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Looking for someone that's not older than 40!
I’m a spanko!
I have been into spankings before the Internet even came out and told me the other people are into it. I think I might’ve rewind a movie 1 million times just to see the spanking Scene. Never really understood the tingling feeling I had when I heard the word spanking. Hearing other people tell stories was wonderful and living in the south I’ve heard lots of stories. I am looking for someone else that loves spankings as much as I do. I hope to eventually find a long-term relationship, where I can stop looking. Spankings are my number one kink and there maybe a few other but spankings are always going to be number one And high above the others.
i've now come to the conclusion that I am also looking for a guy that wants to be in a FLR!
I’m a switch but only play with other switch or sub/bottom.
Now I am dabbling around with playing with subs and having a wifey/husband, kind of relationship!

3/4/2022 7:51:13 AM


do you ever…

do you ever wish that you never found out about this lifestyle?

Do you ever wish that you would find the one in the lifestyle?

Do you ever wish that you had the courage to just walk away?

Do you ever ask yourself why your mind likes this stuff? What triggered it?


I'm so tired of flakes. Figure out what you want and put your big boy panties on and go get it. if you just want this to be an online role-playing be honest with the person and don't lead them on. Don't do role-playing at all!

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 Age: 27
 Seattle, Washington