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want to explore my submissiveness and my feminine inclinations. Have many interests and lust f
Bisexual Transgender Submissive, 50,  Rochester, New York
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 Submissive Trans


 New York

 6' 1"

 182 lbs






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want to explore my submissiveness and my feminine inclinations. Have many interests and lust filled desires.
Like learning how to pleasure you, being a fuck you, having an orgasm like a girl, being milked...and, well, how can I pleasure you?

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Journal Entries:
4/14/2018 8:31:35 AM
the need for cock filling my mouth making my lips puffy and my brain fuzzy is simply overwhelming. 

3/24/2018 1:28:07 AM
Shopping for panties, heels, stockings online...looking at some sexy hot hypno files and especially mesmerized me...spit roasting dp...just a nice rhythm of first wishing I was her....then beginning to feel like her....lost in the joy and overwhelming sensation...wanting more, giving in completely, blissful...want to be seduced and serve 2 beautiful cocks together feeling the deeply fucked feelings and being well fucked more...mmmm yes, yesss more 

3/18/2018 12:06:46 AM
craving cock....craving yummy cock and yummy hot cumm

1/30/2018 4:19:59 AM
mmmm did it again....i really like it! the sensations are so nice, so warm, wake up often with the sweet feeling that i am a girl, longing for tits and very sensitive nipples and a tight wet pussy...dream about triple penetration and my surrender to craving

1/29/2018 2:16:41 AM
mmmmm fuck butt plug in all night. sleep off and on and dreaming of more. cock, lots ofcock, gags, bondage, heels dresses, being fucked, double penetration, collar, leash, make up, being a fuck toy wife, new tits, more cock....neeeed cock now so much more

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