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Hetero Male Master, 26,  SanAntonio, Texas
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mustang373 - photo 1

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Hello. Im a young man going to college somewhere in the San Antonio region and because of local ties (aka college programs specifying that region) Im stuck here for the next couple of years or so.











Last Online:


 Dominant Male



 6' 2"

 130 lbs






Actively Seeking:

Submissive Female

Sub/Sub Couples

Friends Only


A Poly Household

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Journal Entries:
3/6/2018 9:53:23 AM
Crappy phone angles are crappy.

2/10/2018 7:32:57 PM
After looking at a number of profiles on here, the stupidity of some people (mostly women) astound me to no end.

There is quite a number of women only seeking women, be it domme, sub, switch, etc.  On their profile is "No men".  While stupid men may not get it, they're equally dumb.  Almost all of the ones complaining in this regard have "Bisexual" listed as their orientation.

Honey, please.  Listing bisexual as your orientation causes your profile to show up in Straight Men, Bisexual Men and Women, and Lesbians' searches.  Because 'bi' means two, aka Men *and* Women.  Women only looking for women can cut a solid chunk of their "male spam" out by *not* having their profile show up with men.


2/10/2018 2:10:09 AM
The "dreams" I mentioned in my profile.

Back in my mid to late teens, I had a series of dreams of an apparition from a great field of white light give me two 'diagrams' connected by a chain of soft light.

One diagram was circle where two thirds was blue and one third was red.  The other diagram was a floating blue circle and two smaller red circles.

This happened on and off every few months for a couple of years and then stopped about age twenty.

Pouring over these dreams, I've come to the conclusion that the apparition is symbolic for God, the field of light is Heaven, and the two diagrams basically spoke of 1 man + 2 lesser women.  That's my best guess.

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