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Bring On 2018! Excited for this new year. Ive got a new outlook on life, exploring new possibi
Hetero Male Dominant, 38,  New York
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 Dominant Male

 New York

 6' 2"

 220 lbs





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Submissive Female

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Bring On 2018! Excited for this new year. Ive got a new outlook on life, exploring new possibilities and just looking forward to a new start to this journey of life. Im not new to BDSM or Ds as Ive been involved in relationships and exploring through play for about 15 years now. Ideally Im hoping to find a girl who is serious about settling into a long term relationship, TPE 247 with similar beliefs based around a traditional household and respective roles of Man and woman. While searching for This I am open to having some fun and a casual arrangement in the meantime because, you never know what you could find and something casual could become permanent or it could just live out its course of intended fun and then both people move on.

Dont be shy, Im not, but if you are its ok. Send me a message, say hi and lets have some conversation to get to know each other. I can and will tell you anything about myself that youre interested in learning, all you have to do is ask. I hope that youll be open enough about yourself as well to share a bit of who you are and what youre looking for with me as well.

I hope everyone has a great year and that, if its not me, you find what youre looking for.

With the ination below, it should give you a complete picture into things that I look for and are turn ons

Here is a further list of my interestsfetishes

Fetishes(browsebulk edit)
Intomanhandling(giving),aw, how cute. youre starting to cry.,be a good little slut and cum for daddy,call me daddy as i fuck you senseless,cry all you want, bitch. it wont help.,damn are a freak!,dont you dare cum without my permission,good girl. now suck your cum off my cock,good morning beautiful texts(giving),good morning blow jobs(receiving),i didnt ask you. i told you.,i have no moral issues with destroying you.,i take your wetness as consent,i want to fucking tear you apart.,im not asking, im telling.,its cute that you think you have a choice,look into my eyes when you cum!,look me in the eye while im hurting you,shut the fuck up and get on your knees,skirts with no panties(watching others wear),stay there, im not done using you yet,who said i was done with you?,1950s household(everything to do with it),2 am hand over mouth startled awake fucking,247,247 total power exchange(everything to do with it),420 friendly,a fist in your hair and slaps across the face,a gentleman with a dark side,a good sense of humor(everything to do with it),a hand on her throat,a handful of your hair, my dick in your ass,a welcome home blow job after work(receiving),abduct you to have my way with you,abduction play,age play,aggressive sexual dominance,all-night-long-blowjob(receiving),anal and pussy fingering in public,anal sex(giving),anonymous encounters,ass play(giving),beg all you want, im not going to stop,being both kinky and romantic,being taken advantage of while passed out(giving),big natural tits,blow jobs(receiving),breast king,breastnipple torture(giving),breath play,choking,choking you as i fuck the shit out of you,cock slapping(giving),cock worship(receiving),collar and leadleash,combining aggression and tenderness,consensual nonconsent,creampie,cuddling with a sexy naked woman,cumming inside her pussy or ass,cumming on a beautiful face(giving),daddy daughter roleplay,deep throating,degradation(giving),dirty text messaging(everything to do with it),discipline,discreetly fingering her in public,do what i tell you, youll be fine,doing dirty things in inappropriate places,domestic servitude(receiving),eating pussy till she cums(everything to do with it),emotional sadism,face fucking her until she pukes,face slapping,female ejaculation,female inferiority,finger fucking her in a public place.(everything to do with it),fingering(giving),fisting(giving),force fucking her mouth against a wall,forced blow jobs,forced nudity,forcedasidepantiesfollowedbydeepfinger stroking withoutwarning,forcing girls to take toys that are too big,forcing her down on your cock til she gags, letting her up for air, and then doing it again,fucking you hard with hands around your throat while whispering threats in your ear,fucking you like a slut - then tucking you in,full choke outs(giving),gaggingchoked by cock(giving),groping in public,hair pulling,hand over mouth smothering,handcuffs(watching others wear),hard face slapping(giving),having lots and lots and lots of sex,hearing you gasp as i choke you,holding her to the bed by her wrists,holding you down,honesty(everything to do with it),humiliation,if its hurting so much, why are you so wet?,impregnation fantasy(everything to do with it),kidnapping roleplay,kidnappingravishment possessionsexual slavery,licking wet hairless pussy,lingerie(watching others wear),making her beg for permission to cum,making her cum so hard and wet she is almost embarrassed by the mess.,making her masturbate in front of me(watching),making her orgasm while she is being choked(everything to do with it),making her say what i want her to say,making her wear cum soaked panties in public(everything to do with it),making you do whatever the fuck i feel like, when i want it, how i want it, and you will like it because i like it,making you my slut not a slut(everything to do with it),male authority,margot robbie,masterslave,messy brutal throatfucking(giving),mind fucks,monogamy,my fingers in your cunt, my hand choking you,my hand in her hair, my cock in her mouth,my hand under your skirt fondling your pussy(giving),naughtyygirl(everything to do with it),new york city submissive females,no condoms, no pulling out,no safeword, no mercy, no stopping,oh thats fucked up... we should do it.,power exchange,purposely making her wet in public,role play,secretly doing kinky things in public,secretly fingering her in public,sending you to work with cum filled panties,sexual ification,shoving your cock down her throat til she makes cute little gurgling noises and drools!,skinny girls,skirts no panties(watching others wear),slapping(giving),sleepy sex,southerndoll(everything to do with it),taboo,taking you without warning, whenever i want,tattoos(everything to do with it),telling her shes a good girl while i use her,thats fucking sick!! can we try it??!(everything to do with it),throat fucking her over the edge of the bed,traditional gender roles(everything to do with it),trust that allows you to let go completely(everything to do with it),using her as a fucktoy(everything to do with it),verbal humiliation and degradation(giving),you pretending to be a mindless fucking cunt that cant say no to whatever twisted fucking thing i tell you to do,youre a sick freak..i think i love you,young women being sluts for older men.

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