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I am a possessive sadist, who enjoys controlling the environment around me (and it is a necess
Hetero Male Dominant, 48,  Vermont
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I am a possessive sadist, who enjoys controlling the environment around me (and it is a necessity for my work). If you want to understand that more, I am INTJ and a Scorpio (and it allows mental entertainment when I am experimenting on someone). I possess both undergraduate and graduate degrees in the sciences, and am established with my career path, which tends to be consuming but offers flexibility, and my ability to direct my OCD tendencies towards problem solving tends to keep me in high demand (and well paid).

What I am looking for is a slave that actually takes the time to list what she offers on her profile, and what skills/abilities she possesses that would be useful to a Dominant. Most only list what they want, but very few list their education, or what they can provide (which identifies whether they seek short-term or long-term, and whether their traits lean more towards submissive or slave).I am looking for a masochist who I can be creative upon her flesh and see how well she can endure. I enjoy indulging my curiosity on how well someone can endure pain before passing out.

I do want more than just a physical masochist. I also seek a mental/emotional masochist or sensationalist where I can take pleasure in crawling into a slave's mind and finding all they desire, and all that terrifies them the most, and using that terror as both a club, and a surgical tool. I enjoy carving away at a slave's sense of self or just to expose her to what she hasn't known about herself (it gives me a mental rise). I would take the time to dig into her conscious and subconscious of how a slave thinks, reacts, and feels so completely that I can know how she will react to external stimuli that I can test and enjoy the results. When I’m done, I can watch her jumping from being touched by anything, or leave her shaking uncontrollably from just a sentence or two. Very few out there seem to take the time or patience to crawl deep through a slave's mind to find everything deliberately forgotten or hidden. It seems a lost art in mental bondage.

I seek a submissive or slave that wants older Dominants, and have their mail filters properly set to allow communication. An unending number of slaves claim to want older, and more confident (or established) dominants, but many do not take the time to adjust the bulk mail filters to allow for older dominants to send mail. Those slaves need to grow a brain, learn how-to, than take the time to adjust the mail filter settings to account for what you are looking for on this site.

I do not mind actual females who are timid or faint of heart and just want to talk online. They can be fun to mentally control or torture in the short-term.

About Me:

Dominant 100%
Sadist 93%
Experimental 50%
Bondage 29%
Exhibitionist / Voyeur 14%
Masochist 14%
Vanilla 0%
Switch 0%
Submissive 0%

What am I Not looking for? I am Not looking for little boys, pretending to be women online. They waste my time, and if they are too insecure to be honest in their profile, behavior, or photos, than they cannot be trusted for anything else.


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