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This is the opportunity you have been dreaming about - being a toy for an elite, strict, stunn
Bisexual Female Dominant, 31,  New York
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 Dominant Female

 New York

 5' 5"

 125 lbs





 40 minutes

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Submissive Female

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This is the opportunity you have been dreaming about - being a toy for an elite, strict, stunning blonde Domme. I already own a hopelessly addicted male slave whose high rise apartment and credit cards I made mine a few years ago (I keep him chained in the bathroom when not in use), and have added a few more pets as my property, but my thirst for control is unquenchable. I am open to owning more male minions (all online only/ non local slaves accepted), albeit only those who truly have what it takes to be mine.


My BDSM interests are varied, but SPECIFIC!


Money is power, so financial domination comes naturally to me. You will want to give your money to me. You know I can spend your hard-earned dollars much better than you can. So take a deep breath, surrender, and hand it over. Imagine it: I shop, work out, dine out, travel, live the Manhattan high life and spend carefree... while you tirelessly work extra hours to please your Mistress. Minimum weekly tribute is required and non-negotiable.


Your slave penis/ sex drive is of ZERO use to me apart from chastity (wearing a device for me or orgasm control is a must), small penis humiliation or cbt. NO SEX WHATSOEVER.


Domestic chores, verbal abuse, humiliation, impact play at my whim (I have a delicious sadistic streak) with my extensive collection of toys, and bondage/ restraints are always on the menu. The opportunity for an overnight stay (possibly locked in the large heavy metal cage on display in my living room) is reserved for stellar slaves who respond well to training and those who can afford it. Public humiliation is reserved only for those who not only crave, but can handle it.


I also do sessions, however I am extremely selective and only accept the best of the best. Courageous subs may apply for consideration.

It is ideal for those who live for pleasing a Mistress above all else (sessions are typically more than one hour, and I will go according to feel). Be aware that a deposit is required, should you flake.


I respect limits and safewords, and always play SSC (safe, sane and consensual).


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