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strict sadistic master !!! if you seek a nice guy stop reading!!! I enjoy brutality during sex
Hetero Male Dominant, 38,  Indiana
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 Dominant Male


 6' 2"





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Submissive Female

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A Poly Household

strict sadistic master !!! if you seek a nice guy stop reading!!! I enjoy brutality during sex I am not looking for perfection because I like to rage while I beat you with my belt, paddle and slapping you in your smart ass mouth.are you a strong independent woman? good !!! I will break you like a wild horse!!



I have been on and off my profile since 2009 met good and bad people !!! I am not into murder do not ask me to help you commit suicide I'm not into diapers or age play that shit is weird


i believe women are inferior to men and should be treated as such. I believe it takes the right kind of physical and mental abuse to keep these little cunts in their place.

so many fakes !!! so you if you even want to speak to a real master like me please start your message with your breast size a-c you must apologize for your inadequate breast size d or bigger you must apologize for being a cow!!










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Journal Entries:
10/1/2017 8:27:32 AM
I have been off and on this site since 2011!!! I met some real people !!! but to tell you the truth you men so called masters with fake profiles of women make me sick!!! I mean if you are gay just say it I'm sure you can find a gay master!!! no one is stupid enough to fall for your tricks!!! anyways ladies I am recently single master looking for a new no limit slave!!! 

9/29/2017 11:27:09 AM
hello I just sold my slave because she had bad drug addiction ..I sold her to drug dealer so she can be happy!!!! looking for a complete 24/7 slave female!! I don't have time for games now am here to send any money ...

2/7/2011 8:21:21 AM

Wow This is Waste of time I think evry1 here is fake

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