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I am a Dominant male, very strict and demanding, yet loving, passionate and experienced in the
Hetero Male Dominant, 42,  Burlington, Vermont
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 Dominant Male



 6' 0"

 188 lbs


 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Sub/Sub Couples

Friends Only

Online Romance

I am a Dominant male, very strict and demanding, yet loving, passionate and experienced in the lifestyle. I am well educated, sincere and worldly. I love having fun, sports, working out, music and travel., I do not smoke, drink or use drugs, and am drug and disease free! I am African-American from Florida but currently reside in the NortheastNew England and have done so for many years.

All ladies are special but I am seeking a submissive who is truly interested in living within the complete bounds of a Ds relationship and willing to serve and learn. I can be sadistic but not spiteful or petty, that is not Dominance. I dont set tasks expecting you to fail as thats just an excuse to punish. I enjoy this lifestyle and the many benefits that it brings.

When we chat you will find out that Im open and honest. To that end you should know that I will not accept just anyone. I expect you to be open, honest and forthcoming as we will be discussing matters of a deeply personal nature. Im not highly concerned with physical appearance, but I do expect people to care about their general appearance and presentation.

If you are looking for a fake and wannabe DOM who once read 50 Shades of Grey, then Im not the person youre looking for. However if you are looking for a truly Dominant man and youre a free spirit who has an insatiable hunger for knowledge and learning, inquisitive about most everything that life has to offer and willing to serve and learn then contact me.

What I am looking for in a sub slave is nebulous, not because I do not know what I like, but the reality is each person is different and brings unique qualities to the relationship. So first we will chat about anything and everything then we will see how it develops. Im not one to race to the sheets and play as I take my role very seriously. I want my relationships to reach their fullest potential so that both of us have our desires satisfied.

Although it is always very flattering to have someone offer themselves, before doing so ask yourself the following questions

. Do you fully comprehend what it means to offer yourself to a dominant man?. Have you thought this through?

My Ideal Person

Attitude By this I mean your approach to life and how you carry yourself. I am not looking for the weak and feeble minded. To the contrary, I want someone who knows who they are and are comfortable with it. I expect you to stand up for your beliefs as I like strong minded and intelligent women.

Obedience Yes I am a Dominant male and I will take control if given
up willingly. It is essential to me to know, without any doubt, that when its important there will be no argument or defiance when I say it has to be done a certain way. (Yes you will be punished!) I will listen to ions and concerns, but final word is always mine, be it right or wrong (and I am not always right I know). BUT my word will always be the last.

BE HUMAN Im looking for someone who has that special something that can make a Dom feel like he is the most important person in the worldat least to their sub. A sub also needs to be warm, affectionate, open-minded, understanding, sensitive, someone able to openly and outwardly express their own emotions and communicate well.

Respect and Trust This is a two way street. Trust needs to flow in both directions.

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