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Recently diagnosed with leukemia...obviously will be a battle, but a battle I will win! &#
Hetero Male Slave, 57,  Woodstock, Georgia
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 Male Slave



 5' 11"

 220 lbs





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Recently diagnosed with leukemia...obviously will be a battle, but a battle I will win!

Chemo has begun.

Ideally I am seeking a Lady for a possible LTR to and including possible marriage.....while I do have a strong desire for an AA Lady, I will not rule any out.

Who am I? I am one that wasis very well trained and will always be thankful for that. I am comfortable in my skin, are you in yours?I am open, contact me if you wish to know or ask anything. I will welcome the emailchat and friendship, perhaps more. Some call themselves real and experienced when in actuality they simply have no clue, and yes, they DO know who they are! Too many fakes....either you are real or you are not......IF not, go play elsewhere I have no interest,nor time,in your games! If real, I welcome the talkchat, interaction, friendship, fun, and possible play involved.....

I AM FOR REAL...........ARE YOU?

-Put this in your profile if you know someone who has survived or died of cancer-

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Journal Entries:
11/22/2017 2:02:00 AM
This site has become a damn joke Perhaps it should be called "WHORES ARE US" INSTEAD

11/22/2017 1:34:12 AM
Now why should i have thought that that would be any different than ANY OTHER FEMALE ONLINE???? SEEMS THAT IS ALL THAT IS OUT HERE....NO ONE IS REAL IT SEEMS MOST OF THE FEMALES HERE AND ON OTHER SITES DO IT OR THEY WILL REFUSE TO SPEAK WITH YOU UNLESS YOU GO TO ANOTHER SITE TO REGISTER FOR THIS OR THAT BUT PROVIDE YOUR INFO IN DOING SO They ALL say thats not true that they are different but yet it ALWAYS comes out they ask for or demand itune gift cards or money or registering on another site giving your INFO out IF you do send never hear from them again And when you refuse they stop talking ....they accuse you of not being loyal....they say you must sent it to prove show you are serious..... What do they do to show they are serious? Nothing....only demand for more and again say you are not loyal or true when you refuse. So damn typical WHERE ARE THE REAL LADIES THAT DO NOT DO THESE THINGS? ARE THERE ANY LEFT?

4/18/2017 6:20:29 AM
What a way to spend a birthday!!!

4/18/2017 6:18:34 AM
Had a heart attack and did not know recovering from a triple bypass

3/6/2017 11:36:42 AM
Well, Here i am again, in the hospital with pneumonia yet again. Also my doctor changed my diabetic meds and my body doesnt like it much, my blood sugar has been crashing dropping over and over into low 30's Been in the hospital most of this week hope to be getting out soon

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