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I am a strong, experienced, Black Queen in search of a local male to have a long term D/s relationship with. I am married to a woman and in an ethically non-monogamous relationship. We play separately. Mental connection and chemistry are a must. I want passion, kink and romance. I have many fetishes. Feel free to ask me about them. Do you have the dedication, time and open mindedness I'm looking for? Forever wicked, Goddess M

My profile is taking an exceptionally long time for approval. I cannot send or receive messages until this is resolved.  For those pathetic minions attempting to write, be patient.  Although,  it is a bit arousing thinking about you checking obsessively. Waiting hours, pouring your inferior heart out to Me in a message just be denied. 

And you'll do it all over, again and again. Won't you bitch?

Waiting to be worshiped,

Goddess M 

I have not been this sexually satisfied in a long time. he's intelligent, adorable, sexy, delightfully witty and possibly more insatiable than I am. I think he may be a keeper.... :)


Now I am looking for a little female bitch for My boy to play with. I want to also nurture his switchy side. Any willing victims?





I have found a great black male candidate for possible ownership. his screen is JusiiD. I am quite happy and definitely see very high potential. And he fucks incredibly well :)



Greetings minions,


It's a new year and your Mistress wants new things.  I am toying around with the idea of having a cuckold for My amusement. Someone I can put in chastity and fuck when ever I choose. The idea of tying  and chaining the pathetic soul to a chair, forcing him to watch Me cum over and over by another man....excites Me a lot. Especially making him clean up My ass and pussy with his tongue afterwards. Seeing the embarrassment across his face would be a riot. :)


What else arouses Me you ask? I have been fantasizing of watching a young fit boy prance around My apartment....wearing My panties. he is gagged and his cock is nearly bursting out of those sissy panties as he completes My demands. he cleans and folds My laundry, washes My dishes, vacuums My floor, scrubs My kitchen floor on his hands and knees and cooks Me a fabulous dinner.  I cuff his hands behind his back and order him to lay chest up on the floor.  I turn on the TV and My feet tease,  fondle and stroke his worthless cock while I watch My favorite shows. Next, he prepares a hot bubble bath of lavender scents, lights candles and bathes My body. If he proves worthy I will allow him to give Me an erotic massage. If the worm succeeds in turning Me on, I will command him to please Me by smothering his face with My cunt and riding his tongue until I come all over his face.  Then of course after I had used him well,  I 'd kick him out the door and through his clothes in his face. he can smell My panties and jerk off when he scurries home. LOL. fucking  sluts.....


My dear worms,

your Mistress is a very happy and excited woman. After 3 months of much talking and online  chatting...I think  I may have found the most wonderful asian man.  he and I have so much in common. he is kinky, very educated and intelligent, superb in all sexual areas of the bedroom, romantic, treats Me like the Goddess I am, thinks I am beautiful, responds to My every whim and My favorite quality...HE IS CHINESE!

Those of you who have followed My journal are aware of My strong asian fetish. I have been searching for an asian female for years and I find it quite funny that My path crossed with the most amazing asian man.

he and I met this weekend and I had the kinkiest, and most romantic date in My life. he has such passion, obedience and strong thorough desire to please. An ohh  did he  please Me well.  W/we had sex on every surface of his home...5 times.  I must have had 50 orgasms. It was completely sureal.

He is owned and I will be meeting him again tomorrow afternoon. I can not wait to claim his virgin ass with My strap-on and pull him deeper into My control. :)


Ms. Mystikal

I require a good, consistent, and loyal domestic service slut.

Cooking, cleaning, laudry, and any demanded pleasuring of your Queen will be expected.

Applications accepted now

ok bitches  1...2..3...go


I arrived home from work to find My boy gathering dirty laundry in the bedroom.

"Mistress!" he smiled and greeted Me warmly as I entered the room.

"Would you like your work clothes in the wash Ma'am?" dex asked.

With out a word I lifted My arms straight in the air.

"Go right ahead." I couldn't help but smirk.

My whore dressed in is skimpy blue shorts, stripped Me of My clothing one by one. Finally, I stood there before him wearing only a smile and a pair of black socks.

I sat on the bed and slowly extended My foot to him. Given My whore's love of feet, this had to be exciting for him.

"Bite My socks off." I commanded.

dex knelt down and took the tip of My sock between his teeth and pulled as it seductively slid off My foot. he took it out of his mouth and flung it behind him. he bit off My other sock and slowly kissed and sucked on My feet and toes. Mmm...I love foot sluts. :)

dex kissed and nibbled up My calf. he was starting to enjoy this a little too much. I thought of teasing him by kicking him away, forcing him to the basement with My clothes....but it felt so damn good.

I grabbed his hair, opened My legs and smothered his face in My pussy. he licked and sucked My large dark lips and I loved every second of it. I love grinding My hips and fucking My slut's face as he pleasures Me. dex reached up and played with My nipples, already hard from excitement. I continued getting lost in pleasure as I rocked My hips against his face. I came hard and I felt My pussy gush. dex moaned as I squirted on his face....he loves it.

When I caught My breath W/we kissed. I love tasting Myself on his tongue.

"Have I pleased My Mistress?" he cooed in My ear.

"Mmm, yes you are a very good boy. Now please Me more and go wash My clothes."

~Mystikal Miztress

hey bitches,

I have not updated in quite some time. so I thought I would share this morning with you.

I was awakened by My sweet boy lovingly kissing and stroking My face. I opened My eyes and saw his smiling face looking at Me. I kissed him good morning. 

"Guess what time it is?" I said with a grin.

Giddy, dex hopped out of bed and hurriedly walked to the bath room.  I laid My head down on the pillow for a few seconds, letting his anticipation build.  I love to make him squirm.

I pulled the bed sheets off My naked body and casually sauntered to the bathroom.  dex was sitting on the toilet waiting for Me as previously instructed...legs spread, hands behind his back.

his eyes lit up as he saw Me approach. I grabbed him by the back of his long dirty blonde hair and straddled him.

"Good morning Mistress." My boy cooed.
"Good morning slut."  I kissed him deeply and let My "golden nectar" flow.

"So warm..." he sighed into My mouth as we kissed. My heart beat a little faster knowing how much he loves the warm feeling of My pee pouring down his cock and balls.

"Thank you, Mistress." he said.

My boy then lifted Me up with him and placed Me in the shower. W/we lathered each other up and washed, played and fondled for about a half hour.

dex and I dried off and dressed. My boy then made Me some scrambled eggs and waffles for breakfast. Quite yummy.

It was a wonderful, relaxing, kinky and really nice way to start our day before both traveling to work.


Leaving for Columbus, OH tonight. I will be there for the majority of the day tommorow. It will be nice to get out of town. Any lucky victims? lol

dear journal whores,

The days have been mostly uneventful and boringly vanilla as of late....except for last weekend. :)

I can always count on Terry and Olivia to snap Me out of vanilla imprisonment. lol.

Last week My dear kinky friends hosted a swinger dinner party at a local dungeon. I brought My fucktoy and Sir Colyn along with Me. It wasn't long before I decided to embrace the opportunity to fill all of My holes and have as many orgasms as possible. I never fail to attract a crowd. My great friend Sir Colyn filled My ass with his huge black cock again. It's pleasantly overwhelming everytime. He makes me scream and shake so much when I come over and over again. Its wonderful.

My boy had his ass filled too with My strap-on. I could tell the couples in the play space didn't expect that one coming. But that definitely didn't stop them from watching. lol.

The night ended with Sir Colyn shooting a large load of cum all over My face. My sweet slut dex had no problem licking everydrop off My face. hee hee....good boy

~Mystikal Miztress

greetings again.

What I seek is simple. I desire a true female submissive. One loyal, obedient, attractive, 20ish, intelligent, fun, kinky, open minded, non jealous, bisexual, financially stable, very sexual girl.

One that will actually converse with Me on the telephone. One who can send real and recent photos of them selves. One who doesn't have issues with Me owning and living with a male submissive. One who is excited by crawling around My house naked, obeying My commands. Cooking , cleaning, eating my pussy and ass, massaging My feet, sucking cock that I desire, being flogged, spanked, bound, humiliated......

Is that so hard? Sounds like a fucking blast to Me. Are there any females out there who find this exciting????

greetings minions,

Tonight, slave dex and I will be visiting Olivia and Terry's home for some play time. Unfortunately, Olivia is out of town this week so she will not be attending. Yet, on the plus side, I am looking forward to having multiple penises, tongues and fingers inserted and fondling My body this evening.

Terry has expressed how much he wants to try My slut's tight round ass and I am very much looking forward to it. It has been quite awhile since dex has had a real cock in his ass. Although, I can say he has gotten a good amount of practice from ridding My strap-on. lol. 

he is delighted by the way I lift his soft, smooth tan legs up in the air  and tie his spread legs to the head board. The vertical jail cell like design is perfect for cuffs and restrains.    :) 

he moans so beautifully when I plunge My sizable strap on deep in his wanting ass. When I feel he's had enough I release his legs and command him to fuck Me. He knows in order to cum he has to make Me orgasm at least ten times before I'm satisfyied. If he pleases Me well I bind his hands behind his back and allow him his favorite position...ridding. he straddles Me and I watch him slowly bounce up and down on My chocolate dildo. I keep his hands bound reminding him of the control I have over his cock. his orgasm, if and when I decide to let him have it belongs to Me. I stroke him as he rides...watching him close his eyes in pleasure.  When I want to torture him I stroke very lightly and very slowly. I love watching him squirm and beg to cum. I let him get close to the edge several times until that cock I own is red, rock hard and throbbing. I get him so close to cumming again and then stop. he begins pant and grit his teeth. I can see in his eyes how bad he wants it.

"Eat Me." I command him.

I pull the strap-on harness to the side and expose My pussy. he licks passionately, and acurately. I feel his tongue flicker against My clit and My body is on fire.  I grab his long light brown hair and fuck his  face. Before I know it, I"m shaking with pleasure and squirting all over his chin and cumming over and over.

I kiss his lips softly and stroke his face.  Very pleased I allow him to straddle Me once more. I slide My hand up and down his shaft while I watch every lond deep stroke penetrating My whore fucking My strap-on.  I massage that special spot on his head and he starts to moan.  I begin thrusting My hips upward meeting his pace and his eyes tighten close.

"Oh  yes.....oh Mistress..." he sighs.

"Yes bitch. That's it. Come for your Mistress. Come for Me slut."

And in that second I feel his cock contract and his warm cum shoots all over My stomach and titts.  he mildlly collapses forward and I steady him by holding his chest with My free hand.

"Thank you Mistress..." he whispers. 

I love looking at his smiling face....

"Now be a good boy and cleanup your mess."

"Yes, Ma'am."

My sexy slutboy bends down oon hi knees      and licks up every drop of cum from My chest and stomach. I loved every minute of it. :)

~Mystikal Miztress

Janiah and I met for margaritas at a local bar/grill restaurant last week. It was a good time. she looked even better in person. she wore a black skirt and a sexy very lowcut burnt orange shirt. she has such ample luscious breasts. I love them. Every time I looked at her I wanted to bite her nipples and make her whimper. W/we enjoyed our lunch on the patio and had a great conversation.

 I pulled her in the bathroom and locked the door. I pushed her up against the wall, grabbed that long curly hair and kissed, nibbled and sucked on her neck. My free hand dove inside her shirt and lifted out one of her full round titts. I pinched her nipple with My fingernails and felt her back arch. She took a sharp intake of breath when I twisted it.....and that turned Me on. I kissed her lips and every now and then I'd bite and lightly tug her bottom lip.

My hand traveled lower to her pussy. I quickly lifted her skirt and easily found her clit. It wasnt long at all before she began sighing and moaning against My mouth.

"Do you want to cum?" I asked her.

"Yes, oh yes I do Ma'am." Jainah whimpered.

"Beg Me bitch."

I rubbed her clit harder.

"mmm...please Mistress. please let me cum."

sooon I had her on the edge.

"oh god. please," she whispered.

I took My hand away.

"No, Ma'am please don't stop. Your hands feel so good."

"Shut up."

I forced My fingers in her mouth. she sucked on them willingly.
Withont hesitation I rammed My fingers in her throbbing pussy. she grabbed on to My shoulders for support. Her pussy was so wet and hot.

she shuttered as  she came. I licked My fingers clean and it was beautiful.



Greetings sluts,

Latest update:

Jainah, dex and I agreed to meet at a local fetish event last night. After 2 hours of dex and I being there kinking and having fun, Jainah sent   a text that she just woke up from a nap and could not attend.  Since this is the second time she has bailed, I've determined Jainah is full of shit. lol.  And another one bites the dust.

It's strange how common wannabe kinkers and fakes are. It's actually rather disappointing.

Well, HAPPY 4TH OF JULY bitches!

The whore and I are going to a friends house for a cookout and festivities.  There will be kink truth or dare, naked twister and I heard rumors of an orgasm contest  and some kind of food play game.  Can't wait for all the fun. :-) I love having kinky friends!!

hello bitches,

Jainah and I did not meet on friday. Yes, I sense your disapppointment. However, there is hope. she and I did not meet due to schedule conflicts, not something negative between U/us. she and I are both very busy women and have decided to try again this coming Friday. We still talk and text daily.

In other news, last night was wooonderful. Remember Terry and Olivia I told you about? Well, dex and I stopped their home for dinner last night.....and W/we got extra desert. mmmm. I will write all the juicy details tomorrow.

later sluts,


I don't want to jinx it, but I have begun texting and chatting on the phone with a black, 27 y/o submissive female for about a week now. Jainah (Jay-nah) is her name. she has a medium brown complexion, long curly hair, medium brown eyes, curvy hips and thighs, and very sexy full lips. I have only seen photos of her. she and I are going on a date this Friday night. I am looking forward to it. I have enjoyed her witty humor, responsive flirtation and her natural curiousity to explore. she has been in the lifestyle about 6mo and so far has enjoyed her experiences subbing. Yet she craves more and specifically, an experience with a Dominant Female.
I will be her first female D/s experience. Makes Me wet just thinking about it. :-)

If things continue to go well with her, I plan on inviting Jainah and Colyn over for some fun with Myself and My sissy fucklut sub. Oh and perhaps Terry and Olivia too. Ah, I didn't tell you. Terry and Olivia are a very fun outgoing attractive middle aged couple I met at a Polyamory discussion group about 4/mo ago. I have been to their house a few times for some swing parties and man, I don't think I've had so many orgasms in My life. So many hands, tongues, fingers, cocks and pussy.....sigh... Hmm, I'm sensing a sex party at My place coming on. I'm going to have to start planing that immediately. :-)

Oh the possibilities.....

Crops and nibbles,

Dear journal sluts,

Greetings minions.....

What's on the mind of the Miztress today?

Sexual  Surprises.

Over the past 3/mo I have been having a delightfully erotic time playing with a tall, young, muscular, very nicely well hung black man. His name is Colyn. Yes, you caught that right. I capitailized His name because He is infact a Dominant.
Don't misinterpet. I haven't switched to darkside. lol. We have become very good friends and even better sexual partners.  He has been My latest partner in crime.
Together, We  have conquered swing clubs, dungeons and several victims. lol.  

This is an interesting combination because there must be a certain chemistry present for Me to be "extra friendlly" with another Top. I enjoy that Colyn is an erotic explorer like Myself. We recognized Our many common interests and respect each other as an equals. Most Doms I encounter are slobering over themselves attempting to turn Me into their next sex slave robot. If you haven't noticed, My screen name is MystikalMiztress for a reason. lol.

Moving on, I am thankful that I have met Sir Colyn because He has introduced a new sexual gateway for Me.

Anal orgasms. :-) 

As you minions are aware, the word prude does not apply to Me. I have experienced very pleasurable anal sex from My boy toys when I commanded it....but not like how Sir Colyn does it. :-)

His cock is so thick, cholocate, long and hard as a brick.  Colyn stimulates My Gspot and My ass with suck accuracy it's amazing. He slides his garthy pulsating dick, balls deep in My ass and all I can do is scream and shake and cum in ecstasy.  Oh, and comand him to pound Me harder. I love it and He does too. He and I both share a strong anal fetish.

The exchange of power play is fantastic. For Me My weakness is the incredible way he makes me cum fucking My ass. For him, it's the way I suck his cock.  It makes Me chuckle everytime I watch him bite his bottom lip, groan that sexy moan, press his eyes closed and rock his head back. I'll purposefully roll My tongue over the tip, swirl it around his shaft as I go up and down, pushing his cock towards the back of My throat.  He grips My hair hard. Not in a Dominant way...but as if bracing himself for impact. I know he's play dough in My hand when his athletic legs start to tighten, his breath quickens.....and then.....there's the huge load. And I do mean....HUGE.  He fills My mouth every time.  And it is ever so tasty.

After Our encounters conclude, We both end up collaped and dazed on the bed, floor, kitchen counter, dining room table...where ever the mood stikes Us. And yet, We always decided to call it a tie.  Have I met My Dominant "match" per say?

ever so satisfied,

Loyal minions,

I'm back bitches!! :)

It feels so good to finally be settled and have exactly what I want. I know it took a long time and I haven't written much, but that will all change.

My current status:

I am living in a 2 bedroom house with dex, my beautiful lover and sub. It's delightful to come home to a quiet house, dinner, a warm bath, massages, and to have any sexual command I desire fulfilled.

I am currently looking for a female sub to serve as a live in, if I feel she is worthy. It would be the perfect completion to my household for the moment. Duties will include domestic service as well as sexual servitude ofcourse. I am looking for a female that is polite, intelligent, respectful, entertaining and most of all willing to please and obey.

I am available for sessions....if there are any of you minions left out there who will not waste my time.

I will write again soon. Time for the whore to massage my feet and paint My toes. :)

Loving life,

Dear worthless bitches,

Merry X-mas and Happy Spankings.

O/our conversations have been long overdue.  Serveral things have happened in the past six months.  Halloween was incredible. I met a bi-curious female at an after party and she confessed to Me that she loved to have her hair pulled.

ha ha...perfect. I never miss even the slightest D/ opportunity.

Monica has a very strong submissive side. I tied her up, spanked her, pulled her beautiful reddish brown hair, and teased her pussy endlessly until she pleased for release.  she shook and held Me for dear life when she came. she laid there in a daze and just kept smiling at Me and softly saying "thank you." It was absolutely fantastic.

Unfortunately, though W/we had a wonderful time, I am assuming her vanilla side realized what had occurred the night before. W/we talked on the phone a few times and she talked about meeting again but she repeatedly backs out. monica isn't ready for what I have to offer her.  I think she understands that I am not her occassional release for kinky sex. I want more. Ownership...loyalty....true submission.

Still searching for the right girl......

~Mistress Eboni
Hello minions,

I can not even start to tell you how many things have changed and occurred in the past few months. I am still involved in the lifestyle but on a low level due to some family circumstances beyond My control. I am unhappy with the living situation at My home. My mother and I have  Dominant personalities and naturally, at this time it is causing problems. lol. I love My parents very much. I have learned a lot from them but it is time for Me to have My own space. I am taking the steps to do that. :)

I toured 3 apartments today and I am very pleased at my findings so far. I am applying for jobs also. :) If I can find a job that I enjoy and can make a decent amont of money, it would be lovely to finally have My own peaceful home with out interruptions, lectures or unneccessary drama. lol.

In other news:
I went to SMART fest in May and had a completely wonderful time! I bought a sexy female for the night at the live slave auction there. W/we had a steamy session and afterwards, the two of U/s wrestled topless infront of a large group of people. lol. That was definitely a unique, fun, and forever memorable experience. :)

Dex and I have had our high and low moments but W/we are still together and currently happy. W/we have become very close and I truly appreciate him being such a good boy and being there for Me while My life has been so unpredictable and complicated.

I have learned so much about Myself within the last six months. I've been through alot but...I still remain a sexy, intelligent, Dominant Female....and I am proud to say it. :) That fact will never change.

Time to fix My life. :)

~Mistress Eboni
My minions,

So much has happened in the past month. I do not even know where to start. I have had very little time to update you all. Dex is great and I adore him, I've met really cool and interesting people at SMART, Organ Grinders was tons of fun ( I have a great story to tell you all from that), and I am so enjoying getting back into My lifestyle. Still searching for a good subbie girl of course. *sigh*  Speaking of female subs,  karrie was not able to make the fetish ball. :( But W/we are still in contact.

Within the next few days I will be giving you detailed access to all the fun I've been having.

spanks and licks,

~Mistress Eboni

I met karrie last week. W/we had a great dinner and made out in the bathroom...and in My car....and before I dropped her off. lol.  she is a very sweet girl and I invited her to Organ Grinders this friday. It will be so amusing to see her face when she walks in the club. lol. I will corrupt her...and I know she will love it.  It's time for Me to fullfil some of her D/s curiousities. :)

~Mistress Eboni

dex and I are going to Organ Grinder's Ball this Friday night. Perhaps I will see some of Y/you there! Much more to update on. I've had quite a fun month so far. Miss writing to all of you. Thanks for being loyal journal readers. :)

kinks and kisses,

~Mistress Eboni

dex called a few minutes ago and informed Me that the inflatable butt plug W/we ordered just came in the mail. :) It is perfect timing because dex is taking Me out tomorrow...and you can bet he's going to have that plug in him. :grin:  Oh the possibilities. I can not waitt to humiliate him and make him squirm tomorrow night. lol.

~Mistress Eboni

Another pleasant update. I have begun conversations with a girl named karrie over the past month. she has a warm, intelligent, flirtatious personality which I find incredibly appealing. she is curious about the D/s world but has never had the right person, nor the oppportunity to explore it. That situation is going to change very quickly. lol. The two of U/us will be meeting next weekend. I am definitely looking forward to it. I wonder how she will react to a good spanking. :) It would be wonderful if she has a true submissive side. I am crossing My fingers.

~Mistress Eboni
hello groveling minions,

your Mistress is doing well. Not as active in the scene as I would like, but so far I am happy and healthy. ;) dex is a adorable and I love the way he obediently follows My commands and continuously makes Me smile. I have never had an "intimate" relationship with a sub it is pleasantly interesting. he is so attentive and sweet...which only makes Me spank his bottom harder and redder than the others. I refuse to give him special treatment just because W/we are dating. There is an Organ Grinders event that Myself, dex and a few of My other D/s friends are going to. Perhaps I will see some of your worthless worms there. lol.

I have to go for now but will write again soon.

later sluts,

~Mistress Eboni


I am still in search of a real, submissive female. *sigh* I am loosing patience. It's been years and it is so hard to find real people that do not want "hot internet play", or just "role play occassionally", or is "already owned" or what ever bullshit I've encountered. I want a female who is attractive, moderately in shape, smart, obedient, bisexual, and enjoys mild/moderate pain play. Is that so hard to ask for? lol.

Anyway, last evening dex introduced Me to more of his friends. We have been spent a great deal of time together the past two weeks. I've meet so many fun, cute and kinky people and I've really enjoyed mingling. Last night W/we had diner with a lesbian D/s couple. The Mistress is a very experienced hypno Domme and I found her to be very intelligent, hillarious and really fascinating. We had a great conversation and she offered to guide Me into the hypno-Domme world. I would love to hypnotize a slave to cum on command. :) My new hypno friend demonstrated that talent at the restaurant dinner table. lol. It was quite a show...especially when a few people at surrounding tables noticed what was going on. It was fun to she her sub blush. lol.

I look forward to learning and talking with her more and starting My first hypno session. :)

~Mistress Eboni
Hello bitches,

I spent the weekend with dex and have never had so many hours of sex, laughter and dazed lounging in bed. It was so wonderful. I feel very satisfied and he completely pleased Me well. his journey of submission continues to grow and I am curious to see what capabilities dex really has. he's sexy, strong, muscular, and oh so good at making Me cum ridiculous amounts of times. lol.

mmmm......your Mistress is happy.

~Mistress Eboni


A pleasant sigh of relief.

Through the recommendation of a good friend, I attended a S.M.A.R.T event last night. I had a really enjoyable time and mingled with a few. It was refreshing. As you know I haven't had much play time available so it was nice to take a kinky evening out. I teased and tortured slave Max to a good portion of time and completely enjoyed myself. he can take a considerable amount of pain and that was very intriquing to Me. I crushed his balls beneath My heals, covered him with clothespins, slapped his undeserving face, pulled his hair and flogged him to My hearts desire. I also met his lovely girlfriend (who has fantastic breasts by the way) and both of us had tons of fun abusing him together.

It was great. :)

slave Dex and I are getting along very well. I like a boyfriendish kind of way. This is somewhat new to Me. W/we work well together and he is starting to leaarn. he greatest difficultly is in the area of when boy are allowed and not allowed to touch. lol. he always wants to kiss, fondle and please Me. There have been at least 2 occassions when Dex has been punnished for fondling his Mistress without permission. Sometimes subs learn best the hard way. lol. I made his bottom and extreme shade of red last night. I made sure he would feel it for atleast 2 days. *wink*

I have to go for now but I miss writting to all of you and hearing your comments. I will attempt to update more frequently.

spanks and licks,

~Mistress Eboni

I am becoming increasingly aggitated by My lack of play time. I am taking care of a family member and unfortunately, that role consumes  a lot of My time. The best way to get in contact with Me would be leaving your email address in your message. Meeting during evenings or weekends is best. I AM STILL IN ACTIVE SEARCH FOR A TRUE, SUBMISSVIE AND AND OBEDIENT FEMALE.

In other news, dex and I are progressing well, and I am enjoying his service and willingness to learn. :)

~Mistress Eboni
Due to family obligations it is difficult for Me to be as active in the lifestyle as I would like. It is extremely frustrating but, at some point I will have to resolve this situation and do it quickly. The best way to contact Me will be by My yahoo email. Some of you have that info and some of you don't. I will attempt to get online again this evening if it is possible and email those of you I wish to continue contact with.
I am doing well and things with Dex are also very well. My current situation has strained some relationships with My servants but they to understand. I enjoyed My new year and celebrated it with some great friends. After January 14th I should be online more frequently to catch up on emails and possibly be able to meet more often.
kisses to you all and I will chat with you soon.
~Mistress Eboni

Merry X-mas bitches! :)

Hi, I am back. Semester has ended and I have been actively utilizing My free time. lol.


Saturday, Dec 22nd I went on a wonderful date with a novice submissive named Dex. he was polite, shy and curtious but very intelligent. he treated Me to an asian restaurant (which is always a wise choice) and W/we had a lovely dinner. Afterwards I followed him back to his appartment where I introduced him to the basics of D/s. I taught him how to kneel and bow with the proper from. how to correctly address his Mistress, what is acceptable and non acceptable, how I like to be worshiped....and of course I gave him his first real spanking. lol. dex and I spent nearly the whole night together. he is very attentive, sensitive, bisexual, kinky and seemingly very sweet. dex enjoys cross dressing and truly had the body type and figure to pull it off. After seeing him in his pink thong and black thigh highs, I have determined that I never want him to wear anything else. he has a scrumptious ass. ;) I also love his long curly brown hair. Thinking about it now, I probably think he is so sexy because...he is so feminine. I would like to see him again and definitely expose him to so many more erotic things. I think he has a lot of potential both as a submissive....and even possibly a boyfriend.....maybe. lol.

Time will tell.

oh wasn't an asian girl under My tree this morning. *sigh*

~Mistress Eboni

Hello My minions,

I hope to return to you all soon. slave Max is in town and I am quite pleased about that. I look forward to finally meeting him in person. I am shocked that someone who said they would be able to relocate...ACTUALLY relocated! lol. There are so many fakes, it's nice to have some one real for once.

I am still in search of a female submissive worthy of My time. It would be a great way to start off the new year.

I am missing My D/s play time dearly. I am going to need to spank someone....or humiliate someone...soon. Too many family obligations and schooling to satisfy My D/s cravings. *sigh*  But it will all work out soon enough.

I have begun talking with a new submissive guy. We will call him D for now. I may meet up with him this weekend. That sould be interesting. W/we have several fetishes in common so I am curious to see just how respondsive and obedient he can be. ;)

talk to you soon,

~Mistress Eboni
just on for a minute. I've read all of your many emails minions. I will respond soon.


~Mistress E
hello minions,

I am still dreaming for an asian slave for X-mas. I've been wishing for 4 years now..and "Santa" doesn't seem to care. lol. Or maybe he decided to share her with Mrs. Claus and forget about Me. lol.

*sigh* I'll find an asian girl....some day.

since I am talking about the Christmas season some wonderful gifts would be:

heeled boots...I will always love heeled boots
Kinky toys
Lace or leather lingerie
Spreader bar
spiked heels
gift certificates
concert tickets
Massage and Spa gift cards
Restaurant gift cards

These things are not in any particular order. Of course, and asian girl is at the top of My wish list. :)

later bitches,

~Mistress Eboni
My minions,

tired....very tired.

Studying is a bitch. lol.

I have many projects going on and exams to study for. Many of you are complaining about My lack of attention to your emails or phone calls. Well...I'm busy...suck it up. lol.

Yes, minions I understand you miss reading the kinky entries but unfortunately I wont have much time to Dominate anyone until two weeks from now. So again, you'll have to wait.

Promise I'll spank you extra hard when I have the time.

Latest update, slave Max will be arriving in Cleveland soon!! I can't wait to beat him red...and he'll love every minute of it. :)

I have been talking with a bi black girl named Shay. she seems to be a very down to earth and open minded person. I will see where our relationship goes. I hope to meet her in person soon if I have some free time. she can't wait to taste Me. :)

Speaking of girls who love to eat My pussy, diamond is doing well and we are still in contact. Mmm...perhaps I should introduce shay and diamond...I think we would all have a lot of fun together. lol. That would be a great X-mas gift. :)

Well, it is time for Me to get back to work.

writing to you soon bitches,

~Mistress Eboni

busy, busy, busy...and not enough time to play. :(

School projects are literally taking up all of My free time. Finals are coming up and I have lots to do and lots to study for. *sigh*

Luckily, I did have a very much needed relief on Friday evening. I had a session with lily (a painslut of a Master friend of Mine) and finally took out all of My frustrations on her white inferior body. :) I beat her, teased her, watched her squeal and moan in delightful, bit her, spanked her, slapped and whipped her needing pussy, scratched her, and the big finish.....I hog tied her and fucked the slut in both holes. 

The painslut was in pure heaven...and I achieved the relaxation I needed. Complete win, win situation. lol. she is a good girl. Very fun to play with and so responsive. :)

....*sigh*...she is a great fill in....but I want My own.

so the search continues,

~Mistress Eboni
pitiful minions,

I am happy. I am going to spank My goldenboy today. Time to take out some aggression. :)

~Mistress Eboni


school is really stressing Me out....

I need to beat someone in the very immediate future. lol.

which worthless worm wants to feel the sting of My paddle today?

~Mistress Eboni

dear submissive servants,

This is a public announcement from your Mistress......

If I do not "remember" you please do not take it personally. I chat and email with several submissives on a daily basis. I receive 10 to 20 emails a day from all over the world. It becomes difficult to keep up. sending a picture of yourself always helps. so if I ask for a refresher about yourself....don't be offended.

thank you,

~Mistress Eboni


where are the true submissive girls????



~Mistress Eboni

had a very nice and enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend. Had dinner at a friend of the families house. It was absolutely and pleasantly vanilla. lol. We all ate dinner, chatted, laughed and played a crazy game of UNO a few times. I had a very good time.

started chatting with an asian female who is supposedly able to relocate. Until I see her cute ass in a hotel in cleveland,OH I will remain skeptikal. lol. her name is yasmeena.
If things go well, I will have her visit from Dec 12th to the 16th.
I will keep My fingers crossed.

~Mistress Eboni


the planed cock sucking did not occur due to time constraints. *sigh* I am very dissapointed about this.

however I did have a very nice session with s/n feedmeyourcome. he is a very obedient and mild pain slut. I had lots of cbt fun. I pinched, slapped and bite his worthless cock. I even whipped his cock with My leather belt. lol.  he took his beating well and it was quite amusing to watch.

I pissed all over the sluts face and teased him till the verge of orgasm. it's so fun to watch the bitches squirm and whine.

*sigh* very interesting day.

~Mistress Eboni

journal whores,

Thank you again for the many of you who write in response to My journal entries. It is nice to share My experiences with all of you.

Today sub charlie is going to be a cock sucking whore. he is nervous...and excited. I really can wait to see him take his first cock in his mouth. it will make Me so wet. :) :) :)


~Mistress Eboni

another update minions,

sub max will be relocating to Cleveland soon. I look forward to teasing and torturing him for extended periods of time...and make him squeal and moan. his Mistress and I will be sharing him....My is he so in for it. And I just can't wait. he should be her by Dec 7th. His Mistress and I decided that the slut will recieve 5 hits for each day We have to wait until his gets here. he is already over 100. hee hee....can't wait for us to dish out the beating.

by the one ever said that each hit was in a spanking form.

Welcome to Cleveland max. lol.


My slave charlie is going to be coming into town tonight. I am throughly excited about his visit. I plan to use him nearly immediately. I have several surprises and plans for him.

Tomorrow...he starts his training as My personal slut. :)

~Mistress Eboni


hi sluts.

Last night was so much fun. I finally fucked a trans...well...had a trans fuck Me I should say.
she was very passable, very freaky, and very submissive. I tied her up, spanked her perfect ass, she ate Me well and god, she fucked Me really good...and really hard. I came and came so many times. she had a mirror in the bed room so I literally got to watch every single stroke of her hard cock in My wet pussy. she loves My pussy. mmmmm....I can't believe that happened. I cant wait to go back over there. :)

~Mistress Eboni
pittiful sluts,

greetings My minions....

I had a fabulous night with diamond. she is really something else. :) I did all the things I wrote about and more. I do not think she will call Me Mistress anytime soon but sexually she really enjoys being submissive.

Today may be interesting if things work well. I may have My first experience with a Tgirl. I am nervous and very excited all at the same time. I will be meeting with an old friend, another man and his TS girlfriend later on today. The four of U/us will have tons of fun.  The TS Toni is very very kinky and enjoy being submissive. I am wet right now imagining the possibilties.

~Mistress Eboni
I am meeting with Diamond tonight. The two of U/us have been keeping in contact. Both of U/us have been very busy lately and W/we finally have time to play again. she is so damn kinky as hell.

I plan to tie her to the bed and nibble and lick her all over her body. I will tease her until she squirms and her pussy drips. she has never experienced nipple clamps before and is really curious to try. she loves to have her nipples bitten and teased. I plan to put the weighted nipple clamps on her and straddle her face with My strap on and make her gag on My chocolate brown dildo. she will love it. Diamond loves being treated like a slut in the bedroom...especially when she is helpless.

I will spank her sexy cinnamon round ass until it's a deep shade of red, pull her long hair, and force her face into My pussy until I squirt all over her and in her mouth. Although I know I will not ever have to force her to eat Me. Diamond thinks I have "the most tasty pussy she has ever had, " to quote her. lol.

I will slide one of My vibrating bullets in her ass and fuck her hard with My strap on and she will scream and moan over and over again.....and that's just the warm up. lol.

wet and anticipating,

~Mistress Eboni

your Mistress is distraught. 

Between writing all these papers, My projects for school, AND My D/s sessions, I am exhausted. And of course the bills are racking up. :( I have to pay My tuition bill by friday...I really dont' think that is going to happen.

I am stressed, tired, horny and tight on money.

The life of a college student can be a rough one. :(

Maybe if I sat on some sluts face I would feel a lot better. lol. Hmm...or maybe giving a really good spanking?

If I didn't have D/s to relieve My stress I do not know what I would do.


~Mistress Eboni


I have a fantasy of being with a Tgirl. And I do mean a real trans, not a male dress up doll. For some reason the thought of being fucked by a big cock that happens to be attached to nice perky tits and a pretty female face is very very arousing to Me. It would be different...maybe even a little scary....but it turns Me on.


just decided to share that little bit of info. lol.

~Mistress Eboni

greetings My servants,

I did, infact, meet with becky yesterday. We had an initial meeting and talked for about an hour and a half. she is attractive and has such a great sexual mind. she called Me this morning and told Me how much she enjoyed talking with Me. I look forward to meeting her again and when we will have our first session.

~Mistress Eboni 

pathetic groveling pigs,

Hello minions. :)

I have been talking on the phone with a very interesting slut for the past 3 days. her name is becky. she is 30, local, dirty blonde hair, 5'2", 140lbs, shaved and very bisexual.  becky loves to be treated like a slut and really likes the idea of being controled. she desperately wants to experience being with a squirter like Myself. she constantly tells Me how she can not wait to taste My juices. she is even curious about golden showers.

I will see how real she is. W/we may meet later today.

~Mistress Eboni

Oh My asian girl in ohio contacted Me.


I hope this can lead to something great.

~Mistress Eboni

I can not believe that there seems to be no real bisexual or lesbian females in OHIO.

*rolls eyes*

This is quite disappointing to Me.

I do not want just occassional play. I seek a slave. A girl who truly needs to serve, please and obey.

Guess I will have to expand My search to other states.



~Mistress Eboni

I was pampered and adored by My attentive pussyboy last night. he purchased a king size room and waited so patiently on his knees for Me infront of the hotel room door in his underwear. The proped the door open as ordered. He is such a good obedient bitch.

"Welcome Mistress, I am so happy to see you." My slut said with his head lowered.

"Come here bitch." I comanded him.

pussyboy took My jacket and instinctly removed My shoes. He obediently served Me My desired meal and massaged My feet while I ate. I so love that. It is so relaxing to chat and look down at My adoring sub sensually rubbing My feet.

he pleased Me well....all night long. lol.

pussy boy gave Me an erotic body massage, kissed and licked Me all over, ate Me fanastically, fucked Me with toys and even bought Me some very hot porn and My favorite wine cooler. he is so thoughtful. :)

W/we had a wonderful night and I fucked him in his tight slutty pussy. he loves it so much. It just amazes Me the intense look of pleasure on his face when I fuck him. He thanks Me over and over again so sincerely and tells Me how wondeful it feels to have his owner taking his ass. Damn that boy is hot. lol. I truly believe he is addicted to My strap on.


~Mistress Eboni


slave eric was very nice and such a true slut. he loves to be humiliated. he has a strong habit of touching the worthless piece of meat between his legs, with out asking permission. I quickly made him learn that he has no right to touch what isn't his. After an intense spanking and nipple torture he cried, "I'm sorry Mistress. I'll be a good boy, I promise!"

I demanded he show his gratitude by diving his tongue in My ass. He did such a good job on My ass I granted him permission to taste My delicious pussy...but not with out torturing him first.  I forced his head inches away from My pussy.

"smell My pussy bitch."

I knew how much it was torturing him to see My beautiful pussy and smell it...and not being allowed to taste it.  when I finally allowed him, he ate Me passionately and very nicely. I also used his unworthy cock as a personal dildo for My enjoyment. When he became too close to the edge of cumming he sighed, "Blue."

I place a pair of My pink worn panties over his face and nose and it drove him wild. the smell of My panties seemed to intoxicate him and I allowed him to suck the crotch of the panties into his mouth.  I wrapped My hand around his white little throat and squeezed. He loved it. I lightly choked him while I rode and used his cock. After a few "blues" I allowed him to cum. It is so funny and arousing to see and man cumming with pink panties on his face.

~Mistress Eboni

morning minions,

sub bruce was nicely impressive....despite his poor mistake in very begining of O/our session.

I entered his home and organzied My things. After one minute of Me being in the door, he answered a phone call. he continued this conversation as I sat on the couch. His inconsiderate white ass paid for that disrespect and soon became bright red and very tender. I made sure he was sincerely sorry. lol.

I made the worthless whore worship My ass and pussy and forced him to gag on My black strap on. I squirted down his throat and he loved drinking Me in.  sub bruce is quite a wonderful pussy eater. I came very hard several times and squirted over and over. I definitely have him service Me again. :)

pathetic minions,

I am having a session with a new sub named bruce today (sports969). I have a feeling that he is going to be a very good boy today. He seems quite eager and willing to submit.


~Mistress Eboni


well...I got My wish. lol.

In the middle of the afternoon I received a text message from My old friend Drew. He and I met at a swing party several months ago and occasionally keep in contact. He and his bi-curious ex-girlfriend were getting a hotel in Akron and wanted to know if I was interested.

"Tell Me where and when. I'll bring My naughty bag." I said.

Drew is 21, blonde, blue and absolutely fantastic in bed so regardless of how willing his ex was to be involved with Me, I could not pass up fucking him.

I arrived at the hotel. she was definitely yummy. Jess is 21, 5'3", 140ish, curvy, long brunette hair, wonderful natural D cup breast, and a matching full ass. The three of us chatted for a few minutes but it wasn't long before Drew and Jess wanted to see what was in My naughty bag.  I pulled out a few toys and displayed them in front of the two of them.

"And I have some kinky things too."

"Oh really?" Drew said and winked at Jess.

I was not sure what kind of things Jess was into. I didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable. I pulled out bondage tape, weighted nipple clamps, hog tie restraints, a butt plug and finally...a paddle. Jess seems curious about the other things I placed on the bed but her eyes lit up the most and focused on the paddle in My hand. Drew started snickering.

"Do you like that?" Drew said to Jess. She began to blush.

"If you say you don't, I know you are lying!"

"Umm..yes....yes I like it." she confessed.

I couldn't help but smile. Jess sitting there politely on the bed looking like a sweet girl next door....never would have guessed. This was going to be a fun night. Drew began to inform Me how much Jess enjoyed being spanked, hair pulling, having her nipples pinched, chocked, mildly slapped in the face, and being controled during sex. Jess continued to get more and more red as he outted her little secret.

I walked over to her beautiful blushing face and grabbed the back of her long hair.

she smiled.

"Do you like this bitch?" I said looking in her eyes.

"Yes." she softly said.

"Yes, what?" she seemed slightly confused but think she new exactly what I wanted. I tugged a little harder.

"The correct response is yes, Mistress. say it." I demanded.

Jess giggled and said, "Yes, Mistress."

" this funny to you?"

"She giggles all the time when she's excited." Drew chimmed in.

"Hush Drew." I commanded.

I reached inside her low cut green top and pinched her nipple hard.

she sighed in pleasure as I made a tighter grip on the back of her head and pressed the large round pebble in My fingers.

"I can make it not so funny." I used My nails and twisted.

"Ah..ah..ah." she whimpered.

"Does that hurt?"

"yes...." she sighed.

"But, you like it don't you?"


"Yes, what, whore?"

No response just sighs and pleasurable noises from her.

I twisted harder and she winced.

"I am going to make you learn Jess. I will teach you to obey Me when I speak to you. you are not being a good submissive. Bad girls get punished."

"I like being punished...." she smiled.

Oh My....what have we here? :) I was enjoying her more already.

I grabbed her by her throat and pushed her backwards on the bed. I pressed hard to hold her down but not enough to block her air way. I told Drew to strip Jess of her clothes. she has wonderful large full breasts...and my do they love to be tortured.  

I am limited on time so I have to summarize

I spanked her hard with My paddle serveral times last night, tied her up with bondage tape, gave Jess her first experience with weighted nipple clamps (and she took the weight like a champ), I then upped the pain level with a clothes pin on each nipple and she lovvved that, I bit her, I ate her, I fucked her with My strap on, blindfolded her, Drew and I double penetrated her, and towards the middle of the night Jess was so horny she grabed the back of My head and started fiercely kissing Me while Drew fucked her. Her hands were all over Me. she sucked on My titts, grabbed My ass, fingered Me, fingered My ass and pussy at the same time and soon she was so hot, drew fliped her over doggie style and Jess dove right into licking My pussy. she was passionate about it. Not shy or nervous at all. And....she is rather good at it.

"Do you want Me to cum in your fucking mouth, bitch?" I asked Jess as I watched Drew pound her.

"Mmm-hmm!" she moaned loudly and then plunged her tongue inside My pussy. God that fucking turned Me on. I grabed her head and fucked her face and squirted a big load and she fucking drank it down.

"Do you like that?"


Do you want some more cum you dirty slut?"

she moaned as I came in her mouth. she even pressed her face closer into My pussy to drink it all. Fuck. I like this girl.  she made Me cum 4 times. We all got so hot Drew came all over My breasts and we made Jess lick Me clean.

Wow....she is fucking awesome. We exchanged numbers. Jess wants to really explore and try more D/s play.

Could this be the girl I want????

~Mistress Eboni
Naughty girls...come out and play....

*pout* I really want some pussy today.

I desire a female to tie up, spank and tease. To make squirm and moan and beg. Is that so much to ask for? lol.


~Mistress Eboni
My pathetic worms,

hello minions.

I had a very relaxing and restful weekend. I finally had time enought to sleep and regain My energy from all of last weeks activities.

Currently I have a session scheduled with My pussyboy (greg) on Wednesday. he is more than excited to see Me again. I intend to do more anal play with him. he gets so excited when I fuck him in his tight little whore ass. lol.

I may also be meeting a female sub on Wedesday. I am in the mood to have a double session. We will see if this will actually happen. she is new and seems to have lots of potential. Time will tell.

haven't heard from resticted # girl lately. I wonder if that is all over now. hmm.....

On the brighter side, I've been talking to a sexy indian male sub recently. He is quite kinky and extreme. He is open enough to be truly explored and used. he already has so much experience and I am definitely looking forward to molding him into the perfect bitch he has the potential to be. many possibilities. :) I intend on talking to him and meeting him soon.

~Mistress Eboni

~Mistress Eboni

I had a wonderful time getting to know Master Anthony and Mistress Christina last night at Mistress Lena and bitchboy's house. It seems the five of U/us got a long very well. I look forward to meeting them again in the future.

Finally! Some real D/s people! lol.

Perhaps there is hope still left on collarme.

Until later,

~Mistress Eboni


Oh, My God. I love My life. :)

Well, it actually happened.

I had a pussy on My face and a face on My pussy . lol.  Wow, those ladies are very talented. I came so many times and I love every minute of it. I do not have time to write all the details but it was phenominal. I discovered that one of the female is a Domme! she wants to introduce slave eddie and I to a submissive bi male and have a double session with U/us. That should be tons of fun.

I have to go. I'll write soon.

kisses bitches!

~Mistress Eboni

gotta go sluts. It's pussy time!!!

yay. :) lol.

~Mistress Eboni

My minions,


Only one of My photos of the 3 I uploaded has been approved. there rest are "too graphic."

*rolls eyes*

Oh, I did forget to mention that Jennifer (the restricted # girl) called Me yesterday around 1:30pm. She called to tell Me that she was thinking of Me and how much she loved the ice cube play I introduced her too. her children had some Halloween activities going on so she was disappointed that she would not be able to talk to Me that night. she said she would call Me the next day.  I bluntly asked her if she wanted to meet at sometime or just wanted phonesex.

"I need more than phonesex. I need to physically explore what I like and don't like. I want you to make me do things I'd never thought I'd do. I definitely want to meet you." Jennifer said.

I hope she is serious. she sounds like so much fun.

~Mistress Eboni

greetings minions,

your Mistress is tired but very happy. I have had sessions and tons of fun every day this week...and it still continues. 

Last night, slave derek and I played trick or treat for a few hours in the Halloween spirit. lol.  I pulled out My lovely black bondage tape and confinded his tall slender body to his bed. I grabbed some hershey's kisses out of the bowl of candy he had for the neighborhood kids and placed them on different parts of his body. I had a lovely time eating and licking the chocolate of his creamy white skin. I pulled My weighted nipple clamps out of My purse and attached them to his tiny hard nipples. I licked, nuzzled and nibbled his large thick growing cock through his underwear. I decided it was time for My fuckslut to experience some CBT. ;)

I bit his cock somewhat hard through the material and heard his breath catch. I also felt his cock stiffen. lol.  I continued to bite along his shaft and his cock contined to enlarge.  I kissed up his flat stomach and licked his chest. I stared into his pretty green eyes and griped his soft curly brown hair.

"Do you trust Me?" I asked him.  
My lips hovered over his as I watched him look at Me adoringly.

"Yes, Mistress I trust you. My body is yours. Please use Me." his deep but loving voice responded softly.

I tugged lightly on the chained nipple clamps and watched his body tighten.

"Now you have to communicate with Me derek. How does that feel?"

he grunted slightly as I tugged his nipples.

" hurts Mistress....but it feels good too."

hmmm...interesting, I thought.

"Good." I said.

I pulled down his underwear and took his large pulsating cock in My mouth.  moans and winces sounded from him as I gave him the pleasure of My mouth and the pain of tugging the clamps. He was helpless. Completely tied down and vulnerable to what ever I desired.

It made My pussy wet.

I squeezed the thick hardness in My hand.

"What is this bitch?" I demanded.

he smiled and said, "Your cock Mistress. this worthless meat belongs to you."

he was completely correct. he is so willing, so eager to please.

I slapped the head and watched him twitch.

"Thank you Mistress." he moaned.

A harder slap...this time on his balls.

"Ah...thank you Mistress." derek said through gritted teeth.

I slapped and pinched his cock and balls several times. Every noise of pain and pleasure he made made Me wet.

"Are you alright slut?"I asked.

"Yes, Ma'am. I am yours. I am your toy for your amusement. I will always suffer if it pleases you Mistress." he stated devotedly.

he was so hard and slighty dripping. since his hands were useless I placed the condom over his red throbbing cock. I tied a thin rope around his balls tightly and staddled him. I nearly came just feeling his thick cock fill Me up. derek let out a moan once I was completely filled by him.

I tortured him. I sat on his cock, not moving an inch and simply squeezed and released My strong muscles. When he tried to thrust upward I pulled hard on the rope around his balls to make him focus.

"No one told you to move whore. You are My personal fucking dildo until I'm through with you."

"I'm sorry Mistress, I didn't want to disobey. you just feel so good..."

I pulled on his nipple clamps and he whined from the pain...but I knew he loved it. he loves feeling helpless...being sexually tortured. it thrills him in a way that nothing else can.

I pushed down on his bound arms and slowly began to move. I savored the feel of his hardness slowly sliding in and out of Me. I closed My eyes focusing on the pleasure. hearing his soft sighs only excited Me more. I accerated My pace and grinded into his cock. I fucked him and fucked him until I came over and over again. Once I got to My seventh orgasm I felt My boy's legs begin to stiffen. He always does that when he is very close to cumming.

I tugged on the ball string.

"Don't you dare bitch. What do you say?"

I was on the verge of cumming myself just forcing him to hold back.

"this cock is not mine. I will not cum. this cock is not mine. I will not come." derek repeated over and over with uneven breaths. he closed his eyes tight and repeated the sentence with such concentration until he was able to handle My pussy again.

This of course, made Me cum and squirt all over his big fat cock.

In other news....

Today, slave eddie and I are meeting with two young bisexual black girls around 4:30pm. Based on the conversations I've had with My slut eddie and a few with one of the ladies W/we are all going to have a very kinky, hot time. They are bring their toys and I'm bring Mine. Eddie said something about going off to purchase a double headed dildo. Hmm...we'll see how that works out. lol.

Tomorrow night Myself, Master Anthony, his beautiful lady, Mistress Lena and bitchboy are getting together for dinner. I am completely enjoying meeting and making friends with others in the lifestyle. It would be great to make long lasting friendships with other Dominants and submissives. There are so many possibilites!

Saturday night I'm going to a concert with the family. So it looks like I'm not going to get a full nights rest until Sunday.

Then monday....I get to start all over again. lol. *evil grin*

happy and sleepy,

~Mistress Eboni

One new naughty pic has been approved and added. I'm waiting for the others to upload.

~Mistress Eboni
happy halloween bitches! lol

I will have some treats for you. I will be uploading new sexy pics today. just have to wait for them to be approved. If you do not see any photos of Me on My know why.

bi for now sluts.

~Mistress Eboni


Met with Master Anthony of a D/s couple for lunch today. It was truly delightful to talk with him. From our frequent conversations from both him and his lady we all seem wonderfully compatible. I think there is much potential and so many things that all three of us will be able to explore. I maybe meeting with them this friday. I really look forward to it. :)

This thursday I will be having a private get to gether with sub eddie and two lovely bisexual females. Mmm....sounds yummy.

Resticted # girl called today around 4:30pm. I was happy to hear from her. I wondered if she was really going to call Me again as she promised. We talked for a few minutes and I updated her on some of My recent encounters. her pussy was throughly wet when we got off the phone. she confessed to Me that she thought about Me all day and found it very hard to concentrate at work. she got so hot and bothered she had to cum in the bathroom. she said she was so curious to think what O/our first meeting would be like. she wants Me to teach her so many new things and she wants to truely and openly explore her sexuality. I think that is beautiful. This girl seems real but we will see.

Tonight see is going to call Me after her husband leaves the house and we are going to have an...intimate conversation.

I truly hope she wants to meet in person and not just want a kinky phonesex buddy.

~Mistress Eboni

Dear minions,

One of My dear subs charlie (subcharlie20) has joined CM. I expect you to treat him nicely as he is new to the site. he is a wonderful young whore and I am very happy to have him.

Welcome My good lil whore!

~Mistress Eboni

bow and worship your Goddess,

hello minions.

wonderful day yesterday. I met with Master Nick and His pet yesterday. Nick and I schemed and decided to surprise the little whore. He has always had a deep fantasy of watching his girl submit to a Dominant female. How can I say no to that? :)

I arrived around 6:30pm and knocked on the hotel room door. Master Nick opened the door and she was revealed to Me. As directed Nick's lovely girl was tied face down and blind folded on the bed. her hands were bound behind her back in tight leather cuffs and her legs were spread wide and attached to a spreader bar.

there was no talking. I walked in the door and with out saying a word or hesistation I picked up a long slapper off the table of tools Master Nick set out for Me. I loved the thought of her knowing someone else was in the room....and having no idea who it was. her senses straining...listening...trying to determine where I was. Smelling...attempting to detect cologne or perfume to determine the sex. Knowing that her Master was openly giving her to this person...completely vulnerable to His/Her will and forced to obey what ever is asked of her.  Still makes Me hot thinking about it.

I slid the slapper slowly up her tan stocking spread legs and inner thighs. The leather softly moved over her ass. I heard her softly moan and sigh as I spanked her. she looked so nice in her red slutty dress. It barely covered her ass.  I spanked her ass and inner thighs. I gripped her silky blonde hair and pulled her head back as I cranked My hand and spanked her harder. she loved every second of it. As her ass was gradually getting redder...her pussy was also getting wetter. I slid the slapper against her pussy lips through her panty hose.

Master Nick untied her silently. I rubbed My hands over her slim body. I squeezed her ass, rubbed her pussy and spanked her wanting ass. At this point she was very aware that this was no man controling her. I could tell her raised level of arousal as My hands traveled over her. I kissed her back and she moaned....I even bit a little. ;)

I undressed completely and took on of her hands and moved it over My curves. Finally I placed her hand over My right breast. she massaged and played with My nipples. I enjoyed and I could see the smile on her face. After a few seconds I pulled her had away. the little slut continued to try and play with My nipple and I slapped her hand away. lol. I placed her hand on My other nipple. When I had enough stimulation I pulled her hand away...this time she obeyed.

"Turn over." I commanded. It was the first thing she heard My voice say.

the pet did as she was told and I glanced over her body. her nipples were hard and pressed against the thin red material of her red dress. I glanced over and saw Master Nick stroking as I played with his slut. I love being watched and I definitely enjoy putting on a show. I stared right at him and reached down and squeezed his pet's sensitive nipples. she moaned and cried, "Oh yes."

"What do you say slut?" Master Nick called out.

"Thank you, Mistress." the pet sighed.

"Tell her how much you love the pain." said her Master.

"Oh god, I love it Mistress. Thank you." she moaned.

Master Nick told Me what a pain slut and whore she was. This very much aroused My attention. I love a good slut who can also take some pain. I spanked her inner thighs until she squirmed and cried out.

"how do you feel bitch?" I yelled.

"It feels awesome Mistress. I love it!" she moaned as I slapped her thighs.

"Do you want it whore?"

"Yes, yes Mistress. Please give Me more."

I spanked her harder until her thighs were tender. I ran My finger nails up and down her thighs and her moans and sighs our became louder.

"I will always giving you pleasure with pain."

I kissed her inner thighs. I pulled her red panties (which were very wet) to the side and spanked her clit.  A string of ooo's and ohh's errupted from her. I sucked and licked her pussy for being such a good girl.  Her Master's cock plunged in and out of her mouth as I ate her. his slut has quite a tasty pussy....and it gets very very wet. her clit and lips swelled was beautiful.

I fucked her hard with a thick blue dildo. I loved watching her moan and squirm. Master Nick and I placed nipple clamps on her nipples and attached to those clamps was an extra longer chain which we clamped on her clit. She panted and moaned feeling the tightness on her clit. it was so damn amusing to watch her. I could tell she truly loved the pain.

There is much more to this encounter, unfortunately I do not have time to finish right now.

The day ended with Master Nick fingering Me while his little whore sucked the cum right out of his cock. she loves to eat her Master's cum. I came so hard watching them. I loved seeing how hungry she was. to see the pure pleasure of submission on her face. It was amazing. 

I definitely intend to play with both of them again. 

thank god there are real people out there. 

~Mistress Eboni 

groveling servants,

Wow...random instance of good luck.

I answered a call from a restricted number. There was a female voice on the other end.

"I'm sorry...I ...I think I have the wrong number." she said.

"No problem," I said, "but your voice sounds cute though!"

She was gone but I couldn't help but tell her.

Ten seconds later My cell rings....restricted number.

"Hello." I said.

"Well, your voice sounds pretty cute too!" the woman giggled.

"Wonderful." I purred.

"I just caught what you said at the end....I had to call back."

"I guess sometimes a wrong number can be a good thing."

This mysterious woman (who's name happens to be Jennifer) was very curious to know the appearance of the woman cross the line and it was likewise on My part. I described Myself in detail. she was very pleased.

Jennifer is 33, married, 135lbs, blondish brown hair, 34 C, and has brown eyes.


During our half hour conversation I learned she has always had a fantasies about being with women....and likes the idea of being controled.


she's going to call Me tomorrow night. Before W/we ended O/our conversation Jennifer told Me that her pussy was very wet. lol....good girl.


Man this is a great week! And it's only

Around 6pm I'm going to be walking into a hotel room with a sexy female sub tied up and waiting for Me. her Master and I are going to have such a great time treating her l ike the obedient slut she is. ;)

can't wait. :) :)

~Mistress Eboni


I have to go to class,  write a paper and I'm meeting a  D/s couple in the evening. Busy day for Me. :)

~Mistress Eboni

feeling great today. Ive been talking with lots of interesting people from CM lately. Even some D/s couples. Soon I should have a really nice group of D/s friends and playmates going. I'm so looking forward to it.

I may be meeting a sub girl tomorrow. ;)

~Mistress Eboni
greetings My adoring sluts,

Currently sitting naked in the hotel room bed using My bitchboy's laptop. 

I'm slightly hung over....tired...smugly smiling....and it was all completely fucking worth it! :) :)

I am listening to Finger Eleven's song "Paralyzer". fucking love this song! My head is slightly throbing. I have the head phones on so I don't wake everyone else up. I'm looking over the room and I am chuckling at the damage. there are clothes, panties, bras, toys, lube, and porn everywhere.

Oh my god, I had an awesome night. Myself, My sissyboy, Mistress Lena bitchboy, and Mistress Jamie and her sub boy rocked fetish playland and had a great time partying in O/our hotel room. It was definitely a Femdom party. In ode to CM I wore My famous red vinyl dress, garter style sheer black panty hose, no panties and My black leather boots. Mistress Lean wore a fishnet crotchless body suit a snug black corset black mini shirt and six inch black heels. Mistress Jaime also wore a black corset and a a skirt. We were some hot fucking bitches. lol. And We loved every minute of it.

The six of U/us marked O/our territory in a corner of the second floor of Metropolis around a spanking bench. All of O/our drag sissy bitches were properly spanked and humiliated. Mistress Lena, Mistress Jamie and I took turns spanking them all. At one point Lean actually straddled and rode bitchboy like a cow girl while W/we spanked him. lol. It was quite a sight to see.  it wasn't long before W/we began to attract a crowd of Voyers. It was so thrilling to have so many eyes on U/us and occasionally a few on lookers wished to feel the sting of My paddle.

I met an angel last night.....literally. lol. She was a beautiful tall slim blonde naughty angel with purple and black wings and a collar and leash. she walked up to Me and asked Me for a spanking. I was completely shocked to have the opportunity and throughly excited. she wore purple ruffeled boy shorts that accented her plush bottom. I couldn't wait to spank her.  after her ass was a warm shade of red the two of U/us chit chatted for a bit. Her little purple panties were soaked. Numbers were exchanged. I really hope that turns into something great.

My night went nearly exactly how I wanted it.
I wanted to have a kick ass time with My friends at fetish play land, I spanked some asses, tied some people up, kissed, licked and fondled lots of pretty girls, and got completely smashed drunk! Mistress Lena, Myself and Mistress Jamie were all over each other most of the night. It's so wonderful to have two kinky creative ladies' hands, lips, teeth, and tongues all over you. O/our frequent fuck fests attracted lots of eyes....and I loved it. We all did. I know fetish playland has no sex as a rule but.....I had My pussy licked quite more than once, somehow Mistress Lena's fingers wandered into My pussy at least five times, My ass was licked and bitten....Mistress Jamie sucked on My tits.... I mean...I pretty much had public lesbian sex infront of several hundreds of people....and no one even tried to stop Me. lol. was a really hot time.

I came so many times in the hotel room. Both the boys and the girls got to taste and experience My juices. lol. It was such a fucking hot time. six people in a female controled environment is...absolutley wonderful. God I have to do this again. I never wanted fetish playland to end. The music was great, the people were hot, the equipment was tons of fun to use and I think I had some persons hands or lips on some part of My body nearly the whole time I was there. lol.

Mmmm....I am so happy. Maybe My friends and I will go to the Organ Grinders Ball next. oh....Mistress Lena is awake.....she is touching My thigh....and My pussy.......ow... and biting   My shoulder. lol. Um...I have to go now. It's time to play.

~Mistress Eboni and Lena

24 hour count down to My fetish party!! :)

I am so excited and looking forward to the fun. :) :)

~Mistress Eboni

My pathetic sluts,

hello again. :)

I had a fabulous time last night. Slave derek did infact take Me shopping. he loves to spoil Me. I now have a brand new very powerful pink, wireless, remote control operated vibrating egg. I absolutely love it!

I also have a new thich 8 inch vibrator, a new cock and ball ring, a smaller purple vibrator, a new paddle, and new nipple clamps. :)

Unfortunately near the end of Our shopping spree derek was called in for work. I was dissapointed that he had to cancel the session but all hope was not lost.

I called the new boy that slave eddie introduced Me to the other day....he was available. his name will be pussyboy for the time being.

pussyboy is an engineer and love to be controled, used, abused and mercilessly humiliated. After having a session with him one on one....I may actually claim this one. I can see the need in his eyes to obey and serve. he is somewhat of a novice to the lifestyle but he learns quickly and is more than willing to do what ever I ask for My pleasure.

I trained and played with pussyboy for several hours and I was very pleased and impressed with his performance. I learned that sub boys tend to tell you all their deepest fantasies when they are on the verge of cum and have vibrating toys teasing their asses. ;)

I look forward to playing with him again.

~Mistress Eboni


having a session and going on a mild erotic shopping spree with slave derek this afternoon. Perhaps I'll get some new lingerie and a couple new toys for the fetish party this weekend.

I have My eye on a wireless vibrating egg with an included remote control. It has five lovely variations of speeds and intensities. I can't wait to use it. :)

any volunteers boys and girls?

wonderful session with My two boys last night. I spanked and flogged both of them. Forced a little cock sucking out of both of them. Engaged in some strap on play and body worship. I even sat on slave eddie's face 69 style while Myself and our new sub boy toy shared and teased eddie's cock. I squirted down his throat from all the excitement.

Oh, Double penetration is a wonderful thing. The mixture of constant anal and vaginal pleasure is fucking fantastic! I came so many times and so incredibly hard. It was just what I needed. *sigh* it's great to be a Mistress.


~Mistress Eboni
kneel servants,

I will be having a session today with two of My sub boys. It may be just what I need to tame My voracious sexual appetite today. I've been wet, throbbing and frustrated all day.

I have so many kinky things planned. It will entertain Me to watch them play together....and to have both of them ravish Me as I see fit.


~Mistress Eboni


Hmmm....I'm a lil bored today....

who will be My next victim? lol.

~Mistress Eboni

hello sluts,

Diamond and I were "sweethearts" for Sweetie's Day. I'm not a big fan of big commerical holidays but Diamond really loved the idea. We spent hours together, rented a movie, had a relaxing dinner, explored some more fantasies....and were each other's desert. ;)

Everytime I talk with Diamond I find out something more interesting and sexy about her. She is so open and so kinky and curious. I swear she is about a 95% replica of Myself....just so much more submissive.  She has experimented with several kinky, dirty things but has never had anyone open enough to truly play and explore with. Diamond loves how comfortable I am with My sexually and she is more than anxious to see what I have in store for her.

Diamond and I intend to spend the day together this Tuesday. I promised her lots of time for us to explore her deepest darkest fantasies....and I am so looking forward to it.

She confessed to Me while she worshiped My body that, "Most girls I've been with haven't had that much experience or are too shy to make the first move. I'm usually the one who has to do all the work and direct. It would be nice to let go of the reins for a little while. I think I need a girl who is more assertive about what she wants."  It was hard to conscentrate and listen with her talented lips traveling all over My body but her thoughts and desires sounded absolutely wonderful.

She is very oral, she squirts, loves toys, wants to be spanked, loves her hair pulled...HARD, wants to be blind folded, fantasizes about rape scenarios, enjoys watersports, likes rough and senusal play, wants to be tied up, sex in public/outdoors, humiliation, enjoys 3somes and group play, enjoys exhibition and voyerism....there is so much about this girl I can't wait to find out!

She's never been submissive before and she is very curious to experience being completely tied up, helpless and vulnerable. Mmm....makes Me wet thinking about all the possibilities.

Only 24 hours to wait.....


~Mistress Eboni
Hello pittiful worms,

chatted with Diamond on the phone last night. :)

W/we plan to meet again some time this week. I'm looking forward to it. We had a very steamy conversation and after awhile both of U/us found O/ourselves with much less clothing on then when W/we started the conversation. lol.

During O/our erotic words I discovered some interesting things. 1)the thought or fantasy of  being tied up excites her 2) the thought or fantasy of being spanked excites her 3) the idean of being mysteriously blind folded excites her 4) she has never done any of those things before with a woman



So....the is a possibility of further development here. 

I asked her "Are you interested in trying any of the things W/we just talked about in person?"

I listened intently for her response.

"Hello?" I said into the phone.

Diamond giggled and said,

"I thought you said in your world silence is a yes?"


MMmm....oh goodie. I can't wait.


~Mistress Eboni

lovely time with goldenboy today. I'm so relaxed. Don't have enough time to write all the details but I will attempt the short version.


 spanking, flogging, pussy eating, ass licking, squirting, cross dressing, some golden nectar, and someone ate their own cum today....and it wasn't Me. lol.


~Mistress Eboni

hello Minions,

took a look at some of kitten's entries. glad she is having fun with her boyfriend. :) Very cutesy sweet puppy love entries. I think they are good for each other. Good luck Mistress Bubbles! ;)

I'll be happy to see when she starts her real sessions and will move into the big leagues.

Speaking of, I have to go get ready to go spank a dirty boy.

hee hee....

~Mistress Eboni


I'm going to have a session with My wonderful goldenboy today. After so much fun yesterday I feel I need a balance of some boy time. ;)

I'm excited and look forward to seeing him bow before Me again. :)

~Mistress Eboni
groveling worms,

hello again.

that last entry was only half of what happened yesterday.

After lunch Diamond needed to change clothes.

I kinda um....squirted on her face and some dampened her top. W/we went back to her place so she could pick something else to wear.

I was pleasantly surprised to see a silver stripper pole in her bedroom floor. this girl just gets more and more interesting.

I sat on her bed and watched this lovely girl casually undress in front of Me. she walked over to her bedroom mirror and brush her hair. I asked her about the large pole. I watched her smiling reflection answer Me.

"Oh that? It's practice for work.... Wanna see?" Diamond winked.
I realized I didn't have a if I would say no. lol.

It wasn't long before she pulled up a chair in her room and invited Me to sit in it. She teased and gyrated. she put on this song called "Cyclone" by Baby Bash. Oh god, you should listen to it. it was perfect for her. LOL.
she straddled Me and lightly brushed her lips over Mine but did not kiss Me while her hips moved in a circular motion on top of Me. Diamond hovered her dark nipples infront of My face and slowly slid down My body to the floor. her hands traveled up My legs. she dipped her head and pretend to eat Me. that particularly made Me wet because I knew just how good she is at doing that. she is really talented and can do some amazing things on that pole. shes a natural.  After her provacative show I wanted to fuck her brains out but unfortunately W/we were short on time.

she changed into a black tube top and tight blue jeans. W/we then when to a local bar to play some pool. I beat her in the first game....but she was kind of distracted with that large vibrating bullet in her pussy. So it wasn't exactly fair. lol.

I randomly fondled her and touched and rubbed her as several times during O/our games. several guys were watching U/us. Diamond and I were both enjoying the attention. But after a while I had to tell a two guys that approched that we were not interested. she got better on the second game and won. W/we were to horny to finish the third game. lol.

I took her back to her house so she could get ready for work. I wish I had enough time to stop by the club and watch her but I also had other engagements.

We kissed good night and I drove home with a smile on My face.

What a cool girl.

Don't know if she is the submissive type...but she sure is one kinky lady. We'll see.


~Mistress Eboni

My minions,

I had an exciting lunch with a cinnamon girl named Diamond. she is a very oral (thank God), shapely,  twentyish, professional dancer in Cleveland. Highly flirtatious, playful to converse with and definitely not shy about speaking her thoughts....and desires. ;)

She is a very artistic college student and loves to experiment. I told her about the lifestyle I was into and her eyes lit up with curiousity....and My pussy got wet. lol. she asked me several questions about D/s and she tilted her head attentively as I  described some of My encounters.

"Wow...that!" she exclaimed. "I knew you were a freak but that was...amazing."

I smiled at her and couldn't help but glance over her long dark brown hair and plunging neck line. I was 100% certain that she was as wet as I was. I slid My stocking foot  slowly up her calf and stared into her brown eyes.

"Are you telling Me you wouldn't just LOVE to do something that hot. Something completely spontanious...erotic....exhillarating?"

Diamond looked down at the table and adorably bit her lip. A few seconds ticked by.

"By My rules, silence grants a yes."

She looked up at me suddenly. She thought I was just being hypothetical.

I rose from the booth.

"Meet me in the bathroom in 2 minutes. Knock twice on the stall."

I walked passed her entertained by the shock on her face.

"Tick tock..." I mouthed with My mouth.

I checked he bathroom....empty.

I partially unbuttoned My blouse and waited by the large bathroom mirror and sinks. I looked at My cell...8 seconds left.

The bathroom door open and there nervously standing was Diamond.

"I thought you were going to be in the stall?"

"Change of plans. you are early. I told you exactly two minutes. naughty girl."

"What can I say....I was anxious."

I locked the bathroom door.

I took her by the hand and pulled her close to Me.  I hesitated over her lips....stroked her neck.  I laced My fingers in the back of her hair softly...and gripped. She gasped as I smoothly tilted her head back and kissed her neck.

"Do you like having your hair pulled?" I whispered in her ear.

she chuckled softly and said.

"Do it harder please."

mmmm....I like her already.

I pushed her over the sink and made her watch Me touch her in the mirror. I pulled down the straps of her pink tank top and slid My hand over her breast. I pinched her nipple lightly.

she liked it.

I lifted up the back of her skirt and slid My fingers inside her. I made her cum. I sealed her moans with my hand as they echoed in the bathroom.

I sat on top of the counter and he licked Me until I squirted. She was so excited.   We kissed for several seconds and I wanted to take her again but there was a knock on the door.

We giggled adjusting ourselves and made some kind of excuse about Me being sick. We unlocked the door and I paid the billl. We couldn't stop giggling once we got out the restaurant door.

Diamond is tons of fun....and very yummy.

~Mistress E


boys...boys...boys....lots of interesting boys the past few days. I am pleased to actually get responses from some half way decent guys. I need more local boys to play with. ;)

I've talked to a couple cute girls also. Seems that all may not be lost on collarme. lol.

My lovely pussy needs to be serviced. Any volunteers?

kinky boys...kinky girls....come out and play. :P

~Mistress Eboni
Alright. Enough drama...enough bitching and moaning.


I'm through sulking. kitten and I will both find O/our own ways and be comfortable in what ever we decide is right for either one of U/us.

No more drama. I'm moving on. And I'm going to be happy.

~Mistress Eboni

hello to A/all,

Thank you for all your feedback. It makes Me smile.

Yes....unfortunately its over. I had a long internet discussion with kitten last night. I know about everything. she was talking on webcam with one of My classmates when I got out of class on friday the 12th. he was curious about D/s so I told him about CM. he made a profile and of all the girls on this site who does he end up talking to?

strawberrylove. lol.

I sat next to the computer of My friend to hang out with him and there right in front of My face is My kitten on webcam typing away to My classmate as this strawberry girl. she even showed him her multiple profiles.

*sigh* it really is a very long thing to write about. but the point is I confronted her about it. I told her that I saw her on webcam pretending to be this strawberry girl. I was sitting right next to My friend for 95% of the conversation looking right at her.  And she STILL couldn't tell Me the truth after I told her I knew for a fact that she was talking to him. 

Now that really hurts. 

I really liked this its not going to be easy. But I'm a big girl, My heart will heal. lol.
I really, REALLY can not stand being deceived and lied to.

I've been nothing but patient and good to her. Everything was wonderful....until she started making other profiles with out My permission. It appears sneeky and inconsiderate.

I was very happy with her. She initiated the drama with all these profiles.

It all seems too melodramatic for My tastes. why would a sub that wants to be owned purposely sabotage themselves?

I asked her specifically if she ever talked with My friend on messenger and she said no. No, no, no every time. It was Callie not her.

I'm not blind, I know exactly what both of them look like, and it was not Callie infront of that webcam on friday.

I saw her. I was right there. I saw the whole conversation.

I told her that I saw her chatting with him onilne.

and she still lied to Me.

she still lied.

I'm dissapointed.

I'll miss the sweet girl I fell for in the beginning.....

But the trust is broken and W/we can never go back.

But on the brightside, she has a wonderful new boy who adores her. It may not have worked for kitten and I but I'm sure and really hope she can find her place in this lifestyle. I want her to be happy.

there is a wonderful song by Timberland called Apologize. The song is beautiful and it blew Me away. It is exactly how I feel about this whole situation. Every single word.  It's on youtube you should listen to it.

here are the lyrics.


I'm holding on your rope
Got me ten feet off the ground
And I'm hearing what you say
But I just can't make a sound
You tell me that you need me
Then you go and cut me down
But wait...
You tell me that you're sorry
Didn't think I'd turn around and say..

That it's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late

I'd take another chance, take a fall, take a shot for you
And I need you like a heart needs a beat
(But that's nothing new)
Yeah yeah

I loved you with a fire red, now it's turning blue
And you say
Sorry like an angel, heavens not the thing for you,
But I'm afraid

It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologizes, it's too late

It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, yeah yeah
I said it's too late to apologize, a yeah

I'm holding your rope
Got me ten feet off the ground...

~Mistress Eboni


I have read kitten's latest journal entry.  It seems sincere.....but I honestly do no know what to believe. I really like kitten. I enjoy My time spent with her. she is one of few slave I have let in to get close to Me. The chemistry between U/us is completely wonderful and exciting when we are together. but there continues to be barriers between us that keep us from  moving forward. I want a female submissive. I've  wanted that for years...but I never thought it would be this hard or complicated to obtain what I've always desired. My heart still cares for her...but My mind can not trust her.  The lack in her phone communication, the multiple profiles, excuses, some of her D/s limits......I feel I am making more effort then I am getting back in  return. I don't ask for much. I want a submissive who is loyal, obedient, honest and willing to learn and most of all make Me happy.

Right now I'm not happy.

In order for any relationship to function properly there must be trust, respect and open communication.  This relationship can not continue until those three things are restored. And trust is ever so hard to regain...especially with Me. 

Kitten is no longer owned. she can not be trusted.

I JUST wrote yesterday in My journal that I do NOT tolerate liars.

AGAIN 'kitten' has made another profile.

she got caught with the MistressBubbles profile and I was gracious enough I forgive her and yet she still made another profile yesterday as a submissive. I will not write the screen name of this new profile out of respect....unfortunately, she has no respect for Me.

Through the magic of internet you can recreate yourself as many times as you want. you can be Dominant, submissive, trans, switch....hell you can even change your race or age to make someone believe what ever you want. kitten seems to love doing this.

Did she really think I wouldn't find out? she uses the same photos, same city, same age and just calls herself something different. seems to be a lot of 19year old red heads in one particular city with green eyes.

So Doms/Dommes and subs.....if you encounter an innocent looking red head


She's not so innocent and it's a waste of time. Enjoy it while it lasts.

If she makes you happy and it works for you that is fantastic.

But it definitely doesn't work for Me.

Be safe tara and I wish you well. I truley mean that.

I have nothing left to say about this topic and she will never be mentioned again.

any girls what to go to a fetish party? I have a new spot open.

~Mistress Eboni

Another poser.

I have no tolerance for liars. If you can't be honest and trust worthy...then I don't want you.

At. All.

Are all the people on this site JUST looking for cyber D/s? Do they really just want to spend all their time online chatting about things and fantasies they will never do. Talking to people they will never meet? I don't get it....really I don't understand it.

I'm not angry...just can't see Myself sending messages to someone for months and not meeting them. But hey, what ever floats your boat. I guess it is comforting to be "safe" behind your computer screen....recreating yourself and revealing all your kinky fantasies. But's SO much more fun 3D....instead of IMs.

I am tired of the dishonesty.

If you only want internet play, do not lie and say we are going to meet...and then tell Me you only fantasize about being Dominated and are too scared to do it. That's just a waste of time. I will appreciate it more if a person tells Me they loved My profile and just wanted to chat with Me. Alright fine....I like My fans. lol. No problem.  But don't send Me bullshit.
Amongst the fakes, I have talked to a couple girls that I think are really interesting. I will see how it goes.

Count down to the fetish party!!!  :) :)

~Mistress Eboni

Are there any local submissive girls that are serious about this lifestyle????

~Mistress Eboni

pittiful minions,

Alright, I have a minor rant.

I do not want so called "subs" with "if" and "only" statements. For example, "I'll do what ever you want, IF I get to lick your feet." Or, "I'm not interested in such and such, I only want you to do this kind of play with me."

Sentences like that do not apply to Me. you do what I want, when I say I want it, however I want it. It's simple.

I don't deal with selfish subs. 
Definitely don't tolerated a sub attempting to top from the bottom either. Don't tell Me what you want Me to do to you. I assure you that is the number one way to get kicked to the curb.

True submissives and slaves do not have stipulations.  Slaves I want, live to make Me happy. If this is not what you are seeking, do not bother to write Me.

Rant over.

~Mistress Eboni

I played with Mistress Lena and My bitchboy last night. My is that bitches ass getting a work out. lol. We spanked his tender ass until it was perfectly cherried and hot. he squirmed and wiggled but I know the bitch loved every minute of it. W/we had another session of dirty pictures and vandalizing bitchboy's body with humiliating phrases. lol. I took a lovely picture of My bitchboy on his knees deep throating My strap on... lol... that fucking slut. Between Lena and I, he truly is such a spoiled princess.  So spoiled...and his little sissy ass definitely pays for the attention.  It amazes Me that he can ever sit down.

Mistress Lena is a really awesome person.Our dynamic with bitchboy is very natural and very enjoyable.  She is open, highly kinky, and more than willing to share him. We think so similarly about the lifestyle that one of Us has finished each others sentences at least on 3 occasions. I'm really enjoying having another Dominant female around.

~Mistress Eboni
hello minions,

I have ordered My kitten's cat tail butt plug. I am certain she will look fabulous with it. The fetish party is nearing and Myself and all My other friends are very much looking forward to it. I'm sure Mistress Lena and I will be the life of the party! People won't be able to handle such a double dose of sexiness. lol. So far it will be kitten, bitchboy, sissyboy (andy), Myself, Mistress Lena, Master Tyson and which ever slaves he wishes to bring. Can't wait to play with all the equipment and mingle. Hmmm.....I think an after party is in order.


~Mistress Eboni

hello sluts,

My slave, previously known as sean will now be called golden boy from now on. It is a name that is highly fitting of him. ;-)

I met with My golden boy over the weekend. I am bored with the pics I have on this site so I decided to let My slut be My personal photographer. he was more than excited to volunteer. I hope you worms enjoy the new pics when I post them. lol.

After My erotic photo shoot, I had some fun with My goldenboy. I tied his hands behind his back, blind folded him and led him to the couch. I slowly trailed My finger tips up his thigh. he sat there patiently, savoiring My touch. I spread his legs open with a push of My knee. I staddled his left thigh. I knew he could feel the heat of My pussy hovering above his skin. his breath caught as I pressed My knee against his throbbing crotch. I leaned forward...close to his face. I stroked the side of his face lovingly and whispered in his ear.

"Are you going to be a good bitch for Me tonight?"

"Yes, Mistress. Always. I will always obey You."

I kissed his neck....and lightly bit. I trailed My tounge down his body and teased his cock. I pulled out a blue collar style cock ring and fasted in tightly around the base of his cock. I sucked licked and nibbled his cock and balls until he was throbbing with excitement. My goldenboy sighed in pleasure.

"Blue" he panted. I love seeing My boy's face so concentrated and red attempting not to cum. seeing him hold back for Me always makes My pussy the wetest. 

I placed a clothes pin on his balls. I watched him wince.....and I also watched his cock harden. I loves the pain I give him. When I was finished with My goldenboy I had a total of 22 clothes pins on his cock and balls. It excited Me so much to watch him suffer for My amusement....and he always asks for more. I am not a sadist....but for some reason with My boy....I'm never more excited than when I'm giving him pain.

he ate Me until I came and came and came so many liquid puddles. he so passionate....and always more commited when I after I give him pain. So grateful, so willing. :) he's a great boy.

I have more updates and I will write soon.

~Mistress Eboni

Another case of fakes and posers.

I've been chatting with a sissy boy on IM and cam for about 2 weeks now. he's cute, kinky, and local....all things I like.  Through the magic of web cam I've watched him deep throat large black dildos, fill his "pussy" with toys, cover his slutty lips with whore red lipstick, show off sexy lingerie, and shoot large loads of cum from all the excitement. The late night peep shows were entertaining...but it is only so long before I want to touch in person, what I've seen on screen.

One night during our kinky show 'n' tells, W/we exchanged numbers. I saw the delight on his sissy made up face as he wrote down My number on his office notepad. This sissy tells his room mate he is working late....but W/we both know his wants to be a girly slut. I wonder if his secretary knows how many toys, lingerie and make up he has hidden in the desk of his.

My pussy dampened as I watched him rock against the six inch butt plug that was snug in his "pussy", wearing a red bra, a short brown wig and red lipstick.

"Do you want to cum, slut?" I typed.

"Yes, please." he typed with one hand.

"Then you have to earn it."

I watched him jump in shock as his ringing phone flashed on his desk. he opened the phone and stared hesitantly at My number beckoning him.

"Answer it bitch. I want to hear you cum." I typed.

The bitch stared right at Me nervously in the cam... and then it went black.

I left him a voicemail.  he neglected to return the call.

The next day I called. he didn't answer.

So now, I'm bored and I'm moving on. I have no time for people who will not make time for Me.

Lesson learned: If you want Me to own you, answer the phone when I call. Otherwise, I'll find some one who will. I need real time sessions, not cybersex.
~Mistress Eboni
loyal minions,

During the past few weeks the tiff between My bitchboy and I has been resolved. Last night I met with bitchboy and Mistress Lena. W/we all had a wonderful time and bitchboy was completely pink and slightly sore all over by the time we finished with him. Mistress Lena and I have several things in common regarding the lifestyle. It was so refreshing and exciting to have another mischievious mind to collaborate with. And my did We do some devilish things.....

A/all of U/us met in the back garage and mingled for a bit. It wasn't more than 5 mins before Lena and I attacked. lol.

bitchboy has a tickle torture fetish. Lena and I tickled him in various ways for about an hour until he nearly peed his pants and begged for mercy. he attempted to escape...but his resistance was useless. next bitchboy was bent over a chair and paddled. the garage door was open. Lena giggled imagining what the neighbors would think of the loud laughing and smaking sounds coming from the garage. bitchboy was nervous about the neighbors seeing....luckily for him O/our cars securely blocked any direct view. Personally I wouldn't have minded putting on a ranchy show. lol. 

 W/we all went inside and dressed him up like the sissy bitch his is with crotchless fishnet stocking, black heels, and a pearl neckless. Mistress Lena and I then wrote several degrading slutty names all over his body.....and took lots of embarassing and provacative pictures. lol. Some of this phrases were, C.u.n.tface, fuck meat, white whore, Enter here, torture here, cum dumpster, slut, bitch, I love to suck cock...etc. :)

There is so much more to this session but I do not have time to write it.  I am going to see them again today. lol.

Stap-on play and lots of  surrand wrap will be used today.

until later,

~Mistress Eboni

I do not have enough time to write but tara and I have talked. For the time being W/we have "made up".  But, her actions deserve a punishment for upsetting Me so.

That will be determined.

short version of all that has happened:

she still wants to be My slave. she feels she is a switch (sub to Me, Dom to other men). I have agreed to help her explore.

she should have talked about this to Me before acting but she knows exactly how she should behave in the future.

*sigh* God, this is exhausting. lol.

But W/we will work it out.


~Mistress Eboni


Did I really just read this?????

My "kitten" has a new profile.

Mistress Bubbles.

I don't even think there is a emotional icon on this site to describe the look I have on My face right now.

How could tara do this after what I just went through with My bitchboy??? The nerve....

I am angry...hurt...confused and just...all together baffled. There was no communication about this decision just...poof...she deleted her Small Kitten profile and the next day made a profile as a MISTRESS?????? Besides reading online, I was her first live encounter with the lifestyle!  All of a sudden she is a Domme????? What the fuck? I am absolutely and completely aggravated. Perfect time to kick My blonde pain boy in the balls....he can't enough of it....especially when I'm angry.

After so many fakes and guys pretending to be girls I thought I finally had a girl that I could own and enjoy. I really....really thought that.
I was very wrong.

Here I am again....bitter and skeptical. lol.

I can't believe this shit. ABSOLUTELY ridiculous!

This fucking site never seems to stop amazing Me.

I am sooooo damn tired of investing time and effort into slaves and having them fuck Me over. Maybe I shouldn't even waste My time anymore. This shit is just too frustrating and too hard.

Well, I still have My wonderful sean and My 2 other male subs. I appreciate their endless obedience and loyalty. I am thankful for them.
Maybe there isn't a girl out there who wants this lifestyle? Maybe its pointless.

I give up.

No More Panty Sale....I guess I don't need the money for the fetish party anymore.


~Mistress Eboni

I miss My kitten....

I look forward to seeing her again...

~Mistress Eboni

Attention minions,

For a limited time only I will be conducting a


Yes, you heard Me. Go ahead and smile....

your MystikalMiztress will be selling Her own worn panties to a select few.

$25 - One pair of My worn panties!
$35One pair of My cum soaked panties!
$45 - One pair of My pee soaked panties!
$50 - your choice of ANY 2 of the options listed above!(ie: 1 cum panty + 1 pee panty)

You can smell My scent before you go to bed every night, cum with them, wear them, lick them dry....what ever your beautiful dirty minds wish.

All proceeds will benefit Myself and the purchase of My kitten's cat tail butt plug.

Those interested parties email for details. :)

Let the fun begin!!!

I'm wearing a pair right now.....

who wants it??

~Mistress Eboni
whimpering bitches,

I'm having a very pleasant week. I am kind of tired...but definitely feeling satisfied.

So far sean and tara are at the top of My list of favorites. Both are making very good progress. I adore both of them dearly and I am very glad to have them.

I intend to take tara to her first fetish ball. I can tell how excited and nervous she is. I think W/we will throughly enjoy O/ourselvess. I want to dress her as a sexy Goth Kitten. I've been eyeing a black fox tail butt plug online, for tara to wear to the party. It would look divine on My girl. The down side is that the butt plug is around $50-55. *sigh* so many good ideas...such little money. lol. Though W/we are low on money, W/we are determined to go to the party....and it will be fabulous.

It makes Me wet already to think of it....:)

I don't know how I can raise enough money to get all O/our accessories, out fits and the hotel room....... :(

~Mistress Eboni

hello minions,

I tortured My sean for a while yesterday afternoon. I finished My paper and decided to reward Myself with some sub play time. I arrived at sean's after class and pulled in the drive way. his garage door lifted open almost magically before I could even turn My car engine.

he knew I was there. :)

I walked in the house and found him bowing on the floor wearing a white lacey top and a black skirt. I always love seeing him dressed like a sissy bitch. :)

I ran My hands over his body and gave his ass a firm spanking. I slid My hand up his skirt and felt his hard cock inside the sheer black panty hose he was wearing. I squeezed and teased his cock in My hands. I intended to give him some pain that day.

I grabbed his leash and guided him into the bedroom. I made him wait for Me in a corner of the room while I used the bathroom. I knew he could hear Me and I knew it was killing him to hear every wasted drop. he loves drinking Me in....

I came out the bathroom and made him hop up on the bed. I commanded him to undress and leave his panties and stockings on.  

"Lay on your back bitch."

I teased him with My hands....rubbing his thighs and stomach...purposely avoiding his cock. It had been three or four days since I ordered him not to cum. I'm sure the teasing was driving him crazy. I kissed his cock through the stockings and black panties he wore. I bit the head and nibbled it for several seconds....watching him squirm in disconfort.

It turned Me on.

A  mixture of sighs, grunts, winces and moans sounded from sean as I spontaniously gave him amounts of pleasure and pain. how exciting it must be not knowing which sensation you will feel next at any moment. I enjoyed watching his cock grow and harden in the panties as I sucked and licked.

"Take the stockings off." I commanded him.

My mouth continued to tease and torture. I watched his face and heard his sighs. I waited til he became so lost in the pleasure....and finally squeezed My teeth around his cock and brought his focus back.

I slapped, pinched and bit his balls and cock. I made him wince....and I also made him moan. W/we were both enjoying the pleasure, pain combination....and it made Me so wet. My pussy needed some attention.

I straddled his pussy hungry face and rode him while I abused his cock. I loved feeling his tongue and mouth licking and sucking My clit and drilling his tongue inside Me.

~Mistress Eboni

Dear sluts,

Today I am smiling.....

I spent the whole day with My kitten yesterday. It is amazing how fast time passes when I'm around her. We spent nearly 12 hours together and it didn't seem long at all.... *blink*

Yesterday began much better then O/our first session. My kitten woke up on time and properly followed all her orders. I arrived at her house at 11am and found her bowing on her kitchen floor topless, barefoot and wearing the gothic style black and red pants and panties I instructed her to wear. her head was pressed to the floor with her smooth creamy arms outstreched in front of her. she looked exactly how I wanted her.

"Hello kitten." I greeted her.

"Welcome, Mistress. How may I serve you?" she chimmed......said perfectly just as I taught her.

good kitty. :)

I stroked her back and arms. I heard her innocent giggles as I touched and kissed her back and arms. I reached under and fondled and pinched her nipples already perky with excitement.

"I'm happy to see you." I said.

"I'm glad to see you too...well....your shoes at least."

W/we giggled at her cute comment.

I allowed her to sit up on her knees and I kissed her sweetly and petted and stroked her hair. I really enjoy treating her like a kitten. I think she would have purred if I petted and stroke her any longer. lol.

I snapped My fingers and ordered her to follow Me. she crawled behind Me as I trained her before and W/we entered her room.  My kitten neatly laid out all her red tops as I told her the night before.  I enjoy the process of making tara My doll and dressing her up as I like. I chose a long sleeved form fittng shirt for her to wear.

"you look lovely." I told her. 

kitten shyly thanked me.

"Come here." I said seductively.

she stepped forward eyeing My lips. I sensed she expected that I wanted to kiss her. Amused by this I let her slightly lean in and I reach My hands up and adjusted her collar to the left like I intended. I smiled as she realized this. I thought it was extremely cute.

"I just really like teasing you." I chuckled.

"Now...." I looked into her goregeous green eyes and cupped her face. I kissed My kitten several times and nearly got lost in the feel of her lips when I reminded Myself that there were specific things to be done. My kitten still needed to finish dressing. I picked white and black stripped socks and some black and red shoes for her to wear.  I told her to finish getting dressed while I went to the bathroom. 
"When you are dressed, crawl to the bathroom door and wait for Me."

I opened the door and saw her sitting paitently as instructed. she crawled into the bathroom and I allowed her to stand.

It was make up time. :)

W/we had a nice girly moment and put on O/our make up. I even helped her a little with her mascara.  Soon W/we were all dolled up and headed out the door to the mall.

W/we held hands and browsed several stores including Hot topic, Victoria Secret, Wet Seal and even the Disney store. lol.  The biggest event of the day is that W/we also stoped by a jewelry stand.

My kitten and I now have matching silver promise rings. :) W/we saw the rings right next to each other gleaming in the display box. It was so strange because W/we asked to try them on...and both rings perfectly fit O/our fingers...and they were the only two left of its kind. kitten thought it was fate. Both of U/us intend to save up to have them engraved with My ownership of her inside the ring. I'm happy and excited about this. I will post a picture of the rings soon. :)

I have much more to write. For now I have a paper due to write for My class today. lol.

~Mistress Eboni


I gave sean part of his punishment on Monday. Something was said to My kitten that upset her, so I intended to make sure sean was sorry for his mistake.....and that he really meant it. ;)

I instructed My sean to strip naked and fetch his digital camera.

"Do you have clothes pins?" I asked him.

"Yes, Mistress I do."

"Good....." I smiled mischieviously.

"What would you like to do Ma'am? This bitch will take was ever punishment you desire." he sincerly said.

"Clamp a clothes pin on each nipple and as many as you can fit....or stand on your balls. I want you to take pictures and send two of them to her so she can see how sorry you are. Send the pics and write, -I'm so very sorry. I will never disrespect you again.-"

"WOW.....yes, right away Mistress."

"I.M Me when your task is finished."

And it was done. :)

It turned Me on imagining him taking pictures of himself like a human pin cushion....and in pain while he took the pictures. his balls and nipples were suffering for My enjoyment and even though he was in pain, I knew part of this really turned him on also. :) tara was shocked when she saw the pics. lol. I could just imagine the look on her face!

I intend to do much more to sean. Besides, I'm looking forward to him seeing My "darker" side....and he is very excited about that also.
He will see a much more demanding and more stern part of Me.....I can't wait.

I'm naturally a very sweet and affectionate person.......but it is oh so fun to be a real bitch sometimes. lol.

~Mistress Eboni

grovel servants,

Due to certain circumstances (lol) sean's punishment is postponed til tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it.

In other news, I will be seeing My kitten tomorrow. :) I am also looking forward to that too. looking forward to kissing her again and giving her more training.

~Mistress Eboni

loyal minions,

My slave sean was a bad boy over the weekend. Today his ass will feel My punishment for his disrespectful words.

He will be sore....he will be red...he will feel the lingering hot sting.....but he will learn.

However, I still adore him....even in his times of misjudgement.

~Mistress Eboni

My kitten is so lovely and amazing.

I'm so happy to have her.

The next time I see her...I intend to be bringing a collar.......


~Mistress Eboni
hello minions,


I finally have time to tell you about My meeting with tara. 

I really like tara alot.  Even though it started off a little rocky...

I talked with her the night before. W/we confirmed that I would arrive between 11:30am and 12pm at her house and I would call her before I left.  she is about an 1 1/2 away from Me so I left around 10:30am.

I called her house....

No answer.

the voicemail was full.

I called her cell phone....

No answer.

the voicemail was full.

I called the numbers answer.

"OH FUCK." To be quite accurate is what I thought.

Did she get cold feet?

she was so excited on the phone the night before. It didn't make sense. There was no excuse for her not answering the phone......unless she was asleep.  

I specifically ordered her to be awake by 10:30 -11:00am, so she had time to calmly prepare herself for Me. She should have been up by now. So, of course I was pissed.

I was going to drive all these miles on My car and empty a half a tank of gas just to be stood up? I hated to think that after all the great conversations and plans tara and I had, that she would turn out to be like the rest of bullshitters and fakes I've encountered before. I felt in My heart that she was different so....I was patient.  

I continued to drive and called her periodically, assuming the ring of one of these calls would wake her up.


I am lost in the middle of nowhere miles away from cleveland and still had no way to get in touch with tara. I was about a half hour away but I made some kind of wrong turn.  After asking three different people on the street to guide Me, all three of them told Me different answers. So I was left in the dark.  The thought occurred to just turn around and forget the whole thing. But, I had the directions and her address in My hand and I really wanted to see her. I decided to drive to her house and knock on the door. If she didn't answer then atleast I tried. Somehow by the grace of God, I found the correct free way.


Frustrated, I finally arrived at her house. I called still nothing. I waited about 5 minutes and then I put My car in gear. Suddenly, My cell rang. It was tara.

she had JUST woken up.

I was relieved and dissappointed at the same time. The experienced Domme in Me thought of bending her over My knee as soon as I walked through the door for making Me worry wait, but I would hate to start the beginning of O/our relationship negatively. So again....I was patient.

She is very new to the lifestyle and she had some kind of issue with her alarm clock so, she really did try. tara appologized profusely. I forgave the mishap and gave her a big hug in the drive way.

Feeling her body against Me melted My frustration and I was just truly very happy to have her in My arms.

I gave her time to freshen up and I was actually thankful things happend they way they did. It gave Me the opportunity to pick out her clothes and dress her as I liked.

For about 15minutes she was My lifesize doll. I made her very feminine in a low cut green oriental like top and a knee length green panties and black low heals. I did her curly red hair the way I prefered it and minutes later W/we were rolling in My car.

tara had the brilliant idea of suggesting going to an asian restaurant for lunch. I never pass up a chance to see asian girls. :)

W/we had habachi (the chef cooks in front of you) and it was very enjoyable. the chef did several tricks including enflaming the flat stove. Pyro tricks never fail to be entertaining. The food was delicious and tara was completely content with her meal and their special pink sauce. lol. tara really loves the sauce as she made a lil swimmng pool of it on the side of her plate. I thought it was adorable of her. I know she is smiling now reading that. lol.

I occasionally held My kitten's hand and stroked her thigh underneath the table. I noticed the immediate enjoyment of My touch on her face. Its always fun for Me to make her blush that pretty shade of red. I wondered how wet her little red pussy was getting underneath that skirt.  I had a plan for that pussy. ;)

As O/our lunch was ending I opened My purse and wrapped My hand around a small pink vibrator. 

"I have a task for you," I told tara.

she eagerly asked what I had in mind.

I brought her close to Me and said,

"I want you to go to the bathroom...and put this in your pussy."

"How am I suppose to keep it in???" she shyly asked Me.

"Put it in, keep your thighs closed and squeeze, squeeze squeeze." I instructed.
I smiled when I watched surprise fill her face. she blush and I watched her discretely hide the toy in her hands and shyly go into the bathroom. I couldnt help but smirk, imagining that little red girl in the bathroom stall nervously sliding My vibe in her tight wet pussy.

A few minutes later, out came My tara taking little teeny steps and walking 60miles and hour. I was surprise and impressed that she could walk that fast with a vibrator up her pussy. lol. I knew it had to be so thrilling and also scary for her to have to come out of the bathroom...praying for the toy not to fall out to the floor where everyone in the restaurant would see....and that made Me wet. 

I drank My water casually to hide My smile from the other customer and watched her sit next to Me out the corner of My eye. she must have seen the way I lustfully look at her because she blushed and looked down at the table right away. her innocence turns Me on. 

I leaned in close to her, my lips inches away from her check.

"Are you alright?" I asked

"Yes," she meekly answered, "but I've never even worn a tampon before so this feels really different to me."

There was a glance from a black man with his wife a couple seats away from U/us. I smiled happily knowing that he figured out O/our little game...tara blushed deep red. 

I rubbed her thigh and slowly trailed My hand toward her throbing pussy. her breath caught. I hesitated a let her have the thought of Me fingering her register in her mind. Then I removed My hand.  I was already having so much fun. 

Soon I paid the bill and W/we left the restaurant. I was proud of tara trying to act to casual out in the parking lot as if her heart wasn't fluttering with excitement that a sexy black woman made her put a vibrator in her pussy. 

As I drove in the car I let her adjust the toy a few times. In the beginning there was a mixture of pleasure and discomfort for her. I had forgotten that she was a virgin. I didn't want to cause her any pain....but she certainly didnt beg for Me to take it out. lol.  Soon her discomfort became pure arousal and she was more that happy to have My toy inside her. I made a point to purposely ride over bumps in the road. she squealed and giggled in delight. :)

We arrived at Ambiance lingerie store. I wanted to check the noise left and mood of the store. I intended to turn the vibe on but I didn't want to be extremely obvious. I wanted U/us to walk around the store near selected people and have them hear buzzing and wonder where it was comming from....and then realize the location. lol.  The level of the music was right and there was just the right amount of people. 

I went back to the car and looked at My lovely little girl. 

"Are you aware that there is a huge glare on My car wind shield if you look out the door of the store?" I said seductively as I slowly ran My hand up her skirt. "No one can see a thing..."

I lifted up her skirt. 

"Spread your legs." I commanded. 

My pussy throbbed seeing only the long black string of the vibe dangling out of her pussy. The toy was all the way inside her. I grabbed the sting and slowly pulled the toy out, just so the speed knob was outside her lips. I attempted to turn it on but her wetness was so slippery I couldn't grip it.....which really turned Me on.

I pulled the toy out of was covered with her white cream. Someone was VERY excited. I smiled at her. I turned the toy to high and decided to play for a bit. I slid the toy in and out of her right infront of the store window. I didn't care if anyone didn't care if they watched. I wanted to play with My girl's pussy. she squealed and made many pleasurable noises as I pushed the vibrating toy in and out of her. Finally, I pushed it all the way inside her and instructed her to get out of the car.

W/we went into the store and she was buzzing away. I loved the thrill. W/we looked at lots of toys and I discreetly pressed My hand against her pussy several times in the store. I also rubbed her ass anytime it presented itself to Me. lol.

My this is long....I assume so. tara and I spent 6 EXCITING HOURS together. I have a lot to write. SmallKitten did a very good job of recapping O/our day. she is a very smart girl. But I want to write about all the details, wetness, and every perverted glance. lol.
until I have more time...

feel free to read My lovely kitten's perspective of this day.

her collarme sn is SmallKitten.

kisses tara!


~Mistress Eboni

My kitten (SmallKitten) was wonderful today. can't wait to see and train her more. More details tomorrow :)


~Mistress Eboni


Today is the day...I'm finally going to meet tara in person.  Based on O/our online and phone conversations is shouldn't be long before My collar is around her neck. Let's see if the physical chemistry is there. Can she fully surrender herself to obey Me? Can she listen and learn when I teach her how to properly bow and do the things I ask? I believe she is capable, but time will tell. I am aware that she has very little experience in the lifestyle but I look forward to teaching and training her. I will take My time with her since she is a newbie, but I see so much potential in her already. :)

tara is "purring" with excitement to see Me and I really think it will be a wonderful day. I will take her to lunch and afterwards I will give tara her very first training session. I have several surprises and ideas for My kitten. I'm sure you are curious to know what kinky things I have in mind but for now, you will have to wait a few hours. lol. I promise I will write all the dirty details. ;)

Well......a hint.......

tara and I will meet for lunch....but it will be a meal she will never forget. :) :) :)

happily scheming,

~Mistress Eboni

kneel bitches,

I've arranged for My sean to take Me to lunch today. I'm looking forward to it. Some naughty things may happen...or they may not. Regardless of what I decide, I will be happy to see My sluts face today. I think a nice day would be a comfortable lunch at a nice restaurant and then some browsing and shopping at the mall. I would like a new pair of panties...hmmm...maybe a maroon color. :)

My little kitten tara called Me last night. I still have very good expectations for her. W/we are going to meet this thrusday. :) I'm planning a really nice relaxing day for U/us and I intend to give her many hugs and kisses. depending on O/our meeting, I will own her as a pet...similar to a kitten (definitely not in the literal sense). she is so cute and could I not make her a pet? lol.

Having a female pet has taken Me by surprise. Ideally I have solely wanted a female sub to be a personal obedient, sex slave and servant. I still want that....

Perhaps, I need two girls instead of one! lol.

~Mistress Eboni

My devoted minions,

she makes Me smile.

her giggle is infectious.

she has curly red hair, a sweet face and sparkling green eyes...

And I'm pretty sure... I want her to be Mine. :)

her name is tara and she has been the burst of sunshine in the middle of My mess with My ex-bitchboy. I find her absolutely delightful to talk to and she always has something interesting to say. she is very attentive, understanding and intelligent. I find Myself smiling when her number shows up in My phone. I want to help her grow, learn and explore. To be a friend, a mentor owner if things continue well. :)

As you all know, I've wanted a girl sub for quite some time now. I have spoken to many fakes but I can tell that this one is special. her honesty, will to please and natural curiousity intrigue Me. I feel so comfortable during our conversations... and I look forward to the day I can finally look into her eyes and see her face light up with that adorable giggle she has. :)

I am curious to see what the future will bring U/us.  If My intincts are right, I hope to know her for a  very long time.

kisses to you tara! :)


~Mistress Eboni

Hello A/all,

I greatly appreciate all the support and advice from the amount of Doms and subs about My dilema. 35 I new people read My journal but I didn't expect such a large response!!!

I guess you A/all actually do care! So....thank you to My fanclub. lol.

Now, I know some of You Doms say I should beat him until he bleeds, or make him pay some kind of monetary value in order to be released but I know emotionally hurting him and making him cry is the deepest punnishment I can give him. he will regreat his betrayal for the rest of his life. The moment he told Me about her I didn't even want him anymore. he can be in his lil 24/7 heaven but I know she won't be as good of a Domme as I am. She doesn't have the michievious, kinky, creative mind that I do to shock him and make him quiver. Yes, she will order him around every minute of the the day....but there will always be something missing. Something that doesn't make his submission complete and fullfilling. 
She is living there for free by the way. She doesn't work at all. Just sits on her ass all day or does some fixing up of the house. Who wouldn't want to live some where for FREE and boss someone around who waits on you hand and foot? Her commands will be empty. That is the worst punnishment I can give him. he will miss Me deeply and I will never ever take him back. Things can never be as they were. My trust, and his respect for Me were broken.

No matter how he changes his story to make it sound less than it is.....something just doesn't add up. There is a lie some where and I can't believe he just wont be honest with Me.

Could you be living with a woman for 2months and NOT know she was in the lifestyle????

he had to know she was a Domme. Think about it....the minute she arrived I wasn't able to see him. I have dominated subs that have roommates and even they scurry and try their best to make time to see Me for sessions. Something is up and I don't like that he thinks he can fool Me into think nothing is going on.

I have decided to release My bitchboy. She is in his house everyday. Even if I forbid him not to do anything with her, the temptation is  They could do what ever behind My back and never tell Me.

As one of My close friends said, I should focus on the slaves that truly worship Me. And thats what I'm going to do.

So, for all you subs that are reading this....apparently I have a vacant spot to be filled!


~Mistress Eboni

sniveling sluts,

My bitchboy and I had a HUGE misunderstanding that nearly costed him his ownership. It's a long story but I will attempt to shorten it.

For the past 2 months a woman has been living in his house. he told Me that as a favor to a friend, he agreed to let this woman "have a place to crash" for a couple weeks until she got back on her feet. In exchange for her living there, she agreed to help him clean and remodel the the house (which is needed). I was told that this woman was very vanilla, so that factor would restrict our play time until she left. I was definitely NOT happy. 

Weeks turned into months and the strain on our relationship only continued the longer she stayed. On 9/11/2007 My bitchboy called Me and informed Me that this woman intended to stay permenatly....and that she is a Domme.


Two weeks prior to this call, she offered him 24/7 submission.

And she wants to meet Me.

What! What!

I was livid. How dare she!

When he told Me this, I was under the impression that she had swooped in and claimed him and that they were already engaged in D/s play. I felt he betrayed Me and I was the after thought..."Oh did you tell your Mistress about us yet?"

Needless to say I was hurt beyond belief to hear this ridiculousness from the slave I had cared for and trained for over four years.  It was a very emotional converstation and I couldn't stand to talk to him anymore with out bursting into rage. So, I hung up on him.

The next day I called him.
"Consider yourself released. It's pretty backwards since you already have your new Domme. I don't want to draw this out longer than it has to be. Pack up all My toys and equipment. I'll pick everything up on Friday.
Oh, I'm going to need your collar too. Seems silly for your to be wearing two."
This is when he emotionally told Me that this woman had only verbally mentioned to him that she was considering going back to her old life (as a Domme). She was in bad relationship with her husband which is why she needed a place to stay. He was unaware that she used to be in the lifestyle until she found some equipment of his and discovered that he was a submissive. Since they live together, she naturally assumed that the two of them might be able to have a 24/7 relationship. he informed her about My ownership of him. She told him that she wanted all of us to meet and possibly be friends. If I gave My permission, both of U/us could share him.

Share him?????

I am not one to share.

He tearfully begged on the phone for Me not to cast him away. he said nothing has happened between them and he wanted to tell Me several times in the past two weeks but could never find the right opportunity.

I was so hurt that he didn't discuss any of this with Me and just went behind My back. Now, that I know that didn't happen, and he IS trying to discuss this possibility I do feel slightly better. But I am still pissed as hell and I really hate this situation.

I have been thinking about this from many angles. I know deep down that My bitchboy wants 24/7. I've known it for a while, but at this time I just not in the possition to give that to him. I would love to have My own place and have a live in. I would be a dream come true. But, between college, my family and the 45minute distance between us, I would only be able to see him once or twice a week. She is there every minute of the day...and having that constant Domination would be fun for him. 

But, I can't stand the thought of a woman other than Myself telling him what to do....sexually or non-sexually.

As a Domme, I have always wanted My subs to learn and grow in the lifestyle. She can offer him the 24/7 control that I can not do at this time.  Which would be exciting and good for him. But...My bitchboy is Mine and I can't help but feel powerless if I allow her access to him.

She also proposed that My bitchboy's house could be transformed into a "play house". The basement would be cleaned out and molded into a functioning dungeon and in time the house can be used for personal D/s gatherings. She, My bitchboy and I can meet and discuss all these possibilities. She can Dom him 24/7 and I can still come over and Dom him when ever I'm free. She is polyamorous like Myself and feels that We can use My bitchboy and she and I can bring subs to the house to use when ever We see fit.

And we'll just all be one big happy D/s family...blah blah blah...

I feel like I've been kicked on My ass.

In theory that sounds all like a peachy D/s utopia but for the first time....I don't know what to do.

Do I keep him and share? Or do I give him away and loose not only a great sub...but a really close friend?

yes, I have subs lined up around the block begging for My ownership......but..My bitchboy was the first slave I ever owned.

After all these this how its going to end???


~Mistress Eboni



I am so bored..........

are there any pathetic servants worthy enough to entertain Me today?

~Mistress Eboni


I still yearn for a female slave. It is hard for Me to believe that there really is not a serious female in Ohio that needs to be owned and trained by a sexy black female.

I'll keep dreaming...and keep searching.

~Mistress Eboni
kneeling servants,

I'm online for a quick second.

I had a short but very nice session with slave sean today. 

I started by ordering My bitch to lick and worship My ass. he is so very good at that. :) It was wonderful to feel his lips and tongue licking and kissing My ass cheeks....and then feel his tongue plunging into My ass. Turns Me on so much.

I commanded him on his back and I teased and sexually tortured My adorable sean and got his cock rock hard. I love the faces he makes when I suck his cock. I alternated between giving him pleasure and pain but sucking and periodically bitting his cock. I slid his cock that I own between My breasts. he was so warm and hard against My skin it made My pussy drip.

Then W/we talked for a while. I stradled him and laid on top of him with My wet pussy so close to his throbbing cock. I knew it had to drive him crazy. :)

Next I straddled My bitch's mouth and fucked his face until he gagged and drank My cum down his throat. I laughed as he gasped for air. And his tongue always asked for more. :)

I rode My sluts cock until he could hold back no longer and I finally allowed him to errupt so intensly and hottly.

Mmmmm....yes, sean is on the good list right now.

I'm going to have a long session with him tomorrow.

~Mistress Eboni


Going to see slave sean today.

Yay! lol.

~Mistress Eboni
grovel My sluts....

Well, I met her.  

It was a possitive and different experience. Typically, when I have met bi-curious girls they look at Me with lust but are nervous, shy and need coaxing to act on their impulses.

This is not at all the case with Ashley. lol.

I went to her appartment and she greated Me in the lobby.

"Hi!" she said brightly and gave Me a hug.

mmmm....tits. :)

"Come on up." Ashley said.  She turned around and headed up the steps. I could not help but grin when I was surprised at what a FABULOUS round ass she had. Never saw that in the photos she showed Me online. I followed that fine ass all the way to her room.

Ashley seemed very calm and attentive. She gave Me a cold glass of ice water and we sat and chatted on the bed. I looked at her creamy light brown skin and honey colored eyes.  I said something funny and I watched her light up in laughter. I decided I needed to kiss those full happy lips.  I put My glass down.

"Come here."

I said it softly....but she quickly recognized the commanding undertone in My voice.

Ashley crawled closer to Me and she leaned into My lips. We kissed softly. I teased her...hovering My lips milimeters away. She opened her mouth and I could feel the heat of her breath between our lips. she carressed My face and took My mouth. She kissed Me passionately. We kissed and kissed and kissed and before I knew it all of our clothes were thrown on the floor.

Ashley went straight for My breasts. her tongue and lips felt lovely as she sucked and licked. It made Me so wet.

"Lay down...I want to try something." she said with a smile.

Ashley dove right into My pussy. She licked My clit and fingered perfect rhythm by the way. I came all over her fingers.

Then she used My black dildo on Me and I came again. I could see the desire on her face as she watched it slide in and out of Me.

Then she just licked and sucked on My clit and I squited. She was amazed and seem pleasantly pleased by it.

Then I licked and sucked her pretty pussy until she screamed My name and her legs wrapped around Me. :)

Ashley wants Me to come back tomorrow.


It is a shame she isn't "in the lifestyle" she is so very pretty. Slim, perky full titts, flat stomach, shaved pussy...yumm.

I'll spank her tomorrow and she how she responds. Hey, I've got to try right?


 Thank god for pussy.

~Mistress Eboni

I don't have a lot of time so here is My quick update.

I'm going to meet a bi-curious black female today. She is lovely and seems to be serious about meeting. I'm going to head to her appartment any minute now.

Later on, I will meet with the black couple I see on occasion. I'm looking forward to getting a big black cock. :) So, yes, I am having an exciting day.

I have been talking with a couple submissive girls. I hope to make some progress and have a girl who is serious and willing to be trained. Time will tell.

School has Me a little tired but I am hoping to better balance My work and play time. :P So many classes and bitches to master! (no pun intended.)

I plan to see My wonderful sean this Monday. I'm looking forward to that.

I have to go now. I will write you again soon.

~Mistress Eboni
Kneel bitches,


Had a lovely and pleasantly perfect day with My slave sean.

I am so relaxed around him and he serves Me very well. W/we talked for a while and played a sensual game of marco polo. lol. I blind folded him and put his well earned collar around his neck and made him crawl to a corner fo the room. I walked to the other side of the room and gave him his instructions.

"Follow the sound of My voice.....and if you find Me, what ever you touch first you get to lick."


So, My good lil slut followed My voice on his hands and knees....and his hand touched My foot. sean then worshiped and licked My foot and toes. Feeling his tongue sent a warm wave through My body. Feeling his touch always excites Me.

I moved to a living room chair and watched My aroused slave crawling toward Me.

"That's it...closer bitch...come find Me...." I encouraged him.

I spread My legs and awaited his head to bump into My thigh. It was so cute to see his hands steady himself and feel My legs. I could imagine his excitement, realizing My legs were spead in the chair.

"Kiss My thigh..." I commanded him. And he did it so passionately. I can truly see how much he enjoys serving and pleasing Me. he licked and kissed up and down My thighs. When I got too hot I told him to stop.

I got up again and went to a different chair some distance behind him.

"Follow My voice bitch...." I said to him. I watched the smile on his face as he carefully listened. he crawled closer and closer....until his forehead bumped against My ass.

My heart fluttered a little when I heard him give a sigh or desire. I know how My sean loves to lick My ass. :) My bitch licked and kissed My cheeks...and finally buried his tongue in My ass.  It was lovely and made My pussy so wet and hot.

Next, I had him worship My body and eat My squirting pussy. I love splashing his face with My cum and feeling him lick and drink every drop of Me. Everytime he drinks Me in like a man who hasn't eaten in days. I love it.

Not only is he a really good sub but I enjoy talking with him as well. W/we can have all O/our clothes on and just talk.....and that is almost just as fulfilling as well. he looks at Me in the sweet, adoring away and My panties slowly become damp. But, I like him best where he belongs...."drowning" between My legs.

I am truly happy with sean.... like I haven't been with a slave in a long time.

all smiles,

~Mistress Eboni


I did My FIRST golden shower today......

Oh....and I liked it. lol.
hello My loyal bitches,

I have collared My wonderful slut sean on 8-30-2007.

I am very happy about My choice. sean is so respectful, well spoken....and kinky as hell. lol. he is slowly growing to be one of My favorites.
I will be spending the day with him today. I have to fun things in mind for both of us. I have many things to update. I have been very excited and busy with My classes. I promise I will write more very soon.

I am still interested in other subs. I particularly would love a GIRL to add to My growing stable. But real ones are so hard to find!!!

I will write to you soon.

continue on minions,

~Mistress Eboni

your Mistress is very happy.

I met with sub sean again yesterday, (the one who painted My toenails) and I had a fantastic time. I had My slut massage My feet and give Me a full erotic body massage. his lips and tongue felt wonderful over My skin and I was never more realaxed....and horny. lol. I could feel the sparks between U/us as he quite effectively worshiped My body. I felt his hard cock against My leg as he sucked on My nipples as I commanded him. he kissed, sucked and licked Me all over. was wonderful.

And when I stopped his torture and allowed him to eat My pussy......My, My, he good at that. lol. It was rare to see a sub lick and suck so passionately. I loved hearing him moan into My lips and folds and feeling his tongue deep inside Me.  I soon became a gushing spring and squirted all over him and in his mouth. I was so proud as he drank all of Me in....and anything he missed he happily licked clean. I came over and over and over....and he never missed a drop, that cum sucking whore. :)

W/we used toys that vibrated and gradually expanded....I made him finger fuck Me hard until I squirted all over his hand. At towards the end, I was so gracious to let him fuck Me. I smiled when to praised how tight My wet black pussy was. lol.

Yes, I spoiled him yesterday....however he also did some spoiling. lol.  

So, I enjoy him and I intend to own him for a long time. :)

good boy sean......good boy.


~Mistress Eboni
hello minions,

I did meet with the sub for lunch after My class today. I throughly enjoyed Myself. I made him rub My feet while I ate the lunch he prepared for Me. It was very relaxing. he entertained Me with some experiences he has had in the past. he is very well trained and I enjoy his polite and passionate response while W/we talk.

After I finshed My lunch I made My slut kneel and paint My toenails. I told him every time he messed up that I would hit him with My crop. Unfortunately....and fortunately the sub did a wonderful job and I was very pleased with how pretty My toes looked. But that didn't stop Me from hitting him anyway. lol.

My slut did some wonderful things to Me.....and I was very hot and bothered. I decided to do something different for once and not dive into tons of sexual play. I like the idea of leaving him wanting.....being curious about what it would feel lke to taste Me......what I looked like when I came etc. So I left him hard and I was wet. lol.

Besides, I did some orgasm control with him and he failed on his second attempt to contain his self. Although I throughly enjoyed seeing him cum he still dissobey. Therefore, I denied him My pussy.

Apart of Me is happy that he I have something to really focus on and train him to do. And My, am I going to enjoy watching him squirm and beg. :)

ha ha ha ha......

~Mistress Eboni
My minions,

Today will be a very busy and also very pleasant day.

I start college again in a couple hours. If I am lucky, perhaps I will meet a female sub in one of My classes. lol.  *sigh* yeah right.....

Anyway, have have chatted with a male sub that happens to live close to My school. he will be preparing lunch for Me at his house after My classes are through. I'm looking forward to that. :)

I may also be seeing andy tonight. he is such a sissy bitch. I will make him suck a real cock tonight if things go well. :)

I have to go. My class will be starting soon.
I wonder how many students will be aware that a Goddess is among them.


bye bitches.....

~Mistress Eboni
hello bitches,

staci stood Me up yesterday.

however the day was not a complete loss. I spent a full evening with My close friend Master Tyson. He can always cheer Me up. Its nice having someone that things as pervertedly as I do. lol. He treated Me to dinner and then We went home and used lilly for a few hours. I tell you, painsluts are so useful when you've had a bad day. lol.

I was so happy and pleasantly tired when I got home. It was very late (12:30am) and I just fell straight asleep.

~Mistress Eboni


I am scheduled to meet staci (a sub crossdresser) this evening. "she" is taking Me out to dinner and W/we are going to go shopping. staci very badly wants to by Me a new outfit....I'm not going to stop her. lol.

once W/we fininsh our girls night out I plan to give her a full make over and completely do her make up and transform staci into passable woman. the facial features and waist line are there. staci has a very nice slim body and I would love to see her all dress up.

then her black boyfriend is going to come over and I'm going to watch his black cock fuck her tight pretty white "pussy". After I've been entertained enough I'm going to join the fun too.

I can't wait. :)

~Mistress Eboni

hey sluts,

I had a lovely afternoon yesterday. A sub I've played with a few times named charlie had surgery a few months ago. he was painfully bored laying in bed all the time. Since he is such a sweetie I let him borrow a D/s book I was reading called "She's on Top". It's a rather fun book, you bitches should read it.

I made charlie kiss and worship My boots. he has a strong foot fetish. he's just so adorable and tan. he was a lot of fun to use and abuse for a little while. his parents were away for an hour so I had some naughty fun with him. It made Me feel like a sneeky teen all over again. W/we crammed some spanking, hair pulling, scratching, foot worship, and pussy eating into about 40minutes. I left earlier then the hour slot he gave. Walking in seeing your son on all fours in panties, bowing in front of a black girl with a flogger can be a very embarassing and unnecessary event.  lol.

I'm glad My subbie is feeling better. both of us were smiling when I walked out his door.

I'm sure he is dreaming about My feet right now. lol.

~Mistress Eboni

grovel beneath My boot,

I met a new hopeful last night. his name is andy. I've actually been talking on and off with him for over a year. he finally said something that held My attention. he truly is so, so pathetic. Always groveling, and begging, talking about how much he needs Me, to be owned by Me and no one else. andy is so willing to do absolutely anything I want just to have a few minutes of My time or simply make Me smile. he is willing to suffer, willing to be humiliated...anything. I have never met a sub who thought so lowly of himself in My presence. he completely lights up with glee just to hear My voice on the phone and he thanks Me at the end of every call for "gracing him with My voice and time." he knows that he is worthless and I pity him, for how much he needs Me in his life. Yet, a part of Me finds it so endearingly sweet how loyal and willing to please he is.

Last night his head rested at My heels and he said,

"Beat me if it pleases you, make me suck cock if it pleases you, humiliate me, make me cry, share me with whoever you want...just please.....please let me be yours Mistress. I would give or do anything just to know this body, this cock, this mind is yours. Only and completely yours Mistress."


he was so right too. he did everything EXACTLY as I asked him. Never a hesitation or doubt. It was wonderful.

he moaned in ecstasy when I made him suck My strap on. he felt so used and embarrassed on his knees sucking My "cock" with whore red lipstick on. Precum dripped through his sissy panties and his cock twitched every time I touched it.  Makes sense since I aroused him on the phone daily for a week and denied him from cumming. I wanted him to prove how much he wanted to serve....and I would know when W/we met if he dissobeyed Me.

and now his cock is Mine....and every other inch of his body too. :) I put a fresh collar on him last night.

hmm......I guess persistence works sometimes.
But please.....please no stalking people. lol. That's just creepy.


~Mistress Eboni

bow sluts,


I did meet sharon. I'm not really sure what I will do with her. her outfit was absolutely unflattering on her. Other than that she is an attractive girl...just poor taste in fashion.

she confessed to Me that she has a finance (failed to mention that before) and that she will only sexually interact with Me if he approves Me.


NEXT! lol.

men fall and grovel at My feet on a daily basis....why is so hard to find submissive females????????

but, I won't give up.

Anyway, this weekend I met with slave derek. W/we "made up" so to speak. Last week he was very jealous (understandable but not exceptable) that I met Drew and that white couple and failed to see him that day. I told him his emotions were false. Earlier that day I told him that I would be able to leave earlier and see him two hours before the couple. When that time came he was not available. Therefore he has no right to be upset for not seeing Me.

derek continued to pout and complain.

*rolls eyes*

derek apparently forgot the first rule of his slave contract:

Mistress is ALWAYS right.

I didn't talk to him for a few days.

he's never acted like that before...he must be becoming very attached to Me. I think this is sweet, flattering...and mildly dangerous. Being that I am not monogamous what so ever, jealousy is not acceptable among My slaves. I don't have time for drama. I informed him of this when I first collared him. he agreed but now look where W/we are.

After not talking to Me for 4 days he begged for us to talk this out in person. I agreed to spend some time with him this weekend. As soon as I walked in the door he dropped to the floor and appologized profusly about how selfish and stupid he was. derek begged to show Me how much he appreciated Me. he went all out and spoiled Me with all My favorite things. lit candles, dress in panties and thigh highs, massaged Me, ate Me, fucked Me, cooked Me a lovely dinner, and bought Me a perfectly fitting white lace bra and panties. He pampered and satisfied Me for hours. I completely enjoyed Myself.

~Mistress Eboni

hello minions,

I took a loooong nap and I am feeling much better. I'm about 80% back to feeling normal. Hearing her voice on the phone today made Me smile, so she's helping my mood in her own special way. Sharon is very funny and always has the right timing to insert a little dirty flirtation...yet still seem so innocent. lol. Now that is a talent. :)

Well, the place and time has been set. Now off I go to My date. I'll tell you the details later.

~Mistress Eboni

I do not feel good and I did not sleep well.

My stomach hurts.

I am scheduled to meet sharron (the black bi girl) today. I am very much looking forward to it, but I don't know if I'll be too up for anything overly intimate. We talked for a few hours last night. she sounds so damn cute. I really want to kiss her. :) I practically fell in love when she said, "I was so excited to see you....I shaved my pussy for you."

oh my gosh that is just....touching.  I know she normally doesn't shave but she DID for me.


I will definitely see her today. Anything else....time will tell.

not feeling good,

~Mistress Eboni

rather boring day today. planned some activities with a male sub but due to family obligations....that is not possible today. So here I sit, bored and staring at the computer screen for a few hours.

*blah* lol.

Tomorrow I will possibly be meeting a black bi female near Richfield. She is not in the lifestyle but she thinks it would be exciting for Me to control her in the bedroom. ;-) That will be lots of fun. Maybe she will like it much more than she thinks. lol.

~Mistress Eboni

I heard from yummy Drew today. He is anxious to see Me again...and I would say it's definitely mutal on this end also.  I haven't had such great sex like that in a while. Pretty damn impressive for a 20 yearold. :) Just hours and hours of cumming, fucking and sucking. He's just fabulous...and one of few who can keep up with My voracious sexual appetite.

I think I'm going to keep him around for awhile. It is a shame that he isn't in the lifestyle. Hmm...I wonder if he would let Me spank him?

We'll see what happens.


~Mistress Eboni
hello servants.

In response to My last entry, jamie isn't ready for the developmental training I want to give him.  I hope he can find a Mistress who is a lot tamer than Myself who he can handle and be happy with.  he is a nice boy and I wish him luck.

Meanwhile, My search continues.

Frankly, I'm becomming a rather bored. Dominating random boys is fun but I'm not looking for hot D/s one nightstands. I need long term subs who can handle My intensity, satisfy My desires, and remain endlessly devoted to Me.

I am a strong, strict, sensual, sexy Mistress and I expect My standards to be met.

For every sub that wastes My time there are 10 others kneeling behind them begging for My attention.

So tell Me subbies....

Who out there can handle Mistress Eboni?

hello subbies,

I did infact meet sub jamie yesterday afternoon. I had tons of fun with him and I throughly enjoyed watching his hard cock bulge against his pretty pink panties. :) he looked so fuckable in his panties and white thigh highs. I truly regetted not having a wig and skirt for him.

I made My slut undress Me and give Me a relaxing massage. Once I was relaxed, his ass was high in the air on the bed waiting for Me to use him. I gave him a firm spanking and teased his growing cock. I rubbed his tight hole through his panties and told him I was going to fuck him in his pussy today. he was very much looking forward to that. :)

W/we did so many things that afternoon. I spanked him, put a ball weight around his balls, fucked his tight pussy until he came, dolled him up in My make up, and of course I made him eat My pussy. I always like the look of shock on a subs face when they feel/watch Me squirt. It's priceless. lol.

If he is ready for it, I would like to train him further. Based on the talents he showed yesterday I really think I can help him expand as a submissive.

what a fun day that was!

~Mistress Eboni
hello sluts,

I had a fabulous weekend. I met with the white couple in akron. They introduced Me to a young guy name Drew. DAMN can he fuck. I was pleasantly impressed. We exchanged numbers and I intend to be seeing alot more of him. All four of us had a wonderful time. 4 hours worth of fucking, pussy eating, cocksucking, spanking, and cumming. Absolutely wonderful.

I do not know what I will be doing today. I may meet jamie today. lol. He is wiggly with anticipation.  I look forward to giving him a training session.

Otherwise I will be resting. After all that fucking it will be nice to relax. :)

~Mistress Eboni

slave eddie will be on punnishment for a few days. he will remain in chasity for three days and denied My pussy until I see fit for him to be worthy of serving Me again. I am tired of him wasting My time and gas.

On the bright side, I met a very sweet and nice sub for lunch this afternoon. his name is jamie and I think he is pleasantly entertaining. he was a very good polite boy and fetched all the things I needed, properly opened all My doors. I even enjoyed a back rub while W/we waited in line to order. I enjoy massages so he won some points.

I like his eagerness to please and he is very fun to talk to and share ideas with. When I first saw him, I immediately began dressing him up in several sissy outfits...including mascarra and a wig. he has the face that screams "Please sissify me!" Apparently, I was on the money because his previous Mistress did lots of crossdressing with him also. ;-)

Jamie and I have several things in common and I'm a curious to see what his first session would be like. he even wore lacey white panties and white stocking underneath his pants for Me. :) How cute is that?

I look forward to sliding a skirt on him and bending him over to fuck him is his tight pussy ass. lol.

he has potenial.

Time will tell.

~Mistress Eboni
unworthy minions,

Well, that blonde girl Kate did not show yesterday. But, it didn't matter, eddie and I still had a lot of fun and I came several times. Today W/we're going to try again with a twenty-one year old submissive black girl. eddie said she sounded for real but W/we will see. This is the 2nd time he promised Me a girl and nothing happens. If this one does not cum through I'm just going to go home and punnish him for wasting My time.

Had lots of fun with happyswitch in My car yesterday. I made him ride My black dildo while he stroked his cock for Me. There was lots of fingering and squirting. :)

I am scheduled to see a white couple in Akron that I see frequently. They want to introduce Me to a twenty something boy named Drew, who apparently is very good in bed. lol. Sounds like fun to Me.

Things have been a little stressful in My house hold. I hope that I can go out this weekend without too much drama. lol.

I would really like to see humbleservant101. he is so darn cute and sweet. W/we spoke about him taking Me to dinner. We'll see.

I might visit slave Derek's cock for a little while before I join My freaky foursome. Hmm.... many subs...such lil time.


~Mistress Eboni


Another full day. My fuck fest with Master Tyson went a little late so I had to cancel with slave eddie and the female. So, today I will be meeting them at 3:30 or 4pm. The young blondes name is kate. She likes interacial play, women and definitely strap on play. ;-) This works out well because I have a craving for some pussy today.

I'm meeting the sub from the metropark at 1:30pm. he is such a slut. I already have My school girl skirt and My strap on in the car.


~Mistress Eboni

hello minions,

I had a busy and interesting night.

I met with Master Tyson yesterday afternoon. We met up for lunch and ended up fucking. Lot's of fun. lol.

Due to lots of family issues My meeting time with blondie and My black couple was delayed for two hours. It was very hectic and annoying. I wasn't available until 9:30pm and by that time it was to late for blondie to cum out and play. grrr...

So I went to the couples house and had a lot of fun. After I played with them. I stopped by blondie's appartment and took out My days frustration on his balls. he seemed to enjoy it very much. On the plus side, it really helped Me get out My anger. It is so funny to see his reactions when I kick or punch his balls.

After I was relaxed and stress free, he ate My pussy and I went home.

I may be a lil sleepy today but it was all worth it.

~Mistress Eboni

kneel servants....

My, my, today is going to be a busy and very fun day.

Just heard from My cum slut, Eddie that he may have a girl for us to play with today. she is a young, slim blond with small breasts and green eyes. she happens to like strap on play. ;-)

good boy eddie.

I really hope that pulls through.

~Mistress Eboni

I may test My blond boy tonight.

I have a black female friend named J who has always wanted to have an encounter with a white guy. I think blondie would be perfect for it. I can't wait to watch him suck her pussy while her bf fucks Me with his huge black cock. J and her boyfriend, blondie and I will have a really hot time if all works out well. I can't wait to dominate him infront of them and make him into a slut. :)

Hope it all works out.

~Mistress Eboni
hi sluts,

I have not removed My pictures. I am uploading some new things and I am waiting for them to be approved. Do not dispair. lol.

hey bitches,

Thank you for all the positive journal responses. It's nice to have a fan club. ;-)

Moving on....

I accomplished My goal yesterday. I called up a willing slave and requested his time. his name is brian. Very cute thrityish male with dark hair and blue eyes. he's been trying to catch My attention for some time now. Yesterday was his lucky day. I'm very glad I made the call.

W/we met for drinks at a near by bar and I continued My D/s interview. A sexy young busty, blonde waitress brought O/our drinks. In the back of My head I was praying she liked to be spanked and fucked with strap-ons.  I asked him several questions and W/we shared experiences/fantasies while I drank My Amaretto. After 20mins of talking W/we were both fired up and ready to get out of there.

W/we arrived at his house and he showed Me his "box of goodies." in his bedroom. he had a nice selection of ankle and wrists restrains, blindfolds, floggers, hand cuffs, strap-on, cock and ball rings etc. My eyes lit up looking through My variety of tools. I was getting excited already.

I grabbed his hair as he kneeled on the floor.

"Are you going to be a good lil slut for Me today?"

"Yes, Ma'am" he smiled.

"Take off your shirt." I commanded him.

After he was shirtless I pulled him by the hair and made him crawl to the foot of his bed.  I ran My hands along his body. I spanked his ass with moderate hardness and gradually increased My force. I was determined to make his sissy ass nice and red. A bright red tush always start My juices to flow.

I removed him of his belt and jeans and teased his cock through his briefs. I squeezed and massaged his balls and lightly ran My hand over the head of his cock. Right when he was in cock teasing heaven I shocked him with a hard swat on the ass. This made Me laugh.

I pulled a black blindfold over his pathetic eyes and lead him on the bed. I forced him on his back into a spread eagle position. I teased his cock with My hand, calling all kinds of degrading names. I felt his cock growing in my hand as I stroked it and told him how pathetic he was. I straddled his hand that was hanging over the bed and let the bitch feel My pussy.

"Can you tell that I'm wet bitch?"

"Mmm...yes Mistress."

It aroused Me that he couldn't see a thing but his fingers were exploring My damp pussy. I pinched his nipples and tortured his cock with My mouth. My giggles were muffled by his cock as I watched his hips and legs squirm in pleasure. He gripped the sheets and pleasantly groaned as I flickered My tongue while I sucked.

"Blue..." he spoke out.

I simply held his cock in My mouth as he continued to discipline himself from cumming. I was mean and tightened My lips around him to make squirm even more. This process when on for several minutes.  brian moaned as I pressed My tits against his balls. That was his first realization that I was completely naked. My pussy got wetter feeling his warm hard cock between My breasts.

When he finally couldn't take it anymore he begged and pleaded to taste My pussy.

"Tell Me how bad you need it bitch."

"Please, Mistress. Please can I taste your pussy. I need to eat your pussy. Please..."

I was so excited I allowed the sissy bitch to eat me. He kissed My thighs and lips of My pussy passionately. I thought this was wonderfully cute. I could tell he wanted true worship of My body. He paused momentarily, panting.

"I didn't tell you to stop, slut."

"I'm trying not to cum Mistress." he confessed.

"Eating My pussy excites you that much?" I asked.

"Very much Ma'am." brian said.

OH My god that is hot.
I've never had a man be able to cum JUST from eating My pussy. My arousal level rose about 10 points after that. lol.

"May I please eat your ass too Ma'am?"

"Make Me cum enough and you might get your request."

I grabbed his head and gave him the meal he desired so much. I loved feeling him moaning in My pussy. I squirted. I liked seeing that shock on his face.

"Man, you really do squirt alot!" he said wipping his face clean.

All I could do is smile.  I keep telling subs people that My nick name is Niagra for a reason. lol.

"Eat My ass." I told him.

I bent down on all fours and slowly spread My ass cheeks. I just heard a soft adoring sigh. he was a good boy and worshiped My ass. He affectionately kiss My cheeks and tongued Me. It was delightful. My pussy was soaked and I loved the feel of his tongue.

"Put your finger in My pussy." I demanded.

I sighed as he followed orders.

"Can you feel how tight My pussy is?" I grinned.

"God, yes Ma'am."

"Don't you wish to you could feel Me wrapped around your cock."

I could hear his breath quicken.

"Yes, very much Ma'am."

"Do two fingers now."

His fingers slid in and out of My wetness.

"Harder!" I told him.

his fingers fucked Me deeply and I came all over his hand.

"Don't stop." I ordered

And I kept moaning and cumming. I was so hot and had been waiting all day to have some cock. I was feeling overly kinky.

"Put your thumb in My ass." I told him. "Keep your fingers in My pussy. Keep fucking Me!"

The sensations took Me over and soon I was screaming and squirting. I heard him moan and the wetness of his hand stroking his cock. I never told him to do that but it turned Me on so much I let him continue. Hearing his desire turned Me on even more. I could tell there were time he held his cum back for Me when he was too excited.

I told him to get a condom. He was pleasantly shocked.

"Fuck Me until I tell you to stop. And don't you fucking cum." I demanded.

his cock slid into Me doggie style (one of My favorite positions) and I used him like a dildo. There were several times it was very very difficult for him not to cum. That only made Me cum harder.

"Don't your fucking cum whore! Don't you do it."

He grunted and panted, his eyes closed with concentration.

lol. dumb bitches. :) It was great.

Finally when I had enough cock I allowed his pathetic ass to cum. He came hard and long and collasped against Me.

I felt good.
I felt powerful.
I felt satisfied.

Good boy brian. Good, good boy.

I plan on seeing him again.


~Mistress Eboni

sniveling bitches,

Still sexually frustrated. I've been craving some cock for a few days now. I finally got it yesterday when I played with a young black couple I've been with before. The boyfriend's cock is fucking humongous. He definitely made Me cum. I was able to do one of My favorite things, eating pussy while I was being fucked doggie style. Mmmm its wonderful. I was good for a few hours. But, as if I didn't get pounded that day...I was turned on again.

Maybe piggy was I insatible? lol.

I think what My pussy craves is slave derek. he seems to be the one slave who can satisfy Me for atleast day or two. Mmm...I love his cock. I think I should reward him with something the next time I see him.

I really want to be fucked.

talked with blondie last night. W/we had a hot conversation while I fucked My vibrator. I was so turned on hearing him smack and punch his balls for Me on the phone. It excited Me so much I came several times.

It's strange because I'm not normally sadistic but with this boy...something just really thrills Me about it.

Meanwhile, I might make it My goal today to have some really hot passionate rough sex. :)

~Mistress Eboni


What a lovely weekend I had.

I met the cutest, sexiest blonde boy Saturday night.   We chatted online earlier that day for an adequate amount of time. I liked his witty sense of humor and most importantly his desire to be kicked in the balls. It has always been a fantasy of mine to kick a sub in the balls purely for My own amusement. Laughing as he doubles over in pain, grunting and panting while I giggle and make fun of him. Something about that just makes My pussy wet.  I think My blonde boy said it best, it’s the central focus of all masculinity and most sensitive area for both pleasure and pain. The fact that I control whether pleasure of pain is given to that area, enthralls me. Sometimes I like to give both at the same time. ;) blondie and I agreed to meet for drinks later on that night.


Earlier that afternoon, I met with a submissive black girl name Star. she described herself to Me over the phone while driving to her house.  she was in her early twenties, dark skin, slim, large breasts and had long braided hair. I specifically remember her braids because she said, “Just long enough for you to pull on.”  I could tell this was going to be fun already.


I arrived at her house and we sat on the couch. I could tell right away that she was attracted to Me. she was eager. she fiddled with her fingers while we talked, I wondered if it was nervousness or desire…probably both.


“Do you want to come up to My room?” Star shyly asked Me.  I agreed.


We did a bit of show and tell. I made her undress for me so I could evaluate her. Lovely, lovely, body. I also gave her a sexy strip tease of My body. I commanded her to lay on her bed on her stomach. I messaged her body slowly, kissing various parts of her…occasionally spanking her ass. Star squealed in delight when I gave one of her cheeks a play full nibble. I kissed her ass all the way up the middle of her back. I kissed her shoulders and neck. I grabbed those long braids and jerked her head upward and kissed her. I teased her, hovering My lips over hers. When I gave in, I kissed her deeply and sucked and nibbled her lower lip. It turned me on to hear her moan into My mouth. 


I roughly pushed her on her back and straddled her. I pinned her arms above her head and wrapped her wrists in black shinny bondage tape. I sucked and bit her nipples while My fingers lightly teased the outside of her pussy lips. I felt heat rise in My body when I realized she was soaking wet.


“Do you want me to fuck you?” I whispered in Star’s ear.


“Yes, yes,” she begged, “Please, fuck me. Do what ever you want to me.”


Music to My ears. :)


It was at that moment W/we heard a knock on her front door.


“I’m not even answering that,” she sighed.


I dove a finger in her pussy and she moaned in pleasure. She spread her legs wide open and I fingered her. I slid in a second finger…then a third, fourth….and finally a fist.  Her wetness creamed My hand up to My wrist. My pussy was throbbing watching My fist pounding her. She begged and begged, pleading for Me to fuck her harder. She panted and let out high pitched moans mixed with shouts of My name. I was so turned on I regretted not having My strap on with Me. I wanted to take her ass too. star asked if she could be allowed to eat My pussy. I was completely ready to sit on her face.


Unfortunately, there was heavy, loud, knocking on her bedroom window.  her curtains were closed but I still had the creepy feeling of someone possibly staring right at U/us.


It freaked me out and very much killed My mood.


Star apologized profusely. I unbound her and she wrapped the sheet around her body and went to the door.  I heard a male voice and some loud bickering soon followed. Apparently, he must have seen U/us. I took that as My cue to leave. I quickly got dressed, got My porn out of her DVD player and waited.  she returned when the man left, explaining something about an angry ex boyfriend and that I should probably leave before he came back. W/we talked about rescheduling but W/we both knew I wouldn't be coming back.


Shortly after, I got a call from two of My friends to meet at a local bar. I thought this would be a great opportunity to meet My blonde boy for those drinks I promised him.  I joined My friends on the patio and after a few minutes I was pleased to see him sit at our table. He looked even cuter in person.

Introductions were made and we chit chatted about various things. I participated in the conversation but  My mind was racing with vulgar thoughts. I squeezed his thigh underneath the table. I was ready to have My way with him as soon as he sat down but I didn’t want to be rude to My friends. We all had a couple more drinks and then I was ready to play.


I followed blondie to his apartment. I commanded him to take off his shorts while I freshened up. I exited his bathroom wearing nothing but a black lacey bra. He looked happy about My change of wardrobe. lol.  I showed him My “bag of goodies”. I bought a new adjustable hog tie device that I think will be really helpful for me fucking his nicely round ass. Among the hog tie was an anal plug, bondage tape, My favorite school girl skirt, some porn and few other fun things. Two things in this world make me feel really sexy…a plaid skirt and a crop. I put on My school girl skirt and removed My bra.


“Sit on the couch.” I commanded him.


I trailed My hands up his thighs and smiled at the bulge forming in his blue briefs. I nibbled and teased his cock and balls through his underwear. I paid special attention to his punishment begging balls. I knew he was waiting…wondering when I would finally abuse and kick them. I squeezed them hard in My hand. I decided to tease him for a while. We moved into his bedroom.


“Bend over.” I told him. I watched his ass raise into the air as he bent over his bed. I spanked his cute lil tush. I think the next time I have him in that position he’ll be feeling My strap on.  Next I made him lay on the bed on his back.


“Unbutton your shirt.” I told him.  He began to do as he was told.


“Slower.” I demanded.


I watched him seductively unbutton his shirt. I pushed the opening of his shirt aside and looked at his sexy stomach and chest. I ran My red nails down the middle of his torso and licked and bit his small pink nipples. I could feel his hardness against Me while I kissed his body. I pulled off his briefs and evaluated his cock. It was very nice to look at, smooth, very hard and I liked his large clean shaven balls. I couldn’t help but grab them.


“Let’s do some orgasm control.” I said. I gave him My typical safe word of “Blue” to say when he was very close to cumming. I spanked his balls lightly and slowly took his cock into My mouth. I loved teasing him and feeling his body tighten until I heard him softly say "blue".  I slowly sucked and licked his balls and trailed My tongue up the shaft of his cock. I could feel his cock begin to twitch against My tongue with anticipation. My mouth sucked and tortured him more. I noticed that his “blue’s” began to happen faster. It wasn’t long before I stripped him completely naked. He was so damn cute and vulnerable. He looks wonderful naked.  I was so turned on, I wanted to hold him down and ride him but I refused to give him so much so soon.  My pussy need to be satisfied. I didn’t want to soak his bed so we when back into the living room.


I told blondie to fetch me some towels. I could hear talking and occasional shouts down below from his open windows. I wondered if the people on the sidewalk would be able to hear My blonde bitch eating My pussy. The thought excited Me even more.


I sat on the towel on his couch while he kneeled in front of me. I grabbed his pretty blonde hair moaned as his tongue licked My pussy. His mouth was pleasantly accurate and it wasn’t long before I squirted all over his face. I just started cumming and cumming. I loved the feel of him sucking and licking My clit. I definitely have to have some more of that soon. lol.


After I was satisfied, he begged me to kick him in the balls. Just hearing him say the words made My heart flutter. I was equally excited and nervous to do this. I had never kicked a man in the balls before. I didn’t want to permanently damage anything. lol.


I made him get on his hands and knees in front of Me. It reminded Me of My soccer days. Kids always picked Me because I had a strong kick and usually made lots of goals. However, this wasn't a scoccer ball. I was curious to see how much he could take.

I teased and spanked him for a while. I wanted him to really want it. I didn’t want him to know when I was going to kick him. When the time was right, I did My first kick. He grimaced a little but seemed to be alright.  I needed to test how sensitive is balls where. I asked him if he was in pain.


“I wouldn’t say it exactly hurt but I definitely felt it.”


I smiled. I wanted to kick him harder. So I did. Better results this time. I continued doing this until he was in an adequate amount of pain. This was very amusing to me.


I wanted to watch him cum. I sat down in his living room chair and watched him stroke his cock for Me. He sat on his knees stroking his throbing cock. I love watching men masturbate. I watched him for a few minutes and I could feel My pussy begin to get wet again.


I kicked his balls while he stoked his cock.


“Harder, Mistress. Please kick me harder.” He continually begged.


Oh My god, he was so hot.


I kicked him harder and harder until he came all over his hard wood floor.


I’m hot right now just remembering it all.


I’ll be back. I’m going to go say hello to My vibrator.

I look forward to training him further.


Mistress Eboni

kneeling servants,

Hello again.

I smile at all of you who read My journal frequently. I enjoy hearing the variety of responses about all the fun...and not so fun things that happen in My overactive sex life. lol.  Thanks. :)

Now, on to other things.

Last night I talked to a young one. his s/n is humbleservant101. Infact, that just might be what I call him from now on. I always give each of My slaves a specific name or phrase.

youngone. Hmmm....

W/we are the same age.  This is different for Me considering I am use to Dominating men twice My age (and I like that ;-)) but I believe it will be a very positive experience. He is just the most adorable looking thing and very pleasant to talk with on the phone. It was refreshing to have some one pull through and be real for once. People send Me fake pictures and bullshit numbers all the time. youngone and I sent some emails, exchanged numbers and then we talked on the phone. That's how things are supposed to work for the many of you too scared to try. lol.

he doesn't have much experience but I can definitely tell he wants to be in this lifestyle. I am curious to see what happens next. I always have the most fun with the newbies. Seeing their eyes widen when something new happens...their rock hard cocks rigid with anticipation, the first taste of humiliation...the first time they get a REAL spanking...and once they taste My pussy they are never the same. lol.

*sigh* It's so fun to explore and mold a slave. But, baby steps, I don't want to overload him. lol.

Yeah, I think I like this one. Time will tell.

~Mistress Eboni

On the bright side, I had a lovely Friday evening. I went to slave dereks house and rode him until I was throughly satisfied. There was also a great deal of spanking, hair pulling, bondage, and pussy eating. :) It was a delightful time and I truly missed him.

This week will be busy. I am meeting a D/s couple (Jim and Jen) this Wednesday. Jen loves interracial sex. her Master has informed Me that there have been quite a few long and large things inserted into her ass recently. He had some tall well endowed black men over to use her. she loved it...and so did He. Jim is 35, white male and Jen a 20 years old blonde...a year younger than Myself. :) I look forward to the two of Us tying her up and using and abusing her body.  

Friday afternoon I met with an old friend named Dick. The name always suited him very well.  He and his wife are swingers. She likes to take large thick dildos up her pussy....and I like to put them there. lol.

Anyway, I went to visit Dick for lunch at his house. Lunch that I happened to eat naked at his kitchen table. No matter how many time we meet he never fails to talk extensively about how much he loves My large breasts. I think its funny how some people determine that My eyes, smile or breasts are My best asset.

Dick and I chit chated for a while and I mentioned to him My strong fetish for asian girls. He said that he knew a really cute bi asian about My size that was very "fiesty".
"Hmmm...sounds like fun." I told him.
I hope he really will get in touch with her.  I think I would do a cartwheel.


~Mistress Eboni
fake, fake, fake, fake....everywhere a fake, fake.

This place should be called Bullshitters R Us.

this is exhausting......

~Mistress Eboni


Alright there is something that I need to address.



This makes absolutely NO sense to Me. I have gotten 4 or 5 emails from "Doms" begging to workship Me and grovel. I think its a little repulsive. If your profile says "Switch" that's a different kind of thing. I admire the strength that real male Doms have and I will not dominate posers.

If your profile is navy blue you should only be talking about being friends, telling Me how red you got your slaves ass last night, or wanting to share slaves. Not Me spanking or degrading you. Come on now people.

rolls her eyes,

~Mistress Eboni


I am in a nice mood. Tonight I will be meeting with slave derek, My personal cockboy. I love tying him up and ridding him until I'm satisfied. He is a good boy.

Piggboy is still good. Still a lil sick but getting better. Poor baby. I miss cuddling with him.

I am excited and hopeful about the slaves I've been talking with so far, both male and female. I see good possibilities in some...others may need some work.


~Mistress Eboni

groveling servants,

I recieved a very nice email from an Arabic female today. I think she is quite lovely. She is from out of state but plans to be in Cleveland in the fall. This could work out very well.

We will see what happens.

~Mistress Eboni

My minions,

Meeting fell through with the girl. she is not answering her phone. Oh well, no lunch for her. lol. *sigh* I hate fakes. Such a damn waste of time.

~Mistress Eboni

I will be meeting a bisexual white female this afternoon. she is not aware that I am in the lifestyle. I am curious to find out more about her. Let's see if she is for real. lol.

I will tell you more later.

Also, I  seem to be out of My funk. I have gotten some really nice emails from some hope full subs...even a Cleveland female. :)


~Mistress Eboni

My pussy needs to be serviced. My week has been crazy and My slaves have not been easily avaliable to Me. It has been some days since I've had any kind of  sex. It's really starting to annoy Me.

Talked to piggy last night. I was glad to hear from him. I didn't hear from him for a few days. I was starting to get worried. He has been sick. I hope he feels better. The faster he feels better the faster his face can be against My ass. lol.

~Mistress Eboni
groveling sluts,

Still slightly pouty today but a lil better. I still have a small ounce of hope that there might be a slave out there that really really wants to be in the lifestyle.

I should focus more on the 3 slaves I have then bitching about the ones who waste My time. They completely worship the ground I walk on. I adore them....and maybe I don't need anymore than what I already have? Its just a shame that I have to travel so far to them though. Which is how I got the notion to try for a more local slave. *sigh*

Well...I will see what happens.

~Mistress Eboni

Feeling a lil down today.

I'm tired. Tired of all the bullshitters, tired of getting My hopes up, tired of being led on, tired of being let down.

I think I will go away from this site for a while. Seems to be nothing here but fakes who want a hot fantasy world to think about while they put their hand down their pants.

I want real people face to face having real D/s play. I don't understand how that is so hard.

submissives just keep letting Me down. :(

sad ,

~Mistress Eboni

hello minions,

I want an asian girl. The two females I am talking with now are very interesting and show a lot of promise but...deep down....I still want an asian female as a slave. *sigh* So hard to find.


~Mistress Eboni
I miss My piggyboy.....:)

I have been so busy lately. I want to lay his head on My lap and pet him again.

he is such a sweet boy.

Perhaps, I will see him this weekend. I will be pampered and relaxed while I get My hair done tomorrow. My salon is somewhat close to his appartment. I gave him the gift of leaving My panties the last time I was there. I wonder if he can still smell My scent?


~Mistress Eboni
hello bitches,

I had a really hot conversation with a submissive female last night. she is interested in all the things I enjoy about the lifestyle. her name is Trisha, she's 26yrs old, white, brown hair, light brown eyes, 140lbs and a school teacher. More perfectly, she lives alone. If she lives up to her potential I may own her. It is so hard to find true submissives...especially in women. she was very interested and eager to know when I was available to meet. ;-) W/we have arranged to meet this Saturday evening for dinner. I have some surprises in store for her. trisha is a lesbian and she loves black women in particular. Like Myself, she loves interracial sex. Although she prefers women, we did discuss My possible sharing of her with My Master friend.  trisha also loves to recieve anal. I automatically thought of Master Tyson when she spoke of anal. Besides, Myself, I've never seen anyone fuck and ass so erotically. trisha disclosed to Me that she can cum anally. I think nothing would be hotter than to she her cum with My friends cock deep in her ass. 

trisha also likes golden showers, bondage, humilation, objectification, orgasm denial, teasing, nipple torture, spankings and much more. Both of U/us are curious to expand her fantasies and limits.

I think trisha will be very exciting...and a very good girl. :)

~Mistress Eboni

An acquaintace of Mine from My school randomly invited Me to The Police concert last night. I didn't even know they were playing in town. My class mate Jake said that he had a guy that was suppose to go with him but had to cancel. Being that I love music and didn't have any other plans, I accepted. Who doesn't want to go to a free concert?

Jake is not mobile so I picked him up at his house and we went to the concert. The music was a lot of fun and I always enjoy hearing sting belt out "Rooooxxanne!" lol. There were some songs I knew...and some I didn't. But hey, I'm 21. :-P There was a lovely red head in the row in front of us. I loved watching her sway and bounce to the music. Then she began flinging her hair. She was absolutely lovely. She seemed in her mid or late twenties, slim, little freckles on her face and brown eyes. She has the most heart warming smile. Her name is Sarah. I gave her My number and we are suppose to go out dancing sometime. I truly don't know what it is about My luck with cute red heads. lol.

My classmate Jack and I noticed her nearly at the same time. He's a tall, white, average, thrity-ish, slightly "nerdy" looking guy. He flirted with her a few times but she didn't really get supper engaged with him. She seemed to just be having fun. Sarah and I danced in the isle of the concert a couple times. I gently kissed her hand and she giggled. She said I was sweet. She asked Me if Jake was My boyfriend. I told her that we were friends and I came her for the music, not for him. Sarah laughed. Then she said, "NO man only wants just a female friend." I told her that nothing like that was going on but I should have listened to her.  

After the concert ended I pulled up to Jakes appartment. I was tried and ready to go home. Jake said that he had a good time. I told him that I did too and I would talk to him later. I got a red flag when he didn't make any motions to get out the car.

"Do you want to come up for coffee or something? My throat is really dry." Jake said.

I stared at him with a "Are you serious?" kind of look.  I know what "wanna come up for coffee means."

"No thanks. I really have to get home but I'll see you around."

He didn't get the hint...or maybe he did and just didn't want to give up.

He grabbed My hand and said,

"Eboni, I'm sooo attracted to you. I have been ever since we started classes together. (thats like two years by the way) I'm certain that you feel the same way."

Then he started rubbing up and down My arm talking about what soft skin I had and how he always wondered what My breast looked like. When his hand started heading for My breasts I said, "Jake, you need to get out of My car."

He took his hands away quickly and held them up in a I surrender motion. He appologized. I told him that I didn't have feelings for him and I truly only though of him as a friend.  He droned on about how nice and sweet I was and asked if he could kiss Me good night!  For some reason NO was not registering in his mind. He leaded in and I turned My head away. Once again, I told him to get out of My car. I was thankful that a car came up behind Mine and honked for Me to move out of the door entrance.

When he did he came around to My drivers side and asked to kiss Me AGAIN. I was clear and restated nicely that I was not interested. I drove home in shock that this person completely wanted to fuck Me and I didn't even know it. It was so wrong the way he approached Me. I hate guys pawing Me with out permission. How dare he?

Anyway, I wont be talking to him anymore.  I cant feel comfortable around him with out thinking he's going to try to rape Me.

The concert was fun and I hope to hear from the concert girl.


~Mistress Eboni
Hello minions,

I am a happy Mistress. :)

I met My piggyboy on Saturday evening. W/we met at a cute coffee shop and then traveled to his place. I was very comfortable with him right away. His place was cozy and My piggy even lit some candles for Me. Very cute.

W/we watched a D/s DVD while I sat on the couched. he was a good boy and rubbed My feet like I ordered while I petted him.

I instructed My sweet boy to fetch Me a drink. While he was away I removed My orange low cut top and black slacks. I sat provocatively on his couch in a black lacey bra and panties. piggy was pleasantly shocked when he walked back in the living room. I smiled.

The night went very well. I teased him. I sat My piggy on his kness and slowly taunted My breasts in front of his face. I touched him sensually and slowly. I enjoyed his little sighs of desire. I took off My bra and threw it to the floor.

"Stick out your tongue, piggy." I told him.

he did so, and when I felt he was ready, I let him suck on one of My nipples. I petted and stroked his hair while I felt his tongue stimulating My nipples. It wasn't long before I stripped him of his clothes.

After he was naked. I laid back on the couch and spread My legs. I grabbed piggy by his hair and forced his face a few inches away from My pussy. I knew he was staring at the slighty see through panties I was wearing.

"Can you smell My pussy?" I asked him.

"Oh yes, " he sighed smiling.

he begged to eat My pussy through My panties. he kissed My inner thighs and pussy lips...teasing Me. I loved it.

Finally I took the panties off. I put on his collar and leash. I arched My ass up in the air on his couch and made My piggy kiss and tongue My ass. was great. I was so turned on.

After a while I removed My panties and made My sweet bitch lick My pussy. I came a lot times. I definitely squirted...and he had the towels there right where I needed them.  I came so many times. It was lovely.

I also walked My piggy around his house and spanked him with a long stick.

I loved him being open enough to trust Me. I like cuddling with him too. Oh my....does Pigggy like to be betted.


~Mistress Eboni

short on time. Met the red head and her fiance. They are in the lifestyle! Her fiance and I really hit it off. I think we have a lot more in common then we know. I think He and I will have a blast tying her up and teasing her. ;-)

Today is piggy day. I think it will be lovely.

all smiles,

~Mistress Eboni


Today I meet the red head. I look forward to seeing her. She has a delightful personality. Unfortunately she has a fiance'. I am wondering how that's going to work out. lol. I don't need any jealous boys around. Hmm...time will tell. I wonder if he is submissive or Dominant with her? Maybe I can persuade him with some co-domination? lol.

What ever, I'm going to have fun today. Mmm...but I sooo have a taste for some pussy. I've seen it at the club and it looks rather yummy. :)

talked with piggyboy last night. he is the most adorable thing. If everything works in My favor this Saturday I will meet with him. Besides My bitchboy, I've never encountered a sub with such respect and adoration. :) piggy is a good find.

I saw some very beautiful red roses at the grocery store yesterday. I would love to use them in session play. Roses can be used as nice ticklers or an entertaining sight to see for a rose to be submissively held in a slave's mouth while on their knees. I also like rose petals in My bath on occassion. Mmm...with scented candles. I enjoy having a slave draw My bath, light the candles and feed Me chocolate while I'm in the tub. :) I get out of the tub to have My slave pat Me dry. I lay down on My comfy bed while the hands of My submissive rub sweet smelling lotion all over My body.

Mmm....sounds wonderful.


~Mistress Eboni


Hello minions,

My day certainly became much better. I met with a new sub (happyswitch) today. W/we had a lovely and kinky time at a metropark. It was thrilling to be out in broad daylight fondling and pleasing each other in his 4x4. :)

he was such a good slut for Me...and I love fingering his ass. he wore a sissy pink lace thong. I love to see a bulge busting through women's panties. Lot's of fingering, sucking and licking....and of course lots of squirting.

I do not have a lot of time but I will write the yummy details tommorrow if I have time.
happyswitch has tons of potential. There are so many possibilities. :)

I am meeting slave nicolas for his second traing session tomorrow. he will be feeling his first strap on going in his ass. :) he is such a good boy and I look forward to him devouring My pussy.  I purchase a new collar style cock ring for him. I can't wait to hook My leash to it and tug him along. lol.

Friday I am meeting with My Master friend and the red headed dancer from the strip club. I am curious to see how submissive she truly is.

This will be a very exciting week. :)

Dear minions,

since I have the whole day free now I am not sure what activities or slaves I will entertain Myself with today. I may call My cumslutboy and feed him My juices. lol. My, how he loves to eat My pussy and make Me squirt. he is quite good at it too.

I am determined to rid of My dissappointment and make this a much better day. Hmm perhaps I will visit lilly today also.

~Mistress Eboni


Considered slaveboy  Addicted = -1

Why must these pathetic bitches waste My time? I am kind enough to make time to have lengthy phone conversations and re-arrange My schedule to give these sluts My attention...and what do I get?


Did My ears truly hear him say that he couldn't meet Me today because HE was in a "bad mood"???

I've never heard such a thing come out of the mouth of a submissive. I was in a rather good mood before hearing his bullshit. I don't have time for petty excuses.

Also, I told him W/were to meet at 11am. I called him at 10:20am and he had just woken up.

Well, one down...two more to go.

Addicted...your access has been denied.


~Mistress Eboni


I am in a delightful mood. I have 3 wonderful boys in consideration and life is going well...very very busy but well. All seems to be in balance with My family, school, and sex life.
These good boys I am considering are (in no particular order):


I intend to meet all of them very soon. I might possibly have to buy three more collars. lol.

I will be meeting Addicted tomorrow. he has an eagerness to meet and seems very willing to learn. I have some interesting and fun things in store for him. I think we shall both have lots of fun. he will be taking Me to lunch and a small shopping spree. I look forward to seeing him and putting him in his place. :)


~Mistress Eboni

Mistres Eboni

piggy is a good boy
piggy likes to play
he loves to obey his Mistress
and be treated like a toy

Every day he thinks of Her
and waits Her fast return
he yearns for Her soft carress
and the naughty things he'll learn

She makes his bottom very red
with floggers, crops and boards
a lick of Her ass and pussy
are piggyboy's sweet rewards
piggy oinks, crawls, and kneels
every wish he must obey
no other beauty on the earth
gives him the rush She makes him feel

he needs Her love like he needs air
he lives inside Her world
as long as Mistress calls for him
piggyboy will be there

piggy is a good boy
piggy likes to play
he loves to obey his Mistress
and be treated like a toy.

Hello groveling sluts,

I have talked with My piggyboy(submale4femdomOH) recently. he continues to impress Me. I think W/we will mesh very well. I intent to meet him sometime next week. If he is a good boy and I like him, I will give him his first training session. I think he will do well....but time will tell. ;-)

I would like to sit on his face and make him eat My ass. lol.

~Mistress Eboni


Monday, July 2nd was a wonderful day. My very close friend and I decided to spoil Ourselves. He happens to be a Master. He pleasantly surprised Me by treating Me to a lovely nude strip club and a new female sub. The dancers at the club were delightful. I even met a submissive red head that likes to wear collars when she performs. ;-) I enjoyed her upbeat personality and flirtatious sexuality. She spend a good portion of the night sitting on My lap. she happily giggled when I commanded her to bend over and I swatted her ass. she slipped Me her number and whispered that she loved to be controled. Yes, I had a big smile on My face. I look forward to talking to her.....and tying her up.

Next, we traveled to the west side to meet and eager female sub. We entered her clean appartment and she offered us beverages. she was completely adorable. white female, early thirties, brown hair and eyes, deep sweet dimples, melting smile and she looks so becoming when she blushes a rosey red. There is an attractive young girlish look about her that I love. We sat on the couch and interviewed her as she sat on the floor in front of us. she very effectively massaged Our feet while we talked. We talked to spankings, toys, gang bangs, anal, bisexual experiences, fears, was great. I could feel the arousal begin to build within all of U/us.

After about 45minutes of talking, My Master friend made His move. He grabbed her by the hair and hovered her face over the His crotch as He sat on the couch. He scratched her back underneath her shirt with his free hand. I knew how excited she must have been being so close to his cock.  He lifted up her black shirt and pulled down her bra. Day or two old bruises marked her breasts. It aroused Me to know that someone previously beaten her. I was curious to know what other marks were on her body. I watched him play with and pinch her nipples. We both sucked and bit her nipples.

He commanded her to undress. We admired her body...and then We used it. lol.

We bent her over and spanker her previously welted ass. I loved hearing the surprise in her voice. We took turns and sometimes spanked her ass perfectly in synch. It was quite fun. We spanked her pussy, pinched her nipples, scratched her back and thighs, she licked and sucked Us till We were satisfied.

Finally, He said, "Take Us to bed."

The three of U/us linked hands as she led us to her bed. she stood in between Us as We pressed Our bodies against her and fondled her. We laid her on the bed. I spread her legs wide and watched Him powerfully fuck her. I held her ankles up in the air, becoming a human rope forcing her not to move. :) I watched His ass bounce up and down, drilling her. My pussy was dripping hearing her moan and beg. I rubbed His balls and fingered her ass while He fucked her.  Next it was My turn. I put on My strap-on and bent her over. I took her ass. She moaned as I slid in. My Master friend muffled some of her moans with his cum soaked cock. :) We took both ends of her and then switched. she licked My wet pussy while He fucked her ass. The vibrations of her cries against My pussy made Me even wetter. I squirted all over her face.

Next she rode My strap on and My good friend took her ass. I've never heard a woman scream so loud with pleasure.

The night ended with My friend cumming in her ass. :)

What a great time she was.


~Mistress Eboni

Hello minions,

There is a special person I would like to add in My journal here. his s/n is submale4femdomOH.
This potential sub is under My consideration. he shows lots of potential and a true desire to learn. I am very pleased with his high level of respect and obedience. Two things I hold very important to accepting a minion for servitude.

I have given him permission to write of Me in his journal. I am please with what I see so far.
I intend to meet him in the near future. I can sense that his presence around Me can only make him grow as a submissive. I will show him his true nature as a slave and look forward to exploring new, exciting things, as well as fullfiling both O/our fantasies.

continually impressed,

~Mistress Eboni

The leather hand of My crop trailed up nicolas' thigh. I saw his eyes flutter in anticipation as he watched the crop gradually near the crotch of his boxers. He was waiting to feel the leather against his cock...maybe even praying for it. But I denied him this pleasure. I smacked his thigh hard, making him flich in shock.

"Spread your legs, slut." I demanded.

"Yes, Mistress." My boy said.

his legs parted and he stood there waiting. I was not satisfied. I wanted him to strain. I swatted each inner thigh twice.

"Wider slave boy. Hands behind your back. Keep your back straight."

I continually smacked his thighs in relation to how much wider I wanted him to stand.
nicolas stood wide legged looking down at the floor. His shape reminded Me of a wish bone. Perhaps, a three legged wish bone...a tent was forming in those boxers of his.

I walked behind him. I looked at him standing there...the firm muscles of his legs straining to keep his body upward. I heard his breath slightly accelerate as he felt the hand of My crop travel down the middle of his back.

"Bend over. Grab your ankles."

A moment after My nicolas' finger tips wrapped around his pale ankles groaned as My crop struck his boxered ass. I liked hearing the surprise in his voice. he slightly stumbled.

"Don't you fall bitch, or you'll get it worse." I warned.

"Sorry, Mistress." nicolas quickly repositioned himself try his best to keep his balance.

I spanked his pathetic cheek at a time. At times, when My contact was hard his body swayed...but he did not stumble. I knew this was difficult for was immensly entertaining for Me.

I tapped My crop on the large bed.

"Up." I commanded.

nicolas climbed on the bed and I instructed him to get on his hands and kness.


He quickly pressed his mindless head to the bed and arched his ass in the air.

"Good boy." I rewarded him.

lol. He was a fast learner. Except for one thing.

I swatted his thighs again. My pussy tightened as My curious mind wondered how red his inner thighs were.

"Legs open slut. your cock is Mine. Never restrict it to Me."

"Yes, Mistress. It is yours. I'm so sorry Mistress."

I pulled the boxers off of him and smiled. Yes, his thighs were a pretty hue of pink. I was very pleased. The hand of My crop brushed against the hard throbbing cock between his rosey thighs.

"What is this?" I seductively asked.

"Your cock, Mistress."

"Who owns this?" I lightly tapped his balls with My crop. I loved the sound of his skin meeting the firm leather.

" do, Mistress." he sighed.

I reached down and wrapped My warm hand around "My" cock. nicolas softly whimpered as I slowly stroked it. I could feel it pulsating in My hand. I was horny and My pussy was ready to give his unworthy mouth a meal...but his ass needed to be a lot redder first.

"Since your are new....I want to test your threshold of pain."

"Yes, Mistress."

"I'm going to spank you...hard. We'll use a safe When it becomes to intense for you say the word "blue". do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress, I understand."

"Are you ready?" I asked.

nicolas reluctantly nodded his head.

I was looking forward to this and also very curious to see how much he could take. I began slow with soft swats on his bare ass. each strike became gradually harder and his ass slowly redder. I got to the point where was spanking him immensly hard. It reminded Me of swinging a tennis racket.  Finally, My bitch squeeked "Blue!"

I laughed, watching him pant.  I was impressed. I'm sure about ten swats before that he was ready to stop...but he was a tough boy until he couldn't take it anymore, for My pleasure. I kissed one of his ass cheeks for this sweet gesture. I could feel My wettness between My legs. I was warm and ready to be eaten.

"Get up. Get some towels from the bathroom."

I chuckled watching his red ass slightly stumble as walked to the bathroom. I removed My jacket while he completed his task. he returned to find Me sitting on the bed. nicolas placed the towels on the bed, "My" cock rock hard.

"Come here." I pointed to the vacant spot in front of Me.  I lifted My foot.

"Shoes." I said. nicolas removed My black stilletto heels.

Next, I stood.

"Kneel." I said. "Take off My pants."

I was patient while nicolas fumbled with My belt and pants. As My slacks fell to the floor, nicolas sighed looking at My off black thigh highs attached to My garter belt. His eyes slightly widened when I spread My legs to flash him My pussy. I knew what he longed to do to Me at that moment, but he would have to wait.

I turn My back to him, and I know My ass is inches away from his face. lol. I lift off My black shirt and throw it across the room.

"Stand. Undo My bra."

nicolas did as he was told. I slowly crawled onto the bed like a tiger, purposefuly rocking My hips making him watch My ass. I lay on the bed and look at the quivering mess standing anxiously at the foot of the bed.

I smile.

I spread My legs wide.

He is practically drooling.

I rub My fingers down the lips of My pussy and spread My lips to show him My pinkness. Nicolas' lips slightly parted.

"Do you want this?" I asked him.

"Y-yes." he sputtered out.

"Do you need this?"

"Oh God, yes Mistress." I looked at his stiff cock and I was ready.

"Come here bitch."

He crawled on the bed. I grabbed his dirty blond hair and fucked his face. he licked and sucked My pussy like a cum hungry slut. he wanted it, My goodness he wanted My pussy. his tongue plunged into Me and I squirted all over his chin and in his mouth. he drank Me...the lil cum slut drank Me in. I wrapped My legs around his neck and let him please Me.

I came...and came...and came.....

Finally when I had enough, I made My new bitch face Me and I watched him stroke "My" cock. I love watching a man masterbate on command. I grabbed one of My favorite vibrators and joined him. I watched his body tense up and his hand grip the throbbing piece of meat.

He begged Me.

"Mistress...may  I please cum!"

He continued begging, louder and louder. I pounded My pussy harder. I wanted us to cum at the same time. When I was ready and My pussy was going to gush I told him...

"Cum! Cum you fucking slut!"

W/we came. I burst as I watched his creamy cum shoot out of him. My hand was covered in wetness and I was sooo satisfied.

The night ended with My nicolas cleaning My cum from My fingers.


I'm looking forward to seeing him again.

Next time.......I'm taking his ass. :)

~Mistress Eboni

Hello minions,

I have acquired a new boy. I was very impressed in My first session with him. It was a spontanious meeting. I was bored on a Saturday night and I felt like spanking some ass.  I called nicolas and informed him that I wanted My leather crop against his soon to be red ass.

he was thrilled to make time for Me. ;-)

W/we meet near his house I followed him to a Red Roof Inn. It was booked. :( I wasn't happy. W/we went to another near by hotel....also booked. I was growing more and more agitated. Appearently there was a large wedding that was restricting O/our play. Therefore, we had to drive 15minutes farther to another hotel. 

This time nicolas was able to purchase a room. Although nicolas was unaware that the first hotels would not be available, I was determined to make his worthless ass pay for all the useless gas and mileage I was wasting.  

The room was very adequate and clean. I commanded the bitch to pick up My "goodie" bag and lay every item in it on the near by table. I knew the very proccess of him looking at each individual crop, paddle, butt plug and etc would excite him. I wanted to give him a lil preview of what was to come.

Like a good boy he neatly placed all the equipment on the light wooden table. I grabbed My favorite leather crop with a small hand at the top.

"BOW." I said.

The boy quickly dropped to his knees in a "all fours" position.

"How Mistress?" he asked.

I chuckled at his lack of experience. I took the heal of my shoe and pressed it against the back of his neck.

"Head to the floor bitch." The force of My heeled shoe forced the side of his face to the carpet.

"I'm sorry Mistress." I heard him softly mumble.
"Yes...yes you will be." I promised.

I looked down at the whimpering, pale, 26 year old beneath My shoe and smirked. nicolas was one of the youngest to grovel before Me. I could tell his desire to submit in his voice from the first moment we talked. Though he was devoid of experience, I was very curious to see what kind of dirty lil things were locked in this submissive man's head.

I pushed hard on his neck. nicolas let out a little groan of discomfort.

"Tonight, you are My bitch...."

"Yes, Mistr--"

"SHUT UP. How dare you speak while I am speaking."

I watched as he slightly squirmed into silence.

"you job is to please Me. you will obey My every command and desire with out a flinch of hesitation or disobedience. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress whatever you desire."

"Good boy." I cooed.

I lifted My foot from the back of his neck. I saw him relax and twist his head. he lifted his hand to rub his neck. My crop whirred and smacked his hand before coming with in two inches of his neck. I liked watching him suffer. lol.

"Sorry Mistress..." nicolas sighed.

I circled him, letting him watch My shiny black heals walk around him. I dressed like a business woman. All slacks, black buttoned dress shirt and a black pin striped jacket. My shiny black hair pinned up and sinfull red lip gloss across My lips.

I placed My heal against his back. The material of his blue Lacose shirt shifted as I added more pressure. I crossed My arms across My knee as if leaning on a rock.

"Hmmm...what to do with you..." I pondered. I tapped My crop in the air as I considered the several possibilites.

"No experience, no training....I guess first I'm going to have to teach you some respect."

I removed My foot and stood behind him.

"Stand up." I commanded, "Let Me evaluate you."

nicolas did as he was told.

"Turn around, bitch."

nicolas turned the neccessary 180 degress. His head bowed downward, deliberately not looking Me in the eye. I wondered if it was because of his embarassement of if he had read about eye restrictions....perhaps it was both.

"Take off your shirt."

I looked at his chest. he has an average built but overall satisfactory. There was light brown chest hair on his pale skin. I am not a fan of body hair. I tell him if there is a next meeting he will be trimming that down quite a bit. his nipples are pink and slightly hard.

I point to his jeans.

"Off." I say.

Within minutes he is standing in his blue boxers. I was pleased to see a bulge slowly forming.

To be continued.....
sniveling minions,

I have been talking to a few Dommes. It looks like the Queen's Club actually has potentional of happening!  I truly think it is a great idea. :)

Time will tell.....


~Mistress Eboni
I also think that a Queen's Club is in order. I would like to form a group of Dommes to meet once or twice or month. We could gather and talk about what devoted, pathetic minions We have and share ideas of punishment, humiliation and torture. lol.

Perhaps the first meetings of the month would be for Queens only. At the second meetings the Dommes would have the option to have her slave grovel behind her. We might all meet at a nice coffee shop where our bitches will still patiently on the floor and fetch our coffee and pastries.  lol.

Whether I can formulate this or not, it is a lovely fantasy.

Ladies....anyone interested?

feeling creative,

~Mistress Eboni
Hello A/all,

I am con-cock-ting a plan. I would like to have a Domination party. I think it would be delightful to have a room full of Dominants with His/Her subs and have a party. I would like to have a "Best slave" contest. :-) I bet My bitchboy would win for the males. lol.

What you think?

~Mistress Eboni

My pussy is throbbing.


I desire a tongue to lick and suck My lips.

A long tongue to plunge into My endless wetness. To taste, to make Me cum. I need a face to fuck. Hair to grab and pull as I ride the worthless mouth pleasing Me. 

The heal of My leather boots lightly scratch against your sides as My thighs close around your head. My back arching...My breath accelerating. I grab My crop and wack it across your back demanding your suck Me harder. I force your face into My pussy, grinding My hips, using your face like a toy. Thats all you are to Me. A temporary, meaningless toy for My pleasure. A pathetic worm to be crushed beneath My boot.  your nose is pressed against My clit. It's as if your mouth and My delicious pussy are one.

Eat Me bitch.

Lick My glorious pussy until I cover your face and mouth with My juices.

Beg for it.

Reveal to Me how much you need to taste Me. you are My slut, servant, bitch and whore.

I cum and you drink Me in, tasting every drop of sweetness. Fullfilled, I push you away with the heal of My boot. you face...still dripping. The smell of Me...the taste of Me is addicting.
you will smell Me for days.

Dreaming...praying....longing to taste Me again.

you pathetic, cum guzzling slut.

~Mistress Eboni
Hello groveling sluts,

Today is going to be an exciting day. I'm going to have a session with Lilly, her Master, Kristen (Lilly's sister slave) and a new submissive male. So many possibilities. :)

Lilly ate My pussy very well last night. I squirted all over her. What a cum hungry slut she is. :)

By the way...still looking for My own female slave. 24/7 is possible.

~Mistress Eboni


fed up,

~Mistress Eboni
I will be seeing Lilly again today. I wonder what new things I will do to her today. Perhaps some hot wax play.....and maybe some anal. I can not believe how sexual she is. I love it. Every time I touch her it seems she is going to explode. :) The combination of the pain and sexual pleasure drives her wild...and I am enjoying every minute of it.  It is so nice to have a female to worship me, nearly anytime I want.  I've seen her 3-4 times this week. :)

After My session with Lilly, I will travel to My wonderful slave derek's house. I can't wait to ride his large beautiful cock. It is truly worthy of My pussy. He is My personal sex toy...My dildo to use until I am satisfied. :)

It's good to be the Mistress. lol.

~Mistress Eboni

for a true female slave....

Yes, I do have Lilly to play with, but I only have co-ownership of her. I desire My own female servant to worship Me when I need her.

So still...I am searching....

I will be having a double session with lilly and my young sub charlie. I am very much looking forward to that. :)

~Mistress E
Hello minions,

I have some young males in consideration right now.  One in particular is 25 years old, blonde hair and green eyes. he is in the Akron area and not that experienced. he seems to have potential.

The other slave and a boy I met last year. he is very cute and quite endowed below. I intend to test how useful that endowment is within the next few days.


~Mistress Eboni

My bitches,

3 days ago I was beating a painslut. It was a lot of fun. she had such a big smile on her face when she saw how red her ass was in the mirror. she ate My pussy so well, I squirted all over her pathetic slutty face.

Lilly is her name.


she's my new toy. :)

~Mistress Eboni

hello servants,

I've been busy. Tina and I still communicate but our sexual situation is no longer the same.

In the past 3-4 weeks I have met a new female. Her name is Gillian. She is a lovely bi-racial girl with peach skin, green  eyes and brown hair. She is absolutely lovely to look at.

We had plenty of threesomes and dates. She is a lot of fun. It's nice to find someone as wild as myself. Gillian is not my slave but I do enjoy her company and fierce sexual appetite. lol.

I will see where this leads.

~Mistress Eboni

I may see My tina this weekend. I miss her. She is such a sweet sensual woman.

We talked for a long time last night. She misses me too. She told me that she had never had orgasms so intense before until she met Me.

She started working a new job during the day (our usual play time), so I haven't seen her in about a week or so. I miss having her pretty face between My thighs. I want to hold her down and plunge her with my strap-on and make her scream and cry out like before.

God she's hot. lol.

I can't wait til this weekend. I'm going to suck and fuck the hell out of her.


~Mistress Eboni
Hi sluts,

I'm going to ride a big hard cock today. My slave Derek is just amazing. I adore his cock. I would fuck him everyday if I could. No one makes me cum like that man does.  I'm going to see him this afternoon.

I'm not sure what I think about this sexy black couple I wrote about last week. I think they are starting to get cold feet. I was suppose to meet them this past Saturday but "something came up" and they cancelled. Shit like that pisses me off. I hope they are serious about meeting and it's not just some hot fantasy for them. I am really looking forward to meeting them. *sigh* But, time will tell. Now they are talking about meeting next weekend. Hmm...we will see.

There is a female slave I've been talking to named mary. I chatted with her months ago. We talked on the phone almost daily. I was very interested in owning her. However, the bitch stood me up three times! Royally pissed me off.

We reconnected about 3 weeks ago. I am considering giving her another chance. She was scared. I can understand that. But a little communication would have been nice. She also wanted Me to be more controling. mary desired every minute of her day to be controled and calculated. This idea is very interesting to Me but also very time consuming. I do have a life you know. lol. I'm always on the go and I don't always have time to think, "Oh, I think I should tell mary to pee now." lol.

However, I call and text her on a somewhat daily basis what she is to wear, when to eat, when to pee, when to sleep etc. She is enjoying this so far. It is exciting but also slightly annoying for Me.  

The other factor is that I have no varification if she is actually doing these things. I do not want simple phone Domination. I need to see her in person. She is cumming back into town sometime next week. I plan to meet her then. If she does not follow through this time I am not going to waste my precious time on her. The only reason I am trying again is just because...she is so FUCKING hot. lol. 

Anyway, I will write more later. I have somethings to do. I will go do my work...and after I get to play with my toy, Derek.  

Back to work minions!

~Mistress Eboni

I may have hit the jack pot. Two days ago I received an email from a very handsome mixed black male. He told me the his girl friend thought I was hot and was interested in having a threesome. She is a beautiful, slim bi curious mixed girl. She has fantasies of being Dominated and degraded by a woman.

Could I ask for anything more?

Both of them are extremely sexy. What a lovely two for one deal. lol. The three of us have talked extensively on the phone the past two days. We really hit it off. They seem like a very kinky, down to earth couple.

Amber is 19 years old, 5'5", hazel eyes, 130lbs, cinnamon skin, very long brown hair, B cup breasts, very curvy. Beautiful face and a very sweet voice.

Jon is 21 years old, 6'4", 220lbs, muscular body, light skin, green eyes, and short wavy black hair.



I can't wait to fuck them.

~Mistress Eboni

Hey bitches,

I've been enjoying myself. Tina continues to be a sweet heart. We took some more pics of her. I may post some.

I am in consideration of a potential slave named Matthew. He is quite interesting. I intend to meet him soon. I'll tell you all about it when I see him. lol.

I've been working on an erotic BDSM novel. I've been writing it on and off for the past two years. I picked up writing it again and I'm having a wonderful time.

Infact, I'm going to go write some more now.

until next time...

~Mistress Eboni


Hello again.

I had a lovely day yesterday. I saw My Tina again. We spent the morning together. I can see her sexuality really beginning to blossom.

This time she was more passionate, more talkative, more playful....and a tiny bit wild. I think it's very cute. She seemed much more comfortable with My body. She kissed and licked Me all over.

Tina is starting to become a nice lil student.

First, was her eating lesson. Tina has a natural talent of eating pussy. However, everyone can always learn improvements. What holds her back is her shyness and insecurities. Once she is relaxed there is a wonderful change in her where she is just so full of desire. She does just about anything when she is in this state. It helps Me mold her and to explore her deepest fantasies.

She wanted to eat Me right away. I admire that. :-) I love that she wanted Me to teach her how I like to be pleased.

Tina started slowly, licking My lips from the bottom to the top. I liked that.
"Suck on My clit." I commanded.


“You are so good at doing this,” she said, “you know where to find everything. I’m just starting to learn.”

It took her a moment to shyly find it. She began to suck.

"Mmm...good. Now, try licking it at the same time while you suck. Do it randomly."
Tina was good at following orders. Her mouth was very pleasurable and soft. For being so “new” at this, she was doing well.

I came.

Next, eating lesson part two.

I had My student slide two of her fingers inside Me.

"Good. Now curve your fingers up slightly. You’re trying to feel for My G-spot."
She seemed a lil nervous but determined as well. I knew she was happy that she made Me cum and wanted to be successful again.

Her fingers moved in and out of Me smoothly. I was wet. I loved looking down at her watching her concentrating....watching her fingers going in and out of Me. She quickened her pace and her fingers went deeper inside Me. It felt wonderful.

"Now lick." I panted.
"At the same time?"
"Yes...yes, lick My clit."

She quickly bent down and licked and sucked My clit like I taught her earlier.
I closed My eyes and focused on all the pleasure Tina was giving Me. Her lips and fingers were amazing.

I pinched My nipples and arched My back. I was getting closer and closer to cumming. I reached down and grabbed her hair. I could tell it startled her...but I think she liked it too. She didn't miss a lick and kept eating Me and eating Me.

I cried out and...I began to squirt.
I wasn't sure if she was ready for that or not. But there was no way I could have stopped it. It was very intense. My legs were shaking. The pleasure was too wonderful.

So, I squirted all over the bottom half of her face. Lol.

Once I regained Myself I looked down at Tina. Her face was soaked.

"Are you okay?" I asked. I reach over and got her a towel.

"I think so," she said wiping her face, "I've never seen a woman cum like that in my life! My face is....dripping!" She giggled.

I was relieved that she wasn't freaked out.

She told Me that I was sexy and amazing. She wished she knew how to squirt like I do.

Yes, the two of us are going to be great friends.

Next, I introduced Tina to the wonders of double dong dildos. you should have seen how big her eyes became when she saw the 14 inch long toy. lol.

"How are we supposed to use that?" She asked.

"I sit on one end, you sit on the other. The rest....comes naturally." I smiled at her.

She looked really curious.
"I can't wait." Tina said.

I allowed her to put one end of the dong in Me. She fucked Me with it for a while and I squirted again. Tina was still equally amazed how wet I get. Lol.


I helped her glide herself on the other end of the dong. 7 inches for Me, 7 inches for her. ;-)


I held her close to Me as we began to rock against each other. I loved hearing her moans and sighs in My ear. I kissed her neck and held and scratched her back while we moved in time. She became more aggressive and grinded against the dong....which went harder and deeper into Me.

Good girl. lol.

We came nearly at the same time.

We rode and played about 3 more times like that. It was very hot. I could feel her breasts against My body. I liked how she held on to Me as she came. How she kissed Me deeply...

Tina was so excited and turned on. I loved it. She couldn't stop kissing and touching me.

I turned her around and put on My strap-on. She needed to be pounded hard.
I held her hips and stroked her slow, long and deep. She practically melted in the bed. lol. I rocked her hips against Me. I loved looking down, watching every stroke.


It was beautiful.

Soon she was moving her own hips. It was amazing how fast and hard she can began to fuck Me. After a while I barely had to move. Tina kept cumming and cumming, grinding and bouncing up and down on the shaft of the strap-on. She seemed to be at her highest point. I swatted her ass with My hand.

"Yes!" she cried out.
I continued to spank her. I gradually increased how hard I hit her in time with when she was going to cum. She kept screaming and fucking Me harder. I couldn't believe how turned on she was.

I held her down and laid on top of her back. I put her arms behind her back and thrusted My strap-on deep into her.

She screamed.

I was deep inside her, pounding her fiercely. I watched her cum over and over. I watched her eyes close tightly and her grit her teeth in ecstasy. I kissed and nibbled her shoulders.

Tina was in heaven.

My.....I think I like this girl.

~Mistress Eboni

worthless servants,

Hello again. Well, collarme is actually starting to give Me some potential slaves. I have 2-3 males in consideration. Time will tell if they are worthy of Me.

I am growing tired of driving to Akron so frequently. Yes, I still adore My bitches in Akron but I need a few slaves who are quick to access locally.

I am in search of very local slaves to service Me when needed.

I am in need of a slave(s) to take Me shopping, body worship, massages, oral pleasure, cleaning, foot worship, car washing, run errands...or just to humiliate for My amusement and entertainment.  Some assignments I give you will be sexual, others will not.

Are any of you pathetic minions capable of doing these things?

~Mistress Eboni

Hey bitches,

I posted a pic of Tina in My photo section. you will not she her pretty face in this pic. I am discreet and she also asked Me not to show her face in the photos I took of her.

Now you have a lil peek into My world.

Isn't she sexy?

~Mistress Eboni

loyal minions,

Tina is highly interesting to

I called her while I was on My way to her house. I told her to wear something sexy for Me. She asked Me what I would like her to wear.

"Surprise Me," I said. "Use your imagination."

Tina confessed to Me a few days ago that she wanted to let out her "inner freak." to use her exact words. I was curious to see what she would pull together.

I pulled in her driveway. I approached her house and saw that she left the door slightly ajar as I told her.

I passed through the door and entered the living room. She sauntered down the stairs in black leather boots, a black bra and a fishnet bodysuit. My eyes nearly bulged out of My head. I will try to post some pics of this outfit if I can.

She reminded Me of art the way the thin stocking material made wide criss crosses all over her brown body. I liked the contrast.
Oh, and the boots. The boots really set the outfit off. They were knee high very pointed, high heeled leather boots. I wanted to take her right there.

"Do you like it?" Tina said bashfully.

It was amazing to Me that this beautiful woman oozing sex appeal could be so insecure about her body. But I found it to be very cute.
"Yes, I love it. You look stunning."

She poured Me some champagne, Verdi, like before. We sat and drank as she confessed to Me that today was the first time she ever wore lingerie. I was surprised.

She said she always wanted to try sexy outfits, but her husband found lingerie to be smutty and degrading to women.

*sigh* This poor girl. I have to open her eyes to the exciting erotic experiences she yearns to have. I want to embrace her sexuality and explore it. I'm so curious to see what is in this once vanilla housewife's mind.

I must take her lingerie shopping. And yes, one of you minions will be treating us to a shopping spree. How lucky you would be to be in the presence of two beautiful Black women.
If you impress Me, I might allow you to see us in our desired purchases.

Anyway, Tina and I travel up to her bedroom. I take of My jeans and top.

 She sat down on the corner of her bed with a glass of champagne in her hand.

"You really think I'm sexy in this?" she shyly asked.

I walked up to her and softly stroked the side of her sweet face. She closed her eyes and pressed her head against My hand. I kissed her forehead softly.  I leaned down and kissed her plump lips. I could taste the champagne from her lips. It's almost as sweet as her kiss. I feel her free hand going up my bottom and up my lower back.  I look into her pretty brown eyes and tell her,

"You are one of the sexiest women I've ever met. No matter what you wear....It wouldn't change Me wanting to taste and feel you."

She sighs and passionately kisses Me. She licks and sucks My lips and pulls Me close to her.

I think she is becoming attached to

I like that.

I hear the bottom of the champagne glass meet the nightstand table.  She began to unhook My bra.

"Make love to me," she whispers against My lips, "Please make love to me again....."

Mmm...I couldn't wait.

In less then two minutes we were naked. I pushed her on the bed. I crawled on the bed at her feet.

"Open your legs." I commanded.

Tina did as she was told.

I kissed her ankles and slowly trailed My tongue and lips up her legs. I nibbled her thighs. I licked her inner thighs while I gradually made My way to her pussy.

Her breathing increased as her anticipation rose. Just when she thought I was going to take her in My mouth, I purposely avoided her pussy. I kissed her stomach....licked and gently bit. I walked My finger tips up her torso and squeezed her full breast.  I continued to tease and torture her lower body...avoiding the place I so wanted to taste the most. I pinched and rolled her nipples with My fingers.
I watched her squirm and moan. Anytime I came close to her pussy she would lift her hips....wanting and needing Me to taste her. Yet, I continued to deny her.

I blow a soft gust of air on her clit. She sighs.
I kiss the sides of her pussy....barely letting My lips touch her skin.  I squeeze her breasts more.

"Do you want Me?" I ask her.

"Yes..." she blurts out quickly.

I smile.

"Then tell Me."

"What?" she sighed. She seemed so lost in desire.

"Tell Me. I want to hear you tell Me how much you want me."

She closed her eyes.

"I want to feel your tongue. I...I need to feel your mouth on me again. I want you to make love to me like you did before...."

I quickly licked her outer lips once. She gasped.

"Yes, yes, that is what I want. Eat me please!"

I moved My tongue slowly up and down her lips. I licked, flickered and swirled. I felt her hips moving with Me. Finally, when she couldn't take anymore I plunged My tongue inside her.

She let out a loud moan as My tongue flickered in and out of her. Her legs wrapped around Me. I sucked her clit in my mouth and flickered My tongue over it. She grabbed the sheets.

"Oh my god...." She sighed.

I sucked harder. She arched her back.

"Oh please....don't stop.....God it feels so good..."

I didn't stop. I sucked and licked her clit. She was very close to cumming. I wait to the final moment. Her moans were louder. Her breathing was faster. Her legs tensed up.

She was going to cum.

I quickly slide a finger in her wet pussy. She erupted. I fucked her hard with my finger while I sucked her throbbing clit. Tina convulsed and shook. She grabbed My hair.

I added another finger.

Another wave crashed over her.

Tina shouted and screamed. I could feel her wetness soaking My fingers. Her muscles clenched around them. She began grinding her hips....fucking My fingers. I roughly twisted her nipple. She screamed out My name in ecstasy.

I slowly let her drift back. Back to the two of her queen size bed. I crawled on top of her and kissed her cheek softly.

"You are so wonderful..." Tina said softly. She smiled at Me warmly and kissed Me deeply.
"I've never...ever had anything like that before. It's so intense!" She giggled as she blushingly covered her face with her hands.

I laughed.

"Good, I want to always make you cum like that."

A naughty smile came on My sweet Tina's face.

"Now it's your turn." She said.

groveling sluts,

Due to time contraints, the short continuation of that encounter with Tina ended like this.

I took her up to her bedroom. We squeezed and ate lots of fruit off of our bodies. Our bodies intertwined and rubbed. I sucked on her large wonderful breasts and devoured her. I laid her on her stomach. I parted her cheeks and licked her ass. She quivered as the intense pleasure over loaded her senses. Her husband never did that either. lol.

I was curious about her submissive potential. I spanked her once, somewhat firmly. She jumped. Then she said, "Oh, do that again."


Good girl.

Tina was nervous but she finally ate My pussy. She enjoyed it very much. She is talented with her tongue. Once she applied herself and lost her shyness she ate the hell out of Me. lol.
She came several times that day.

I realized that I had to conclude this entry because Tina just called my cell phone a few minutes ago, begging Me to take her again.I have to end this one so I can have room for more of the erotic things I'm going to do to her.  

I answered the phone, "Hello beautiful. How are you?"

"Good,"she said," What are you doing?"

"What should I be doing?" I said in a seductive tone.

"You should be here with my bed."

I laughed deviantly.

"I can't stop thinking about you. I've never experienced anything like that before. Can you please see me today?"

I smile. I accept. Tina continues to ask Me how soon I can get there.

I tell her to hurry up and jump in the shower.
"I want you laying on the bed fresh and naked with your legs open and your arms crossed above your head. I want you like that when I enter your bedroom."

She giggles and says she will be patiently waiting for Me.

I want her to become dependent on My pussy. I want to her crave touch herself every night remembering My taste and smell.

I have intentions of making her submit to Me...and she doesn't even know it yet. lol.

I truly hope she has the submissive bug in her. She would be a lovely asset.

Well bitches, I must go now. I have a sexy black woman to seduce.

~Mistress Eboni

Hello minions,

I met a very sweet and shy black female this weekend. Her name is Tina. She is a very attractive voluptuous woman. I love her sexy body. Such curves and soft chocolate skin. Tina is the true definition of "tits and ass". She wears very full D cup, and has a very plump round behind. Lovely smile. She is 28 years old, very polite, intelligent and shy.

Tina has no knowledge of the BDSM world. In fact, she doesn't even know about the lifestyle I lead and my loyal servants.

Tina is a broken housewife. She was married most of her life. She cooked and cleaned and cared for her 3 children. Her sex life was highly vanilla with the exception of a few different positions in the bedroom. Her marriage to her husband ended about 4 months ago with a divorce. Her "traditional" life is all she knows.

I began talking to her because she was very very bi-curious and has fantasized for years about a sexual experience with a woman.

lol. I love virgins. ;-)

We talked over the phone for about 3 days. I told her things I enjoyed in the bedroom and things I enjoy doing to women. Every time we talked she became more and more excited to meet Me. I promised her when we met that I would go slow with her and we would explore all her fantasies that were locked in her pretty head.

Finally, the day came. She gave Me directions to her home. We sat on the living room couch drank some champagne and chatted for awhile. I could see the excitement and nervousness in her body. I thought it was so cute how occasionally she would take a sip from her glass when I said something vulgar and exciting that I wanted to do to her.  I wondered if her heart was racing....if her insides were shaking with anticipation of when I would make My move.

After a couple glass of champagne I pulled out a DVD from My purse and handed to her. She gracefully rose from the couch and put the disc in the entertainment system. I could tell by the way she got up that she must have hosted several dinner parties. Her husband was quite financially set.

She returned to the couch and we watched the lesbian video.

I watched her.

I wanted to see what excited her most. I think it was the first time she had ever see women doing such intimate things to each other. She was so quiet...watching how they touched and kissed each other. I thought Tina was adorable. :)

I grabbed her glass from her and set it on the table. I smiled warmly at her.

"Lay back." I told her. She was hesitant at first but she presses her back against the seat of the couch.

"Close your eyes." I said calmly. (I told her I wanted to blind fold her at first, but the thought frightened her. That will soon change. lol.)Tina looked at me nervously, and I softly stroked the side of her face.  She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

I reached into My bag of goodies. I pulled out a container of diced fruit. Inside were grapes, sliced apples, bananas, melons, pineapple, strawberries, and kiwi.

"We're going to play a game," I whispered in her ear, "It's called Guess the fruit."

I asked her if she was ready. She nodded her head.

"Open your mouth."

I grabbed a piece of fruit and slowly slid it over her full lips. She tried to taste it with her tongue but I teased her and pulled the fruit away. Finally I let her eat it. She smiled as she ate the fruit.

"What is it?" I asked.

" favorite," she said, "Watermelon."

"Good girl." I cooed.

I the same pattern a couple times with a banana and a strawberry. I could tell she was relaxed now. It was time to make My move.

I took a chunk of pineapple and smeared it across her lips. Some of the juice must have slipped in her mouth because she cried out "Pineapple!" I let her bite some of it into her mouth. When her teeth bit into it some of the juice squirted on her cheek.  She giggled and raised her hand to wipe away the messed. I stopped her hand in mid air.

"No." I said.

She halted.

I leaned forward and licked and kissed the juice from her face. She was immensely still. I think she was savoring the touch of my lips on her skin. I slowly lingered over her lips. Tina actually leaned forward to kiss Me. I pull away.

She suddenly opens her eyes, looking at Me with confusion. She thought I didn't want her. The girl clearly doesn't understand how much I like to tease. lol.

"Shh..." I said.

I straddled her. I lightly rubbed my nose against hers. I stroked her face and hair gently, my lips still millimeters away from hers.

"Do you want Me?" I whispered.

"Yes..." she answered softly.

I leaned in and pressed my lips to hers. I felt her shoulder slightly lower as she sighed in desire. I cupped the back of her head and kissed her deeper, slowly using my tongue. She kissed me back. Our tongues and lips intertwined and I began to feel heat rising inside Me.

I wanted this girl.

I wanted to make her cum.

I wanted to taste her pussy.

I wanted to spank her....but I will save that when she's ready.

I trailed my kisses down her neck. I licked up and down her neck, nuzzled and nibbled. Her breathing accelerated.

I reached for another pineapple chunk and squeezed the juice across her breast. She jumped in surprise and shuttered when the liquid hit her chest and seeped down her bra. (I hope that wasn't her favorite shirt she was wearing. lol.)

Before she could protest My tongue and lips were licking the juices from her cleavage. She moaned and slightly began to pant. I aggressively pulled down her low cut shirt and yanked the front of her black bra down.

I stared with a smile at her large dark nipples and full breasts. I took her left nipple in my mouth and sucked and licked. She arched her back in pleasure. I massaged her other nipple with my fingers.....and I lightly pinched it.

She let out a sharp gasp.

"I'm sorry sweetie. I didn't mean to hurt you...."

I was lying.

She tucked her lips in embarrassment.

"It's okay......I kind of liked it," she confessed, “My husband never did that to me before."

A mischievous smile appeared on my face.

"Tina....there's lots of things I'm going to do to you that your husband never dreamed of."

To be continued.....

Ok bitches,

There is something I need to address. I am flattered by the large amount of mail I receive on a daily basis. I know a lot of you wish to bow and snivel before

However, if you are in another country, or another state, I will not be able to own you. I truly want locals. When My pussy needs to be serviced and pleased, sending for someone in
France, Italy, or Canada is not going to help Me cum. Do you understand? lol.

I want submissive males and females from the
Cleveland or Akron area of OHIO.

The only exception I have is for those out of town who travel to
Cleveland frequently.

Fair Warning:

Also, due to the many emails it may take Me a while to respond to you. If you send Me a  message and I respond that I like you, it is good to copy the last email I sent you to jog my memory.  Otherwise, you could get lost in the emails.


~Mistress Eboni

My bitches,

I had a very hot 3sum today with my bitchboy. We found an athletic, darkskined bi- curious male to have some fun with.

I loved watching my bitchboy on his slutty knees with that big throbbing black cock sliding in and out of his mouth. Markus (the black guy) was nervous at first but I told him what a hot, cock loving whore My bitchboy was. "He needs black cock in his mouth," I said. "I want you to treat him like the worthless, cum sucking cockwhore he is."

And Markus did just that.

My bitchboy sucked and gagged on that cock until I told him to stop. I looked down and saw the ragging hard-on forming a tent in his pink silky Victoria Secrect panties. His checks were flushed and rosy.

I grabbed my bitchboy's face and commanded him to open his mouth. Markus nearly died laughing when I smeared pretty, pink lip gloss over his pouty cock loving lips.
"You weren't kidding when you told me you treat him like a bitch!" Markus said between chuckles.  My bitchboy just looked down in shame. But I knew it turned him on so much to have Markus laughing at him.

"Suck his cock some more you fucking panty bitch. Get it really wet and hard so he can fuck your tight white pussy." My bitchboy loves when I treat his ass like a pussy.

Markus continued to taunt my slave while he sucked his cock, commenting on "how pretty" My bitchboy looked all dolled up like a girl. lol. After Markus' cock was nice and sloppy wet I yanked my bitch up by his collar and commanded him on his back.

"Put those legs up in the air whore!" I demanded. As he did this I got on the bed and sat near the top of his head. I reached forward and grabbed his akles to force his legs high.

"Spead your cheeks bitch." My bitchboy did as he was told. I saw his pathetic cock twitch once as he his ass check spread. I loved that he was anticipating that black cock in his pussy ass.

"Do see my lil whore's pussy?" I asked Markus. He smiled.
"Yes I see it. I can wait to fuck this white whore." Markus replied.

"You love black cock....don't you slut?" I cooed in my bitchboy's ear.
"Yes, Mistress I love it. I need his fat black cock in my pussy. Please...please give it to me." He begged.

I decided to grant My beloved slave his request.

I handed Markus the AstroGlide lube. I told him to lube My bitchboy's ass. I could tell Markus was excited to fuck his first male ass.
W/we went slow. First Markus rubbed around my sluts tight hole. Then gradually a finger. And then....another finger. After my bitch was completely relaxed and ready Markus began to rub the head of his black cock against my bitchboy's ass. My lil slut couldn't help but beg and beg. He wanted that black cock so fucking bad.

Soon I got to watch as My bitchboy's ass was slowly stretched and filled with black cock.

My pussy was dripping wet.

The way My slut moaned and rocked his hips against that cock.....Oh god it was hot.

Once Markus and my slut had a good rhythm going I let Markus take control of his legs. My bitchboy is such a cock whore he wraped his legs around Markus' ass. I guess he wanted him deeper in his ass.

lol. What a good whore he is. :-)

My slave was in such heaven. He was moaning and begging for cock so loudly. It turned me on immensely. But after a while it began to annoy

I decided to shut his bitchass mouth up with my pussy. :-)

I sat on his face and he licked my pussy until I squirted in his undeserving mouth. I could still hear his muffled groans as he loyally licked My pussy.  He made me cum over and over while his ass was filled with cock.

Markus was getting close to cumming. I could tell is breathing was getting a lil faster.
"Do you want me to blow in this whore's ass?" He asked me.

"No, you are going to cum on my pussy so this bitch and eat every drop of it."

My bitch and Markus both moaned nearly in unison...apparently they loved that idea. lol.

And it was done. I made my bitchboy stroke and suck the black cock until Markus exploded all over my pussy lips.
When Markus stoped cumming My slut sucked him dry. I loved watching Markus shutter every time more small shot of cum poured into my slaves mouth.

Markus laid next to Me as we watch my cumslut lick every drop of cum off my pussy.

And he didn't miss a drop.

~Mistress Eboni


I am so damn horny today. I am scheduled to see My bitchboy tomorrow but I am going to have him a day early. I need to ride his pathetic pussyeating face and soak him with My cum.

I'm going to be leaving in a few minutes to go use him. I called My bitchboy early this morning a told him that I wanted his tongue. he is such a good bitch to make himself instantly available for Me.

I just got a text message from subdrea. Mmm...does she want to taste Me today too? lol. she is such a good lil slut. I had a lot of fun the last time I saw her. she loves when I spank her and degrade her. I tell her what a whore she is to love eating My pussy so much. I tied her arms down and bent her over. I teased and pinched her large D tits. I love how hard her nipples get. her chocolate skin was so smooth and soft. I couldn't wait to kiss and touch it.

 I made her beg for Me to put My long strap on in her ass. (Drea loves anal play). She moaned and grabbed the sheets when I finally slide it deep within her. I reached around and fondled her clit while I fucked her. I was surprised the way she screamed and shouted with pleasure. She begged Me to keep fucking her ass...constantly telling Me how wonderful it felt to have her Mistress fucking her.
Next, I took off the strap on. I grabbed her long black hair and pushed her face in My pussy. Drea is a pussy hungry slut. She slid her tongue in and out of Me. she moaned every time I squirted in her mouth. Drea loves the taste of my cum. she always licks Me clean when we are finished.

Mmmm...I hope she is available today. This could be a very fun day.

~Mistress Eboni
Pathetic minions,

I'm growing aggitated. I really want a female slave. Two female slaves to be exact. My male bitches are very loyal to Me and I adore them. But, my heart desires a sweet, obedient, highly sexual female slave to add to my pets.

Aren't there any real females out there that want to be owned???? I don't understand why this search is becoming so difficult. lol.

Oh well...
For all of you applying for My attention if you are owned you will be doing the following:

*Body Worship
*Pampering Myself & My friends
*Possible 24/7
*Being my personal whore
*Bisexual encounters
*Pain and Pleasure Play
*Pussy and Ass Worship
*Anything I Want

Hello minions,

I'm going to be meeting a black female today. Her name is drea. She is very attractive girl and both of us are going to have a lot of fun. :)

She looks delicious. mmmm...

~Mistress Eboni 

Hello my loyal bitches,

I met a sub today. Screen name lick4ever. The name has been proven true. lol.

He took me to have a very nice breakfast this morning. We ate and chit chatted for a bit....and then it was playtime.

We checked into a hotel. I dressed in my black leather, halter style body suit and pulled out my toys. Whip, lube, bondage tape, strap-on....etc. :-)

I began slowly. I trailed my hand up his thigh and softly cupped his balls and cock in my hand.  I removed his pants and commanded him on the bed on his hands and knees.

I gave him a good firm spanking....and I even fondled him a lil bit. It was such a turn on to feel his cock steadily growing as I spanked him. I scratched my nails down his back and began to nipple his thighs and the cheeks of his behind. I liked the mixture of noises of pleasure and torture that bubbled from his worthless mouth. lol.

Next, I commanded him to lay on his back on the bed. I teased and tortured his cock. Lightly running my tongue up and down the shaft.....every now and then giving it a lil nipple. All he could do was lay there and take it. I pressed his arms down to the bed while I continued to torture his hard throbbing cock. I loved watching him squirm, twitch and moan. 
Finally, I let the head of his pathetic cock slide into my mouth. He was a lucky man this morning to have such a nice privilege of me sucking his cock.  I swirled my tongue around the head. I could hear him panting and whinning as I sucked his cock from the base to the head. I knew I was driving him crazy......and I loved it. I kept sucking and licking.....taking him close enough to explode and then abruptly stopping. It amused me to watch his cock jolt and twitch. Almost as if his cock it self was begging me to have the mercy of cumming. There is nothing more erotic to me than to have a man smimmering in sexual desire... right in the palm of my hand. lol. Willing to do what ever I say and please me.

I have an appointment to go to. I wil continue this later. So put that ragging hard on down and wait til my next entry. LOL.


~Mistress Eboni

My worthless sluts,

I know I have been away long. Collarme began to bother and bore Me. Yet, I have returned. Many exciting things have happened recently.

I have become very good friends with a Master. He has several houses and  24/7 female slaves. We co-dominate some of his bitches often. It is so nice to have a female slut available to eat and please my pussy any time I desire. I grab them by the hair and fuck their faces until I'm through with them. :)
My 21st birthday just passed. Master T and a few of his girl sluts took me out to dinner for my birthday. I had some delicious food. Next we went to Diamond Men's Club. that was wonderful. I had several lap dances. My panties were soaked!!
Many many beautiful half naked girls. lol

I will update more later.


~Mistress Eboni

Dear bitches,


I am very excited. I have found another slut to use. His name is shane. He is 35 from Akron and a complete pain slut.  I'm usually not big on giving pain, but seeing how much it turns him on to be slapped around and spanked arouses me. He likes for me to be very mean to him. Hmm....interesting. I'm generally warm and sweet to my bitches....but definitely stern and strict in getting what I want. ;-)  This man however....I think he is very interesting. He told me that he wants to be a worthless piece of meat to do with as I please. That could be very useful. lol.

So far the party will consist of Myself, Kathy, Jeff, my bitchboy, and slave shane. Tom is feeling sick so unfortuately he can't join us.

However, I met this lovely white couple last week. Angie and Ryan. Angie is a more voluptuous woman but she is absolutely adorable and she has great breasts...and a very sensitive pussy. It's tasty too. :-) Angie has helped me discover the wonders of the tongue ring. She is very talented with her tongue and the barbell ring really sends me over the edge.

Ryan is......FANTASTIC. I truly believe that I am addicted to his cock. It's eight inches and he definitely knows how to use it. I was screaming, squirting and moaning my head off. lol. I can't wait to see them again. I invited them to the party also. Ryan has to work tomorrow so I will have to talk to them tonight to see if they can make it. Mmm...I hope so.

I have more updates but I will have to save those til tomorrow. I have much to do.

*sigh* I love Halloween.
Hi bitches,

I've been trying to post some kind of photo of myself on this sit. I like to be discreet so I've trying posting half my face..etc. Collarme doesn't seem to like when people do that apparently.  lol.  I would like my loyal readers to get a glance.  So...I'm working on that.

I went on a date with a black girl named Shay the other day. It was a really sweet girl. We went to dinner and talked. Then we went to a porn store and bought some goodies. I was surprised when she told me she didn't have any toys. I insisted that she buy something. I helped pick out a nice vibrator. :-) EVERY WOMAN should have at least one toy.

She seems really sweet. As far as I know, she is not submissive. But I will find out in due time. lol.

I'm tired. I've had lots of school work to do. Midterms, papers etc. *sigh* The busy life of a college Dominatrix. :-P

I will write later. I have much to do.

Kisses minions,

Dear Minions, A black female sub sent me a messaged today. Hmm...this could be interesting. I have always had a fantasy (along with my asian fetish) of having a girl sub of each nationality, particularly a black female. I truly like ethnic females. Mmm...I think Black, Asian, and Latina women are absolutely beautiful. I am curious to know what this lady is about. She's also a lesbian...big bonus points for her. :-) My party is starting to really cum together and I am really excited about it. My bitch bruno is really helping out too. He is going to buy me the outfit and accessories of my choice. What a loyal bitch he is. I have my eye on a sexy lace up mini dress to wear for the party. I'm feeling quite creative. I may get some new collars for my bitchboys and some toys. I have finally found a couple male tops that are really interested in the party. I even have two new male subs to add into the mix. I talked to my kinky boi terry and he knows another female Domme who wants to attend. :-) My, this is going to be the best Halloween ever! ;-) Excited, ~Miztress

Hey bitches,

I have been very busy...and very happy. :-)

I now have a small swing group. It consists of Myself, Kathy (a fellow black female Domme), Jeff (Kathy's slave), my bitchboy and my other slave Tom.

Other good news, I've been emailing with this sexy asian sub. She likes all the same things I'm into and she has a bisexual white husband. I think she has a lot of potential. I hope I can fianally get my asian girl!

I would really like to find a bisexual black switch to join us. With 3 bi sexual bottoms I need at least one Top or switch to fuck my boys. Using strap-ons are fun...but I want to see some real fucking.

Anyone interested in joining my swing group?



I may have a possible bi boy 3some this Wednesday. I talked to Tom last night. He got a response from a bisexual man who is very interested in hooking up with us. From what Tom tells me, this man has a very thick cock. favorite. lol. I'm definitely curious to see it...and definitely feel it inside me.  It will be so hot to sit on this guy's face while I watch Tom try to suck that thick cock. :-)


Dear minions,

Even though I have found a great couple, I'm still in search of that one female slave for me to one. Ideally, an asian girl would be heavenly. lol.  There is something so alluring about asian women. They seem so delicate and sweet. mmmmmm....I can't even express to you how much they turn me on.

Ooo, a nice young, bi boy would be nice too. ;-) My bitchboy needs a playmate...

Still fantasizing......


Hi sluts,

I have been a busy girl. I have found a new couple that I like very much. Lana and Mark. They are a very sexy, young black couple from Akron. It's so convienent to visit them since they live about five minutes from my bitchboy. ;-) I've been traveling to see them about once a week for the past month. It is so wonderful to finally have a pussy on my face. ;-) Lana is very sexy. 5'1", 120lbs, medium skin, lovely ass, and the most goreous smile. Mark is 5'9", 180lbs, muscular, tattoos, 7" cock, a lil bit of facial hair, light skined and definitely attractive. I love dominating both of them. I am the center of attention and I command them to pleasure me how ever I desire. Mark is very good in bed. He fucks me hard just the way I like any postion I want. If he is a good boy, sometimes I allow him to kiss me while we are fucking. It is nice to wrap my legs around him and feel his muscular body on top of me. He strokes my pussy just right....and I squirt all over his black cock. And Lana is such a lil voyer, she loves to watch me fuck her fiance. She gets so turn on watching us together...she is always begging me to let her touch her pussy while she watches. My hot lil bitch. :-)

My favorite postion is to have Lana sitting on my face while Mark is thrusting in and out of my pussy. It's heavenly. Once, all of us nearly came at the same time like that.

Another favorite, I blind folded Lana and tied her arms to the head board. I fucked her with my strap-on dildo while Mark shoved his cock in her mouth. She loved it. Lana came so hard. I liked hearing her moans muffled by his big cock.

I have such good lil bitches. ;-)

Happy and horny,


Hello my minions,

I am going to see a couple today. Around 1pm I will be traveling to see Savanah and John. I meet them once before on June 14th and had an orgasmic time. ;-) Savanah is a black 30years womand and John is white, muscular and very nicely well endowed man.

I can't wait to have her clit in my mouth and his cock in my pussy. :-) Today will be a lovely, lovely day. lol.

My bitch boy is still faithful to me. *muah* and I still keep in contact with slave bruno.  Life has been busy. I'm definitely enjoying my summer. However....I am still looking for a hot asian girl subbie. *sigh*

Back to work bitches!

Hi bitches,

your Miztress has been busy. I have not forgotten about my minions. I will update soon. I promise.

Hi bitches,

Today is going to be a good day. I have talked to a young black girl and I'm going over her house today. She is 24, 4'10", 120lbs, long black hair and she's kinky.  your Miztress is happy.  I will tell you all the lovely details when I return.

Life is still good. I'm still in search of my perfect female slave. I continue to dream of my young asian girl subbie. Mmmm....

I'll write later.

Back to work minions!

Happy May month!

I'm still looking for a female subbie. I can't believe its that hard. Men fall to my feet constantly begging and whinning for me to own them. Where is my submissive girl?????


My on going search for an asian girl continues.

*sigh* Good Lord, asian women turn me on so much. There is one sitting diagonally across from me right now. Completely cute....but she looks very straight.

Males subs are boring me a lil right now. I'm really searching for a female sub. I need a lil girl toy for a while.

I appreciate all the responses guys. I may consider you...but ideally I am looking for a woman.

Still searching....

Dear unworthly servants,

Hello. I have been a busy Miztress.  Thursday I went to my bitchboy's house. I gave him a good long spanking. After I got his ass all nice and red I laid him on his back and fucked him with my strap-on. He has such a tight ass. After about a half hour of him moaning and squirming, I tied him up spread eagle style and teased him with my pussy. I hovered over him and slowly rubbed the head of his cock up and down my pussy lips. Immediately he began begging me to fuck him.

"you're going to be my personal dildo." I told him. "I don't care how close you get to cumming. I'm going to use your cock until I'm satisfied. "

"Yes, Mistress." He responded.

I slowly slid the head of his cock inside me. he has a nice fat cock. It's about 6.5 - 7 inches. I bounce up and down on his head for a few minutes. When I finally sat on his cock my bitchboy let out a passionate moan. All I could do is smile.

I rode his cock and came about 10 times. it was so cute to see his face get red from trying not to cum. lol.  I completely tortured him. He was rock hard and there wasn't a thing he could do about it. EVerytime he moved the ropes kept him in place. The whole time he just wiggled and moaned.

*sigh* It's good to be a Miztresss.

I have to go fuck my ex now.

Later. lol.

Hello bitches,

I met with my pantyhose whore and he is seriously cute. He is a very slim guy about 25-27 looking. Clean shaven face, dark brown kind of spikey hair, tattoos all down his arms and hands. I liked seeing his slim lil waist in his sheer suntan pantyhose. I've never seen a hard cock through pantyhose before. It was very interesting. ;-)

I showed up wearing a tight black sleeveless collared shirt and a matching ridiculously short black pleated skirt.  Underneath the skirt I wore tan pantyhose...with out panties of course. I walked to his door in my new shinny babydoll shoes. I was too hot.

I tied him up in pantyhose. His arms were tied to the bed post with knee highs and I and blind folded him with a pair of pantyhose. I know he must have loved feeling the material around his head. I laid him down on his back and slowly teased his body. I sucked his cock through the pantyhose. He really loved that. It was a different sensation for me. It was enjoyable though. Then I ripped a hole across the crotch and revealed his cock. I licked up the bottom of his shaft and sucked the head of his cock in my mouth. I rubbed the access material over his balls while sucked. He was squirming when I slid my finger up and down his tight lil ass hole.
He started to beg, "Please...please fuck my pantyhose ass." (that's what he calls just about any part of his body. lol.)

I giggled while I had his cock in my mouth. I love it when they beg. I kept sucking and rubbing his ass hole....and kept begging. :-)
Finally, I grabbed some lube and slowly started teasing his ass.  He let out a beautiful moan when I slid my finger inside.  I slowly slid my finger in and out of him.

"Stroke your pantyhose cock." I told him. I love watching a man stroke his cock. It just made my pussy wetter each time I felt him squeeze down on my finger. My goodness....what a tight ass he has. I can't wait to get a real cock in there. I would love to see him get bent over and fucked like a cock whore. :-)

I couldn't take it anymore. I slowly slid my finger out of him, ripped a whole in my pantyhose and stradled his cock.  I was even nice enough to lift up his pantyhose blindfold so he could watch me fuck him.  I was so wet, I could hear the sloshing sounds every time his cock went inside me. I fucked him hard. I grabbed his shoulders and rode his cock. I came about three times but every time he would get close to cumming I stopped and squeezed down hard on his cock.  All he could to was moan and beg.  I completely used his cock for my pleasure. Once I was satisfied, I got my strap-on out of my goodie bag. :-)

I untied him and commanded him to get on his hands and knees.  I slowly slid the thin dildo in his ass. I grabbed his thin lil hips and started grinding into him. I fucked him for about an half hour. I laid him on his side and wraped my leg around him. I laid on top of him and fucked him. And my favorite....he straddled me and rode it. I watched him stroke his cock while he bounced up and down on my strap-on. I commanded him to come on my he could clean it all up when he's finished. ;-) And...he did. lol.

Twas a good pantyhose day.

Today I am going to meet my pantyhose slut. I have been talking to this man named John who has a very big panty hose fetish. I find it intriguing. There is a variety of things I can do with panty hose. :-) It will be fun to experiment with my creativity.  I am looking forward to meeting him.  I plan on fucking him with my strap on and putting a pair of knee highs over the dildo. He will LOVE it. He wants to meet me and my bitchboy and have a lil fun. He's bi-curious....but I'll take him slow. Once I get him and my bitchboy in panty hose...I think he will have a field day.
But first we must go step by step. I will meet him today and see how compatible we are.

I will tell you all how it goes. I'm already wet in anticipation.


Operation Bi Boy Orgy failed. Tom had to cancel and apparently most of the guys chickened out. Surprisingly...I wasn't even mad. I felt slightly relieved actually.  Having that orgy has always been a fantasy but my bitchboy and I needed some one on one time. And my....did we have a great time.

I tied his arms up to the bed post and teased and tortured him with my flogger for about an hour.  Then I sat reverse cowgirl style on his hips and stroked his cock. Occasionally, I would reach down and play with his balls and ass. I love watching him squirm. I varied speeds and every time he came close to cumming, I squeezed down on the head of his cock. All he could do was beg and shake underneath me. I held him back from cumming about 6 times.  It turned me on to feel is body and cock tense up and watch his feet curl and wiggle while I sat on him. He was completely helpless and all he could do was take it.  When I finally allowed him to cum he shot a huge load all over my hand....and every where else too.   I got off him and crawled up next to him.  He was still slightly panting. :-) "Open up bitch." I cooed. My bitchboy opened his mouth and I made him suck every drop off my fingers.

Heh heh....what a slut he is.

But I wasn't nearly through with him yet.

I untied him and made him fetch my brand new strap-on harness.  I inserted my new 5 inch vibrating dong in the harness.   I ordered him on his back in the bed.  I crawled on the bed, quite aware of my new extension (lol).  I propped a pillow underneath his ass, jerked his legs up to his chest and fucked him like a lil bitch.  I started slow...teasing his ass.  It wasn't long before he was begging me to fuck him. I love watching his head move from side to side as he moans. He was on his back with his legs up in the air like cheap slut.  I flipped him over spread his cheeks and slid my strap-on cock in his ass.   I slowly laid my body over him. He moaned when he felt my tits against his strong back.  I grinded my hips into him. He kept begging and moaning and pushing back into me. It was one of the most erotic and kinky experiences I've had.  I was so into it, I reached up and grabbed his shoulder and fucked him so hard. He was screaming like a fucking whore. All pleasurable noises of course. I LOVED it.  I even came from all the vibrations and friction against my clit. I can't wait to fuck his ass again.

I let him have a five minute break. ...

When we resumed I laid on my back and commanded him to eat my pussy.  He licked and sucked on my pussy for about two hours. I came and squirted in his mouth many many times.  It was wonnnderful. I loved wrapping my lags around his head while I'm cumming.  His tongue just feels so good. I love when he licks my pussy from the bottom all the way to the top.  It just gives me shivers. He has the perfect balance of teasing me and making me cum. :-) this point I can't tell who is better at eating bitchboy...or my ex?




This day is becoming slightly interesting. I'm not sure if my lil bi orgy is even going to happen today.

Anyway, I have temporarily fixed the problem between Me and My bitchboy. he was feeling neglected. We'll be okay. I will give him a lil more attention.

I'm going to go over my bitchboy's house and spend some time with him. I'm a lil reluctant to go over Tom's because he told me last night that a Dominant heavy set black woman might be there.

I don't play well with others. lol. Other female Dominants to be specific. I don't want any other women trying to move in on my territory. We would end up looking like this -->  And if she doesn't back off it would be like this --> lol.

So, I will see what the situation is like.

I hope this will be an enjoyable day.


Well there is success! Maybe something was wrong with the server here or something. I'm back on. :-)

Tomorrow I am going over Tom's house. He has scheduled for 4 -6 bi guys to come over his house for some fun. I have fantasized about this for a while. I can't believe it's a possibility now. I'm a lil nervous...but I definitely excited too.

I'm taking my bitchboy with me. He's been acting a lil strange lately. Hmmm.....I wonder what is bothering him?


Hello minions, I haven't been able to write. My account at the library blocks me from this site. as you can imagine this makes me quite angry. I will try to write as often as possible. Thursday I will have a really nice "party" at Tom's house. Me and a bunch of bi guys. Fun, fun fun. I will watch and direct...maybe even play. I will give all the details later. I'm not sure if you will be able to read this. I don't get the fancy options of text color on this certain computer. :-) aggrivated, Miztress

Dear bitches,

your Miztress is very happy. It's going to be 68 degress today! I can't even tell you how much I love warm weather.  It makes me want to take off all my clothes. I love feeling the warm wind blow against my naked body. Mmmm...heavenly.

Perhaps me and the ex with have a picnic at the beach today.

Time to turn up my music and dance. :-)


I got laid. I met long time chat buddy Bobby today. He ate my pussy and fucked me. He said he's going to nickname me "gusher" from now on. :-P

Dear minions,

Today I will be pampered at my hair  salon. I will have a message  and my hair will look wonderful. I'm looking forward to another pleasant day.

I did meet joey yesterday. he is a very attactive man. Dark hair, 40 years old, muscular build, tattoos, and yes...he does have a very nice 8 inch cock.  We had lunch and had a lil play time in the car. Unfortunately, he couldn't get the day off from his job. We plan to meet again sometime next week.  joey showed me his sissy frilly lil panties underneath his jeans...he even wore some thigh highs too!  He had a nice hard bulge underneath those panties.   I made him stroke his cock for me in the mall parking lot.'s nice. I liked it so much I started sucking it. There were so many people walking around the parking lot. Anyone could have just looked over and saw us.  I even gave him the priviledge of seeing and sucking on my breast.  I told him the next time we meet we will have the whole day.

I want to flog him and fuck his lil ass.  joey was so cute...he said "I love being fucked in my ass. But it's been a long time since I've been go easy on me please..." LOL.  How adorable.

I can't wait.

 Hey bitches,

My day is going much better. I have fixed my phone problem and gathered my toys. I'm all set for my meeting with joey. 

We will meet at the mall, look around  a lil bit and I'm definitely going to look at his cock. 

I will update later. 

Today's agenda:

Fix my fucked up phone

Go home to gather my toys and outfits for joey

Perhaps go to Ambiance and buy some more kinky accesories

Meet joey for lunch around 2pm

Fuck his brains out

Go home. :-)
NOT having a good morning.

Something is wrong with my cell phone. I can call and recieve  calls, but I can't hear the caller talking! Grrr..... this minor set back will heavily fuck up my day. I'm going to meet joey today and if he gets lost I would like him to be able to call me.  Now I have to drive home and see if my head set works. Perhaps I can still use that and talk to some one.

*sigh* Fuck.


Dear worthless minions,

I'm feeling good today. I took a "sex" break today and I actually completed my goal. lol. I went to class and had real lunch with the ex boyfriend. We sat next to each other  in a booth and ate our food....while we watched lesbian porn on his portable playstation game player.  It was exciting. No one knew we were watching porn in the restaurant. I do think one of the other waiters saw a glipse of the screen. He kept wandering around out table and glancing out the corner of his eye. :-)  It was nice.  I watched porn ate good food and got to cuddle with my ex.

Today was a good day. Tomorrow I plan to have lunch with Joey and possibly ride his cock tomorrow.




Guys are so fucked up. They young ones at least. I'm sitting near these 3 twenty something year old boys and they are complete ass holes. Absolutely no respect for women. Any women that would get either of them the time of day would be a fool. They just want to get some pussy and go to the next one.
But hey, that is how life goes.

That's why I never date guys my age.


hey bitches,

I need to find some cute young ones. I am dreaming of a sweet asian girl and a hot bi stud boy. Mmm.... I wish, I wish.

In other news, there is this new guy I'm talking to named joey. I think he is adorable. I would like to meet him this Thursday. Tom wants me and my bitchboy to come over again but I am the Miztress and I have decided I want to see joey. He has to give me my shoes. :-) It was so nice of him to offer to buy them for me. I think we will have lunch and get to know each other. If I really like him we might get a hotel room. lol.  He has toys and outfits. I can't wait to make him my lil slut.  I'll have him fuck his ass in front of me and dress him up in panties...maybe put some lip stick on him. lol. *sigh* it's nice to have bitches.

I'll write more later.

Man, I thought I was having a bad day....

First day back of spring break, I drive a bunch of miles to my class and it's cancelled, a slave bailed on me and I'm low on gas. What a waste of overly priced gasoline.  Needless to say, I was feeling pretty much like this  .  But thankfully, the one thing I was REALLY  looking forward to came through.

I just saw my ex boyfriend. *GRIN*

I thought I needed to take out all my pent up frustration on a subbie...oh my  was I wrong.  My wonderful ex boyfriend gave me exactly what I needed......HARD CORE FUCKING.

Oh my goodness. I've never been so manhandled in my life. Don't worry it went both ways. We pulled each other's hair, he threw me on the floor and fucked me, I sucked his cock right out of my pussy, he bent me over and pounded my ass, I slapped his face and scratched his back, he even fucked me standing up! was perfect.  It was just wonderful, ROUGH, dirty, kinky, hard pounding sex. We called each other names, slapped and pushed each other around, really nasty dirty talk....mmmmm.....

God bless him. He always knows how to brighten my day.  Always there for me, always says or does the right thing at the right time. *sigh* That's why I love him.

your Queen has been truly and throughly fucked.

No longer pissed and EXTREMELY satisfied,


You can all disgard that last entry. Any interaction between Myself and subcurjeffoh will not be occuring anytime soon. 

In that case, I now have more time for the more worthy slaves who wish to worship me.

Finally going to meet subcurjeffoh today.  Fun, fun......

Hello minions,

I am a horny one today. My hormones are racing and I need some cock. Perhaps two cocks. :-) I am scheduled to see my ex today but that is hours away. I want some cock NOW. I want to some spanking and teasing...then I want to ride some cock. I can't do that with my ex. He's not a submissive bitch. :-( *sigh* I'm horny........


Today is the big day!

I'm going to be sandwiched between two cocks.  I CAN'T WAIT.

Unfortunately, John bailed. Once again, I ran into a chicken shit. Perhaps he feels intimidated? I have no idea. But what I DO know, is I have a new guy, Tom, who IS FOR REAL. :-) He's bi, a switch, and oh so eager to please. I'm looking forward to watching Tom fuck my bitchboy in his tight lil ass. 

I plan to be at my bitchboy's house around 10:30 -11:00 am so I can get him ready.  I'll make sure his ass is nice and shaved and clean, we'll grab the toys and off we will go. Tom lives about 15 minutes away so it's completely perfect!

Mmmmm....what a great kinky day this will be.  So much cock sucking and fucking.

......maybe next week I'll have a 4some. Anyone interested?  I'll update with all the sticky details tomorrow.

Back to work minions!


I rode my ex boyfriends cock in vacant parking lot yesterday. The windows of the car were completely fogged up and I dripped all over his cock. It was so exciting. There were about 5 to 8 cars scattered around.....we could have gotten caught any second.  But I was so horny I didn't even care. I just kept riding his hard black cock. I love squeezing it and feeling every inch of it sliding in and out of me.  He gets me so fucking wet. And oh my GAWD he makes me come so hard. He truly is the best I've ever had. He is the only man who can make me have multiple orgasms back to back.   <~ That's what I look like after he's threw with me. lol.  The man is fantastic.

He came twice. :-)


Hey sluts,

Thanks for all the love. Seems I've formed quite the fan club. I appreciate your comments about my journal. It's really fun to be able to write down the events that happen in my life and share them with fellow kinky individuals. :-) It kicks ass!

Hello minions,

This week shall be busy. Today, I see the ex and get my brains fuck out, then I have a session with one of my boy toys. This one has a foot fetish. I'll make him worship my feet. I might even walk on him. It drives him crazy when I tell him that. lol. If he's a really good boy, I may let him come on my feet.

Anyway, tommorrow I will be taken out shopping by a hopeful sub, Wednesday I see the ex again, Thursday I have a 3some....which is slowly starting to become a 4some. I can't wait.

Are there any REAL submissive girls out there???????


What’s' up minions,

I was a kinky lil slut yesterday.  Oh, and was it yummy. ;-) 

  I went over Matt's house yesterday and surprised him with my brand new school girl outfit.  I wore  a long coat over it and walked up to his door. 

"Nice pig tails."  Matt  said when he opened the door.  I unbuttoned my coat and  I don't think I've seen a bigger smile on Matt's face. 

"I'm a bad girl Mattie. Teach me a lesson. " I said.

Usually, I'm the one taking control of the situation but...that day I just wanted to be fucked like whore. I needed to be pounded.  I wanted my hair pulled,  my ass spanked and a cock in my mouth.  And that's what I got.  lol.  We didn't even get to the bed room. 

I pushed him down on his living room chair and started my lil strip tease.  I slowly lifted up my green pleated skirt and flashed him my lacey black thong.

  "Turn around,"  he said,  "Bend over."

 I turned around,  spread my legs and slowly bent down and showed him the back of my pussy.  I even pulled my thong to the side so he could see my pussy lips.  It was so  hot to be the center of his attention. I could see the desire in his eyes as he rubbed his cock from  out side his pants.   I walked over to him and placed my foot on the arm of  his chair.  I watched his eyes travel from  my white frilly socks, up my leg all the way to my lacey thong.  I pulled my thong to the side and slid my finger into my pussy. I let him watch my finger disappear into my fat pussy lips. It just made me wetter knowing he was sitting there… watching me fuck my pussy right in his face.  I pulled my finger out and hovered it inches away from his mouth.

"Open..." I whispered.  His lips parted and I slid my wet finger in his mouth.  I loved hearing him moan as he sucked and licked my finger. 

 "Suck my cock." Matt commanded.

 I smiled and coyly said,  "But, I don't know how."  Matt laughed and decided to play along. 

"Get down on you knees sweetie," he told me, "wrap you hand around my cock."

I bowed down and hesitantly held his cock.

"Like this?" I said shyly.

 "Yes, that perfect honey." Matt cooed. 

"What do I do now?" I asked. 

 "Lick that ice cream cone I bought you yesterday." 

I bent down and slowly licked the head of his cock.  I ran my tongue around it and sucked the head in my mouth.

 "Mmm...good girl he said."  I gradually took more in my mouth until I nearly gagged.  He pulled my pig tails while he fucked my mouth. I slurped and sucked his cock till he was squirming in his chair. 

 "Suck my balls, " he moaned. I trailed my tongue down the bottom of his shaft all the way down to his balls.  I sucked and licked his balls while my lil hand stroked his hard cock. 

"That's enough trouble out of you lil girl." Matt said. He picked me up and threw me down on his couch.  He ripped of my panties and slid his cock inside me with one smooth stroke.  I loved feeling his cock  fill me up. 

 "Put my legs on your shoulders." I begged.  He fucked me hard and all I could do is moan and take it. I loved it. 

Next he bent me over the arm of the couch. He rammed his cock in and out of me and pulled my hair like a slut.  Matt lifted up my skirt and spanked my ass.

 "Yeah,  you're a dirty lil girl aren't you?" 

 "Yes,  yes, please fuck me...."  I begged him.   He was fucking me so hard the side of my face was nearly smothered in the couch cushion.

"Can I ride your cock now?" I asked.

Matt sat on the couch and  sat reverse cowgirl on his cock.  He grabbed my hips and bounced me up and down on his cock.  It felt so fucking good.  A few times he had to stop to keep from cumming.  I loved grinding my pussy on his cock. I was so hot I threw my white mid drift blouse on the floor.  Matt leaned  me back and pumped his cock in me while he squeezed my tits.  I squirted all over his cock.  He got so excited I had to lift up. He shot a huge load all over my ass.

Mmmm......what a nice day I had. lol.



Hello bitches,

I'm feeling the need to dance. I have my launch cast player on....I'm jammin, I fucked myself silly last is good. :-)

There is this sexy latina over to my right.  If I keep looking at her I will either get some pussy, or get slapped. LOL.  Hmm...I don't think she's bi. She's cute but I hate the way she is wearing her lipstick. She's wearing clear lipgloss and has her lips outlined in a maroon color.  I think it makes her look like a prostitute. that case, maybe she is bi. LOL.

Anyway, my pussy is a lil sore this morning. I fucked my big black dildo for about two hours last night. I was so fucking wet it was lovely.  I can't wait till slave bruno sends my my new present. I told him I wanted a new dildo for my birthday. :-)  I'm very much looking forward to it.

I may be fucking my ex boyfriend today but...I don't know if my pussy is up for it. I think I'll just have some cuddle time with him today.

Well, I have to be going. Class is starting in  a few minutes.

Back to work minions!

Hey bitches,

Jen and I are still chatting and having lots and lots of phone sex. I think she may be a lil intimidated by me. She seems a lil hesitant to meet me. I don't understand why. I'm attracted to her and we have so many things in common. I want to taste her pussy so bad...but if she isn't ready, I'm not going to push her.  *sigh* But she's so kinky!!

Oh well......


My, my, has been a while. I have been a very busy woman. My birthday was this weekend!!! I am officially a 20 year old woman.  I saw two great movies, ate steak on my birthday and did a lil shopping. Life is good. lol.

Let me up date all of you mindless sluts about what been going on in my world.

I just had the BEST sex of my life about 30 minutes ago.  I thought my ex boyfriend was absolutely fantastic in bed.....I never imagined is could get better. For once in my life...the man turned me out.  It took me five to ten minutes just to stand up! Mmm...I can't tell you how much I love the feeling of his cock sliding in me for the first time. I can just feel my pussy stretch around his cock. I love squeezing it and riding every inch of his black cock. I came and squirted SO many many times. His cock was smothered with my cum. Oh my god. He fucks me so deep. It feels so good when he wraps his strong hands around my ass and thrusts deep inside me. All I can do is grab on to him to keep from collapsing. I just keep screaming and squirting.....god, I can't get enough of him.

I'm so sleepy its not even funny. The man has worn me out......for at least a few hours anyway. lol. About eight o'clock I'll probably be rubbing my pussy again. lol.

Later minions,

This Thursday I will be visiting my bitchboy. I have many plans for him. The other day I chatted with a bisexual man named Mike. I find it very interesting that yet another man named Mike is dying to join us. lol. So let's just call him Mike2. lol.  I told Mike2 about how hot our experience was with Mike1 and he can't wait to see us. :-) I'm quite happy about this. Mike2 seems to be into everything. He likes watersports, guys, girls, bondage, spankings, toys....lots of things. I'm going to call him tonight. I like how eager he is. I can't wait to see him fuck my lil bitchboy's ass.

Dreaming of hot homosexual action,

Hello minions,

I'm sure you all have missed me. I've been very very busy. It's the last week of this tech class I've been taking, and I have lots of sexy people (female and male) who desire my attention. *sigh* It's a lot to juggle.

I'm still talking to Jen and now I've started talking to a submissive woman named Tanya. White, 5'6", 140, 36"B, short spikey brown hair, clean shaven and my, is she a kinky one. Tanya LOVES Dominant black women. ;-) We chatted for a lil while but I plan one talking to her more.

I had a slight break through with Jen yesterday. This girl becomes more and more interesting the more I talk to her. I found out last night that she loves to be tied up.  She also likes to fuck her boyfriend in the ass with strap-ons.  Perhaps I misread her shy exterior. This girl is kinky.  :-)  When I spoke with her int he beggining she was kind of quiet and shy. Now she is as frisky as a lion. I like it! lol. I hope to meet her soon. Tanya as well.


Some inspiration....

I was looking through my admirers list and something interesting caught my eye. I was browsing through the profile of  timjs31 and he had this interesting post from a site in his journal. I'd like to share it with you all. 

Male Bi-Sexuality

Let's face it.  Most women and many men have "bi-sexual fantasies or dreams".  This is normal.  It does not make a person "gay/homosexual" to have these thoughts.

Now the trick as a Dominant woman is to know your mans bi-drive.  Some males have a stronger bi-drive than others OR to a certain extent would consider acting on these desires under the guidance of a woman.  For many men, moving the fantasy of say giving head to another man or having sex with them, as the submissive/bottom can become a reality with the presence of a woman.  Both in terms of an act of humiliation in front of their Mistress/Wife/Girlfriend or the woman acts as a comfort shield so the man does not feel so "gay".

Such events can unlock more of a submissive's nature and take him to deeper depths in his submission through this kind of FemDom exploration and bisexual experimentation.

For woman who fantasize about seeing their man or perhaps sissy/crossdresser husband is to work this fantasy in conjunction with chastity.  When men are horny and under the guidance of a Mistress anything is possible for a submissive with an open mind.

I think that was well said. I completely agree.

later minions,


In the spirit of Valentines Day, I have to decided to buy some new sexy lingerie today. Perhaps something short, red and lacey. ;-)  However I will have to do this after I hang out with my friend Daran. And yes, he is just a friend. He doesn't have a Valentine so we decided to spend a lil time out today.  We are going to eat at our fave restaurant and then we are going to do some shopping.

Today will be nice. Although, my ex boyfriend is rather disappointed that I won't be seeing him today. Hmmm...I'm feeling a lil bad about that. But, we get all mushy and hot n heavy all the time. Just because the country declares this particular day for love doesn't mean it won't be as sweet tomorrow. Right? Hmm.....I may be able to see him for a lil while.

Happy Valentine's Day all!


Unless plans change, this Wednesday I'm going to visit my bitchboy and his cock training shall begin. I'm going to put on my 8 inch pink strap-on and I'm going to fuck his face. :-) I may even fuck his ass. It's so tight, I'll have to use a smaller dildo on him at first. He is such a slut. He loves taking in his ass. He just bends over like a bitch and begs me for it.
Wednesday will be full of bondage tape, blind folds...maybe a lil gentle flogging, strap-on play and definite pussy eating.

I'm looking forward to it. ;-)


Desperate House wifes was hot last night. The show introduced this new asian girl who is working as a maid for Gabriel. I was so happy watching the asian girl brush Gabriel's hair and pamper her. It made me think of my house and all my sexy faithful servants. It would be so fun. I would have my slaves do all their chores, we could all have hot passionate sex, and do other fun things. I would have a slave for every task, one for all my body pampering, one for cooking, cleaning the house, and ofcourse I would have specific slaves for my sexual pleasure.  

Anyway, I look forward to seeing the asian girl on the show. She's kinda cute and I love her sweet and humble nature.

Man, asian girls are hot.

Back to work minions!

Hey bitches,

Very interesting weekend. Saturday evening I browsed a local phone dateline and I engaged in conversation with a girl named Jen. She's a white, 18 year old with black and blonde highlights, 36"Ds, 5'6", 120 something pounds, clean shaven....and she squirts.  Nice. The only thing that is a slight turn off for me is that she has both her nipples pierced. Hmmm....but I can get over that.  I like her personality and she seems easy to talk to. We talk and laugh and have a lot of similar sexual fantasies. I intend to continue to get to know her. Perhaps we will meet in a couple weeks.

I want some pussy....

Lol. But that isn't new, now is it?


unworthy servants,

Next weeks agenda consists of training my bitchboy to be a complete cock whore.  Even though he technically is, I want to increase his talents. Next time I see him I'm going to put on my strap on and train him how the be the perfect cock sucker.   We will start slow going over technique, then gradually pick up the pace until I'm fucking the hell out of his face.

Then I'll train his ass. He has a very tight and very sensitive ass. I just love it. I can't wait to watch a real cock take his ass. Mmm.... I love my li bitchboy.

Pleasantly Horny,


Hello sluts,

Nothing too exciting to update today.  I'm still craving pussy...and have none to taste.  I must change that.  Hmmm....

Normally I would be bouncing in my seat thinking of all the skirts I could be chasing at the club tonight....but I have to STUDY. It's the last 3 weeks of my computer class and I want to finish strong. That means a lil less going out. Yes, I have my boy toys but...I need some female attention too, ya know?   *sigh*

Well, maybe I can cheat. I might go out tomorrow night. I want to dance and make out with a cute bi girl. Yummy......



I'm horny, frustrated and I need some pussy.


sexually frustrated,


Hello servants,

My, what a busy girl I have been. Well....I am proud to say my "no sex break" lasted all of...three days. LOL. At least I tried. As my faithful slave bruno says, "Maybe this time you can go for 4 days!".  He does have a point.

I finally got my of them at least. I finally had a three some with my bitchboy and another man. God it was HOTTT. The name of the lucky guy who joined us is Mike. I commanded Mike to sit down on the bed. My bitchboy was standing obediently next to me awaiting my commands. I turned to my bitchboy and said, "Strip." He took off is shirt and pants. I could tell Mike was pleasantly surprised when he saw that my bitchboy was wearing pink Victoria Secret panties. "Leave the panties on." I told my lil slut. I looked at Mike and said, "Take off your pants. I want to see that cock." Mike smiled and said, "Yes, Ma'am." He began unbuckling his belt and my heart started to race a lil when he slid down the zipper of his jeans. He pulled down his pants and I looked at his half hard cock. My bitchboy was already eyeing it. "You want to suck it don't you?" I asked him. My bitchboy shyly nodded his head and said, "Yes Mistress."  I commanded him to get on his knees in front of Mike. I walked up behind my bitch so I could get a clear view of what I was about to make him do. "Suck his cock, bitch." I said. He leaned forward and slowly took the head of Mike's cock in his mouth. He sucked it gently and slowly. "No, bitch," I said, "you're a cock whore now." I grabbed the back of his head and forced his mouth down on Mike's cock. "you suck it like this. Suck it like a cock hungry faggot." I told him. And he did.  I was dripping all over the place watching my bitchboy suck a long hard cock. I coached him and told him exactly how to suck it and he ate that cock like a hungry lil cock slut. I loved it.  It amazed me to see how deep he could take Mike's cock in his mouth. I couldn't stand and watch anymore. I began to slowly take my clothes off in front of Mike while my bitchboy's head bobbed up and down on that hard cock. Mike never took his eyes off me. I slid down my black leather pants and slowly unhooked the black leather and lace halter top I was wearing. I'll never forget Mike's smile when he saw my tits. "Nice...." he sighed. I strolled over toward him and proudly looked down at my slave being such a hot cock whore. I was soaked.

I helped Mike slide his shirt over his head and I was surprised by his tattoos. On the left peck was a scary looking colorfully clown head, on the right peck was a small Mickey mouse cartoon character and he had some very detailed image on his back that I can't quite remember. I'm not too fond of tattoos, but I like the bad boy image it gave him.
Mike took my left nipple in his mouth and softly sucked it while his tongue flickered over it. I moaned and put my hand back on my slut's head and kepted guiding his head up and down that cock. This time it was my bitchboy who moaned. It turned me on to hear his moans muffled by Mikes cock. His lil pink panties looked like a camping tent. lol. 

I lifted my leg up on the bed and said, "I want you to know how much this turns me on." I grabbed Mike's hand and slid his finger inside my pussy. "Oh shit..." he sighed. I could hear the sloshing sound as he fingered me. He slid a second finger in and I nearly buckled it felt so good. By then we were all moaning. My slave was sucking Mike's cock harder and Mike was fingering me harder. He slid his wet fingers out of me and put them in his mouth.  I was so hot I needed my pussy eaten. "Lay down on the bed. I want to fuck your face." I told Mike. Mike and I got in a 69 position and I straddled his face. He licked and sucked on my pussy lips and tongue fucked my pussy. It was so good feeling his hands on me. He hooked his arms around me and lowered me down further. I nearly screamed when I felt his tongue lick my ass. I think I heard him say I have a sweet tasting ass but I was too busy moaning to make it out clearly. "Come here bitch." I told my slave, "Come over here and put you mouth to use." I watched my bitchboy climb onto the bed and take Mike's cock in his mouth. I loved hearing Mike moan into my pussy while I watched my slave deep throat his cock. Mike started tongue fucking my pussy again and I could tell I was getting close to cumming. All the sensations combined with my bitchboy eating that cock was driving me crazy. happened.....Mike slid his finger in my ass. Oh. My. GOD. I squirted everywhere.  On his face, in his mouth and yes, even on the pillow he was laying on. I nearly collapsed. I was so hot I leaned down and my slut and I started to share Mike's cock. I licked the side of his shaft while my bitch suck on his head, then I downed Mike's cock while my bitchboy sucked his balls, and after that my slave and I both sucked the sides of the head his cock. Mike was literally shaking. I loved it! He kept eating me and making me cum so many times I HAD to get fucked.

I had Mike put my legs over his shoulders (my favorite position) and fuck me while my lil cock whore licked his ass. I came again and nearly shouted my head off. Mike shot a huge load (we used condoms) and we were all just passed out on the bed.

I have never ever, ever, ever cum that hard in my life. I definitely, definitely plan on doing that again.

I need to go fuck my pussy now. Ahhhh......I'm so wet!!!


Can people change?

Something interesting happened yesterday. I was on another site and one of my old friends from middle school saw my profile and sent me an email.  Now, this is a long complicated story but all you need to know is we had a pretty big falling out. And now six years later she contacts me out of the blue? Curious, I checked her profile and OH MY GOD this girl has really grown up, if you know what I mean. She is completely hot. However, she was always an attractive girl. So now I just want to fuck her really badly. lol. Maybe I will tell her the only way I can completely forgive her is if she sleeps with me.  I am going to talk to her...but I won't let her get that close to me again.  Mmmmm....but everything about her is so sexy. I will see how things go...but yes, I want her.



I think I'm about 75% Lesbian. I'm always looking at women when I'm out and about. I can vaguely remember seeing a guy I just wanted to jump on. Men just bore me. I simply use them as entertainment. Men are only good to amuse me and to use their cocks when I want them. Women however...mmm.....women I could make love to all the time. I love their smooth skin, their soft breasts, their hips, long hair (and it always smells nice) and most of all, I love kissing women. Oh...I'm getting wet again. I can just envision sliding my hands through long silky dark hair and passionately kiss soft eager lips. Tasting her, feeling the hotness between us...mmmm.....women.

Men are just wonderful when I want to be fucked with a nice cock. I love feeling a rock hard cock thrusting in and out of me. Being able to squeeze it and feel every in of it.  Ooo, I just remembered when my ex lifted me up on the bathroom sink, threw my legs over his shoulder and fucked me infont of the bathroom mirror. I loved looking over my shoulder and seeing the look on his face in the mirror as he fucked me. *sigh* How am I ever going to get through this "sex" break? I'm already squirming in my seat.

Trying not to think about sex....


Hey bitches,

Sitting here grovin' to the Gap Band my favorite group in the whole world. :-) It's sad that no one my age even knows who they are but it's alright. They are missin out. Anyway...I am officially on pussy break. I plan to have lunch with my ex boyfriend today as usual but he has the pussy restriction. And if he tries to touch it I'll just do this  lol.  Today is definitely a cuddling day.

The couple and I have exchanged phone numbers. I look forward to finally hearing their voices. Depending on my schedual I plan on calling them today. It's hard to believe that I have found a subbie couple within a half hour away from me. lol. Right underneath my nose!  

Lucky Me,


Still fantasizing about having my large house and being endlessly waited on by my slaves. I think 8 servants would be perfect.  3 girls and 4-5 guys. I'll have an asian girl( which I may already have ), a latina girl, a black girl and possibly a cute brown haired or red headed white girl.  Okay, I guess I'll have 4 girls and 4 guys. lol. Of these 8 meaningless sluts, I will designate one as the head slave to keep the others in order while I'm gone. My house would always be clean and smelling nice. I come home and I'm always pampered and pleased. Cooking and cleaning, my physical pampering, my shopping, my sexual desires and my entertaiment will always be exactly the way I desire it.  That's what I want.

*sigh* One slave at a time. It has crossed my mind to possibly adopt this subbie couple I've been talking to. Time will tell. I think they are delightful.



What's up minions?

Sometimes I think my pussy controls my body. LOL. Is it really healthy to be this horny all the damn time? I'm supposedly on a "sex" break but my hormones are still raging. At the rate I'm going, I'll never get any of my homework finished. Oh my goodness....Green Day's "Dominated Love Slave" is playing on my yahoo radio station right now.  That song is hillarious. you should look it up if you haven't heard it. It's on their Kerplunk album.

Anyway, my body is still sore in various places. I find it interesting that everything else except the important things that were used (my pussy ass , I'll tell you about that...) are sore. My legs, lower back, upper arms, and inner thighs are achey.  This is all my sexy ex's falut. lol.

Monday, I had a hot encounter with my ex. His cock feels so good in my pussy! I love riding him. At one point I ordered him not to move an inch. I held him down and slowly slid my pussy up and down the shaft of his cock. I let him feel my muscles squeeze around him as his cock slowly went in and out of me. I started to fuck him a lil faster and a smirk of pleasure appeared on my face when he squeezed his eyes shut and moaned.  I love the power I have over him.  My pussy controls him. It can make him do what ever I want.  This I know for a fact. lol.   When I allowed him to touch my body again he grabed my ass and grinded his cock deep within me. Mmmm....I love his cock....anyway, lol, he kept grabing my ass and squezzing it. I was feeling particularly kinky that day. I whispered in his ear, "If you want to,  you know you can." He looked at me questionably. "Really?" he asked. I looked him straight in his pretty brown eyes and said," Fuck my ass."  And he did.  And I liked it.   He was gentle and slow and it just made my pussy even wetter. We didn't even need any lube. He just wiped the juices from my pussy all over his cock and slid it relatively easily in my ass. It feels really good. I may order him to do it again sometime.  *sigh* I better stop talking about it, I'm getting wet.

Later minions,


Out of frustration, I temporarily deactived my profile. A large amout of people have been contacting me who are thousands upon thousands of miles away from me. lol. It was getting rather annoying. Therefore, I took a short break. However, I have not abandoned you, although I am sure all you pathetic minions fell down and mourned my departure. lol.  It's okay, your Miztress has returned.

It is time for my body to take a rest. I have had quite the active.....2 weeks. lol. My body is sore from all the sucking, fucking, fingering and licking I've encountered. *sigh* I don't even think I will go visit my bitchboy tomorrow. Hmm....though it would be nice to be pampered. I may have him give me a sensual massage and feed me fruits and cook for me. Hmmm....yes, that sounds nice.  

Spring semester has started, so I must focus on my education. It is very easy for me to get lost in my lifestyle and forget about my books. I wonder if there are any other kinky college girls I can become friends with?  I have a presentation I have to give this coming Monday. I am going to start preparing for it tonight. I'm not too excited about my class members....they seem a lil....."out of it." I don't know....I guess I will just have to see what happens.

That's all I have for today.

Later bitches,



Hello all! I had an incredible 3 some with a kinky girl and a hot old flame today. :-) There was so much fucking and sucking...I loved it. It was his first 3 some and he performed well and properly. :-) He fucked our brains out! Good for him, better for us. lol. Definitely a fun weekend. It's nice to finally eat some pussy. This girl is real, kinky and I'm definitely going to play with her in the future. Today has made Me more enthusiastic about 3 somes.  

Entry over.

Back to work bitches,


Hello minions,

Training with slave bruno is going quite well. I have begun anal stimulation with him over the last 3 days.  he has been very obedient. he has never experienced anal so this is particularly amusing to me to hear his reactions. We are taking babysteps. lol. However, the results are very good. When I allow him to cum he squirts HUGE loads of cum.  It's really fantastic. It is amazing how excited he gets. Even when I call him, as soon as he hears my voice I can atomatically hear the arousal in his voice. I think I may keep him long term.

The couple and I are still in the process of exchanging emails. I think they have high potential. We are speaking about meeting sometime in February. It would be so fun to play with a submissive couple. It's a great two for one deal. Both bi and the female is asian....sounds like a dream. lol.  I'm just hoping it is real.

Back to work sluts,

Hello minions,

Your Miztress is pleased. I had a lovely, completely satisfiying experience with my ex boyfriend yesterday. We rented a very nice hotel and we made love for hours and hours and hours. We had cinnamon scented candles and lil chocolates to nibble on. I used the fire from one of the candles to melt one of the chocolates. I smeared the chocolate around his nipples, down the middle of his body and I even put a lil over the head of his cock. :-) I licked every drop of chocolate off of him. It was definitely yummy. He ate me wonderfully...WONDERFULLY...fucked me wonderfully. It was great! I will write more later, I have much to do. :-)



It is amazing the large amount of responses I receive on a daily basis. Some of you may feel I am not giving you the attention you disire. Keep in mind that I am a very busy woman and I have a variety of activities that are happening in my life, along with a great deal of emails.

Patience is a virtue.


Dear unworthy servants,

Now that my pussy is temporarily have returned to give you more of my wonderful thoughts.

Today is Friday. That means it's party night. I plan on going to my favorite gay club. I NEED to dance. I love it. I'm going to find a cute lil lesbian and we are going to bump and grind the night away. Hopefully, I can make fast friends some cute young bi guys (I usually do). Somehow everytime I go I ended matching two guys together and I get to grind in between the two of them on the dance floor. I love being the chocolate sauce in the middle.  I'm only musically acting out what I really WISH I could be doing with them. lol. Yum.. By the end of the night I always end up seeing some guys make out one way or another. 

Tonight will be nice. Ladies watch out! The Miztress is on her prowl. LOL.

Carry on minions,

Harajuku Girls......

Hey sluts,

I am one happy Miztress today. I am dancing in my seat to Gwen Stefani's "Harajuku Girls". I love my yahoo radio station. lol. Quite a good theme for how I'm feeling right now. I have a weakness for asian girls. I was fantasizing about slowly kissing and caressing an asian girl and this is the first song I hear. lol.  I swear my station is just like having a musical slave. I wish I had a soft female body intertwined with mine. I want to kiss and suck on some soft dark brown nipples. To be able to slowly slide my hands all over her body. To hear the sweet feminine moans and sighs when I touch her pussy. Mmmmmmm...........*sigh* I could talk about this forever. lol.

Speaking of slaves, My bitchboy ate me well yesterday. My previous entry of what I wanted him to do to me, happened almost exactly as I had written. :-) He surpised me during his worship of me though. He blindfolded me and we played a sexual game called Stroke Me. He went about his house finding random soft things and I had to guess what they were as he ran them over different parts of my body. It was very enjoyable and arousing. After the game my bitchboy slowly kissed me all over my body. It felt so good to feel his large hands all over my small body. He was so extremely gentle....and his lips we so caring and soft against my skin. I LOVED it. It was exactly what I needed. He kissed and caresseed me and drove me crazy. I got soaking wet all over again and I commanded him to eat my pussy. He did it soft and passionately this time. He licked from the bottom of my pussy all the way to the top and stopped right on my clit. He teased me...licked me....pleased me. I came multiple times with my legs nearly crushing his head. lol. He was FANTASTIC. I adore my bitchboy. Mmmm...I want him again.

OOOH.....I'm going to go and play with my pussy and think about him.

Back to work minions!


Today I will have a lovely session with my bitchboy. I am going to go over his house. I'm hungry so I will order him to cook me lunch. He will dress in that adorable maid outfit I love him to wear with his lil tush out and cook whatever I desire.  Perhaps some grilled chicken and mashed potatos.   My bitchboy will serve me my dish on a tray and I will comfortably sit on my throne.  I will comand him to put in some lesbian porn....hmmmm....ASIAN lesbian porn.  I will watch that and if I so desire I will bless him with the privilege to eat my pussy while I enjoy my lunch. Mmmm....yes, that sounds lovely. 

Once I am satisfied, I will take him by his leash and lead him up to our play room. I will tie him spread eagle style to the bed and tease and torture him until he squeals like a lil pig. lol.

My lastest lil fad is bondage tape. I bought some and used it on my bitchboy last week. It's so interesting! The tape only sticks to itself and doesn't bother your skin at all. I literally "tape" him to the bed instead of tying him. lol. He loves it! His cock was rock hard by the time I was finished taping him to the bed posts and legs.  I had him moaning like a slut in no time. lol.

My bitchboy has been particularly good to me lately. Perhaps I will reward him with something. Mmmm....I will ponder on that.
Well....I must be off. I don't want to be late. My pussy will be angry with me. LOL.

Carry on minions,

Hello minions,

I proudly announce, I have a new addition to my collection of servants. I have adopted soulofasub3.  Temporarily known as slave bruno, until I give him his proper nickname.  Yes, you all may applaud. lol.

Each slave I attain will go through an initiation process. He or she is evaluated, tested, and I decided on the spot if they are truly worthy to serve my magnificant pussy.Welcome this worthless cum guzzling slut because, I feel he has mass potential to stay around for a while. His eagerness and obiedience shows much promise. He will be trained, dissaplined and of course, used for my amusment.

Your Miztress is pleased. You may all visit his page and read his praisal of myself.  And that is an order.




A faithful minion soulofasub3 has sincerely asked to devote his personal journal as endless adoration and praise of myself.  Isn't that lovely?  I am very pleased about this. *sigh* I love this lifestyle. lol.



Hi. Well, I did get up.....the porn guy didn't seem to notice. lol.

Just came back from lunch with the ex. I told him about what I had seen in the library. I was so hot n bothered and I think the scenario might have turned my ex on too. We made out in the car for a while. His hands roamed all over my body. His mouth tasted my chocolate globes and his tongue slowly trailed down my stomach....lower and lower until he dipped between my thighs. He licked me slowly and passionately. I wrapped my legs around his head and gripped his hair forcing his face into my pussy. He loves it when I do that. ;-) He ate me and I squirted all over his face. It's amazing how wet I get. When I'm really really excited, I squirt my juices.......everywhere.  I love feeling his smooth tongue against my clit and his strong fingers feel soooo good inside my pussy. I love it! Yes, lunch was delicious.

We did actually eat by the way. lol. I had a chicken sandwich and he got a cheese burger. Although...I think he had a little trouble.....because my foot was in his crotch while he was eating. lol.  tee hee.

So, here I sit in the library again. The man is still here. In a different seat this time. I think he is still looking at porn. lol. Good for him.

Back to work minions....especially you Bruno!! lol. I know you are seeking away from your work to read my entries.  You naughty boy.



Oh, my heart is beating fast. I am currently in a library. Diagonally, there is a man seeking a peek a gay porn.

He is very..very excited. I am at an angle where I can see exactly what he is watching. He is trying to discreetly rub his cock. No, let me correct that....he IS rubbing his cock. Oh....this is sexy. I always fantasize about this but I never thought I would be able to see it in reality. 

Should I gaze at him an show the look of arousal in my eyes? Or would that just embarass him and make him stop? Or would he feel less paranoid and comfortable knowning someone else is looking out for him? God, if I could I would slide my hand down my panties and join him. Mmmm....I wish I could.

Oh my god! He just unbottoned jeans! He totally  doesn't know I'm watching him.....or maybe he does. He keeps looking around but I always keep my eyes on the computer so he thinks I'm not looking. Oh this this HOT. I'm so wet. I've seen him in here times before.....why haven't I noticed him before?

Now he is looking at a black guy photo. Hmmm....does he like black guys too? I've been on collar me...I could have found this guy ages ago. lol. Hmm....

So, what do I do? Stay safe and watch...or break both our realities and let him know, that I know?  Decisions, decisions.

Is he going to cum in his pants? lol. I'd like to see the stain. Does he like humiliation? Is simply gay...or could he be into BDSM? 

I can't believe this. I hope know one else notices him. I don't want him to get in trouble. Oh.....this is hot. My pussy is so wet.

Ha! Oh my god, he just looked at a photo of some guy dressed as Harry Potter. LOL. Now, that is funny. He has moved on now.

Now site now. Wow, he is really stroking it now. I think I'm going to stay until he comes. *whew* if I don't come first. lol. My pussy is literally pulsating right now. I'm wet and squirming in my seat. Maybe I could slide a few fingers in my wet as I am I know I would taste so good right now. Mmm..... No, I can't . I am suppose to meet my Ex for lunch. I guess I get to take out all my sexual frustrations on him then don't I? lol.

Oh...gosh. okay i'm going to to leave the library, but I don't want to mess up his thing. If he sees me leave, his hard on might go away because he will be scared. Oh, whatever. Screw him, I'm the Miztress. I'm getting up. :-) If something happens, I'll tell you.

Later my minions,


Hot and bothered....

I read a steamy email from a sexi asian girl.......

I have been talking to a submissive couple. They definitely show promise. So far, the two are ideally what I'm looking for. I look forward to getting to know them. The couple consist of a young asian woman and a young white male. We all have the same sexual preferences and very similar fantasies. *Bing* I think we have a winner. lol. But time will tell.

Mmmmm.....your Miztress is happy. lol.

I'm going to go play with my pussy now.

Later minions,


Dear unworthy servants,

How interesting.....

I wrote down a simple wish for an asian girl and *poof* I recieve a response from a very attractive asian girl.  I think I should start writing down my wishes more often. lol.  This site has welcomed me well, and I think a lot of good will come of it.

I had a lovely time with my bitchboy yesterday. He ate me and ate me and ate me until I commanded him to stop. I swear he is the only man i the world who knows EXACTLY how I like my pussy eaten. Thank God for him.  So, yeah, I'm feeling pretty good today.  

The week ahead looks to be busy. I have slaves to disabline and train, shopping to do, classes to register for and LOTS of partying to catch up on. lol.  Talk to you soon....

Carry on minions,



I wish I had a cute, shy, asian slave. A sweet looking caring girl with long dark hair, slim figure and the sex drive of a rabbit. lol. She would have bright beautiful eyes, a delicious mouth smooth silky skin. We would make love all day....I could tie her up and teaser till she would squeal with ecstasy. My, would that be nice.  Oh, goodness I'm getting wet....I need my pussy eaten. lol.

Thinking of pretty asian girls.....


Dear unworthy servants,

I have had quite the sexual week as of late.
I had fantastic sex Monday evening with an old flame, masturbated heavily Tuesday, had more great sex in my car(fondly nicknamed the Miztress Mobile) on Wednesday afternoon (with my ex boyfriend), and had hot lesbian sex AND a 3some Thursday. Yet what ever sexual excursions that may occur yet to be determined. lol. So, I am feeling quite delightful this morning.

I am scheduled to have lunch with My ex boyfriend today, which has a high probability of me getting fingered. If so, I'll have to come back and tell you all about it later. lol.

Usually, I would have plans to party tonight, but I am considering resting. Although, it is coming upon New Years weekend and it would be a great time to hit up some gay clubs and find some lovely ladies. And of course I am always up to watch some guys make out and grind up against each other on the dance floor. And I never turn down the opportunity to shake my bootay to some hard hitting bass. So...maybe I will party tonight. Hmmm......

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend!

Carry on minions,


Dear unworthy servants,

your Miztress is pleased. The responses I have received have been voluminous and professional. I appreciate the warm welcome and I look forward to making new friends and even better lovers.

I hope all of you are having fun and finding what you are looking for. I have much to tell  you and I'm sure you will enjoy getting to know how mystikal and sexual I really am.

End of entry.

Carry on My minions,