiness. I will remember what it is like to be owned by you.

You must sense that I am supporting my own body weight less and less, as you free my ankles and then wrists, leading me down to my knees.. You push my face into your ass and instruct me to not remove myself from your ass cheeks until instructed to do so. You start moving forward, guiding my face buried deep in your ass... I crawl behind you, my desire to follow your commands never let me fall behind. You then stop and I feel your ass open further. I can not see, but I assume from the openness that you are now bent over, your ass spread wide. You command me to let my tongue dance against the rim of your ass.. lightly and delicately tasting your warm flesh. I feel the heat and smell of desire from your vulva, encouragement for me that you are pleased with my service.

I feel the collar tug as you lie me on my back and tell me it's time to see what I am enjoying. I feel a drip of moisture onto my face, my eyes adjusting to the soft lighting as the blindfold is removed. I see your engorged labia hovering just out of reach of my lips, I so wish another drop would fall within the reach of my tongue! You straddle over my face now, as I feel the full heat and warm juices of your swollen yoni spreading over my tongue. You grab my erect cock to use as a handle as you begin grinding yourself against my tongue. I feel your aroused clit pressing firmly against me... your juices creating a slick surface over my lips and face. my nose pressed against your puckering anus as you use me for your pleasure. I began to be lost, wanting to absorb every essence of you... but no longer knowing where I end and you begin. I no longer exist, not in any physical form I can detect... all I feel is the vibration of energy.


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