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Married BBCfor willing Women Lookingtobe used hard and rough allow me totake you without forgiveness....I will not ask Please Do Not Contact me Unless You Are Willing To Show You Are Real!!

Do not assume that because I am here and looking... that I will break down and do tricks for sex. I am not lacking SEX at all, but I do desire it in a out of the BOX kind of way. Unlike most here I have put up Pics and have told you about my Martial Status. I say this mainly for those that seem to ask the question are you married.... Although Ive had the pleasure of enjoying a few very lovely women, some older some very younger. They sought after me, with fantasy of being with a BlackMan. That is why I do this and why I continue to do it.Until the day I can find the one that is looking for a more long termownership deal. I will remainhere looking for this type of life. Yes it is very short lived and I do understand why, but I still stand ready to embrace whats next.

So please if I do not fit into your WORLD by all means BLOCK ME from it.

Take care and GOOD LUCK

ONLY THOSE WILLINGTo help you save time with this profile...Im A BLACK MAN looking to Meet for sexually fun. If any of the two things I just talked about, your not looking for. Then NO need to readlook at anymore. All other please send email to me.. Please.. BAD girls are an A+GOOD girls wanting to be Bad are a Bigger A++SUBMISSIVE girls To the front NO wait time at all. Im guessing it would be very tacky to talk about wanting goodNASTY DIRTYdeep sex from whomever I meet. AlsoId like them to be open to talk about what kind of sexually things theyd like to do. Yes that would be to tacky so I wont say anything about that.REMEMBERNO ONEKNOWSWHAT YOU ARE DOING HERE BUT YOU..... SO LET A BROTHER KNOWWHATS ON YOUR MIND.Well well well,Youlove Big Black CockDick,or yourwilling to do one and maybe take a fewof his friends MF........!!1st time cum slutin a NICE way(hahaha) Looking toreally have your innocents(over rated)taken away by A hung Black male...So as you can see when I get going thingscan get deep,Thanks for listeningreading............. hope this is a taste of what you want..

True StoryA good friend at the timeright around when I was going into HIGH SCHOOL... My friends sister came to my house looking for him. At the time I didnt know what had happen or why she was looking for him. I let her come in and she looked around for him. She told me I was a Lie and he was there.I let her know that I dont play games and if she didnt take that back I would put her13yr old ass over my knee. Mind you this is the way my parents did me for years..It also was something I would always joke with her about. She dare me, that was different... she would never dare me I was the one who made the dare so no one ever did that to me.... With one last waning about what I would do I added that I would pull her pants down and k her raw.... She paused for a very long time and said that I would never do such a thing and I was nothing but a bully.

At that time I already had her hand(wrist) so that she couldnt run. To my surprise she didnt try to. Without even trying and with the greatest of easy she was over my knee... I begin to k three to four(3-4)quick slap to her ass. ..Then I let her go, and I was mad because she never cried out. What she did say as I let go of her hand was that I said I was going to pull her pants down. With out a thought I told her to do it and she did... as her pants hit the floor she laid willing across my lap. Me still feeling anger I being to slap her ass telling her to never dare me. Still NO cry outs as I begin to slap her Harder my hand being to sting... At that point she let out small but control sounds. I didnt hear her at 1st, but as I made out what she was saying after every hit was I wont do it again. That was something I remember hearing myself say after get a few whacks from my dad...As I let her up I could see the tears in her eyes as she pulled up her pants she never took her eyes off me. Trying to be mean I told her to be back for more tomorrow... as she turn to walk away she say YES sir.

For some reason I thought journals were taken away.... Anyway I have a long time love for the creator of this web site! Just want to say. You rock! & thank you for keeping a platform for us all to go to! have a safe New Year! 

Anyway the journey has been very long!

A lot of window shoppers, exhibitionist or voyeur to put it nicely.


I have met some extremely wonderful people here.

I seek those that are into more of the same you will find in my profile.

Please please ask questions I'm willing to talk that's how I learned! I will "Journal"  more frequently. if you want more please say so! 

looking for Romance? Sorry fresh out! I do have a little Pain, some Abuse and a lot of extra Use plenty of Use!
ask me one question (TO MY INBOX ONLY!). Any question, anything, no matter how crazy, dirty or wrong it is. No catch.
I have to say that people who pretend or fake who they are. Never did make sense to me. This world... this lifestyle in particular. Gives way to all desires wants and needs. Just say or post what your wants are. Please understand I'm not speaking of those that need to be discreet. Because of job or marital status whatever it may be. To me they are truly really they just need/want to stay anonymous. Not judging... I would be the last to judge anyone about anything that they do! So should you!
All i can say at this time. I'm not for the bullshit!