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After years, I am changing my profile. The reasons are simple, I have gotten older, my expecta
Hetero Male Dominant, 43,  Fort Wayne, Indiana
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 Dominant Male

 Fort Wayne 


 6' 0"

 260 lbs





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Submissive Female

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Submissive Transgender

A Poly Household

After years, I am changing my profile. The reasons are simple, I have gotten older, my expectations have changed with experience. I am looking for more then just a casual play experience, I am looking to possible LTR.

Let's clear the air. I can't tell you what I want in a sub or slave, why? It changes person to person on what they can give. I can however, tell you what I will not accept. I am not going to force you into anything. Just as I am accountable for my actions so are you. To me, if someone has to force you to be something, it is an excuse when things go wrong, or are not what you expected. With me, you don't get the excuse of "I didn't want to do it He made me, its not my fault." I am too old for this game, I have seen it time and time again and I call bull shit. Either you were born submissive or you chose to be it you are accountable for it. I am not going to lock you in my basement and keep you chained until I want to fuck you or beat you. I am not going to treat you as less then human, unless we are in a scene where animal play or furniture play comes in. You don't get such a vacation from life and I really have yet to meet a person who needs to be hidden away or atone for something so badly that they need to be hidden away unless it was for killing someone or something else illegal. I am sorry, if you want to atone, see your preacher or get professional help.


I am not going to pay your bills or give you money to submit to me. Fuck it, I work hard for my cash, your bills are not getting paid? I am going to ask why, is it because you refuse to work? Fuck you, no one gave me money when I was too hurt to work an 8 hour shift I sure as hell am not going to pay someone to look cute and then refuse to do the chores around the house because they refuse to work. No free rides. As my father used to say "Ass, grass, or gas".


While in play time I may strangle you, beat you with canes or crops or a whip and leave bruises and welts from time to time, I am not going to make you bleed intentionally, beat you so hard you can't get up the next day and go to work, or clean house. I am not going to make you need to use make up to cover up or make you hide an injury because you are afraid of what people will think. I truly am a more compassionate person then that. I can do light beating, but when it comes to bordering on abuse? Not gonna happen with me, I spent my child hood this way, I won't do that to someone else. I don't want someone who wants to die at my hand, sorry, if you have a Vore fetish or death fetish I am not for you. I spent to long existing in life, now I want to live life, not take it.

You want to suck my dick or please me sexually on a regular basis? Awesome, you want to cook, keep your place clean, want someone to talk with, to help and guide you? Great, you want to have someone you can confide in? Great, you want a man who will hold you accountable and who is not afraid of corporal punishment fitting the incident? I am in. You want to share your world, do your best to integrate into mine? You want to show me new things, explore things I enjoy? Even better.

There is more to living then having to stay in the house all day and watch T.V. or play on the phone. If you want to share such things with me? I am all for it. I spent 10 years recovering from an injury and being a live in companion for an elderly lady. I had to focus on her so greatly it cost me a lot. Now, I am breaking free. There is a life to live and I want someone to share it and many of the kinky things that can go with it.

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