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Pan Female Submissive, 48,  Herkimer, New York
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My name is jami.
Im an online toy!
I just wanna meeet people have some fun..
Life is not easy for anyone..
Rich or poor..healthy or sick..
Life is a vast majority of just struggling to get to find a glimpse of happiness, a laugh..
Perhaps inspiration to keep getting out of bed..
Everyone is looking for something..
However if youre looking for romance, heart felt emotions happy ever afters ...
Keep looking..
If your looking for a smile ..or a laugh..
Then message me..
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Hope you are safe healthy and smiling.











Last Online:


 Submissive Female


 New York

 5' 5"

 210 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Dominant Male

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Journal Entries:
11/15/2015 3:30:39 PM
Mason Crosby needs his foot examined lol that was h pop terrible. Greenbay defense I give kudos to.Haha clinton dix awesome play Other than that been stressing day.

11/13/2015 4:57:13 PM
Nothing makes ya feel older than having your first born turn twenty seven.I thought I felt old when I became a grandma.This is much worse lol.As I'm watching my little grand kids grow up ...I'm thinking haha kids soon you're going experience the teen age years and then Becareful because sooner than ya think twenty years are going fly by. So my main mission is to impart as much wisdom as I can on my kids.though they still pay no attention

11/12/2015 2:23:06 PM
Definition of bat shit crazy...driving seventy five eighty on the 190 with knees so I could dance to the Macarena. Laugh... I have seen many things on the thru way. I'm pretty sure most truck drivers have seen plenty I decided to give those drivers something to,talk about.consider it my good deed for Life too damn short to worry about what others think about like you were dying.because every day you get closer. Have fun.laugh. and enjoy .

11/11/2015 1:37:36 PM
Was going to not write today Only because not much going on.Same shit different day.I've already ranted about my car needed to be fixed after getting fixed lol Gotta love it Not. So I'm driving around as usual, not even thanksgiving. Houses already decked out. I think pretty cool. Seriously who wants to freeze their nuts off putting up lights in snow and freezing cold? This is my favorite time of year.Not the whole crowded stores ..paying off credit cards till July thing The spirit of the holidays During this season more strangers smile day hi.Like it only acceptable to greet folks during holiday Hey,it's fine.I like meeting strangers.As my dad said a stranger only a stranger till you make friends.I've been thinking about my dad today. He was a veteran. A marine. Stationed in Hawaii during world war 2. Thinking about that.had he not mare it.he wouldn't have met my mom.I wouldn't have been here today. Funny if you stop think about the choices our fire fathers made. Really makes you appreciate the things ya take for granted.So thank each and every person that has or is still serving our country, even though greed has corrupted this country,if it were not for those who stood up to injustices who knows where we would be.So,Thank you.

11/10/2015 3:25:18 PM
Today I drove over an hour to see a dentist. The whole thing took ten mins.On way back home,driving a line,my mind starts wandering.Started thinking why do I keep changing dentists.I've kept same obgyn for twenty years,the same eye Dr for thirty,same physician.Then I remembered first dentist ,he was kind,and funny,made me feel secure,treated me gently,all good attributes.So ,why am I not still seeing him? Well on more than one occasion, he failed to remove all the bone when he removed some teeth.though he was kind repeatedly having to go back go through the procedures was getting monotonous. Then my memory switched gears.I remember being young and with my first dominant. He was like my dentist.not that he left bones in wrong .he was kind,and gentle. However, being he treated me Luke a porcelain doll had its bad points.For he was so afraid of scaring me away he allowed bad behavior and verbal abuse from me.I was young.testing limits.As most kids do.Needless to say ,his avoidance of things because he didn't want to make waves caused a monsoon, so on a cold day in February the storm hit.Somehow we managed to be friends ,which I guess is what meant to be anyway. Dentist number two.A somewhat over bearing self entitled Jack ass. Should have done research but guess what ? No world wide web Any way not only was he crude,he ripped my lip open on one occasion, I being me let it go.but on another visit he stabbed me in leg with novacane.ok ,I punched him.My second life mate was also jerk bad attitude temper,I didn't see those qualities till I was already hooked. Kessin learned took forever.well ten years and almost my death.moving forward,scared to go to another dentist twenty yrs ago. I have seen other dentists here and there again never same.and I did meet Pete, and grass was green,comfortable. Nothing stays the same. No matter how hard I may wanna keep my cute toddler grandchildren small they going to grow up, and no matter the memories good as some were I can't relive past.I have been told "jami I don't understand you. " well I've lived with myself for forty two years soon forty three and I don't understand me lol

5/29/2015 6:18:49 PM
Is it springtime? lol. Summer more like it. I'm not complaining, after such a long crappy cold winter. Been out enjoying the sun.No news good news. I would love to rant about my Dr. lol. Taking this week off. I will find out Monday.
The bad times maybe over I hope, things starting to get little better.Still upset over my stupidity. I scratched up a truck with my hubby's truck. I tried to find the owner. Ended up doing next best thing left a very apologetic note explaining the damage to the taillight. leaving name number. Not a bad thing right?
Well, hubby thought so. lol. 
Anway, planning daughter's college grad party , staying busy. I'll be on and off sporadically.

5/11/2015 4:26:51 PM
I wrote what i did today then deleted it, was very inappropriate behavior.As I pondered why I did it ,came too the conclusion that even when I'm not thinking about Thursday,It's on my mind and still scared. Part of me hoping that because I'm sick with sniffles and sore throat that dr won't be able to inflict horrid pain on my body for purpose of exploration. Sorry. my body not space and you Dr are not on the starship enterprise.
However, acting inappropriate though may be humorous to some is offensive to others.
My heart going out to those displaced in Texas, and I'm concerned for my family and friends in Ohio.I may be going through my own hell, yet I hurt for those going thru it too.
Losing your home , your memories, seeing the devastation, It kills your heart. My heart cries for those who don't have homes tonight. Wish i could help them.

5/9/2015 9:55:58 PM
It was a beautiful day here in upstate ny, The sun was warm and felt like summer had already arrived. Though my day started out stressful, I took some advice and laid down law to my adult children. I made out 3 day eviction notices told them get their shit together or get out. They need to grow up, stop relying on me for everything.After I had my evil twin come out i felt emotionally depleted, took a shower and put on a denim mini a tank top my motorcycle boots. If I didn't mention it ,was not wearing it Comprende? Lol exception socks, blisters on feet not cool.
I did this because my kids say i dress "granny style" well its comfy, lol. So out i come and my oldest says mom don't you have any modesty?
Well kid i used tooooooooo then you guys moved in lol.
If ya cant beat them scare them away.

5/8/2015 8:36:04 PM
so, went to Dr, and he wants to do colposcopy, basically take deeper look,
and see if cells are cancerous, then comes the waiting game. Ii think that worst emotionally. the physical pain is bearable, goes away with pain killers.However, waiting to hear if it benign or cancer, that pure hell.
I wish i could think positive. 
I know i have lott friends wishing me well and i thank them all.
when it rains it pours, and it freaking pouring. I feel like eyeore lol
so if ya send a message and im blahhhhhhhhhh , least ya know why.

5/7/2015 4:50:09 PM
life isn't easy. it's always a roller coaster ride and sometimes a carousel. You get dizzy, you get tired ,you get thrilled sometimes. The journey is a tedious one at times, and your glad when you can sit and smell the roses.You go through the bad times that seem to never end. The good times that seem never to last long enough, You smile and laugh when your little ones learn to walk, You worry all night when they have their licences.With mother's day coming up, and being a mom and a  grandma I have a lot to be happy about. Except that there so many bad things occurring all at once, it really is hard to find those things. 

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