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I am writing a totally new profile after some conversation and plenty of discernment about wha
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I am writing a totally new profile after some conversation and plenty of discernment about what I would like to gain from being on this site. This will standbfor sometime and any additional thoughts will be listed in my journal. First off I would like to acknowledge what type of site this is. I would like to think of it as a way to meet new friends, male or female for good dialogue, and women who were born a woman for intimate relationships. I know the quality of the site itself is a bit lower than we would all like and there may be a great many of users who ew not totally honest (or absolutely fake for that matter) but I can only account for my own actions. I state the truth at all times and would like to find someone who is the same. About what one another looks for in a partner and D/s relationship. Next I would like to give an outline of what I look for and find attractive. Age is not a particular concern. I find things attractive on a broad scale as far as how long a woman has been alive as long as they still have spunk and a desire to live. For younger women I tend to like the apparent innocence they have and the need for masculine leadership. Their figures are cute as well as being fluent with recent pop culture. Older woman have a different sensuality that I like and find appealing. If I like someone then I like them. They should have a healthy and active life; there may be no regular gym attendance but she should like to swim, hike, walk, bike etc etc. I can be friends with a "BBW" but I do not wish to pursue a sexual relationship with one. No offense but it is what it is. There must be a good awareness of what role they choose- I am not expecting someone to have a greater amount of experience, and I will be patient in introducing kinks and protocol, but I do expect the girl to know how the Dominant and submissive complement one another in a relationship. If I say I like or expect something then I will explain why that it appeals to me and what my submissive can expect as well as the pleasure she will have also. This is between my sub and myself. I like to pursue chivalry outside the home, and in the home with a twist, and appreciate the company of a woman I am doing all the good vanilla things life offers us. I like intense but I like safety and dignity. Except for a few things I like mutual enjoyment and pleasure; the exceptions are for those who find the greatest pleasure in pleasing. Even then there must be a good deal of discernment on what is going to happen as well as the care that must and will be given. On to the specifics! I love the feminine form. Curves, soft skin, scents, voice, kind and light touches from gentle hands. Only a woman can be a woman in my eyes and their beauty is to be adored and protection. I don't see a loss with submission but an awareness of who a woman is and what she provides in a relationship. I like temptation and the creation of desire on a continual basis. Form fitting clothing, tights, leggings, bodysuits and hosiery provide a a barrier that not only enhances femininity but makes me want her all the more. I like smooth materials that shine or have a good bit of sheen. Lycra spandex or satin are my favorite materials for a woman to wear. My fingers glide across that type of material and it arouses me to no end. Other things I like (there is always a way to slowly introduce a girl to specific kinks should she be curious but inexperienced): Bondage, gags of all types (scarf or bandana, ball, stuffed mouth, tape, bit or bag and even my hand at times), dictating what to wear in the home anal sex, oral (giving and receiving), facials, choking, rape play, choking, hair pulling and a woman who is vocal- both while being gagged or allowed to scream/ moan to her heart's content. I described myself as best I could. I would appreciate that some one would read this in full and before contacting me. I think the man should do the pursuit but it is not chiseled in my particular stone. In dialogue I hate constantly asking questions. Even if I make a statement that does not have an apparent inquiry I would like a response. I do and can travel or if needed can have company long term in my two story house. Thank you for your time and beat wishes here. J.

Journal Entries:
9/5/2017 10:55:53 AM
Look, we are on a kink site and certain pretenses exist, one of them being open minded. That being said, and each to their own,if you have a dick then do not approach me as a female. The debates go on whether or not a man can be a woman, but I am only interested in vagina. Real vagina from birth on real women who were born female. I don't care how many hormones you rake and all the effort you put into looking female I am not interested. I only say this since my mail filter is set to block transsexuals but thew new fad here,and other sites, is for them to choose the female option for gender and not TS or what ever the fuck they are calling it this week.

5/8/2017 11:42:59 AM
== Results from == 100% Degrader 100% Rigger 100% Sadist 100% Master/Mistress 99% Experimentalist 99% Primal (Hunter) 98% Dominant 86% Daddy/Mommy 63% Non-monogamist 47% Ageplayer 43% Owner 39% Switch 33% Masochist 25% Vanilla 11% Submissive 7% Voyeur 6% Degradee 4% Pet 4% Rope bunny 4% Brat 3% Slave 3% Exhibitionist 2% Primal (Prey) 1% Girl/Boy

11/28/2016 6:44:26 AM
I wrote this explanation to someone and feel it is most apt for those who are wishing to know more about me. I take the lead. Always have and always will. It is not due to low self esteem or any other skewed self conception. It is the role of the man to lead in a just manner caring for those under his charge, and in the case of a woman, his care. I like to call it good chivalry but with D\s there always is more. Trust is a very important thing to me and is the foundation any of relationship that becomes intimate and much more so in D\s where a woman is placed often in very vulnerable situations. Call it my hate of micromanagement, which comes from my time in the Army from leadership who often tried to control things by being over bearing, stems from a lack of trust. In D/s this might be an admirable trait for some but in day to say life among grown men it is taxing on many a peoples ambitions, pride in their occupational role as well as initiative. From this I gathered that when one is in charge he must fulfill that role properly. I do not demand respect on a deeper level without that effort needed to earn it nor would I ask for the level of trust needed with BDSM without proving that I am worthy of it. All of that made clear, I can now move on to the more base interests I have with kink. I as visual as I am tactile. What I see I like to touch and what I touch I like to see. Aristotle once said that the most beautiful thing is a woman's body. I would agree completely with the great philosopher and add that feminine form in itself is something to be sought in a woman. Soft gentle features, that light gentle touch of a woman's caress as well as the attire that would enhance the more fair of out species. I like smooth materials to touch and see and the eroticism that comes from a woman dressing per my instruction and her endeavors to please me.

5/23/2016 3:57:51 PM
I want a girl that will suck on me, not a "sippie" cup or "binkie". Satin sheets and two adults in embrace, not a warm "blankie" and stuffed animal

5/20/2016 10:30:55 AM
I am not too sure for what constitutes a good initial message here but I can assume from some of the journal entries that women here have to read through some messages of questionable character. I will always try to be respectful when in dialogue with a lady. That being said it has to be known that I like to fuck hard. For long periods of time. I like it when a girl is vocal, I like it when a girl is silent and the in between of muffled moans. I like to see a woman cum and I like to control when she cums. All is open as long as I get to see her body quiver over and over again. I like a woman to dress in attire that I like or no attire at all. That is not a thorough list of what I like and always eager to know what would please my girl, but at the moment I wanted to get all of that out. Best wishes and more to come.

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