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I have known I am a slave for a very long time, but I tried to be a dominant for a time, and s
Hetero Male Slave, 56,  New York
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 Male Slave

 New York

 6' 1"

 210 lbs





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Dominant Female

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I have known I am a slave for a very long time, but I tried to be a dominant for a time, and still enjoy it, since there are so few genuine dominant women. Ive never understood why so few women embrace the dominant lifestyle, since it can be so very rewarding, and since there are obviously many successful, interesting submissive males.

So, the reason that I am here is because in spite of literally years of unsuccessfully seeking the real thing that is, a genuine, FLR with a very genuine, attractive, dominant lady, I continue to try.

I do seek a permanent relationship with a lovely, well educated, demanding, uncompromising, dominant lady - but will consider a more temporary arrangement.

I crave being controlled, and humiliated put on display, teased and denied. I love the feel of a woman locking a collar and wristankle cuffs on my body, so that I cannot remove them without her permission, being bound, used, plugged and put through my paces.

In support of my cause I am also a very competent service slave, am an extremely competent cook, maid, handyman, masseur, bartender, driver and tireless oral slave.

All pics are of me, taken by three different Mistresses in my recent past. All enjoyed humiliation, whipping, pegging, and making me per for them. I wish to serve a Mistress in the future in these ways and more, depending on her preference. From the last picture, you can see my nickname, given to me forever by Mistress D, so that I can never deny my shame.

Thank you for reading my profile.

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Journal Entries:
10/29/2017 6:39:41 AM
All my pictures are of me, taken by former dominant/switch women which reflects their own preferences for my submission, and my obedience.  Any future dominant lady can expect the same level of obedience.

8/26/2017 5:01:39 AM
Pro Dommes, Fin Dommes, those offering "sessions", "selling panties", and my favorite "scammers from Nigeria", or any other sex workers please STAY AWAY!  If you're here "for the money" we have ZERO in common.

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