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I am here to search for a dominate partner who can be somewhat discrete because I am not 247 a
Bisexual Male Submissive, 50,  Cincinnati, Ohio
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I am here to search for a dominate partner who can be somewhat discrete because I am not 247 and live mostly as a guy to the vanilla world. But that being said Domino has become a big part as well. I love a DS relationship with the surrender and giving up controls as long with the dressing and rules that go along with it. I am not here to find a lot of play partners but the one that can be a part of my life to submit to. Whether we are vanilla couple or friends to the vanilla world, when alone or with select company and at all times, we know who really is in charge. When dressed I especially like to be treated as your girl. I dont have many limits but would say I am not by no means a pain slut, but understand some is going to happen in DS relationship like discipline and such. I am pretty open to most things but do not wish to lick ass or anything to do with anything that has been up one. I have served several Dommes in the past and once I belong to someone would like it to last. Looking for a lady to give my gift of submission to. Looking for a Lady who likes being in charge. Has a kinky side and wishes to be treated as a queen. Someone who is into a guy mostly but likes her guy to have a bit of a gurly side. Does some bondage to keep him exactly as you wish excite you? How about chastity to be sure you control your property sound? If so lets chat. Think of it as a M M, a hard outer shell with a soft candy center.

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6/21/2017 8:27:47 AM
I do not wish to do any rimming, or sucking anything that has been in one. I don't want to use my "clitty" to screw any guys either, sorry. I would like to be all gurl when in gurl mode.

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