Nolocation - photo 1

In the realm of kink, I am into diapers, forced regression (spankings, time-outs, potty training, bathroom use control, forced age-play etc.), forced diapering/diaper use, diaper training, exhibitionism, micromanagement (potty control), age play, and humiliation--bonus if you want to be made into a "good girl" (whether you like it or not).

During the day in real life I own a dog daycare with plans to open additional locations.

An ambitious partner is ideal, but a basic connection is a must. Humor appreciated--the drier the better. And, since this no longer goes without saying it seems, I would prefer a somewhat outwardly normal relationship--not being able to hang out with friends/family together would be no fun. In fact, I'd like nothing more than suburban white picket fence bliss with a side of clandestine diapers.

It's much more fun for us to be in public with a well-hidden dirty little secret to unwrap later than it is to be ostentatious about it. Discretion is the better part of valor as they say...and it turns out it's also the better aphrodisiac for me.

A big part of what is fun and rewarding about these kinks to me is being worthy of an otherwise adult and competent woman putting a very basic choice in my hands and trusting me. Someone who has their life together and *chooses* to surrender control is really giving up something special. And there's nothing that gets my engine started like a tastefully-dressed elegant woman who is secretly diapered. Trans is not my thing. Flattering but no, thank you. Ditto for men. Just not interested.

By no means is this the whole story but there should be some mystery here, right?
 Age: 21
 Spokane, Washington