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Greetings, first time i am here, but i have read quite some profiles and foren here.So, due to
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Greetings, first time i am here, but i have read quite some profiles and foren here.
So, due to that. I wish to explain at first. I have no interest to meet or to relocate. Also i have no interest to provide further pictures or using webcam. If you call me now fake, please do it, so i can block you.

I seek an online Master or a couple or a straight Mistress (not bi or lesbian) to help me to get my first sexual experiences with males. Correct, i have not had sex before yet.

Yes, i am serious new to sex. This lifestyle here and how you call it BDSM, i dont know yet if i will have interest in that. I hope to find someone experienced with patience to lead me for my first sex experiences at all. Step by step. Please, i do not wish to play here any sex games. I have not even seen a real penis in real life. Is it soo difficult to understand that there is someone new? I am new to this site, i am total new to sex, it is is first time i am in a city, The first time i have my own apartment.

I seem to have interest in sexual humiliation and embarrassment, at least it arouses me.

Another thing: i am young, many here will have no interest in me because of that. That is ok, but please do not contact me then.

And, yes, that picture is me. That is enough, no more needed. Thank you for understanding.


People who contact me with "marry me", "come to", "hi/Hello", "what do you want to know" and similar, will get no answer.


It is interesting how many so called experienced persons have to ask questions like: "What do you seek? What do you want to know? What are you interested in? What i want to learn?". It seems for me that they have absolute no idea about this at all. That they need to ask someone without knowledge what they shall do. How can such a person introduce me into the world of sex? Are they unable to read a profile? Are the people here so stupid?

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