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Looking for someone in the area no more than 12 years older than myself.    I'm a bit of an
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Looking for someone in the area no more than 12 years older than myself. 


I'm a bit of an autodidact, or at the very least extremely involved in my own education. My friends tell me I'm not even the right kind of nerdy. My pet subjects are psychology and philosophy, though I enjoy all of the social sciences. I'm trying to get more into physics, but haven't found a good starting point. I am currently heavily interested in ethics involved in transhumanism. Though have been slowly working through journals on neuroaesthetics .


As far as traditional education goes I'm a hop,skip, and a jump away from a bachelors. I want a few masters and a doctorate before I'm done but it's an expensive hobby.


My sexuality, needs, and bdsm related matters

I am always looking for friends, bdsm can be dangerous without a strong community. However, I just recently moved here and am not actively involved in this community yet, though I was involved in my community back home...though it was very small.


I am looking for more romantic submissives, who want a longer arrangement.

And hopefully will find someone to eventually to have a more long lasting total power exchange relationship with.


I identify as a dominate person. I have always been. Though, far from a bulldozer, I handle my business and the business of those around me. I easily lead. I like being in charge. I am more relaxed being in control, that is where I get my emotional catharsis.


However, until we establish otherwise, I am not in charge of you. I don't go around telling everyone what to do, so I appreciate not being thrown in a position of power and responsibility for a person I have not met. Be respectful and polite, but do not call me mistress or master or anything of the sort until I consent.


I am a sadist. I enjoy inflicting consensual pain and humiliation on others. Consent is key for me.


I enjoy behavior modification, but only behaviors that better help the individual. I think it's sexy to spank someone for not wearing their seatbelt.


I do mental play scenes but will not due degradation or humiliation long term

There is quite a bit that I enjoy and don't, so if you are curious, you are always free to ask.


Anyone who wants to meet me will first have to meet me at a public restaurant to be vetted first.. and everyone is of course welcome to ask me as many questions as needed.

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