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You should want to be controlled and guided, and you should want to surrender your power of ch
Hetero Male Dominant, 43,  Georgia
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 Dominant Male


 5' 11"

 250 lbs





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Submissive Female

You should want to be controlled and guided, and you should want to surrender your power of choice to me, however I am not looking for a mindless slave. I want a whole person who is tired of making so many decisions and who craves clarity of instruction. You are free to disobey my instruction, but you will realize that disobedience comes with consequences.

Obviously based on my username I am interested in pain, but not actually into anything super extreme. Mostly things like nipple and clit torture and spankingwhippingcaning rather than things like needles or cutting. Pain is a means of instruction and correction and a way to focus the mind.

While I will at times be affectionate toward you, it will be as a pet, not a lover. Good girls should be rewarded. Bad girls should be punished until they can learn to be good girls.

I am looking for something pretty specific and I know that it will take a while to find it. That is okay. I am patient.

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Journal Entries:
6/24/2016 8:24:27 PM
In case anyone puts any faith into answers from online tests:

== Results from ==
99% Dominant
97% Rigger
95% Sadist
94% Master/Mistress
93% Brat tamer
93% Owner
92% Degrader
87% Daddy/Mommy
87% Non-monogamist
86% Primal (Hunter)
71% Experimentalist
69% Voyeur
52% Ageplayer
36% Exhibitionist
18% Vanilla
4% Masochist
2% Switch
2% Pet
1% Rope bunny
1% Degradee
1% Brat
1% Girl/Boy
1% Primal (Prey)
0% Submissive
0% Slave

6/21/2016 10:13:38 AM
I'm immediately suspicious of people who put their email address right in their profile. I know the messaging system here sort of sucks, but that makes me think they're just lazy phishers.

Does that make me paranoid?

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