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Hmmm...hope this is a bit better than before. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate
Hetero Male Submissive, 32,  Atlanta, Georgia
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 Submissive Male



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Dominant Female

Hmmm...hope this is a bit better than before. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate!


Just an average guy (may be a bit smaller than average, but I make up for it, I swear!) looking for that elusive connection...a partnership...someone to share in a female-led relationship.


I am ultimately a pleaser. I consider myself naturally's not a role that I play here and there. I value a strong hand and guidance. I don't have a definitive list of interests. I feel that would limit myself. If we're not here to expand our experiences, that's rather dull in my opinion. Bottom line is I understand my place and expect my partner to appreciate that fact and value our relationship. I'm not spineless and a rug to walk over...but someone that has a brain and initiative. Hopefully those assets would be looked upon as things that could make your life easier and more pleasant. :)


I have lived in several different places, but I am originally from Indiana. I have a career that has led me here and there, and I'm grateful to have had a chance to see and experience some different areas. My current work is more and more remote in nature, which allows me some flexibility in location looking forward.


I tend to gravitate toward confidence, intelligence, and a healthy sense of humor. I know there are rules usually to follow, but if we can't smile and laugh along the way, we may not get along.


In my free time, I enjoy traveling, reading, anything outdoors (hiking and kayaking are two big ones). I also enjoy traveling when I can and I'm no stranger in the kitchen. I love spending time cooking and trying new recipes. in a nutshell. Dedicated and loyal once we get to know each other. I live for learning new things and pursuing new experiences. I would feel cheated if I looked at myself as the same person from a year ago. Always growing. That's a good (and ironic) motto.


Well...please don't be shy about messaging me, and I promise to be the same. Two people exchanging hellos never hurt anything...I think.

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