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Lexi LOVES to trample, kick and face sit. Lexi also loves human horseback riding so expect Her
Bisexual Transgender Dominant, 93,  Annapolis, Maryland
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 Dominant Trans



 6' 5"

 220 lbs



 African Descent



Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Submissive Male

Submissive Transgender

A Poly Household

Lexi LOVES to trample, kick and face sit. Lexi also loves human horseback riding so expect Her to order you onto your hands and knees as She climbs on your shoulders or back for a cruel ride while She kicks you in your stomach, ribs and groin with Her sharp spurs and Spiked Heels. 

She is most happy when there's a submissive male lying on his back, receiving Her most Vicious and Sadistic Spiked Heel Trampling Torture. After dancing, jumping, grinding, ball busting, facebusting and just hanging out on your chest, digging in deeply with Her Deadly Stilettos, Lexi will reward you with a deep warm shoe or boot job to allow you to release all your pent-up passion, only to take Her Sadistic and Deadly Stiletto Heels, grind them viciously into your throbbing excuse for manhood, step up full weight on those horrifying spikes as they impale your crotch, jamming and twisting them in, She will step off you and walk away without a care for your shattered condition.

You will tongue clean every micrometer of Her Beautiful footwear, licking the soles until they are spotless, sucking the spiked heels with the utmost passion, kissing and worshipping them as an extension of The Goddess who wears them.

Do not insult Lexi with requests for cyber, virtual or skype domination. There are dominants who are interested in dominating guys who will never meet them in person. Lexi is NOT. She is only interested in meeting those who are available for in person servitude. Lexi is NOT seeking a boyfriend nor is She seeking the "services of a boyfriend." This means She will NOT suck you, nor is She interested in being "sucked." Don't even bother to ask. 


Respectful appplications for servitude are welcomed. Lexi also has a full-time live-in slave position available. A severe and strict interview process will be conducted.


Lexi has a deep love and appreciation for masochists, high heel fetishists and those who love to be kicked and or trampled. She loves to wear and use on Her slaves and submissives a wide range of footwear, including, but not limited to; Nike sneakers, Ked's Deck sneakers, soccer cleats, metal baseball cleats, track Spikes, Black Patent Mary Jane Classic Dress Shoes, T-Straps, Saddle Shoes, English Riding Boots, Western (Cowboy) Boots, Doc Martens, Westcos, Deep Tread Biker Boots, Tap Dancing Shoes with Metal Tap plates on the toes and heels, flamenco dancing shoes with nails imbedded in the toes and heels, spiked heels pumps and boots.

Lexi proudly stands 6' 5" tall without heels and weighs 225#. Piercing brown eyes that can strike fear with a mere glance and legs 36" long.

Lexi practices an obscure form of Dominance, once reserved SOLELY for Asian dominants, known as Denkianma, or Electric Foot. Since She never tramples or kicks barefoot, She does this in Heels or Boots and the end result is either intense pain for Her victim, or intense pleasure for Lexi. Or BOTH.


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