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  i am a 49 year old submissive - not a slave, please know the difference.  6'0', 1
Male Submissive, 49,  Los Angeles, California

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BisexualMale Submissive
Age: 40, Height: 5ft 10in (178 cm), Weight: 231 lbs.
Location: london UK, United Kingdom
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i am a 49 year old submissive - not a slave, please know the difference.  6'0", 175lbs, blue eyes, buzzed hair, moderately tattooed, educated, employed, d & d free, safe and sane with a life outside of kink. i have been submissive all my adult sexual life, a little over 35 years.

Not looking for fin-dommes.

Not looking for on-line or cyber servitude.

Not looking to sponsor foreign nationals.


Very interested in finding a FLR with heavy chastity, orgasm control, cuckolding, etc.

Very interested in finding a Mistress (or Master) who respects the concept of discretion.

Very interested in finding an outwardly "normal" but privately strict/harsh relationship.


Being a submissive i bring my ability to service, obey and hopefully to please.  i know enough NOT to bring my own agenda or demands - having said that i understand it may be helpful to some to know a bit more about what really makes me tick.

The Basics:

  • Limits - scat, blood, scarification, minors, animals, illegal acts, drugs.

  • a level of communication and trust that extends beyond D/s would be nice.

  • i'm a heavy fetishist - leather, latex, pvc, shoes, boots, regalia, etc. 

  • i am in decent shape and seek someone who also strives to stay in shape.

  • i am not a pain-slut but am certainly willing to be disciplined if it pleases or if i deserve it.

  • in the end i am, by nature, submissive, i seek to please by being compliant.


In an ideal world, a long-term FLR, with an intelligent, experienced, Dominant Woman of relatively close age, located nearby to greater LA to enable the development of a genuine relationship, serving in chastity or some level of orgasm control would be perfect.  i realize that it is unlikely to happen, so...


i also have a keen interest in generally serving and submitting, however, i am not a slut and my personal life is such that it is not desirable, or responsible for that matter, for me to engage in random interactions with anyone who strikes up a conversation with me.


That being said, i also have a strong urge for the down-to-earth mature Alpha Males of the world.  While this aspect of my sexuality is relatively new to me and still very much being explored and discovered, the right fit in that department is definitely a draw to me.


my foremost "want" is for trust, understanding, non-judgemental folks who share interest in D/s, can carry on a conversation and are not out to abuse, mistreat, or fuck with my life outside of D/s.  A safe-sane and mutually beneficial "fit" for U/us both.


Comments, conversation and constructive criticisms welcome, thank You.


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