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My search continues, I am rather picky. I am actively looking for one or two live in subs or preferably slaves. One or two does not mean I only want two. There is a new house in the country on a nice piece of land. If you want details just send a message and ask. Males, females, trans, and couples all welcome to inquire. The search has been frustrating to say the least so far. Females will always be first preference followed by sub couples.

Ive been here before. I have always been attracted to younger women but if you are interested or curious dont let anything hold you back from sending a message. I am looking for a serious Ds relationship. No, I dont pay for anyone to relocate. Lets talk and see if there is chemistry. And yes, this Ds relationship would include sexual interaction too.

It is easy to find a fake. If you will not voice and video within 3 days save us both the waste of time. I can spot a fake pretty fucking easy. And yes, I require pictures that I specify. No they dont have to be nudes. I am tired of wasting time

Be real, if this is just a fantasy tell me and we can talk fantasies

There is much more to know. I hope you will trust yourself enough to ask questions. Dont be shy. Updated my age since it doesn't seem to stay current. Still looking. So many say they are looking for long term and older males yet will not respond to a message. Come on now, stop holding back.

Wouldn't it be cool if people felt safe enough to be honest with their profile and their actual desires?? Just be honest with me and admit it is all a fantasy. I will find out soon enough if you even respond.

I have actually made training offers to a few people over the years and had then accept. Fun was had by all. I am not interested in wasting time so if it is just a game or fantasy have the courage to say so.

Three more fantasy players in the last 24 hours. All I have to do is mention phone or cam chat.

People please get serious. If you think I am going to try to blindly meet someone who lives wherever far away,, you do not know me..  Get to know each other MEANS BOTH. And for the love of something sacred, do not send me senseless one or two word messages.  I will not respond. 

Also, I am going to ask you about your weight if you don't include it in your profile. Why hide?

Things that come up: I am single and live alone; I have always been attracted to certain ages, types, and energies.  They are not requirements. I am highly educated and often ask to chat just to expand my knowledge. If I am interested in any else I will be clear as glass. My profile says be ready to video. Blame it on the fakes, and be as brave as me.

Life is good. It is nice to find new people fairly close but still too far. It isn't easy, I understand. Start out like you can hold out. In other words, there is nothing wrong with taking your time, just be honest with yourself. 

Recently had someone make copies of videos I shared and threatened to report me if I didn't pay. That is called extortion. It didn't work. Understand why I insist on video chatting? 

I have been asked several times why I prefer younger subs and slaves. The best answer I can give is I am drawn to their energy and looks. No, I cannot feel energy online. I  look at and consider each person individually. Age, body shape,interests, all are considered. 

Sometimes I just want to know you or ask questions about something in your profile. 

I STILL don't understand why so many want you to write and never respond. 


I know not many read profiles plus journals. They can be fun and enlightening. Don't be afraid to respond to a sadist, I am not out to hurt everyone, sadism is just one of the things I like. Check out magickman15 on fet if you want to know more. Including a better list of fetishes.