Natural female bbw dominant from Vermont, I walk with a rolling walker if that is something you do not want to deal with stay away, I have a spinal issue and my balance is off, reason I am wanting a live in sub or slave. I am not actively looking that does not mean I do not want one, but having looked without success has caused me to back off from actively seeking. From now on my profile will or will not do it's job. SESSIONS DO NOT WORK FOR ME, I ENDURE A LOT OF PAIN, AND HAVING SESSIONS IS LITERALLY HARD ON ME. If you are a REAL sub or slave, I prefer 40 to 66 sorry I do not want to deal with younger than 40 they are too childish for my tastes. And older than 66 will not be able to handle the tasks I need done. I am looking for someone who knows the right end of a hammer and what it is used for. I do not necessarily need a maid, I need a male. I am not going to get real graphic with what I want because not many fully get where I am coming from and it is too annoying to deal with the ones who do not. If you are looking for a free ride, look elsewhere. If you are looking for a mommy look elsewhere. Above all, do not ask if you can be nude all the time, because this is about me not you. And no you will be wearing clothes, and I am not someones key holder. So do not ask. If you are not from this country do not approach, I am not someones green card. I am only interested in VT, NH, NY and possibly ME or possibly MA. You will have to come meet me in my home before I decide if I am taking you on or not. If you are married or attached, I am not interested. Unless they are aware of your lifestyle and approve.
7/16/2023 11:50:34 AM


I am a no nonsense bbw Mistress and that seems to scare so called subs or as I call them wannabes. No worries I do not want them. I was only looking for a "REAL SUB" and that seems to be few and far between. All I found were wannabes looking for a free ride. Which is really sad if you think about it. Or who wanted to be kept naked. Hello they were not the ones calling the shots. I do not want a naked person aka sub when I have 3 male dogs and one fully intact, care to be his girlfriend. Which on my watch would not happen. I do not put up with a sub who thinks he or she will run me. That will not happen. If you want to email me, do not bother, if you are a one liner, just hello or have an agenda, I am not interested. 


7/2/2023 3:35:07 PM

It didn't used to be this hard to find what one was looking for. But for some reason no one seems real, or they have a laundry list a mile long and expect the dominants to jump. This Domme does not jump on any subs bandwagon to make the subs dreams and fantasies come true. I have closed my profile on several venues already. And this one will be closing on my birthday in just a week or so away. just tired of the bs, when I want to meet in person it seems like a total buzz kill, the ones I have met, just have not cut it. I will say a couple of them did for sessions but that was all. I had hopes on a couple of them, but nothing panned out. So it is better to cut my losses and just move on. So on the 15th this and my other profile will be no longer. 

If you are serious in your search I wish you well, if not it was fun while it lasted, now what do I do with all these toys 

6/18/2023 4:45:04 PM

I am taking a break, I do not appreciate some one  not being honest. 


6/15/2023 5:56:41 AM

I totally dislike being where I go to check a profile and it is gone.. POOF

If you are so not into me that you feel the need to ghost me, have the balls to say you are not into me. I am not close enough to hurt you for it. 

Or if you are revising your profile say something before you do it, so I am not left high and dry. 

Talk to me for months then nothing. I am human in a way. I just want to put you in a cage and forget you are there when you do this. Or just block me I will the hint.

 Age: 28
 San Antonio, Texas