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Im a sick, twisted, sadistic bastard who is looking to add more slaves to my collection.

As my slave, you will be in constant pain and agony, because I will be using you as a punching bag, breaking your bones, breaking your ankles, and breaking your spirit. You will constantly working when youre not fucking me. Youll either be working out (because Im the only one in my house whos allowed to be even a little fat), or youll be cooking and cleaning.

Once in a while, I might have you put on a very thin, see-through dress so I can take you out to a public place. Then Ill rip the dress off you like a rapist, and have you lick my feet and dick, butt naked, on your hands and knees, while people watch and laugh.When Im sick of you, Ill either put you up for sale, or I might just tell you Get in the oven. Its time for you to die. By the way, only slaves who obey their masters every command, no matter how dangerous, even if it means they die, need apply. If I tell you to get in the oven, you get in that damned oven ... with a smile on your face!I will not love you as my slave. You will be a thing. Property. You give, and I take. Its a one-way relationship. I will beat you, rape you, control you, manipulate you. You will be reduced to a mere husk of your er self, existing solely for my pleasure. And as soon as you cannot pleasure me any more, you will gladly lay down your life in one final act of service to me.

When I kill you, I will most likely NOT do it quickly or painlessly. I might change my mind, because as your master, its entirely my decision what happens to you. But dont become my slave hoping that Ill do that. Your death will be for MY pleasure and not yours! EVERYTHING is for my pleasure and not yours! Therefore, your death will most likely be slow, and filled with more agony and screaming than anything thats come before it.

Ive had plenty of slaves ask me for leniency in their execution (most of them havent even given themselves to me yet so what business do they have asking for shit). E.g. the oven would be filled with toxic gas, rather than flames. Thats not your decision. NOTHING is your decision.

You will never have any free time. Any time I give you discretion in anything, I expect you to use that discretion however you think would best please me, not you.

MY IDEAL SLAVES About a thousand women, all doing about 1,000 sit-ups per day, to look good for me, and all going out of their way to please me. They have to be masochists, who love being beaten within an inch of their lives. No limits on the amount of pain, no safewords, and wiling to die with smiles on their faces if thats what I want!

Ideally, I want women who LOVE being beaten and tortured! The kind of women who will skip-to-my-lou over to the wall so I can beat their stomachs until theyre coughing up blood. The kind of women who will WILLINGLY lie to police to keep me out of prison because they actually like the way I treat them. The kind of women who will beg for pain and then giggle like a little school girl when they get it, rather than cry.

In short, I want you to be gleefully masochistic.And by gleefully masochistic, I mean, when I tell you to get on the wall so I can beat the piss out of you, you dont just comply. You giggle at the pain that i inflict on you! You skip-to-my-lou over to the wall in excitement! When you see me beating another slave, you beg me if you can have a turn to suffer! You pout if Im too tired from the last beating to beat you down! You smile when I break a bone! When youre in the oven being cooked to death, you blow me a kiss with the last of your strength!Thats what I mean by gleefully masochistic.

If youre interested, hit me up.


Who in their right mind would let you kill them?

First of all, what makes you think I give a shit if youre in your right mind or not?

Second, what makes you think I give a shit if youre in your right mind or not?

Third, were all going to die eventually. When you inevitably do so, wouldnt you want to end your life the same way you lived it? In one final hoorah of service to your master? Or are you not a real slave?

Fourth, what makes you think I give a shit if youre in your right mind or not?

What will my life be like as your sub?

I dont have subs, bitch! I have slaves!

Ok, sorry. What will my life be like as your slave?

Whenever I have a slave, its entirely my discretion, on a minute-to-minute basis, what happens to them. They suffer, they serve and please me, and thats it. Thats their entire existence. Whatever I feel like doing at that moment.I might kill them at a moments notice, or I might notify them of their execution, so their last few dayshours are spent in mental torture. Whatever I feel like doing at that moment.I might break their bones ... or I may leave them in the closet for days or weeks at a time. Or I may let them out to cook for me. Or I may snuggle with them like a wife, and watch a horror movie together. Or I might switch, right in the middle of the movie, to beating the piss out of her. Whatever I feel like doing at that moment.They are neverrewarded for anything. Everything they do to serve me is done because serving and pleasuring me is their sole function in the universe. Their reward is fulfilling their purpose.Whatever I feel like doing at that moment.Whatever I feel like doing at that moment.

Can you relocate me?

Maybe I can. But I wont. I wont send money to anyone over the Internet.

But couldnt you just send me a plane ticket in the -

I said no, you motherfucking twat!

Why do you want us to cam for you? Do you just want cam shows?

No. Thats not it. I want to know that youre really serious about being my slave. Theres a reason why, before the Internet, nobody went on dates when they couldnt see the people they were dating. Even blind dates, you still saw the person you were dating at the start of it. Things have not changed just because new technology allows us to reach out further than we previously could.

Its perfectly fine if youre fully clothed. Thats fine. Im not just looking for cam sex.

But what if we need to finish college?

What if I have a rock in my shoe? Colleges cant expel you for being in BDSM. Its a First Amendment right.

But Im in a private-

Shut up, bitch! No cam, no chat. Thats my decision. Im the dom, here.

Do I have to be naked on cam?

No, thats not a requirement. I want to see your face. I want to see you react in real time to the things I type. I want to make sure that the person I see in your profile pic is the same person Im actually talking to. You dont need to be naked for that. Its totally fine if youre fully clothed.

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Journal Entries:
7/11/2016 8:38:02 AM
Just talked to some bitch on here. She read my profile and she saw the part where I won't talk to a person if they don't show themselves on camera. She contacted ME, not the other way around, and she still refused to show her god damned face.

She used the EXACT SAME EXCUSE that was used by the past 514,685,713 women who refused to show themseves: She wanted to finish school, came from a highly conservative family, and didn't want her involvement in the lifestyle to be exposed.

No, seriously, this is the same excuse made by nearly every woman I've spoken to! It's probably the same god damned person creating multiple accounts!

Bitches, let me make this perfectly clear: No god damned face cam, no god damned chat! This is not up for discussion! Don't even fucking CONTACT me if you don't want to do that!

4/5/2016 4:14:53 PM
I've recently had a lot of men viewing my profile.  Fucking disgusting. My profile very clearly says that I'm heterosexual.

11/11/2015 4:22:53 AM
For those wondering why I insist on a webcam, this thread might help explain it.

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