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Hetero Male Dominant, 67,  Middle, Georgia
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Hello. I am no longer new here. I am a reasonable Dom that wants a ltr with a lady that is happy to be where and what she is. I can relocate to you or you to me. Even to different countries. I am flexible in all things, all for making the situation work. I can do single ladies, or ladies with family and couples in the right situation. Let's talk. We can work something out. Tell me 5 things you must have and I will try to provide them, like safety honesty etc. I am a solitary kinda guy and prefer small crowds. Ideally you and I will be alone or possibly the smallest crowd possible. Excluding your live in family of course. Yes i am 67 but i am up for anything i offer.I would like to consider a daddy daughter situation if that works for you. I will expect daughter to stay home and take care of daddy. I am very versatile when it comes to playing but a little more straight laced in public life. I would be happy to be a guiding force online only. You will have to have access to a camra etc to communicate fully with me. I would be happy to have an online romance, with you following directions as if I were in the room next to you. If it is a live in situation I would like for it to happen rather quickly but not in two weeks. If you want me to come to you I will expect you to have a house that is located where we can make a reasonable amount of noise. If you dont like middle Ga we can both move further south. Lets talk about it. If it is not too much to ask, after you have read this if you dont find any common ground or antyhing we can work with, please take the time to write "No Thanks." I will hide you and never bother you again. I dont wont to show you unwanted attention. Thanks and good luck.













 Dominant Male



 Willing to Relocate

 6' 0"

 166 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive female

Switch Women

Sub/Sub Couples


Online Romance


 Lives For:


 Breast Play

 You wearing my collar


 Being Massaged

 Hair Pulling

 Spanking you

 Conservative Politics



 Anal Play

 Blindfolding you


 Canes and Crops

 Genital Punishment

 Domestic Service

 Housework Service


 Placing you on a leash

 Mental Bondage

 Obedience Training

 Maid / Butler Service



 Historical Shows


 Intellectual Discourse

 Country Music

 Rock Music


 Corner Time

 G-spot Stimulation

 Erotic touch

 Sensation Play

 Selecting the clothes you wear

 Outdoor Bondage

 Public Play

 Role Playing

 Speech Restrictions





 1950s Lifestyle


 Heavy Metal Music





 Curious About:


 Electrical Play

 Eye Contact Restrictions

 Orgasm Control

 Pony/Puppy Roleplay

 Vacuum Stimulation


 Paranormal Phenomena



 Victorian Lifestyle



 Massage (Giving)

 Modern Primitivism



 Liberal Politics

 Libertarian Politics

 Female Sovereignty

 Hard Limits:


 Cuck Options


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Journal Entries:
6/6/2022 10:52:37 AM

I want to snuggle but most importantly I want to snuggle with someone that wants to snuggle.

6/3/2022 10:14:51 AM

Check into ENF and CMNF embarrassment. Seems like fun.

3/16/2022 1:21:22 PM

would you rather it was my hand that had your hair balled in my hand and my hand gently stroking the small of your back and your ass or who you have tonight?

2/10/2022 3:15:32 PM

if you and your husband need help I will move in, put him into immediate chastity and I'll treat you any way I care to. My limits not yours. Just tell me when.

2/2/2022 1:53:29 PM

Hello. If you wonder why I have a short first message is because I wrote a profile and journals so I wouldnt have to explain the exact same thing every time I write to someone. At my age I know this might take me awhile and I might go through meeting a few ladies online. My introduction letter is my profile and journal. I made sure not to put anything dcumbersome to read. Just the facts ma'am. Thanks for reading.

1/25/2022 12:55:49 PM

Noticed that a lot of ladiees are mentioning chastity and belts and other toys to that end. Should that bee a desire of yours let me know. I can deal with that. When you bring it up please explai which holes and for how long. Thanks and I dont know of much that I cant work around.

1/15/2022 1:00:39 PM


In a perfect world you would come here, quit work and we stay naked at home and play all day. If you have a situation you cant leave and you must be out of the house I can accept that you must do your vanilla routine as long as you understand I will be patiently waiting for you at your house when you come home.Still be naked but should be all rested up for any plaly you have in mind. I know you may be tired also. If you find anything that is a no go in my profile and journals just write and lets discuss it. Other than full female body spanking most things are negotiable.

1/11/2022 10:39:24 AM

Hello. I dont want to burden you. If you dont want to respond to me I understand. Just say, "no thanks". I will hide you and never bother you again. Thanks.

1/7/2022 12:35:16 PM

If I havent mentioned it I want a lifelong live in happy calm situation. I want it just as soon as reasonably possible while ensuring everyone safety.

1/6/2022 4:16:36 PM

So I read your profile and thought this might work. I wrote and asked you to read my profile. You may or may not but if you dont read it or dont like it doesnt common courtesy require you take the extra one minute and say no thanks? You would do it in person and I couldnt have offended you so bad to deserve complete disrespect. Thanks for reading. On another rant 50 percent want me to start first conversation with hello thanks and goodbye. The other think sign of weakness go away. Is there a secret code I dont know about that will tell me which is which. Just so you know I can spank you raw and chain you immobile and put you in a cage and call you dear 10 times during the process. Thanks for reading.

11/14/2021 10:34:20 AM

Very recently I have been awakened to their versatility and some folks true love of chains and cages. 

4/21/2018 10:12:28 AM
I could be happy with a daddy/daughter part time situation. By this I mean that at specific times and situations you can pretend to be the baby/daughter. Other times we would behave in different ways. I think that one scenario all the time would bore us both. I would think that sometimes it would be fun to act as husband/wife and let it evolve into another situation "for the first time". Enough of this, the point is, there are many scenarios we can have fun with.

I think I would like to have a small very well behaved puppy girl. Work on it and get back with me.

4/14/2018 8:57:44 AM
Call me crazy but I will want a reasonable amount of text, email and phone calls before I decide to drive/fly however far away you may be. If you do not understand that I am taking all the responsibility here, and that I will naturally protect myself as needed. If texting me is a chore too big, you are not for me.

4/14/2018 8:55:30 AM
Oh I meant to add this. If I ask for a picture or pictures of anything, I may be checking to see that things match in different pictures, I may be checking your wish to make me happy. I would hope we are all mature enough to know that I am not asking for a picture of your tits cause I have never seen a set. Seriously, it is cause I have another reason for asking. BTW, I will gladly respond to any request for a picture of proof. Ask me to send a pic with me holding a sign with "elephant" or your name or the date...I dont care. I will gladly send it to you.

4/14/2018 8:50:40 AM
I am new here and I find it amazing that all the ladies are willing to relocate but they expect to relocate instantly. Huuuuummmmmmm!!!!!

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