Vertical Line


I am looking for a Sadistic owner with a great imagination. What I am looking for isn't for the faint of heart, I understand the consequences of what I am looking for and the things that will be done. So what are my limits? Nothing illegal obviously but everything else is fair game. I have been with a Sadistic Dom before where I found I enjoyed the fear he instilled in me, I was addicted to the discomfort his presence was. The pain hurt and no pain is not enjoyable for me but powerless felt was life changing. That ended and I am seeking my next adventure to take me further! If you are seeking a big jock,.that is not me, I am smaller in build I have never been able to put on weight. I tried but just doesn't stick. I will try to update my journal as time permits.. If you are interested please contact me.

Is it odd the seek out a Sadist and not be in love with pain?  Pain stinks, but there is a reason for it!