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I am bored so lets finally fill this thing out. If you think just because
Hetero Female Submissive, 28,  New York
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 Submissive Female

 New York

 5' 7"




 25 minutes

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Dominant Male

I am bored so lets finally fill this thing out.

If you think just because my user name has the word humiliation in it that it means I want random name callinghumiliationrudeness from a complete stranger you are sadly mistaken so move along.
Do you like sex? me too but this lifestyle isnt about sex to me and yes it is a lifestyle to me.

I am not looking to be your hooker or to fuck all your buddies. I am not looking for someone whos only thoughts revolve around sex. Although I do enjoy sex both in the BDSM and vanilla sense.

I enjoy the power exchange in a relationship when it is done safely andI can feel secure. Having the ability to trust someone completely with my life takes time and commitment but when it happens it is totally freeing.

I am your equal I know how to take care of myself, I can support myself, I can get myself off and a million other things that you can do also but the difference is a choice to not be your equal. I want to be submissive it is a choiceI make.

I am polyamorous. I tried not to be for years and it didnt work. No you wont change my mind. No this doesnt mean I want to have threesomes. I am also not part of or interested in being part of a poly household

Thats all for now

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