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Married woman with a mostly vanilla husband looking for people to talk to. I dont have friends
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Married woman with a mostly vanilla husband looking for people to talk to. I dont have friends with whom I can discuss this side of life most dont understand. Ive told my husband that Im here doing this so if you have anything negative to say on the matter, please keep it to yourself and move along. I am not newor curious about the lifestyle. I have always been kinky and I do have experience.

Looking for just friends, of any gender or orientation. Particularly people who can relate and actually can carry on a conversation... if you ask to chat but cant make it beyond hello, what are your kinks? we are not going to be friends. I am not looking for anything sexual.

I self define as baby girl, bottom, and maso. I am also apparently a BBW, even though Im not a fan of that term at all pictures in my profile are of me. Lastly, Im a nerd Star Trek, GoT, Firefly, Renaissance Faires, Conventions, anime... If you want my attention this is how to break the ice best.

WHAT IS IT I REALLY WANT?At the most basic level, I want a confidant. Someone I can share EVERYTHING with. I dont just mean all my kinks. I mean, they also want to hear about my day, my fight with my mother, my distress at not liking any of my clothes, my hopes and dreams, whatever. They want the whole package of ME. They want to know about me, learn about me, LISTEN to me. I want this because this is what I offer YOU.

Chat does not work for me here... youll have to send me a message.

Location is undisclosed for discretion. Same with the covered photos since you can come across anyones profile on Google...

Journal Entries:
3/30/2018 12:34:20 AM
If you view my profile and hope that’ll make me write to you, it’s possible but not likely. However, I typically presume you saw something you didn’t like; I’m aware I’m not what most people hope to find. I’ll only write to you first if you have “friends only” clearly written in your profile and you seem like you might be nice.

I respond to every message, interested or not, so don’t be shy if you’d like to say hello. 

11/25/2017 3:05:07 AM

I am not a little. I don’t roleplay ever being another age than I am. However, I am childish. I am an adult who sometimes talks in a childish voice. Who pouts, loves Disney and Barbie movies. My bed is full of stuffed animals and I can’t sleep without holding a few. I need cuddles and bedtime stories.

And I need someone who embraces that.

I miss being able to talk about the childish things that are me and having someone find them charming, even alluring. And my friends know all this about me. I don’t hide it, this is me. But they don’t embrace most of it, except maybe the Disney bit.

I don’t have the words to express how I feel right now except that I feel this is neglected. If you’ve read my other entries you know a lot of things I need are neglected but the Daddy/babygirl relationship is what I feel most deeply lately.

I miss the way having a Daddy made me feel protected, cared for, valuable, worthwhile, cute, sated yet wanton, even sexy. Yes, actually sexy. Because he wanted all of me. My little girl and my woman sides. Both are me, neither is a roleplay.

I long for:
- cuddles
- bedtime stories
- a kind ear
- compliments that make me blush
- confident hands on my body, playing me like an instrument
- hearing “good girl”, “Daddy is proud of you”, “my little one”, “you’re so cute”
- kisses on my forehead
- someone to make smile by just being me
- someone to help me make decisions
- someone pulling up my skirt while I try to hold it down and being told “shhh it’s okay Princess”
- being comforted after a bad day or a bad dream

**thoughts, not an ad for an affair**

10/10/2017 4:49:39 AM
You have to make time for me if you want to be my friend. I understand that everyone has their own busy lives - I'm not that selfish. However, I spend all my time trying to get my husband's attention. I don't have the energy to chase you too. If you pay me attention you get all of mine in return. If you don't, then I disappear. 

10/5/2017 1:27:09 AM

I get asked all the time why I stay with my husband even though he's not as kinky as I need. My answer is always "love"... But it's also because when things are good they're great. True, when they're bad they're terrible, but these good times are my drinks of water that I cherish through the desert of his indifference and rejection.

When he is caring and kind, he's the Daddy I need. He tells me bedtime stories and cuddles me. Entertains my many stuffies in the bed. Suggests bedtime kiddie movies and wishes me sweet dreams. Puts my socks on for me. Kisses me all over.

When he is commanding and lustful, he's the sadist I crave. He teases me. Beats me. Fills me up. Knows exactly how to make me scream, writhe, soak the sheets. Makes me feel beautiful and desired.

He makes me fall in love with him again when he's good to me. He reminds me how things could be. I wish I could get these feelings all the time.

9/7/2017 1:31:27 PM
My favorite song:

I feel like it expresses my babygirl and darker sides amazingly.

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