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Hi, my name is Veronica. I am Cherokee, black and a Vampire! I am a non-op trans woman. I live
Bisexual Transgender Dominant, 41,  Diamond Lake, Washington
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 Dominant Trans

 Diamond Lake 


 Willing to Relocate

 5' 9"

 135 lbs






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Hi, my name is Veronica. I am Cherokee, black and a Vampire! I am a non-op trans woman. I live publicly, privately and 100 percent completely as a lady. I am pansexual, demisexual and sapiosexual.

I am naturally Dominant. I am equally both a Mistress AND a Goddess. I am seeking Total Power Exchange and to have a sub, slave for a lifetime. I am not into extreme pain or quick to punishhurt someone physically. I would rather reap the benefits from self gratification and can think of all kinds of ways to be worshipped often and daily. I am loving, nuturing believing in constant, mutual growth and trust involving a standard relationship and more importantly in a Ds relationship.

My passions are Communication, Discipline, Protection and TPE.

I am somewhat new to this lifestyle. Only because I have yet to fulfill MY desires and needs that comes with owning MY sub, slave for a substantial amount of time, which I prefer a lifetime. To my dismay I have only been a part of encounters dealing with subs that see this as a fantasy rather than a lifestyle.

Primarily I am seeking a connection and then going from there.
I prefer getting to know someone and vice versa. I am not into hook-ups, flings or part-time, one night subs. I am seeking a lifetime Ds relationship.

Characteristically, I am a True Pisces. Additionally, I am honest, nerdy, romantic, and trustworthy. I am happy, hard-working, healthy and often horny! I believe in life it is important to never stop laughing, learning, living and loving!

My goal is to own a sub, slave as a live in. I understand this will take time and effort. I am willing to commit myself, effort, time and energy towards our union.

Results from

100 Master, Mistress
99 Dominant
97 Owner
86 Voyeur
81 Experimentalist
80 Daddy, Mommy
69 Exhibitionist
46 Ageplayer
40 Rigger
36 Brat tamer
25 Switch
18 Non-monogamist
9 Vanilla
5 Submissive
5 Primal (Hunter)
3 BoyGirl
2 Brat
1 Rope bunny
1 Slave
1 Pet
0 Degradee
0 Primal (Prey)
0 Masochist
0 Degrader
0 Sadist


Last But Not Least...

I am married and by default my wife will be involved in some way, shape or . My wife is neither my domme nor sub. She is my equal AND she will have secondary ownership of you. Shes 53, a Libra, Caucasian, 5 ft 2, 190 lbs.

We also have a special needs teenager. We will all be a family with myself as the primary Dominant figure.

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