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Bisexual Female Mistress, 37,  Rome, Georgia
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purplepanda99 paganswitchsarah Andyslut

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 Femdom Dominatrix



 5' 4"

 294 lbs






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 Amusement Parks

 Flea Markets

 Garage Sales


 Musical Theater






 Intellectual Discourse


 Antique Shows

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 Coffee Shops

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 Renaissance Faires


I would love to make friends with anyone, especially those in my area. I am not looking for any sort of partner at the moment as I am entirely too darn busy! Please do not call me Mistress, Miss, Maam, Lady, Goddess, etc. in the first email you send me. I do not own you. Baily is a perfectly fine title.

I am not actively looking to meet anyone currently, but I am open to platonic social conversation.

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Journal Entries:
1/8/2016 8:19:52 PM
Lately, I've been coming closer and closer to being an adult. 

I don't know if I like this. :)

The other night, I engaged in a lengthy battle of wits with an unnamed foe. Apparently, this person was offended by me ages ago and now sought his revenge in the form of a single rude email. 

I happened to be in a yucky place at the time, all messed up on pain meds, and went on and on and on. It reminded me of my younger days, when I had the time to go off on some helpless fuck for hours on end because they used "their" when they meant "they're". I don't have that kind of energy any more. 

But I felt strange about it afterwards. I don't know which bothered me more, the fact that I engaged with this person for HOURS or the fact that they had to get "revenge" for some perceived slight from years ago. 

At this point, I don't have a real answer, but I know that the only behavior I can control is my own. I don't want to spend late nights fighting with people in an endless "but it goes to 11" conversations. I have so many better things to give my energy to. 

8/9/2015 11:35:07 PM
Wow! I have been targeted lately, let's admit it's not hard to miss me, by some charming little buggers lately. Some dudes really can't deal with the fact that I'm not some desperate wretch of a human begging for the crumbs (of their sandwiches) of their affection.

4/24/2015 2:34:03 PM
I really love the meat market that this place is. 

It's seedy and divey, and a little bit gross... like those sorts of places are. I consider collarspace to be the dirty backroom of the gay bar, where a few handjobs and a quick suck off are commonplace.

When I don't love collarspace's meat market appeal is when the same fucking moron keeps messaging me asking if I want a play toy when I responded to him a year ago saying that I was only looking for friends. 

1/21/2015 7:46:38 AM
Apparently, I'm the "ugliest girl within 500 miles". I disagree heartily. Also, I mean, there needs to be other filters to this. The radius needs to be defined, the age range considered, not to mention weight, height, and hair color. If you're going to quantify women by their appearance, we should also add where they fall on the slut/bitch scale. Remember, a slut will fuck anyone, a bitch will fuck anyone but you. (I do apologize to my fellow sluts who are quite discriminating, however, to the wankers that get off on drive-by rudeness, we're all bitches.)

9/21/2014 3:00:22 PM
I invited a submissive to come to my home and do my hair... I send the email with my address... and haven't heard hide nor hair (haha!) from him since. 

I'll update you, CS, as to whether he shows or not!

8/17/2014 12:07:28 PM
I left my house willingly!

For those of you that have been chatting with me for ages, it is a well-known fact that I'm terribly shy and rarely go to munches or parties.

Not only did I go out, but I went to a place where nudity was a possibility! How exciting!


5/10/2014 12:54:30 AM

Writing someone when you're drunk and horny but then being an ass when you realize you wrote a fat chick is such a fucking lame move.


I didn't write you, buddy, you wrote me.

6/21/2013 7:06:45 PM

Hello there, internet people, I believe we've not met before. 


I've been seeing a lot of profiles pop up on my home screen that seem to think that this site is strictly a "hook up" site as it were. I'm 90% sure that they are incorrect. It seems that folks seem to think that this site isn't for kink so much as it's for flings and extra-marital infidelities. 


I'm confused. I'm pretty sure that the "collar" in "collarme" is in reference to the collaring aspect of D/s, but I could be wrong. I'm not always right, I just tell people I am.

8/13/2012 11:54:55 PM
Well, I am almost done with packing. Atlanta, here I come!

7/19/2012 9:00:22 PM

Today I made a promise to myself not to be mean or rude to anyone. I think it includes sarcasm... maybe it shouldn't.


I've been relatively quiet. It's been a silent day. And I learned that I'm a mean motherscooter!



1/2/2012 11:09:38 PM

Awww... this audio blog thing is just not working for me.  :(

7/19/2011 7:29:38 PM

I really need to ask myself why I keep going on the forums.  Such a silly clique mentality!  



7/11/2011 5:21:41 AM

Be careful what you wish for, blackmailsluts, you just might get it if I'm bored and sleep deprived enough!



5/17/2011 3:38:00 PM

I really don't like chat requests.  If someone wants to chat with me, check out the chatrooms on this particular site, I tend to be in there any time I'm online.



4/6/2011 2:32:04 PM

I just realized I put in the wrong age on my profile!  I know women try to be younger, but I really don't like being 26!  I'm 28!

2/18/2011 2:06:34 AM

I love you, Leslie Hall.  I love you so so much.

1/26/2011 6:06:59 PM

Heterosexuality is the societal norm.

It is not my norm.  In fact, I have very few hetero friends.  I'm involved in a heterosexual relationship but I primarily pursue relationships with women.

I'm more and more confused every day that a lot of Collarme is STILL very very heterocentric.  If a non-heterosexual situation is presented, it's always two women. Never ever two men.  And I'm pretty sure it'll be just as impossible to see an MMF pairing where the guys are equally into each other as they are the chick.

It drives me crazy that two men are still considered "gross" or "disgusting", or the concept is paired with, "Oh, I'd NEVER do that!"  Most of the "vanilla world" finds our activities distasteful, cannot understand the mingling of pain and pleasure and how they feed off of each other and fuel each other... yet we can still condemn homosexual men and bisexual men for being different.


I still think foot fetishes are odd, though.  I won't call you gross, though.





1/20/2011 4:49:25 PM

nj732area, would you be so kind as to stop emailing me when you've blocked me?


Also, would you PLEASE be a bit more creative when you email me?  Sending just the word "fat" isn't creative, it's just stating the freakin' obvious!



1/6/2011 4:03:19 PM

I've been reading a bunch of threads lately that state, with no uncertain terminology, that just because we're all kinky we shouldn't expect any sort of additional tolerance than we'd receive in the "vanilla world".


This confuses and bewilders me as I've always seen the BDSM community as extremely tolerant as well as welcoming.  At the munches, play parties, and community events that I've been to, everyone has been friendly and accepting of me.  In the online community, the chat groups and whatnot have been very much accepting and friendly, as well. 


It is ONLY on the collarme forums that I've not felt accepted or even tolerated.


The fact that that attitude of indifference and downright hostility, in some threads, is something I've only noticed here really upsets me.  Maybe I'm just young and naive, but I'm pretty sure that it's not the entire BDSM community that isn't tolerant, welcoming, and accepting... I think it's just the clique of the forum kids.

1/6/2011 10:57:35 AM

I have so many people hidden from my view that I think CM is going to start showing me people in Alabama...

12/3/2010 8:52:17 PM
Teeth is my freakin' favorite movie ever.
At least, right now.

10/14/2010 5:08:09 AM
trans·ves·tism   [trans-ves-tiz-uhm, tranz-] –noun the practice, esp. of men, of wearing clothing usually associated with the opposite sex for psychological gratification. Also known as cross-dressing. _______________________________________ trans·gen·der definition Pronunciation: /tran(t)s-ˈjen-dər/ or trans·gen·dered Pronunciation: /-dərd/ Function: adj : of, relating to, or being a person who identifies with or expresses a gender identity that differs from the one which corresponds to the person's sex at birth. _______________________________________ Not the same thing.

9/28/2010 10:46:20 PM requirement for prosepective submissives: Must be amenable to living in a mansion, being called "girl wonder", and hiding my identity as a superhero masquerading as Billionaire Playboy. ...must also be able to construct underground structure with no stairs called the Catcave. *looks up into the sky and sees the Cat signal*

9/19/2010 2:04:56 AM
Basic summary of this post is that I'm REALLY busy for those who believe everything is TL;DR! Let me note to those writing me: The semester *just* started. If I receive an email from you and send you a quick response... this doesn't mean that I'm full of time. I typically go to bed around 4 A.M. after reading case law and New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education manuals. These are seriously dry and labor intensive readings. I take a sleeping pill to put myself to sleep because that much thought makes me wake up. The result is that I sleep until around 12:30 - 1:00 in the afternoon. Monday through Thursday, I have to leave my house at 3:30 to make it to my 6:20 class. It's an hour and a half bus ride, but I bill in for traffic as well since my bus goes on 495 and hits the tunnel twice. Now, let's add to this that I need to eat between the hours of 1:00 and 3:15. I also need to shower, put on clothes, take a shit, and shave. Shower: 15 minutes, shaving: 10 minutes, Shit: 5 - 10 minutes, putting on clothes: 10 - 15 minutes. That's 50 minutes abouts. Food takes 30 minutes. That is 1 hour and 20 minutes out of 3 hours and 15 minutes. This leaves me 1 hour and 40 minutes. During this 1 hour and 40 minutes the last thing *I* want to do is search around for a link to a picture for someone that doesn't fit my gender preferences. When I say that I'm busy with school, I also do not wish to be told that I'm lying and just trying to get out of sending you a picture. The only reason I can type up this lengthy journal post is because I'm really tired but can't sleep and have no reading left to do this week.

9/16/2010 6:05:27 PM
I really can't stand it when people attack *everyone* on the site in their journals. "All these people are morons...", "Everyone on this site is fake...", "You're all stupid..." Everyone has a right to their opinion, but man, can't we, at least, attempt to pretend we don't judge people in one giant fell-swoop? It makes me sad that someone who had a pretty good profile and looked like they could be a neat friend...and then I read their journal, and all they're doing is talking about how EVERYONE on the site is fake. I don't want to have to prove my reality to you. Hell, I have enough of a time convincing myself of reality as it stands. Parallel Universes for the win.

9/11/2010 8:12:14 PM
Three words: Homies over hos.

9/1/2010 9:21:34 AM
The user on this site called Ohdear needs to quit being an idiot. Blocking someone before you can hear their scathing reply is just chickenshit.

8/23/2010 9:13:52 PM
Maybe I'm just too much of a nerd to understand the basics of English... but I do not understand the complaint of "there are no real people on this site". There are PLENTY of "real" people, everyone is real. However, there are people that don't meet everyone's needs, there are people that aren't what *you* are looking for. This DOESN'T mean that *they* are fake. Maybe the "fake people" are the ones that deem anyone not suitable for *them* as fake are the ones that are truly... unreal.

8/22/2010 9:42:10 PM WORST fake sex picture series, ever... Look at the fact that you can see the frame of the monitor/television... the light differences... Basically, this guy is screaming that he doesn't actually get laid and that he has a fairly small penis.

8/20/2010 3:28:14 PM
Wow, copying and pasting from Wikipedia is really lame as a journal entry.

8/13/2010 5:14:33 PM
I sometimes wonder if I'll ever successfully find a woman that I really like. *laughs* I keep e-meeting these lovely ladies that are entirely too far away and perfect. And those that are really close, but just fall a little short of the mark in their manners. Maybe I just don't click well with New Jersians? (sp) *sigh*

7/8/2010 2:15:51 PM
I wonder if there are more submissives than Dominants or vice versa. What causes me to wonder this...has been reading profiles of local submissives. It seems like a profile should be something that describes you, your desires, interests, and what you are seeking in a general form. Nitpicking and list-making seem like something that shouldn't be included in a profile so that you can make your discriminating cuts without judgment. What I've been seeing, however, are lists of demands of what a "true" Dominant or submissive can and can't be, what someone absolutely won't do (such as relocate), or that everyone is entirely too much of a wannabe for that particular person to ever find what they want (but they'll keep trying). It just makes me wonder if anyone ever truly gets what they want when their entire profile screams that they're not going to be happy with anyone less than the Super(wo)man of Dominants/submissives. And that in that search, thus far, no one has been worthy.

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