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Why choose the name Totalitarianism? Ive been in this lifestyle for almost
Hetero Male Dominant, 50,  Atlanta, Georgia
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Why choose the name Totalitarianism?

Ive been in this lifestyle for almost all of my adult life, first in Ds, then eventually, ultimately, Ms, therefore on a personal level, I place a high value on the power of disciplined control (self, and any submissive or slave I allow into my world). Am I dominating, controlling? Yes. Does being, wielding, and directing power and control an aphrodisiac for me? Yes, to the max. If I take you, if I accept you, if I allow you to become property, under my heel an thumb, I will control you. you will be under my authority. you will do what I tell you to do. youllwear what I tell you to wear, when I tell you to wearit. youll look the way I want you to look, and youll speak and act the way I tell you to, and want you to all the time. Most masters would agree that any real slave is an excellent thing to have. They are naturally obedient, well-mannered, respectful, docile, servile, humble. A slave can be defined as one who is under the control ofthe master, striving to please the master in everyanyway possible. Her main priority should be the satisfaction of her master at all times.

Who am I? This profile wont cover that. Theres too much to who I am, and what Im about. Thisll get you started. If you have what it takes, for me to let you get up under me, youll bearound to discover the rest. Can tell you Im the strongest of individual in mind, in will, the farthest from a follower or sheep fathomable and I can tell you I possess a powerful mind. I rule the psychological, and primal realms of mind, e-motion (energy motion), expression, sex, and power, withinthe lifestyle relationship. Im ambitious, seasoned, successful, business owner, whose desire to shape, master, own, and mold the female, is for ME to enhance My life. I can tell you Im not the one to come to for games, lies, superficiality of any kind. Im not interested in married or attached females, which, too many times equals games, lies, and my time wasted. Point here is for the female to be totally owned by me. Im a strict disciplinarian, very intense, full of depth, power, passion and experience , experiences. I make my living in the vanilla world, and enjoy going out and availing myself of the arts, fine dining and activities of the vanilla world. When Im behind closed doors, however, I want a female who knows her place, stays in her place. If I have to put you in your place, youll be discovering all that Ive learned about Sm in 25 yrs.,the darkest parts of the word misery for you. Zero tolerance policy for backtalk,and mouthy bitches. Sassjust isnt cute. Heres what your proper role is, and place is pleasing, serving, being used, and abused, as well, when I desire. Highly skilled in spanking, flogging, whips, paddles, riding crops, pain and torture, though Ill admit that I dont apply them mindlessly to all females Ive owned (then again I do nothing mindlessly) only to those females that need to be ruled, trained, shaped, and molded, through the pain, and suffering. I delve deeply into peeling back the females layers to expose to my eyes what lies beneath, so I can determine if that is fit to serve my needs and desires. I tend to be very clear with my will and desire, so theres little reasonand room for error. I have lived in different places on both coasts, here in the USA, and have been to a number of others but my international travel has been limited due to having to be stationary in order to build my business to a successful size. Travel throughout the world, is among my goals plans.

What do I seek?

I seek a female who is intelligent, at minimum these 4 areas What to say what not to say how to speak, and how not to speak. Speaking behaving in respect, at ALL times, regardless of the situation or circumstance is paramount. I am too busy dealing with the stress that is part and parcel of the business world getting whats mine, to have patience for the errant chatter of a female whose mouth has an IQ of 6.A natural humility and need to please, serve, be owned, dominated, used, is necessary.Self-centeredness, inconsideration are antithetical toa proper mindset of submission or slavery.A willingness and ability to plumb ever deeper reservoirs of giving, is what gives a submissive, or slave value, to any and every master, and achieving maintaining that is impossibleif your focus is always on you (which actually results in your value decreasing, to the master).

If yourestrong in the areas of femininity, respectfulness, humility and obedience, youcan message me, regardless of your age. I do not chase. I require that you read my profile, in its entirety, then message me. Iwant totalk to females who have actually read my profile, first, as opposed to chasing you down, messaging you then trying to getyou have a value for actually reading. If a female wants the quality of lifestyle, level of experiences, and depth of submission or slavery I have the power to expose her to, shell need to read and obey, precisely as I instruct. Look, its simple. If I click on your profile, thats a sure way for you to know that I read your profile, in its entirety. If I click on it a second time, thats a sign that Im interested enough, in what you wrote, that youcan message me.

Expect this profile to be evolving over time. Additions andor edits are certain to occur.

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