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  Hello there. If you aren't willing to verify, don't bother.  I am real and can
Lesbian Female Slave, 30,  Columbus, Ohio
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 Female Slave



 Willing to Relocate

 5' 5"

 145 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Female

Submissive Female

Switch Women

Dominant Transgender

Submissive Transgender

Femdom Couples

Friends Only


A Poly Household


Hello there.

If you aren't willing to verify, don't bother.  I am real and can prove it, you should be able to as well.  On that vein, I'm looking for something real.  If you're just into roleplaying, I'm not your girl.

I rarely send the first message to dominants- I believe a slave shouldn't be so forward, and should instead be claimed.

I'm in a couple of sexual and semi-romantic relationships, and I'm poly but looking for myself.  They will most almost certainly not be involved, but it's possible that you could meet them.

I'm trans. I didn't list myself as such because it had been pointed out to me that it means cross-dresser on this site. So yeah. It doesn't mean anything other than the fact that I'm a girl with a storied medical history. Which, even apart from that, I totally do.

So, I haven't updated this in awhile, so here goes.

I'm still a 30 year old MTF mostly-slave-type. Yes, that means that I don't have a vagina.

I am open to me being a domme/switch for the right person, but I am mostly looking to be a slave.  Real time, hopefully developing into something serious/permanent or TPE/24-7.  I have a play partner who subs for me, and I've gotten a taste for it.  Though the slave-tendencies run strong, I definitely wouldn't mind having one as well.

Once again, some ground rules before contacting.

Since I need to repeat myself apparently... No men.  I'm very gay.  A penis, with VERY few exceptions, is a disqualifier. The only exception I might consider is another LEGIT trans girl, one that is A) on hormones, or waiting to get her letter signed for them. B) being seen by a gender therapist, C) currently "passable" (even though I hate that term; I think the fetishistic crossdresser community has hijacked it) and D) living full, or almost full time.  I'm very selective on this measure.  Sound hypocritical?  Sorry, that's just the way the world works.  Therefore, even if you think you meet these prerequisites, and still don't get a reply from me, there's probably a reason.  Succinctly, if you get turned on by wearing women's clothes, please pass me by, and move onto the next profile.


Although I don't really have an age limit/requirement, I typically get along better with someone around my age (I'm 29, so generally +/- 10 years).

I'm very much into pain and servitude. 


Not really into roleplaying chats with no possibility of meeting up. Real time is what I want... online may be considered in certain circumstances.  Like, if you can really take over my life- spy with surveillance cameras, and things like that... I'm very likely to be game.

You have to be okay with "scenes" that most would consider as pretty extreme.  These don't happen often, but are a definite possibility. Like, total slavery?  That being said, I do practice RACK (most of the time).  Safewords are a must unless I'm totally owned by you. Caging, cuffing, tying, sensory, orgasm denial/chastity... all good things. 

No fucking men!  I can't believe how many times this was ignored in my previous profile, so I've placed it in here several times.

Other people besides the two of us are another possibility, but they would be play partners, whereas you would hopefully be something a little more permanent.

Oh, I don't have a left foot. Sorry?  Also, amp-fans stay away. You guys creep me out as much as male tranny chasers.  I know you can't really control your fetishes, but you value my amputation intrinsically in a way that I don't, so it's not gonna work out.  Go away.

It doesn't prevent me from doing anything though.  Well, other than joining the military or wearing certain shoes.

You have to like cats, and not in a gross way.  I have three cats in the house, so they'll always be around.

If you would like to hear more from me, feel free to contact! I'm sure I'll send a few messages out as well.



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Journal Entries:
2/21/2018 2:54:03 PM
Happy birthday to me... work will not stop. :(

5/21/2017 7:21:17 PM
Had this posted a couple days ago, going to try again:

There's a risky dice game I've seen posted a couple times.   This is one of the few things I'm willing to do online-only. I updated it.  It's scary, and erotic.  I'm interested in trying it from both sides, depending on the person.  All non-financial, no money involved- just sexy stuff.  And obviously, women only.

Basically, the owner goes to, takes a screenshot (the website is timestamped), and then the slave has to do these: 

Roll number 1: Easy info
1: The country you live in
2: You last name
3: The city you live in
4: Your first name
5: The first name of someone in your family
6: All of the above

Roll number 2: Easy Pictures
1: Full body shot, no face, just wearing underwear
2: Full nude frontal, no face
3: Fully clothed picture with face
4: Full body picture, underwear around your ankles, no face
5: Closeup shot of your face
6: All of the above

Roll number 3: Moderate info
1: The name of the last person you had sex with
2: The number of times you masturbate a day
3: Your house number
4: Your phone number
5: One sexual fantasy in at least 20 words
6: All of the above

Roll number 4: Moderate pictures
1: Closeup of your genitals
2: Fully body nude photo, no face
3: Fully body nude photo, full face
4: Closeup of your face
5: Full nude body shot from behind
6: Full frontal full face shot

Roll number 5: Hard info
1: Your first name and last name
2: Your street number and name
3: Your employers name and address
4: Your telephone number
5: Your work telephone number
6: All of the above

Roll number 6: Hard pictures
1: Three full face nudes
2: A full body photo of you with face
3: A photo kneeling down, full face,
4: A closeup of your Finger in your ass.
5: A fully body shot with face, holding a sign Saying: I am a dirty slutty whore.
6: Go back and complete every single photograph from the easy, moderate and hard dice rolls

Roll number 7: Extreme info
1: Your full name, first and last
2: Your full address
3: Your email address
4: Facebook username
5: The first and last name of one male and one female friend and their email addresses
6: All of the above

Roll number 8: Extreme photos
1: All the photos below (2,3,4 and 5)
2: Five full face nude photos
3: Every single nude photo of yourself you currently have on your PC and phone
4: A nude full face photo with your full name written on your chest in big black letters
5: A full photo of your ID with nothing censored
6: All of the above, from each of the picture categories

Roll number 9: Technology used on pc
1: Teamviewer
2: Qustodio
3: Keylogger
4: webcam monitoring
5: screenshooting
6: Any/all tech the dominant wants

Roll number 10: Technology used on phone
1: Teamviewer
2: Qustodio
3: GPS monitoring
4: Camera monitoring
5: Picture at any time
6: Any/all tech the dominant wants

Roll number 11: Length of Blackmail time
This roll will determine the length of time the dominant will blackmail you for. If you complete all of the tasks given during this time, then the dominant must delete all pictures and info she has of you.
1: 1 day
2: 3 days
3: 1 week
4: 2 weeks
5: 1 month
6: Bad luck, indefinite/as long as the dominant wants

Roll number 12: Initial Length of Chastity
If applicable, this roll will determine the inital period of chastity lock up.
1: 1 day
2: 1 week
3: 1 month
4: Duration of Blackmail
5: No chastity
6: Bad luck, indefinite/as long as the dominant wants even beyond blackmail.

9/4/2016 3:24:07 PM
Just saying... doesn't matter who you are, but if you haven't viewed my profile and it's obvious from your first message, I reserve the right to delete it unread.

Or make fun of you.  Probably that one, especially if you're male since it's obvious you didn't read the profile.  Or hell, maybe can't read at all.  

Probably that one too.

8/8/2013 7:34:53 PM

It's nice to know the scammers on here are consistent... and persistent... and probably the same person.

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