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First I want it known to one and all that if you charge your subs, especially online, then you
Bisexual Male Dominant, 25,  Louisville, Indiana
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First I want it known to one and all that if you charge your subs, especially online, then your not a real dominant. Its one thing to take control of a live in sub or slave's finances but its another thing entirely to make them pay for online.

Its not easy to put into words exactly what I'm looking for but the truth is I'm looking for something special, not just fun and games. 

I'm looking for magic. Someone Real. No games. I want someone who's willing to put themselves out there, and be rewarded for that. I'm a dominant guy, if you want to know more than that feel free to ask me, I would be happy to answer questions.

I also would be happy to send a picture if you take the time to read this profile and ask for one.


I'v thought a lot about my ideal submissive and the truth is I have some idea, but I haven't met them yet. I want them to be young, quiet, inexperienced, and a virgin would be nice but not required. Someone who's new to the life that I could make into exactly what I want and haven't picked up bad habits from another dominant. I hope a few of you out there take the time to actually get to know me. 

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2/22/2012 6:17:58 PM

It is truly amazing to me how people on here scurry away when they see that you are real. I'm so sick of playing games, I'm ready to find someone who truly needs this in their life.

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