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Would love to hear comments good or bad on my Rants in my journal. I have stepped a
Hetero Male Submissive, 56,  New york, New York
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 Submissive Male

 New york 

 New York

 6' 2"

 195 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Would love to hear comments good or bad on my Rants in my journal.

I have stepped away from CS a few times but keep coming back hoping to find the right dominant for me.

I am tall, fit, athletic, professional, attractive, fun, funny, and educated.

I am in my 50s but have a body of a much younger man.

I am open to exploring many things and usually find that my own interests mirror what my dominant is into exploring.

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Journal Entries:
11/19/2017 6:52:35 AM
RANT 4:  Fakes

What exactly is the definition of a "fake"?   If someone is pretending to be something that they are not (examples: a male pretending to be a female, a male pretending to be a couple), I would consider that to be a "fake" profile.  They are not being true to who they really are.    I see an alternative definition thrown around a lot on here where a "fake" is someone is engaged in conversation with a dominant and then decides for whatever reason that they are not a match.  Just because they are not interested in YOU does not mean that they are "fake".  Maybe they are just not interested.  Or maybe they are interested in you as a person, but are not ready to submit to you on your terms.  That makes them human.  That makes them a living/thinking person.  It doesnt mean they are fake.

11/19/2017 6:43:32 AM
RANT 3: Must be local

I love when I read a dominant's profile and it states "Must be local" to even talk to them - or the explicitly state that they will block anyone from out of state ----- yet, when you check out their friends, most if not all of them are from ----- you guessed it, OUT OF STATE!  

11/19/2017 6:38:09 AM
RANT 2: Capital letter protocols

Try as I might, and I have tried multiple times, I just do not understand having to correspond in every email or text with stating the Dominant's Title and/or having to type with capital letters for You and with lower case letters for me/i.   Can a submissive not show respect through regular conversation without formal protocol?  Is this really necessary?  It seems to me that making someone correspond this way is a sign that the Dominant just isn't confident enough in their own abilities.

11/19/2017 6:28:37 AM
RANTS:  Are submissives even allowed to rant?

RANT 1:  "Must be able to relocate".  Seriously, how often does this happen?  Someone is going to just up and leave their job, their home, their community/friends, and move to another state to live with someone they don't even know???   I see this phrase in so many dominant's profiles and I just cannot imagine this actually happening.  And what does it say about the self-worth of the submissive if that is what they are ready, willing and eager to do?   

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