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good evening, im an artist i draw, sculpt, basically manipulate the physical world around me.
Hetero Female Switch, 29,  Columbus, Ohio
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good evening, im an artist i draw, sculpt, basically manipulate the physical world around me.

im looking for work (real job silly!) a community volunteer who belongs behind the scenes doing something creative for theater. i used to lead a group doing the grounds for the local summer concert venues and focusing my efforts towards the survival of the local opera house. 

:// there

the job markets worse than i left it ,and thats confounded by the lack of employment protections, so if anyone has any ideas? Honestly my calling is as an electrologist, if i can fix somone else i can help myself. 


also happen to be an in-gender-ed woman, searching for the elusive boyfriend, but with my condition its probably just chasing a fairy tale.


see, i'm looking for a straight guy who can overlook my "fallibility" not fetishise it.  someone who can appreciate me for me, yet prefer to have me complete. someone who finds me pretty, is a good guy, and lacks what i term social hesitation.

with mainly vannila aspirations, i don't really belong here. just keeping options open, never knowing where he may be found... and in the sea of online dating, its a good as place as any, right? there's good people in all walks of life, someone  here has a balance of fun and respect, i'm sure of it. who knows,maybe i'll make a new friend , have an interesting conversation. or find a serogate motherly guidance figure, to maybe help navigate this awkward transitional phase.

if nothing else its a good place to judge oneself.

..somone to support me learning to cook, play with my hair on a whim,  who wants to be close to me,around feel cared for.positivly influence mannerism,dress,overall presentation and self worth.a secound chance no one gets..

have mercy, donate to a trans girls surgery fund


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10/14/2017 5:06:06 PM
like someone not necessarily dominant but domineering, a man should know how to take control not only in bed but issues that arise in real life. someone whod fight for me in a systemic way, help me make things happen in both social and physical transition which i must recognize am awkwardly in the middle of; because of which im modable, theres surgeries and wardrobe exploration. so someone whod enjoy not just a submissive, but subordinant woman, pushing boundaries in a hyper feminization 50s housewife project, instilling classic skills and mannerism. while everyone knows rule number one is to be pleasing and available i crave someone whod have interest in helping to develop not just my look, my decorum. like i love learning my s roles an expectations like a girl wouldnt do that or shed do this in this scenario, ya know like how to act and interact within society. i seek guidance helping me to be super girly and deep stealth so as to evade some form of discrimiantion. to learn my place. think thats part of the awkwardness in that im still learning in a constant catchup game 20 yrs behind everyone else :/ like lota life experiences denied. never been to aquarium yet or woke up to a man beside me, kinda virgin sorta..but not. it prolly to much to ask of anyone to have any interest in :(

10/7/2017 7:42:42 PM
 truly do find everything about the 50s housewife role so appealing :P

7/23/2014 12:14:59 PM
a woman overcoming the birth defect of transexualism in the midst of social and physical transition,i find the idea of using the 50s housewife model to be an apealing way to fasttrack catching up to learning my genders expected roles. while something of a feminist believing girls can do anything guys can do better,it is a conundrum that i seek such. but then realise these restricting ideals are still alive to this day,it is what polite society refers to when judging itself constantly,lol. see most girls had the help of mothers and peers to socially emulate dress an mannerism.their mothers were taught the same way,while social s change all are influenced from it. some rebel some make it who they are without even realising by confining myself to such a dated version of the i would learn the lessons i should know by now,if i wasnt raised feral,eventually taking from it what i will at a later date.

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