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Dominance is guiding another to feel emotions unimagined, Joys never before thought possible a
Hetero Male Dominant, 58,  Georgia
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Dominance is guiding another to feel emotions unimagined, Joys never before thought possible and affection without measure. Submission is a gift that must be earned through passion and Compassion it can be given but never taken. Helping a submissive to let go completely, accepting only her Very best. The energy of the moment is everything. I will settle for nothing less, and neither should you.

The submissive chooses who and how she serves.

The slave simply chooses who.

To the submissive, how she serves is based at least partly and often predominantly on her own tastes.
A slave doesnt think that way. She is focused on his responses to her service, not her own.
Thus, her pleasure and fulfillment comes as a direct consequence of his.

A submissive will always see her service as something that is for her to enjoy self-service.
A slave will not. Her submission exists for him, for his pleasure and fulfillment. And that way she begins to know him, deeply and darkly and intimately, to see the truth of him and, in doing so, discover the same of herself.
A slave does not exist without a master nor a master without a slave. Each is created by the other.

The slave goes into her service thinking about what he might ask of her and if she can provide it. She enters eyes wide open to the likelihood that she will be pushed and challenged, that she will have to learn and adapt and that she will have to confront and get past her own perceptions of her capabilities.
A submissive would just shrug, say not for me and walk off.

And if thats true, then both slave and master seek his pleasure and fulfillment first. Hers, as I said, comes from providing it. Thats all.

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