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  Well. It would be fun just to find some people on here that are for real... And actual
Male Dominant, 49,  Lakewood, California











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 Dominant Male



 5' 8"

 230 lbs





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Submissive Female


Well. It would be fun just to find some people on here that are for real... And actually are interested in possibly meeting.. Isnt there anyone on here like that? Theres sooo much fun to be had.  There are so many things i like.  Im caring. I love using my hands to touch and feel. Caress. I really get into sharing the moment. I love sharing pleasure. Not just receive or take. I love to give just as good as receive.  Like i said i like a lot of things.  I am dom. And i do love a submissive woman. So many hot fun things to share. So take a chance and lets chat. Nothing to loose at all right?


ok. Well. A little about me. Im an easy going, mellow kind of person most of the time. I like to do so many different things its impossible to list them all. Anything from chatting over coffee or lunch. To seeing a movie. Hanging out on the couch watching TV or a DVD.. Im a very hands on type of person. Meaning.. I like to hug and kiss. Touch and feel. rub and pet. Look at you. Talk. And spend a good amount of time together. (well. If it gets to that point) Im looking for anything from just dating to a full on big time relationship. So if you just want to date and play, thats fine. But if we both decide that we are the one for eachother. Im totally there. Im ready for the one if i can find her. If not. Then we can just have nice fun times for as long as we can.
   I also love being a Daddy dom and having a little girl.  I love showing my little girl just how daddy needs to be taken care of. And i love showing my little girl what her body is for. :)  But if that isn't your thing. Thats totaly ok.

Im looking for a girl that honestly can appreciate a man that takes time out of his life to give to her. And wants to give some of hers back to him. A lack of respect for eachother i will no longer deal with. Im looking for a girl that is very oral. Nice. naturally submissive. Looks, size, age and any of that is not what i go by. Whats on the inside, and your personality is what gets my attention. and yes. I have pics to share. But you will have to at least take 2 minutes out of your life and send an email for them.. Is that really to much to ask??

   I love breast nipple play. blindfolds. Lots of oral pleasures. and many other fun things. So if you take the time to chat. That's how we find out all the fun we can have. I do NOT ONLY decide if someone is worth getting to know and meeting by pics alone.... A LOT of people on only go by pics.. really?? Its sad how many times to cheating yourself out of making a new friend because of that...

Having a sub/slave that really really understands her pleasing me. Her making me happy is a priority for her. But knows that she will get double in return. Looks forward to it. Crave it. cant live without it. Giving herself to me is the ultimate for her.

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