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Pan Male Master, 49,  United Kingdom
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Hello, I want a willing sub or 2 for online chastity. I will supply the padlock, you will supply the cockThis is a UK only situation, I am not sending padlocks all around the world at my own expense.You will already own a chastity device, if you dont have one do not message me. If you have never worn a chastity device before for long periods do not message me. This is not for beginners or wannabes.I am an experienced kinkster. I have been a sub, in chastity, many years ago. I know what its like and I know the tricks.I also understand that I am asking for a leap of faith from you. I will not send out a padlock on a whim, we will talk first, develop a relationship so that there is trust on both sidesYou will provide an address where I can send the padlock and you will verify, preferably on cam that you have locked yourself. You will then have to trust that I will send the keys to you,,,,there will be tasks....Also if there are any women out there interested in some online fun, chat etc feel free to say hello

Is everyone here a fantasist or a time waster? Please just be honest










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 Dominant Male

 United Kingdom

 6' 3"

 210 lbs






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 Chastity (Expert)

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