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Hetero Male Master,  Riner, Virginia
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you wrote an interesting profile sarah and then freaked out; maybe you are just a talented deceiver, it is often hard to tell. So this is what I wrote. If you are Honest and your words an accurate portrayal of you, then maybe this will touch you. If you are just another shallow person playing games, well, congrats for you. OyVey barely begins to cover it Sarah.
Hi, I am XXXXXX. I can feel the emotions roiling within you and the conflict between the "Sarah should feel, do, think, live" like "however" and the growing recognition and acceptance within you of your own true self. Which doesn't, I take it, mesh well with society's conditioned judgments and expectations.
Sarah, I am an intense, forceful man who lives for Total Power Exchange, control, to force a submissive girl to become my slave and property, maybe my prisoner. I like tears, whimpering, the girl's body arching, struggling, her moans floating, the scent of her fear and desire, the horrified recognition of her slutty deviant nature, screams and pleading. I like control. I am also other things, but I Am be cruel and sadistic.
I Am all that. And also intelligent, responsible, observant, thoughtful, deliberate, nourishing; I believe the master having at least as many responsibilities as the property, that the responsibility to ensure your well-being, growth, aftercare and protection is not just a responsibility, it is a privilege.
The images and terminology of BDSM-TPE-M/s & O/p are all about the owner's Will, interests, hunger, needs.... In reality, this life only works if we enable one another to live our natures without hesitation, flowing freely, to be whole. No Master without an appropriate slave; no slave without an appropriate Master.
ALL that as prelude to say- this is not about you being bored or dissatisfied with sex, vanilla sex, spice sex, forced sex, sweet sex, bloody sex, chained sex, sex by the creek after a picnic. It is Not about sex. It has to be about Power Exchange, the unequal power relationship.
If it is just a desire by you for kinky sex, Adult Friend Finder may be more appropriate.
If you are going to offer yourself and your self to another, to face the challenges, endure the many dimensions of being forced to become what you were taught is forbidden and wrong, to be broken and helpless before another.... it needs to be about more than you find vanilla sex too passive. This is about our natures and Power Exchange.... Trust, vulnerability, Honesty. And more trust.
I like the poster. I love the photo, but I guess it is not of you. Your interests are so bland I wonder if this profile is truly a reflection of you or a creation by one of those clever, but pathetic, toxic and deceitfully intentioned, time-wasting semi-humans that we refer to as "players".
I am not crazy. Nor am I here for games, pretend, cyber. It is Life I seek. Not to sit in a play pen with sociopaths who play at life. I edited it for this public presentation. I was inspired as I wrote; don't know if you inspired me, through me sensing something about you, or if it was just ready to bubble forth. Are you, were you, "real"? I may Never know. May you and all here receive your just rewards; God promises that we receive our intentions returned and multiplied back to us. The good hearted will know an abundance of joy and inspiration; those with deceitful intentions, toxic desires, for whom life is only about their sick, disgusting, selfish desires, they will receive something different. And you know, it matters not at all where you believe in God or karma or rain. The truth is the truth. I hope you are the girl in the profile. I have encountered far too many phonies, I would like to discover truthful, worthy, right people who are here on a quest to know themselves and find one to share life with. God Bless and Guide you, and may you be open and wise enough to listen.










Last Online:


 Dominant Male



 5' 10"

 237 lbs





Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

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