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Hetero Female Slave, 51,  Bellerose, New York
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 Female Slave


 New York

 5' 0"

 175 lbs





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Dominant Male






Serious Man Wanted!!

Be Part of Daily Life A Boy freind

Daddy Needed to keep this

Little Girl in line

Are You hungry??

Real live Slave know how to cook

and knows how to play hard!!

This1950s House Slave

Seeks a Hungry Dom to serve...

Learning Protcals, Postions,Mannors and Service Old Fashion slave to please MasterDaddy from kitchen delights to bedroom pleasuresA good wife is her husbands mistress ..Masters WhoreKneeling before him with my heart exposed. My soul to save.My body for his use and pleasure..Mind for him to train..

I want IT ALL... be MasterDaddys friend lover and Slave

Show me the World and own my Mind the rest will follow Heart Body Soul all to be caputured by the Right MasterTraining is Required for this Slave She will be very Graitful for Master Attention

NO Married Man or Couples

there are time a slave needs a maintainess king just to keep keep focus on what is her path..these days have come for me and i an so lost..

Seek a Real MasterManwho takes care of his business might be hard to sit but my heart will be filledlove.Slave need the whole package too not just TOYS!!!!

This slave is not a Cyber whore looking for a Real a Connection. A DaddyMaster to be involved in everyday life as she will be in His.Whole Package Slave Compaion Vanilla seeking a man to share his life, interests and to share slaves life and interests(BFGF) Real Rounded Relationship

This slave has Bipolar Disorder. She is controled most times but needs a compasionate DaddyMaster to guide her daily structure and future life.

Master this slave need help with weight and DIET!! HELP willing to work..

(due to distance NY, NJ and Conn Doms only sorry)Will relocate for Right MasterDaddy age45- 55 plz this is SERIOUS

Please picture....As i lose weight i will update....UPDATED!!!

Thoughts when a slave is so dependent on dom..when he creates a world where she is alone and isolated ..waiting for him, .she cant function alone..feeling worthless, insecure, damaged and lost does she go on with life without him ... how does she make a new life another man who is going to save her..

Some One Tell Me.

Dear Sirs..

I dont wish to be mean but I dont wish to get involed with any Master with young child is 21 and in college (away ..home some weekends) and Ive done the little kid thing..

Its my turn to be the kid..Daddys be spoild and tamed.. to spend time with an Adult..doing adult thing..walks on Coney Island.. in Central Park..just enjoy our that isnt screaming but has a melody..Billy Joel, Chicago, James Talyer, and Beach Boys..movies that arent cartoons or gore(blood and guts)

I dont mean to be selfish but I am in my late 40s and i put life on hold to raise my kid..I want a true MasterDaddy to spend the rest of life with and enjoy life..see the what is out there in the world..


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Journal Entries:
6/21/2016 4:34:07 AM
New Pic...last one!!! pic6

5/17/2015 9:18:16 AM

Another story..tell me what u think!!!

Mitch took a deep breath and looked down at his slave,Raya,the slave name he gave her meaning sunshine for she had turned out to be his sun bright and affectionate..her ass was brite red from her current ass whipping.."Get in the cornor..NOW"" he said with a firm voice..She stood up,with a sniple" for how long ?" she replied to her master..

"Till I say so!!" this time rasing his voice and pointing 

He know she  wouldnt last long, so he walked into the bed room to set up her real punishment..He took out the tools for evening..Paddle and slapper and restains..He was debating with himself with you use the electric shock toys, it knew that give her some pleasure ..she was going to need it after he was through. He looked through the rest of the toys and chose a few butt plugs and clamps

 Meanwhile in the living room, slave as fidgeting and looking over her shoulder,,He had to come back soon. she wasnt good at staying still and the silence was killin seemed like forever before master walked back into the room..In a very angry voice.."you are peeking" he walked over and gave her a few more swats in the ass..she wined a bit,,but knew to stay hold her tounge.

Master rubbed her ass."now do you want to stay here or get ready for bed like a good girl?? She turned slow to face her master "NO neither" she was really in a bratty mood..His mind was made up..a good caning was what she needed to calm down,,

He looked down at her.."think about it” not giving her time to think “.go get ready for bed..and if i were you i change your adittue" he gave her a quick kiss " go shower and wait for me in bed..NOW" he was being gentle, she had bad experiences and breaking her of bad habbits..He had been gentle but this time he need to be firm “GO!! do you want to stand here all nite.."..she lowered her head.."ill more punishment?: she peeked up at him...she cou;ld see by his face she pushed too far.."going master ..going master: and she ran to be bathroom.She didnt see that he had set up punishment.. 

Mitch looked at his watch, he had at least 30 min before she finished in the shower..Bedtime was always a chore. it was time he ended that, she was going to learn.Raya was a good slave and very affectionate, tending to his needs, but bedtime was a dread..

He got to finish up some work and headed to be bathroom


She loved her shower time, it helped her relax and change her mood. She used master faviote shower soap and lotion so she smelled like a vanilla sugar cookie..While she soaped up, she touched her breast, her nipples got hard and excited..The hot water touched all parts of her, making her desire for her master grow. He was an exciting man,did things to her that no other man had. Slowly she shaved her, no his pussy and ass, She moaned out loud,,she wanted to be fucked hard tonight..but she knew she had to get master in a good mood


As he enter, she turned quickly towards him. "master im sorry" smiling at him so britely, eyes wide open..He was not going to melt his conviction..she was getting punished this time..Master reached out to her.."did you shave right..let me see"

she sat on the toliet and spread her legs.."MMMneed a little more" he grabed the razeror and cleaned the areas she missed " Dont will get cut.." "yes master" she tried to stay very still but master touch alwasy excited.."Did i say you could get wet?" he swated her inner thigh.."now dont he sttrocked the raser to her pussy..she couldnt help herself started to moan...her desire was growing with each stroke..master fingers kept touching clit and the lips of her pussy He bent over and gave her pussy a quick taste..which caused her to act on impulsive..."oh god  Master please No.." He gave her pussy a quick smack" Stop you have been a bad girl..I will do what i want to you  Now hold still  This isnt for your pleasure.. " he finished her pussy and checked her ass..he looked over his earlier work..and laughed to himself..clearing his throat.."NOw in bed  and obey"


 They walked into bedroom together,"we are going to establish some rules tonight"Master said as he walked ahead of her.."Over here now" pointing to the bed..she slowly walked for she could see the restains and master tools..she was in for it now..

He stood firm as she laid down on her belly..reaching over to tie her in place"I really belive you need more structure..dont get me wrong you are a good girl but you need to start following exerise and need to obey when i say for you to go to bed..this is for your own good"Master rubbed her back.."if I allow you to cum and you dont give you have been told over and over..i wont allow you and im going to give you beat your ass..we both know you need the tonight you will recieve 10 lashes ..for not going to bed as told again..20 lashes...we are going to clean the slate and start your mouth" he walked over to dresser and retrived the gag and a medium butt plug he pulled her hair back.."pl  master no gag cry into the pillow.." No he was staying firm she need a sever punishment.."Open ..fighting me you just earned 10 strikes of my cane..I am not going to be walked on lit are going to be broken..Tonite" in his heart he felt guilty for being to rough but he knew she needed this and to learn her place.. Master lubed up the plug and turned it on.. He slowly pushed the plug into her tight ass she shivered a bit , not expecting the plug,,He ignored her discomfort  he was the master and he was going to be obeyed..


He looked down at her tied to the bed, rubbed her smooth ass, he put his finger between her cheek and teased her little asshole while pushing the plug deeper into her ass then  teasing her pussy..she was tight..great for hard fucking”if you take your punishment like a good girl maybe ill fuck u tonight..if not im going use take u hard “


So one way or another she was going to be used..her thoughts were racing, she knew what he meant, she wanted to be fuck but she didn’t want to raped with a tool through the gag” yes master ill be good”


He reached for the slapper and began..Stike after strike her ass redden and began to swell.

Master turned a deaf ear to screams..”why are you looking at me..turn your face back” he wasn’t ready for her tears,,that always made his heart melt..”no face the pillow..and he countiued to strike her ass..


She couldn’t help put scream, the pain was outrageous, he was whipping her harder then he ever had .”plz” she begged..”ill be good plz “ not using their safeword she knew this was right thing. She hated it but master was right..He switched to paddle,,”Oh god” she screamed and tried to move..wiggling from side to side “Stop moving” he commanded  “So youre still acting out you want my cock you best behave..” she beared down for this assult..He was right..he was her beloved master but at this moment she hated him..she had been bratty for a few days,,He doing what had to be done. She started to fight the restains “I wasn’t bad..i was good” .more strikes of the paddle “Lying slave!!” master yelled over her screams ..she felt them each and every one..Master started to count out loud He put his hand on the small of her back putting pressure to hold her still “one..two..dont move “ three and four were fast..Her pain was so much but she loved him and trusted him.


He could see she was coming to an end..He had to finish or she wouldnt respect him..the last five were quick..Master rubbed her ass for a bit..she was still fighting kicking and squirming ..caning was not an opition. With a swift stroke he brought the cane down her already  crismion ass.. He could see the marks forming. He had to shut from her screams” stop I wont misbehave plz not the more cane “ she screamed ’ he knew better she promised many times.. and he gave in to her sweet smile but not this time.she was going to get her full punishment ,He rasied his hand and took a good swing with the cane “get your head back down..dont make me tell you again”.. the cane  was unbearable leaving mark after mark red strips on her raw ass..She needed this..and he countued as quickly as he could..trying his best to allow her to absore each blow..she was still fighting..”NO..master plz..” after a few lashes she calmed down and accepted her punishment..He believed she finially learned.her lession.and wasn’t going to be bratty..


He stood at the end of the bed..He was breathing hard ..this will teach her. She started again fight the restains .he grabed the steel butt plug and large vibrator  “still misbehaving  so you want to see who is will" forcing into deep into her ass..fucking her hard. Master pushing her down onto the large vib, hitting her clit.  he made her cum over and over, he could see her pussy juices flow. The small orgaism were flooding the bed He couldn’t wait .he wanted her ass for himself..:now are you going to behave"  at the point she was ready..master released her hand and ungaged her he climbed into bed behind her grabbed her ass..holding it with his strong hands  full..and drove his hard swollen cock deep into her ass.he pulled her up on her knees.. slam of his cock and body cause her more pain...she screamed but this time with pleasure and pain...she was crying and moaning,,which edaged him on.. he reach under her and squized he ripe breasts “ph plz master more” was all the word she to get out he pound her sore body so hard..neither them could breath. She started to grind her ass against his body...he grab her hair pulling her back..feeling his cock go deeper into her ass. He kissed her neck and back..showing the affection he had for her,, He slamed his cock so hard in to her .now it was pleasure ..”deeper master plz..more” as she cried for him “plz don’t stop..” her body became tense and he could feel her orgaism built “plz may I cum Master plz.” Master was quite ready as he pounded his cock  ,faster and deeper.”oh yes slave.” He grabed her hips he was ready..:yes slave”.both of them explosed in orgamisn..


When they were both exasted, he pulled out and releales her legs, he grabbed her hair” on your knes slave..Suck my cock” she was crying and weak but she did as she was told. Raya looked up at him with soft submissive eye she learned her lesson”Don’t make me punish you like this time it will be worse”  She sucked his cock like a passifer..MMMM master moaned..” clean up.”


 He helped her to the shower, where he soothed her and applied cream to her wounded ass. Master gentle rub all parts of her body .”come Raya off to bed..” they sleep in each other arms..She wimpered through out the night,,Master held her tighter.and wiped her tears.

2/23/2015 1:44:08 PM

Cat had read her master's morning instructions..
Showered, cleaned, and nude...he wanted her in the sula position, on her back with her arms and legs apart and open for his pleasure..Cat was not pleased with this position..she was not allowed to touch master, she had to keep her hand to her palm up and to her side.. it was a displine that usually Cat was not capable of doing..she loved to stroke her master chest while he fucked lay there and be still was impossible..not only did have to lay still she was to blindfold and gag this was not going to be fun

She light candles, soft music, she put out sweet fruit for master to eat all was set fro his arrival

Cat, laid on the bed, her body was excited at thoughts of master. He was strong dominate man, bit old then she, ,just what she needed good mature,experienced dom, to control her. Just the thought of him got her wet.and needy, gently she cluxed her body, touching her clit, stroking her pussy, she was getting so wet..she didnt dare get over arosed..not her place....

Cat heard the outer door open, she took cleanizing deep breath, he was here, softly walking to their room..

"I see you followed my instruction today,thats a good start Cat..." Master stop at the door just to look at the sweet view.. his sub, his slave, his love laying there open for him.. Her legs peeking out from a blanket just tossed over her midsection" Now why do you have the this blanket over you??" Master walked over to the bed and slowly exposed her breasts.."Why do you have this.. dont hide your body from me.." he heard her soft purr."Yes my good girl you belong to me.." he cupped her breast into he hand.."Yes girl you are mine" he said as he lower mouth onto her one of her breast, sucking her nipples, right then left, nibbling on each till they were hard. She had very sentative nipples, he love to twick them to submission and listen to her quiet moans of pleasure . "Shuoo, slave"Once she quieted down he started his examine of his property..touching every part of her body, ever inch. Not a sound did she make, not twitch nor wiggle not a single movement... She laid there an angel.. Masters hands were skilled, he moved across her body bring her to soft sweet arosal.. Cat couldnt take more more, she reach out and meet master hand.."No Cat..bad relax..youre not ready to be fucked yet... Or are you?" his hand slipped between her legs.."Now Cat you are very wet..tell me the truth did you touch yourself??" there was a harshness in his voice..Cat knew the rules.."Well, Im waiting, my girl??" she lower her head to her chest and nodded..she could hear her master's disappointment "Tskk Tsk cat ..I am only one to give you pleasure am i understood.. did you have my premission to play with yourself?? I give you pleasure and i give you pain" Master didnt waited for her answer.."I will have deal with your disreguard of rules after ive taken my use of you..youre still very disobedience Cat" he shook his head as he got up from the bed. Cat sniffled a bit..
"That will not get my are a slave ..break the rules.. you get punished simple as that" Cat held her head straight on the pillow..she was a slave simple as that. He looked at her still form and thought to himself what a lovely sight.

Master want to throw off her sences, first he checked the blind folded then tighten the gaged her, then he turned the radio up a bit, taking his time undressing,after removing his clothes he returned to the bed..."Now cat are you ready to serve me" he slowly he lower himself on top of her.."this is for me..." he entered her in swift motion..she was ever wetter that she was when he exained her.."Cat you will not cum have been a very bad girl..dont you dare cum, the punishment will be sever if you do.." she follow his rythem aching her back to drive him deeper into her warm pussy.."

Thats a good girl open that pussy for me!!" he pushed deeper into her warm, wet pussy..Cat struggled with her desires..need to touch master..need to complete She raised her hands to to touch him"No Cat,put your hands down" She did as she was ordered.. He was moving faster she was losing control..every time he pushed into her she felt the warmth and size of his cock..the gag stop her from crying out .. she wanted to kiss master deeply, needed to kiss taste his soul ..all this was being denied her..Cat knew she need permission to cum and she wasnt going to get it today. He drove his cock deep inside her.."Yeah you need to learn to be a good girl..turn over and open your ass for me" She obeidently rolled over and held her ass cheeks open for him. He pushed himself into her, hard..

"You deserve this dont you!!" It was so painful, he could hear her scream thought the gag. He pounded her ass, fast and deep..She was cumming.."Bad Girl!!" He fucked her harder.."How dare you cum!!!" He withdraw his cock, and smacked her ass a few times.. "Roll over, You disobeyed me again!!" He grabbed the blindfold and and looked straght into her eyes.."Are you trainable??" He unbuckled the gag, "Suck me off.." she open her mouth wide, to recieve his cock. "Yes suck that good..clean your cum off it..Bad Girl" She sucked his vigorously on his cock.the shaft went in and out of her mouth, deep into her throat, "Swallow every bit of my cum" she started to gag but managed to swallow every drop of his load.."Thats first thing you've done right today, Good girl." and he stroked the cheek.

Cat knew this wasnt the end, she hadnt rececived her punishment yet. She was in trouble for so many things today, wasnt sure what her punishment would be..Master had walked out of the bedroom , grabbing his shorts." You stay here.. till i call you!! he ordered..

She didnt have to wait very long, "Get in here, you little spoiled brat.." She huslted into the living room droping to kneels.."yes Master i am here"..He turned and walked directly infront of her.."You have been out of control again..when are you going to learn? will you ever learn?" cat responded by kissing his feet" I can learn sir..i swear..i can..teach me plz i just want to be a good girl plz Master teach me..Ill be good" He looked down on her bent head, her soft brown hair falling onto the floor around his feet, he thought for a moment then bent over and grabbed her hair.."Up brat, over the chair now..."

He lead her to the back of the chair, so that she rested with her chest on the back of the chair." Im not tieing you down nor am i gaging you, you will have to take this...I wont be embarrioused by your behavior..You have to learn your place Slave Dont make this harder then it has to be." He stepped back and picked up the 2'" wide strap, with a full swing, Master land his first strike on her ass.."Oh my god.." Cat screamed..losing her balance..Master grabbed her waist "Now dont "her to re balance"Learn this lession.." Master stepped back again, the next strike was even harder.." ohhhh" Cat took a deep breath and re balanced and prepared for the next..Master gave her time to recoup after each strike..She felt his hand massage her ass after each strike. Cat felt his breath on the back of ear"Few more Cat, then we move me what a good girl you are..Take it No tears girl..No tears..."

Cat braced herself for then next few strikes, all in a row, no tenderness between..just shocking pain..."Good girl..." Master rubbed her ass for a few minties then he rubbed her back..All Cat could think was he was going to beat her back with that strap, Cat started to shake..Master senced her fears " No my girl, No more strap...but this is over yet, you need to learn my word is law! I wont have you disobeying me" Master walked over to the couch where he left his leather paddle.."Show me that you can be a good girl.." With the paddle he struck her back repeatly then her ass. Cat whinced a bit but took all of it..Last was the cane, Cat was to weak, she just flopped over the chair." No girl not yet!!" He was bit angry but she needed to learn he was in charge. he grabbed her hair "Re balance yourself dont decide when this is over ,,I DO!!!"

He stood close to her limp body " Do you understand?" Taking a few deep breaths "Master i am ready" He allowed her to lean against him..With one hand on her back, he planted 5 quick hard strikes to her ass. "You will wear my marks.." and struck her 5 more times..Cat started fighting the cane..Pushing off the chair, fighting her masters hand, thrashing back and forth.." will learn..I am your Master..Now quiet down" Cat settled in..Cat took 7 more strikes before she was totally limp.."Ok my girl have done well.." releasing his hold on her, she fell to the floor..Cat pulled her body into a ball and started to cry and whail..Master walked over to her and gently cradled her into his arms, rocking her back and forth.."Shhh baby..Master is here for you Shhhh...thats my good girl" he helped her to her feet and walked her back to the bedroom...

Pulling back the cover Master placed his baby into bed, "hush ill be right back" Cat pulled the blankets back over her..Tears were running freely over her face.. When Master returned , he pulled the cover off her "Come onto you belly" Gently he massagaed a cooling cream on to her ass and back.."Tell me will you be a good girl" Cat arched her back " Yes Master ,Ill be a Good Girl" Master contuined to massaged and kiss his little girl till she was fast alseep...

11/8/2014 10:55:02 AM
Why so hard to find a good man!!!...ive trained read studied protcal..lost weight and yet im still have so much trouble..Help me

9/18/2014 10:28:33 AM
Update weight is down 40lbs and still working ,,,,been off line for awhile but im ready to start again

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