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Ask yourself WHAT. What can you do for this Madam? What can you give her that shows you are wo
Hetero Female Dominant, 49,  Sandersville , Georgia
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 Dominant Female



 5' 4"

 240 lbs





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Ask yourself WHAT. What can you do for this Madam? What can you give her that shows you are worthy of her time, attention, words, whip, caress, or whatever SHE deems you worthy of receiving? I seek real slaves for positions on a farm.   This will be a POLY HOUSEHOLD! run by me.  Must be able to work or have income. Oral worship a plus, chastity is a must. I can always use a part time sub/slave to spoil and pamper me. I am a bit of a sadist also so pain sluts welcome.


There seems to be the misconception that I am only interested in MALE SLAVES. That is WRONG!  I am interested in FEMALE SLAVES ALSO!

�( if you are underage just keep going)


  Here is the plan. I am hoping to buy the property and build from the ground up. I seek both MALE AND FEMALE SLAVES.  We will all work to have the life I envision as well as eventually retire and live on the FARM.  It will be a functioning venue with cows, gardens, chickens, possibly goats and horses.

 All slaves will learn all chores on the farm and be expected to  do them all to the best of your ability.  I am only looking for a limited number of slaves right now but will add slaves later as we grow.


If you need MICORMANAGING please move along. That is just too time restrictive and exhausting.

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Journal Entries:
11/3/2016 4:48:48 AM
For those wanting to know my rules and protocols.
Here is what I expect:
  Madam will become the center of your world. All you are will be devoted to her happiness and comfort.
 You will work to provide for Madam's  financial security as well as her physical comforts. You will also be used for her amusements.
 You will kneel every morning as you greet Madam with the  mantra " Good Morning Madam. I  pledge to serve you to my utmost ability and Loyalty". You will stay kneeling  and looking at the floor until I tell you may rise. At the end of the day you will kneel and say " Thank you Madam for allowing this slave to serve you. I hope my service has been worthy and Madam will allow me to continue serving"
  You will wear a collar and upon your 6 month anniversary in service get a tattoo on your right hip that says "Property of Madam Cas"
 During events you will wear collar and cuffs. While doing farm chores you will wear either a jump suit or jeans/shorts and shirt or whatever attire is necessary. You will be naked at most times possible. 
 I do not micromanage. If I have to keep telling  you to get your tasks done I will sell or trade you. I do not mind training you to do things "my way" but I will not have a slack or lazy  slave.
 When we have lifestyle events you are to treat guests politely and serve them as if they were me. I will have training and  protocols for those also but we will get into those later.


10/27/2016 7:35:44 AM
The farm is becoming more of a reality. I have a slave seeing about buying the property. So if we have been talking and you are serious then you should be preparing to move forward. this includes meeting, signing paperwork and relocating in a timely manner.

10/26/2016 3:07:59 AM
I  had a wonderful relaxing weekend with friends. A lot of travel but thankfully uneventful! My friend got her new vehicle and I got her old one!  I tell you, there is NOTHING better than good friends, Good food, LOTS of laughter, and just relaxing!

10/20/2016 8:13:23 AM
ok here is the challenge: I have a slave who says he can make my dream come true. So I need YOU to send me NEW Shoes ( size 9 wide width any type, sneakers, mary janes, clogs, loafers, whatever) or medical restraints ( can be found on EBay) or a good set of restraints. So message me and ask where  to ship them to and let's get the FARM  going!

9/15/2016 5:56:33 AM
Let me start by saying I know there are fakes and players on here. With that said... Why the heck do you invest time and energy talking to someone then to go silent? If you have decided it isn't going to work why not have the decency ( courage, balls, whatever) to tell someone versus going silent? Why read a message  yet not respond?  So tired of the BS and discourtesies.
 So if we talk and it seems to be working I will expect a meet as soon as it is possible. I will also expect PHONE contact.
  Of course we all know that what I EXPECT and what I will actually get  probably won't be the same but at least I did try and have vented..

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